March 28, 2020

Felicity 1.12, Friends: Sensa and Sensibility

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I’d say Elena needs a hug, but she doesn’t seem like much of a hugger

Summary: Felicity’s in the library, frustrated because she can’t find the book she’s looking for. She asks a guy named Eddie for help, but he brushes her off, thinking she’s just looking for a place to make out with Noel. She’s surprised he remembers her from that makeout session, as if that wouldn’t have been the talk of the whole campus. Then Felicity gets distracted by a different makeout session – Blair’s kissing someone who isn’t Elena.

Felicity makes a tape for Sally about how college lets you see other people’s lives, and get in the middle of them whether you want to or not. At Dean & DeLuca, she asks Noel a hypothetical: What if one of his friends saw her kissing another guy? Noel says he wouldn’t want to know. She explains that she saw Blair kissing someone other than Elena. Noel thinks she should keep quiet, though Felicity says she would want to know if she were in Elena’s place. Noel cautions her not to get in the middle of a messy situation.

In the cafeteria, Felicity tries to act normal while getting food with Elena. That lasts for about five seconds, before Elena notes that Felicity’s quiet, which she never is. Felicity is just starting to tell her about her library sighting when Blair’s kissing partner joins them. Her name is Tara, and she’s an old friend of Elena’s who just transferred to their school. Felicity goes quiet again.

Julie gets a letter, then goes to Ben’s place with some big news: She found her birth mother. She hired a PI who tracked the woman down in just four days. Her name is Carol Anderson and she owns an architectural firm. She was 18 and in college when she had Julie. Ben asks if she has proof that Carol is her mother. Julie doesn’t care about the details; she’s sure the information is correct. She plans to just show up at Carol’s door to meet her. Ben tries to delicately asks what will happen if Carol doesn’t want to see Julie. Julie says that she didn’t have a choice in being given up – why should Carol get a choice about meeting her biological daughter?

Noel catches Richard and another guy shaking a vending machine in an attempt to retrieve an Almond Joy that didn’t drop. The machine is supposedly new, but it’s really just refurbished. Richard tells Noel he’s unfit to be an RA. He’s eager to get to fill out an evaluation about Noel. Sensa is nearby and announces that she can get new machines through her cousin Yuri. Noel resists, but Sensa tells him he’ll get a cut of all the sales. He’ll need to go to a warehouse to meet with Yuri; that’s just how the family does business. (Or is that Family, like the mob?)

Felicity runs into Blair and comes up with a reason to rush off. He wants to know if everything’s okay between them. She tells him she saw him kissing Tara. Blair denies that he was even in the library at the time. He accuses her of confusing him with another black guy. Oh, cool, so he’s a cheater, a liar, AND a gaslighter. Elena really lucked out with him.

Felicity tells Noel everything, and he says he’s glad she didn’t tell Elena anything, since that could only lead to a fight. Felicity says that if she’d never seen Tara with Blair, she would have probably become friends with Tara. “And she’d be kissing me now,” Noel says, because this is a good time for jokes. They run into Sensa, who tells Felicity she could make a lot of money selling her hair. Sensa knows some people. Noel heads off with her to Brighton Beach.

Julie plans her trek to Carol’s place, trying to turn down the money Ben offers her to take a cab. She thinks this will be like meeting some aunt or cousin she’s never met before. She asks Ben to come with her, and he agrees. He holds up a toaster so she can use it as a mirror while she fixes the butterfly clips in her hair. (Aw, 1999.) Ben jokes that this is how Sean gets ready every morning. Blair gives Elena a bag of M&Ms while they’re studying together, as if that will make up for kissing someone else. Felicity sees them and seems to think things will be okay.

In Brighton Beach, Sensa tells Noel that she told her family they’re dating so they won’t worry about her so much at school. It’s win-win, since it’ll get him a great deal on the vending machines. Noel asks about his dignity. She tells him he’ll get it back in an hour. Noel meets Sensa’s father, who’s heard a lot about him. For instance, Sensa said that Noel carried her out of the dorm when the tree caught on fire. She takes a phone call while the rest of her family bonds with Noel through arm-wrestling.

Julie and Ben go to Carol’s brownstone, and she nervously tries to prepare herself for the meeting. Ben suggests that they call her first, but Julie doesn’t know what she would say. Carol hasn’t even been looking for her. She knows because the adoption agency wouldn’t let Julie look at her records; they would have if Carol had been searching for her. Julie decides to call off the meeting and go home.

Noel tells Sensa’s family a tall tale about saving Sensa from the fire. They want a demonstration of how he picked her up and threw her over his shoulder. Noel’s a few shots of vodka and a few sausages in, and he’d like to move things along with Yuri. But Yuri’s stuck in New Jersey, and he can’t meet with Noel until tomorrow. Noel’s spent two hours with Sensa’s family and won’t be getting anything out of it, except maybe a hangover.

Tara bursts in while Felicity and Elena are studying because there’s a song on the radio that Tara and Elena like. Felicity tells Sally that she can’t be 100 percent sure that Blair is the guy she saw with Tara in the library. Besides, the truth will most likely come out on its own, so she’s going to stay out of it. Noel comes to see her, still drunk, and tells her about having to pretend to be Sensa’s boyfriend. Felicity finds the whole thing kind of sad.

Elena interrupts and pulls Felicity away for a talk, making Felicity feel like she’s being called to the principal’s office. (That’s only happened to her once, in the fourth grade, when she put a bunch of salt in a kid’s orange juice because he called her Fellatio Porter.) Tara and Blair are also in Elena’s room, so it’s time for a Big Talk.

Elena plays prosecutor, asking if Felicity really saw Blair and Tara kissing. Blair claims that he was just kissing her on the cheek to make her feel better about a breakup. She turned, and they accidentally kissed on the lips, but it was a mistake. Elena tells them to show her how a “mistake” like that could happen. Blair and Tara demonstrate, and Elena asks Felicity if that’s what she saw. Felicity stammers that she’s trying to remember. She allows that that could have been what happened. Blair gives Elena a look like, “I told you.”

Noel and Ben run into each other at the dorm’s vending machines. Ben makes a successful purchase but Noel loses his money. Ben goes to see Julie, who spent the previous night hanging out alone. He thinks she should take some time away from the situation with Carol. Julie’s been trying to write her a letter, but she still doesn’t know what to say.

She tells Ben she’s thought about this stuff a lot, and she doesn’t need his advice. Ben asks if Julie will be able to handle the rejection if Carol doesn’t want to see her. Julie tells him that he was amazing when she needed help getting past her rape, but this is different. He leaves, but he’s not happy about it.

Blair tries to appease Elena with tickets to a jazz concert, but she doesn’t want to spend time with him until she can stop thinking about him with Tara. Julie visits Felicity and asks why she makes tapes for Sally instead of writing her letters. Felicity finds it easier to express her feelings through speech. She doesn’t censor herself. Julie asks to borrow her tape recorder, promising to explain why at breakfast the next morning.

Noel finally meets with Yuri, who offers him a great vending machine. Noel can use his cut of the profits to pay for it, though that will take about a year. He should probably ask what happens if he can’t pay. The guys seal their deal with a Pepsi toast. One of Sensa’s brothers tells Noel that he’s a good guy, but he knows Noel isn’t really dating Sensa. The brother is happy to know that Sensa has a friend at school (and Noel must be a good friend to go through all of this). Now they have to arm-wrestle, though the brother will let Noel win.

Julie makes a tape for Carol, telling her about her life. She feels like she’s always had a hole in her history, a question she needs to answer. When she looks in the mirror, she wonders where she got her features. Julie doesn’t want anything from Carol other than the opportunity to meet, even if it’s just once. She wants to see herself reflected in someone else. It would also be nice to know that Carol thinks about her sometimes. “Thank you for my life,” she finishes up.

Speaking of thank-yous, Elena thanks Felicity for being with her through this whole Blair/Tara mess, and especially for not saying anything about it. She appreciates that Blair was the one to confess first. She’s forgiven him, but she’s going to let him stew for a few more days. Elena has also forgiven Tara, who apologized, and they’re going to move on. If she can’t trust her friends, who can she trust? Felicity gives that some thought, then gets up to use the bathroom. Elena tells her to use a paper towel on the door handle when she leaves. Thanks, Elena!

Felicity heads through the library stacks, passing Eddie and getting an idea. He seems to have a photographic memory, or at least a good memory for what people look like and wear. Felicity asks if he’s ever seen Blair and Tara making out in the library before. He certainly has – three times. Felicity returns to Elena and says that she doesn’t think Blair and Tara’s kiss was a mistake. She reminds Elena that she needs to trust her friends. Elena questions how close they are; it’s nowhere near as close as she is to Tara. Believing Felicity means accepting that Tara’s lying.

Elena tries to study with Tara and Blair, but Felicity’s accusations are eating at her. She heads off, leaving Blair and Tara alone, which can’t be a good idea. Felicity bugs Noel while he tries to read the instruction manual for the new vending machine. Thrilling. Felicity feels bad for ruining her friendship (or whatever it is) with Elena, but Noel thinks she should give herself a break, since she was just being honest.

Julie takes her tape to Carol’s firm and is chatting with a receptionist when Carol passes by. Julie gets a good first look at her biological mother. The receptionist thinks she’s there about an internship, so Julie takes an application. Noel tries to buy M&Ms from the new machine, but the bag gets stuck. Womp womp.

Elena calls Blair to tell him she can’t go to the concert with him. He thinks she’s mad at him, but she says she’ll be studying with Felicity all night. Julie goes to Ben’s and apologizes for pushing him away. Elena asks Felicity to go somewhere with her since she doesn’t want to be alone. They stake out the concert venue and see Blair leaving. Elena’s pleased that he’s alone…until Tara catches up to him and they kiss.

Sally’s tape to Felicity is a confession that she once cheated on her late fiancé. She kept it quiet but felt so guilty that she admitted it to John a few months later. After that, she never lied to him again. Sometimes a relationship can survive a disaster and even turn out stronger. Maybe the same is true for friendships. Well, probably not Tara and Elena’s, but maybe Felicity and Elena’s.

Thoughts: Carol is played by Jane Kaczmarek. Eddie is played by Donal Logue.

Between the music and the adoption, Julie is Sarah from Party of Five.

If you’re going to make out with someone who isn’t your girlfriend, a busy library is one of the worst places to do it. Blair was practically begging to get caught.

As if Sensa wouldn’t have picked Noel up and thrown him over HER shoulder to escape a fire.

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