March 14, 2020

Felicity 1.10, Finally: Felicity Is Definitely Not the One Who Needs to Lighten Up

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You guys okay? Getting a lot of studying done?

Summary: Felicity makes a tape for Sally to tell her that she and Noel kissed. Now they need to figure out what it means. After Hannah leaves, they sit down to discuss everything, but his mom calls to tell him that his uncle was in an accident. There’s some wackiness with a chicken truck and Noel confusing necrophilia with narcolepsy. Anyway, Noel has to leave to do family stuff. He kisses Felicity goodbye and asks her not to hook up with Ben while he’s gone.

A week and a half later, Felicity is handling the separation calmly, though Julie thinks she should be freaking out more. Does the kiss mean Noel and Felicity are dating? Is she okay being his rebound? Noel arrives, ready to make up for the long separation. He tells Felicity that his uncle will be fine, makes out with her, then says he should be studying. They agree to avoid each other for the next three days. On Friday, when finals are over, they can discuss their whole situation before heading home for Christmas break.

Sean’s latest idea: sell fruit to college students who don’t have time to take a study break. If he’s going to charge $2 per apple, he might face some resistance. On campus, Felicity studies with Elena, who’s using a stopwatch and M&Ms as part of a memorization system. Felicity’s annoyed by a guy nearby who’s just reading a magazine and listening to music instead of stressing out like everyone else. She approaches him to ask him the secret to his serenity. The answer: anti-depressants.

The guy, Steve, continues that he’s seen Felicity around and noticed that she really likes sweaters. I’ve noticed that, too, Steve. He wants her to consider a doctor who saved his life. He might be able to help Felicity lighten up. Felicity says she’d love that, but college is hard. Steve offers her a pill, but Felicity would rather stay as intense as Steve recognizes she is.

Noel starts to unpack his bag, which I’m guessing isn’t really his, since it contains a feather boa and a stuffed Elmo. A student named Pauline comes to him to ask to drop a class. I don’t think you can drop a class right before finals. Noel smells smoke, which Pauline explains is coming from another dorm room. A guy named Richard is having a barbecue. Well, of course he is. He thinks it’s safe because he opened a window. Noel announces that he’s reporting Richard to the Student Council, then yells at him for a little while. Maybe Steve should offer him a pill.

Felicity asks Elena how her memorization system works. Elena won’t tell her, since she mocked it. Felicity also isn’t allowed to take an M&M. Noel tells them that he lost his bag, which contained all his notes. Not only does he need to study, but he also has to write a paper on Great Expectations. Elena lets him take an M&M, since he’s so stressed. Felicity offers to help Noel with his paper, thinking she’ll have time to do that and study. They both believe they can hold off on kissing each other until after finals.

The library is full at 8:00 a.m. when Felicity and Noel work on his paper. Noel gets distracted by the way Felicity smells. Yeah, this is a great idea. He kisses her, shaking a cubicle wall and drawing everyone’s attention. They make even more of a scene when they fall out of their chairs. Noel casually asks if anyone has the time. Another student humors him by giving it to him.

At 10 that night, with 33 hours to go before finals start, Ben and Julie study in a silent reading room. They have a whispered conversation (completely with captions) about how he’s unable to understand the poems they’re studying. Julie has to leave for a study group, so she ditches Ben. He hisses at another student to relax. Sign Ben up for some pills, Steve!

Noel and Felicity are in a different reading room, still talking about Great Expectations. There’s a table between them now, so they can’t kiss. Noel uses the themes he’s learned from the book to convince Felicity that passion is good, so they should go make out. In the middle of their study break, Noel asks if they’re dating or friends or what. Not the time, Noel! Richard catches them and blasts Noel for kissing a student. He’s thrilled to have something to report Noel for.

Sean offers a cooler full of “nature’s candy” to some uninterested students. He runs into Elena, who declines to buy any fruit. “Do you know what happens to a body when it’s denied vitamin C?” he asks. “Do you know what happens to a man whose a&% I kick?” she replies. Felicity joins them, looking for Noel, and Sean tries to tell her about the connection between vitamin C and fertility. Because that’s what every college student wants – pregnancy.

After Sean leaves, Elena asks if Felicity’s looking for Noel because she wants sex. Ben arrives in need of help with his poetry, so now Felicity has someone else to help. He asks if Noel will mind if they study together. Probably, but oh, well. Elena can’t believe that Felicity has time to help Ben, and that Noel won’t mind.

Noel tracks down Richard, who hasn’t reported him yet. Noel argues that his make-out session with an advisee isn’t dangerous, like Richard’s barbecue was, so the two things aren’t comparable. Richard disagrees – a broken rule is a broken rule. Noel begs Richard not to report him, and Richard says he hasn’t decided yet if Noel is fit to be an RA.

Noel goes back to the library, where Elena’s tired of him and Felicity looking for each other. She tells him that Felicity’s studying with Ben, and Noel shouldn’t take it too hard. Noel pretends it doesn’t bother him. Elena tells him that Felicity’s going to leave him a message on his answering machine.

At 12:28 p.m., Ben and Felicity are in the library lounge, reading Keats. They get distracted by a guy who gets hiccups when he’s stressed out. Ben asks Felicity if she wants to share a ride to the airport on Saturday, since they’re both leaving the same day. He casually asks if Noel is going home with her. The hiccupper is still hiccuping, so Felicity tries to offer some advice: hold a penny between his toes and think of three bald men. Uh, okay.

Noel checks his messages, getting one from Felicity telling him she’s working with Ben for a while. Sean is still making the rounds with his fruit, but no one’s buying. He comes across Julie, who’s studying economics. He tells her he took a summer class at Harvard and learned all about the basics of economics. Julie tells him straight out that fruit is a dumb thing to sell. She thinks he’s charging too much, but when she offers a guy an orange for $1, he accepts.

Noel runs into Meghan, who really doesn’t care why he’s looking for Felicity. She tells him he needs smart powder. It’s herbs, minerals, and roots that have gotten her through college so far. She claims it’ll give Noel a photographic memory. Just after 2:00 in the morning, Julie is has joined Sean’s business enterprise in exchange for help with her studies. He sends her to make more money first.

As Noel downs some of the smart powder he bought from Meghan, Felicity finds herself studying Ben’s face while he reads poetry. They get shushed for whispering in a silent room. The smart powder has made Noel high and given him a rapid heartbeat. He asks Meghan if there were beets in the powder. As we learned from Hannah, beets make him hyper.

Whispering, since they’re still in the silent room, Ben tells Felicity that he saw her and Noel kissing on Thanksgiving. He’s curious about what that means. Felicity doesn’t really have an answer for him. Noel paces in the hallway as Felicity tells Ben how great he is. He’s cool and friendly and level-headed. Just then, Noel bursts into the room and yells at Felicity and Ben. He’s captioned despite his volume. Felicity decides to ditch both guys and focus on her own studies. Richard, also in the room, decides this is the final nail in Noel’s coffin.

Ben and Noel both end up in the cafeteria, where Ben makes Noel eat something and drink warm milk to come down. He tells Noel that Felicity likes him. Noel isn’t sure, since she clearly still has feelings for Ben. Ben reports that Felicity said Noel is her best friend. Of course, her feelings might have changed after Noel’s freakout.

Felicity tells Sally that Elena told her all about her memorization system, which really helped her out. She’s amazed by how hard everyone worked. Music montage! A guy gives Felicity a stern look as he puts up a sign reminding everyone to be quiet. Noel brings Richard a bag of charcoal for his barbecue. People take finals.

Noel comes by a classroom where Felicity’s taking a final, so she asks the TA if she can use the restroom. The TA tells her it’s against the rules, but he’ll make an exception since she’s cute. Felicity’s so grossed out that she says she doesn’t want to go anymore. The TA is joking, so she leaves. Noel tells her that his uncle died, so he has to leave. Also, he wants to apologize for his freakout.

Before heading off, Noel wants to define his and Felicity’s relationship. He wants to make sure it wasn’t just some fleeting thing. He’s decided that they don’t need to rush things just because they’re about to spend a month apart, and she’ll be in the same city as Ben. Felicity kisses him and asks him how his paper turned out. He says it was okay, even with his freakout.

Felicity calls Ben to ask if he still wants to share a cab to the airport. Ben is just waking up, and he tells her he’s going to stay in New York over the break instead. He wants to see how it looks in the snow. As Sally sends back a tape saying she’s decided to stop defining everything, we see that Ben has another reason for staying in New York: He and Julie slept together. Sally tells Felicity that she felt homesick her first visit home from college. She hopes everything works out with Felicity and Noel.

Thoughts: This is amazing: Steve Monroe, who plays Steve, is both an actor and a psychotherapist.

It’s so bizarre to see Rob Benedict (Richard) in this role after watching him play God on Supernatural (yes, that God).

Sean, you can’t sell apples to people in a quiet place. Everyone else will kill them.

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