March 31, 2020

ER 5.22, Getting to Know You: Children, Lost and Found

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This picture doesn’t show it really well, but the kid is super-cute

Summary: Jeanie’s walking to work when Reggie pulls up beside her in his patrol car. She’s been brushing him off for work (and because she’s been pretending she’s seeing someone else), but when he offers her a ride, she accepts. Benton and Reese have a session with the hospital audiologist, who says Reese is doing great. She wishes they had more time together. Benton tells her that his new trauma fellowship will give him more free time, so they can add more sessions. The audiologist mentions that Carla is also doing a weekly session, as is Roger, whom she calls Carla’s fiancé.

On her way to work, Weaver spots a toddler alone on the sidewalk. She asks a few people if he’s their son, but no one knows him. Back at County, Benton learns that Romano has set up the phones with codes people have to dial to get an outside line. He calls Carla to ask to talk about what he learned from the audiologist. Weaver brings in the toddler (we’ll call him Johnny Doe), who’s dehydrated and may have ingested opiates. Carol and Haleh can’t get a good vein to insert an IV, so they have to call Elizabeth for surgical access.

Lucy is late to meet Carter, Romano, and Mark in the ER for the presentation of a patient. Remember how Lucy’s on Ritalin? She clearly hasn’t taken it today. Romano is unimpressed with her patient history, which doesn’t reflect well on Carter. While Reggie talks with Weaver and Jeanie about Johnny, Elizabeth inserts an IV and discusses him with Carol. They wonder if he was abandoned or if he wandered off from drug-addicted parents who don’t even know he’s missing. Mark pops in and tells Elizabeth he brought his tux but left their tickets at home. She tells Carol they’re going to a fundraiser.

Carter chastises Lucy for being unprepared and tells her to pull herself together. She tells him she stopped taking her Ritalin. Antoine comes in after a fight, and his mother tries to assure Carter that he’s not associated with whichever gang beat him up. She’s grateful for the mentoring Carter has given her son. Antoine says he was mugged, and he thinks his facial injuries are a good excuse to skip an interview Carter set up for him for a summer science lab. His mother and Carter think he should go anyway.

Lydia chats with a patient named Celinda who makes a prediction that a man she saw in the hallway will be losing his gall bladder soon. Lydia says she’s right. Celinda’s exam bed is next to Johnny’s, and when Carol and Lydia promise that he won’t bother her, Celinda says she knows. Lydia explains to Carol that Celinda is “medically empathetic.” She’s able to determine what’s wrong with other people, though she can’t do so for herself (which is why she has to get a doctor to tell her if she has appendicitis).

Just by looking at Carol, Celinda can tell that she’s pregnant. Carol pretends she’s crazy and tells Lydia to get a psych consult. Weaver takes a picture of Johnny so they can get his image out to anyone who might recognize him. She says he was wandering around, lost, but Celinda says he looks found instead. Mark and Elizabeth are on their way to Doc Magoo’s when a car speeds toward them out of control. It’s being driven by a girl who’s sitting on her sick father’s lap.

Once he’s stabilized, Mark talks to the daughter, Sarah, since Lucy hasn’t gotten very far in getting information from her. Sarah explains that her father has epilepsy but hasn’t had a seizure in a couple of years. When he had one while driving, she took over so he wouldn’t crash. Mark pulls Lucy out of the room and asks her if she’s okay. She just says she didn’t sleep well. He notes that she’ll continue to lose sleep when she becomes a resident, so she needs to find a way to deal.

Reggie hasn’t had any luck finding Johnny’s family, and he has to leave to deal with a guy who’s standing on a van downtown, waving a gun around and threatening to kill himself. Chuny takes a message for Carol canceling an appointment with her doctor. Lydia recognizes the doctor’s name; she was Connie’s obstetrician. Chuny and Lydia realize that Carol must be pregnant. Jerry notes that the doctor is also a gynecologist, but the nurses ignore him and spread the gossip to Haleh and Yosh. They guess that if anyone would know for sure, it would be Mark.

Carol wonders how Johnny’s family could go so long not knowing where he is. Weaver reports that he tested positive for opiates. Celinda tells Carol that he’s okay, but there’s something inside him she can’t quite see. She’s still sure that Carol’s pregnant, which Carol finally confirms when they’re alone. Celinda can usually determine a baby’s sex before birth, but in Carol’s case, she can’t figure it out. After a long look, she seems to come up with some new information.

Benton meets with Carla, assuring her that he’s not upset that Roger has been taking Reese to audiology sessions. The more he works with people, the better. Carla reveals that she and Roger got married, and he’s being transferred to Germany. Benton objects to them taking Reese to another country. Carla tells him she’s Reese’s mother, and what she wants will happen.

Elizabeth wants to talk to Mark about their developing relationship. They duck into an exam room for privacy and catch Carol giving herself an ultrasound. The doctors take over for her and help her try to determine the baby’s sex. Both Mark and Elizabeth see what Celinda seemed to figure out earlier: Carol is having twins.

The nurses have spread the gossip about Carol’s pregnancy all over the ER, so everyone keeps smiling at her. Lily pulls Mark away from Jeanie and a still-struggling Lucy to tell him two people are coming in with gunshot wounds, a man who was waving around a gun and a police officer he shot. Jeanie worries that the officer is Reggie.

Weaver notices a scar on Johnny’s back, possibly from a surgical procedure. She examines him further and realizes he has a shunt, a tube draining excess fluid from his head. Celinda thinks that was the thing she kept feeling inside him. She appreciates having that mystery solved. Weaver thinks the shunt may be infected, though, so Johnny will need a spinal tap.

The shooter is brought in, but not the cop, so Jeanie continues worrying about Reggie. Jerry tells Lucy that she’s late for a session with Seth. Mark, Carter, Jeanie, and Lily work on the shooter, but his heart is too damaged for him to survive. Just as they’re calling his time of death, Reggie arrives, perfectly fine. He reports that the cop who was shot only got grazed and will be fine. Reggie’s still distraught, though – he’s the one who killed the shooter.

Seth’s mad at Lucy for forgetting about him and being late. Any progress she’s made with him has just met a setback. Carol sends Johnny’s information to all board-certified neurosurgeons in the area to see if they recognize him. She tells Elizabeth she’s in denial about her big news. Lily gives her a big smile, and Carol asks Mark about that movie where everyone turned into pod people.

Jeanie and Reggie go for a walk so he can talk about his feelings about the shooting. She admits that she’s not really seeing someone else. She tells him she has hepatitis C, but her medication is working. Reggie assures her that he could have handled that if they were dating. Jeanie says it took her a while, but she realized she’s not sick – she’s healed. What God throws at us doesn’t matter; it’s about how we handle it. Maybe the shooting today didn’t happen to Reggie, but for him.

Benton, Elizabeth, and Romano operate together, and Romano takes advantage of his captive audience to complain about Benton taking the trauma fellowship. Elizabeth says she’s accepted it and is moving on. Romano urges her to take the cardiothoracic fellowship Benton originally wanted. Antoine comes back to the hospital, this time with worse injuries. He went after the kid who mugged him earlier, and he’ll need surgery. He’ll also have to miss out on the lab he was going to interview for; his hands are both broken and he won’t be able to do the work. Carter’s mad that all his hard work has been for nothing.

Weaver asks Carol if she thinks Johnny’s parents abandoned him because he wasn’t born “normal” and needed a shunt. Obviously, having a disability and having been adopted, she’s thought a lot about that. Lucy laments blowing it with Seth, and Dr. Deraad tells her she can’t be late for their sessions again. Seth is already feeling abandoned as it is.

Elizabeth blasts Romano for mentioning the cardiothoracic fellowship in front of Benton. Romano, of course, doesn’t care about Benton’s feelings. Anspaugh is next to confront Romano, complaining about the new code system on the ER phones. Romano explains that he doesn’t want patients’ families using the phones to call other people. Plus, now they can track all calls and make sure employees can’t make personal calls. Anspaugh reminds him that a lot of the staff works long hours for little money. He can shove his phone system.

Yosh tells Lucy about Carol’s pregnancy and swears her to secrecy, as if anyone in the hospital doesn’t already know. Lucy promises to keep quiet, then takes some Ritalin. She runs into Carter (literally), who tells her he’s happy she stopped taking the pills. He wants her to succeed. Lucy thinks he just wants to be seen as a good teacher. Carter wants her to be a perfect reflection of him, and she can’t do that.

Elizabeth tells Benton that Romano was a jerk in the OR, but Benton doesn’t care. He’s more concerned with the possibility of Carla taking Reese out of the country. He vows to keep her from leaving. Jerry gives Carol a fax, and she tells him she knows he knows. She takes the fax to Weaver, along with Johnny’s real name, Jack. His neurosurgeon recognized him and called his parents, who are on their way in. They’re frantic – Jack was kidnapped by his nanny a few weeks ago. Weaver’s happy that Jack gets to go home, but maybe a little disappointed to lose her little buddy.

Benton goes to Carla’s and tells the babysitter that Carla will be home late, so he’s taking Reese to his place. Carter smooths things over with Antoine, saying he just wants the best for him. He thinks Antoine’s mom is better at appreciating who he is. Antoine complains that his mom wants him to grow up to be just like her. Carter says his parents are the same – they want him to be a rich white guy. Antoine’s like, “Oh, poor you.” Carter tells him he’ll get another chance to do something like the summer lab.

Mark and Elizabeth are on their way out for the fundraiser, but when they run into Carol leaving as well, they come up with excuses to keep them in the hospital a little longer. Then they run outside to join the rest of the staff, who’ve gathered to surprise Carol with an impromptu baby shower. She announces that she’s having twins, and was already feeling overwhelmed before that and wasn’t sure how to tell people she was pregnant. She’s happy to be able to share the news with her friends.

Carla leaves a message on Benton’s answering machine, looking for Reese, but Benton ignores her. Mark and Elizabeth missed the boat the fundraiser was taking place on, so they head to an amusement park instead. Elizabeth wants to make sure they’re not jumping into a relationship like she did with Benton. She’s not used to being caught off-balance like she has been by this. Mark tells her he doesn’t know where things are going, but he feels like he’s found something amazing. He wants to get to know her better and not be scared of what might happen. He doesn’t want to miss another boat.

Thoughts: Celinda is played by Teri Garr.

Weaver may be brusque with adults but she’s really good with kids.

Instead of a lost and found, the ER has a lost-and-now-it’s-ours box. Heh.

I’m a third of the way through the series! Up next: Luka, Abby, Carol’s departure, and the most shocking episode of the series that doesn’t involve a helicopter.

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  1. Nick Rivers said,

    It is always such a treat to see Teri Garr onscreen. Everything she’s in, she’s just such a luminous presence. I maintain that making her Phoebe’s biological mother in Friends was one of the best casting decisions I’ve ever seen on a tv show.

    I’m not sure what it is about Mark and Elizabeth but they just don’t speak to me as a couple the same way she did with Peter. Maybe because I already know how it all shakes out for them in the end, but her and Peter had such chemistry and I just get a “real good friends” vibe from her and Mark and always did. Not sure why.

    I’m just dreading Lucy’s storylines now. I really enjoy her during this most recent rewatch and to know what’s coming… ugh. Poor kid.

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