April 4, 2020

Felicity 1.13, Todd Mulcahy, Part 1: The Stalker Becomes the Stalkee

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This guy is a Mess with a capital M

Summary: A guy comes to Felicity and Meghan’s room looking for Felicity, but instead gets roped into helping Meghan numb her nose so she can pierce it. Noel comes in next, and the guy introduces himself as Todd Mulcahy, a friend of Felicity’s. She was his first crush. They ran into each other back in California over Christmas break, and now he’s come to New York to kiss her. They almost kissed when they were younger but never did, and he needs to know what it feels like. Meghan says they would make a perfect couple. She means Todd and Noel, not Todd and Felicity.

Felicity makes a tape for Sally, talking about how she can get really superstitious when there’s something she wants. Currently, what she wants is to get into a seminar led by Dr. Peter McGrath, because it could lead to entrance into any medical school she wants. However, only ten out of 200 applicants get into the seminar. He only considers the top 20 students in the class, and they’ll have to submit to interviews with him before he chooses the final ten.

Noel finds Felicity studying and tells her that Todd was looking for her. He gives her a message from Todd asking her to call him. Felicity thinks that Todd’s desire to kiss her was just a joke, but Noel says he was serious. She’s still more concerned with the test that will determine her grade in McGrath’s class, which will then determine whether she’s eligible for the seminar. Noel suggests that she talk to someone who’s already taken the class for tips on the interview.

Felicity calls Todd as Richard asks Noel if he heard back about his request to install a satellite dish. Of course he can’t. Richard blasts Noel for just following the rules like he always does, even while he breaks the rules by dating Felicity. Felicity says hi and Richard replies, “You make me sick.” He tells Noel the dish goes up or Noel goes down.

Sean makes Ben taste something he’s mixed up in their kitchen for whatever his next big entrepreneurial idea is. Ben spits it out in Sean’s coffee and tells him not to pursue whatever it is he wanted to pursue. He finds the internship application Julie got at Carol’s office and tells her she’s an idiot for filling it out before telling Carol who she is. He apologizes, explaining that he’s in a bad mood because his father is going to cut him off. Ben cautions Julie not to do anything that will get her hurt.

Blair approaches Elena and acts like everything’s normal – he has no idea that Elena saw him out with Tara. She smacks him and tells him she saw them together, then warns him to stay away from her. Felicity studies at work, telling Sally it’s almost been fun juggling all her responsibilities. Of course, that doesn’t last. As Javier is asking Felicity to tell him if he looks thinner, Todd shows up at Dean & DeLuca. Javier tells her to ask him if he thinks Javier looks thinner.

Felicity is happy to see Todd, who thinks they’re soulmates. They’ve known each other since they were 12, when they were in summer school together. He just wants one kiss. Felicity politely tells him that she’s dating Noel, but Todd doesn’t care. He thinks he should be rewarded for taking such a huge risk. Felicity’s like, “Been there, done that, it won’t work out.” Todd lets her get back to work, but he won’t give up on getting his kiss.

Felicity and Elena meet with one of McGrath’s former students, who tells them that the seminar was one of the most profound experiences of her life. She also calls McGrath by his first name. She and Elena agree that he’s sexy. The student tells them a little about the exam they’ll be taking. Felicity spots Todd, who came to give her a present. He remembered she once said she could never find a souvenir license plate with her name on it, so he had one made for her. Felicity thinks it’s sweet, but she doesn’t have time to hang out with him right now. Todd gets that she’s brushing him off. But it’s not over, as Felicity tells Sally.

Julie has gotten an interview at Carol’s, but she still hasn’t spoken to her birth mother. She tells Felicity she wants to get to know her first. Felicity retrieves a package from the mailroom, a huge box with balloons attached to it. She guesses it’s from Todd, though I could also see it being from Noel in an attempt to assert his dominance.

Ben does some number-crunching, then tells Sean they need to talk. Sean is busy working on his new project, “the next generation of breakfast cereal.” Ben asks if he can skip a couple months of rent and pay them later. Sean would love to give him a pass but he pays the mortgage on the loft and relies on his roommates’ rent. He hates not living alone, even though Ben is the only roommate left. He’ll let Ben miss one month.

Julie got the internship, so a woman shows her around the office. Julie asks about Carol, and the woman says she’s awesome. Noel catches Richard welding something in his room; it’s for the satellite dish he insists will be installed on time. Noel can’t report him or Richard will expose his relationship with Felicity.

Todd’s package contains a bunch of snacks. He’s left Felicity a bunch of messages on her answering machine asking her to call him. When she doesn’t respond, he dares her to go out with him. Noel’s like, “This could be an issue.” Felicity reads a note from the package, calling it a time capsule that Todd hopes will help her regain her “childlike sense of wonder.”

Meghan comes home, her nose infected because Todd wasn’t careful enough when he helped her. Felicity doesn’t have time to deal with him; she has to study for McGrath’s test. Plus, she doesn’t want to be mean to Todd. He’s nuts, but he’s not a monster. She decides she needs to talk to an expert on being stalked.

That, of course, is Ben. Felicity tells him she’s in his situation, which he thinks means she’s stalking someone else. She tells him about Todd thinking they’re soulmates. “Imagine that,” Ben quips. He assures her that they’re past their whole stalking thing. Sean enters and Ben tells him that Felicity’s got a stalker. “Got or is?” Sean asks. He offers Felicity some of his milkless cereal (just add water!). It’s called Lact-O’s. Ben offers to go talk to Todd for Felicity. She tries the cereal but also spits it out.

Ben goes to Todd’s hotel room, but instead of confronting him or having a come-to-Jesus talk with him, they have a happy reunion. They somehow know each other. Julie brings Carol her lunch, and Carol invites her to share it and chat. They bond over being guitar players. Carol reveals that she’s married and has two kids.

Felicity and Elena study together for McGrath’s test, Elena using her stopwatch/M&M method. Felicity suddenly feels confident about it. Ben finds them and tells Felicity that he used to hang out with Todd a bunch; he didn’t realize it was the same Todd as Felicity’s stalker since Ben never knew his last name. He thinks Felicity should just let Todd kiss her. Then he asks if Dean & DeLuca needs any more employees. It was Todd’s idea for him to work there.

McGrath’s students take the big test as Todd spies on Felicity through a window. He holds up some signs asking if they can get together tonight. McGrath is facing away from the window and doesn’t notice. Javier interviews Ben, who has no experience in food service but thinks he would be good at it. Javier wants to hire him anyway.

Noel catches Richard hosting a party in his room; everyone’s watching a boxing match and smoking cigars. Already frustrated, Noel doesn’t get any happier when he finds Todd waiting for Felicity outside of her room. He tells Todd to stay away from her. Todd says he respects their relationship but can’t turn off his feelings. He adds that they’re supposed to have dinner tonight. He starts talking about Noel’s shirt, which he designed, and PhotoShop, which leads to Todd offering to help Noel with his computer.

Ben, Julie, and Elena hang out, and Julie talks about how great Carol is. Elena thinks she’s crazy for working for a woman who doesn’t know who she is. Blair joins them, so Ben and Julie take off. Blair asks for a chance to explain himself so he and Elena can work things out. He claims that he didn’t know if he and Elena were even still dating, since she’s been so busy. Elena’s like, “Well, good thing you could amuse yourself by making out with my best friend.”

Noel and Todd are having a great time together when Felicity finds them. She tells Todd she’ll meet him wherever they’re supposed to have dinner. She tries to make herself look “way below average” for the meal. Noel tells her that he feels for Todd and might even encourage them to be together if he weren’t already with Felicity. Felicity says she just wants him to go home.

Julie stops by and tells Felicity that Blair came by while she, Ben, and Elena were hanging out. She mentions that Ben is now working at Dean & DeLuca, off of Todd’s suggestion. Suddenly Noel hates Ben again. Julie likes him – she met him last night when he came to the loft to cook dinner and watch a movie. Todd thinks Julie should send Carol the tape she made. Noel makes sure Felicity won’t fall for Todd before she heads off to meet him.

At dinner, Todd tells Felicity that he ran into her in California because he forgot to get something for a dinner at his grandmother’s. She mentioned being stressed out about school, just like she always has been, and she said that nothing’s changed. Todd says he’s still the same person he’s always been, and since she’s also the same Felicity, that means something, I guess. He reminds her about a sunset they watched together. There was a moment when they almost kissed, and he missed the window of opportunity. It should be significant that they both still remember that sunset.

Felicity says it was a big deal at the time. Todd thinks they represented something to each other. Even though they had expectations on them, they always encouraged each other to do whatever they wanted. He gave her art supplies and encouraged her to pursue art, her secret passion. Felicity asks him to stop calling and sending her things, then starts to leave.

He follows her out and says again that he should have kissed her six years ago. Now he wants to do what most people don’t – reopen the window of opportunity. Felicity tells him he’s nuts, but Todd thinks they’ll know right away if there’s anything between them. If there is, they can run off together and do anything they want. Felicity says she’s doing that already. Todd isn’t sure. As he walks into the street, he says he accepts that he’s lost the battle, but he’s not giving up.

And then Todd gets hit by a bus!!!!!


Thoughts: McGrath is played by Chris Sarandon.

I’m just surprised Meghan doesn’t already have a nose piercing.

Lact-O’s. Heh.

Aw, I like that Ben, Julie, and Elena hang out together. It’s nice that Felicity’s friends who she met at different times also like each other.

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