April 11, 2020

Felicity 1.14, Todd Mulcahy, Part 2: Making Big Decisions Is Future Felicity’s Problem

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Yes, Todd was the one hit by a bus, but let’s not forget who this is really all about

Summary: Remember how Todd got hit by a bus? (As if you could forget.) He’s still alive, and is now at the hospital. He tells Felicity to take something out of his pocket, a note she gave him when she was 12. She unfolds it as he’s taken off for treatment. Later, she reads the note to Sally, surrounded by the package of stuff he sent her. The note says that she likes talking to Todd, and admits that he’s right that she could become an artist if she wants, but she’ll wait until she’s older to decide between art and medicine.

Felicity and Elena both get high enough grades on McGrath’s test to qualify for his seminar. Now they just have to impress him in their interviews. Elena’s pumped and says they’re smart and capable enough to ace them. Noel finds Felicity in her room, crying over Dead Poets Society. She shows Noel her note and says she wishes she’d listened to Todd instead of behind defensive. She blames herself for his accident. Felicity lets Noel look at some of her artwork and laments following in her father’s footsteps. She feels like she’s lost track of herself. Todd may have been right when he criticized how she’s living her life.

Felicity goes to her interview with McGrath, who only asks one question: Why should she be considered for the seminar? Shaken by Todd’s accident and her reevaluation of her life’s goals, Felicity has trouble answering. She admits that she’s thinking about being an artist. She did want to be a doctor at one point, but she doesn’t remember why now. McGrath is like, “I’m not a shrink; go figure out your life on your own time.” She’s no longer in consideration for the seminar.

At Dean & DeLuca, Javier asks Ben if he looks fat. Someone please give Javier some positive affirmation so he’ll stop asking people this. Ben answers honestly, saying Javier could afford to lose some weight. Javier hugs him, happy that Ben didn’t lie to him. Ben offers to help him with his diet based on how Ben ate when he ran track. Julie comes in and tells Ben that she sent her tape to Carol. She immediately regretted it and tried to get it back, but no mail carriers would let her get it. Ben tries to reassure her that everything will be okay.

Felicity breaks it to Elena that she blew her interview with McGrath. Elena blasts her for making the biggest mistake of her life. The two of them, Julie, Ben, and Noel go to the hospital, where Todd’s still in critical care. Julie says she hates hospital, but Elena feels comfortable in them, having spent so much time in one when her mother was dying.

Noel spent a week in a hospital as a kid after his brother threw a baseball at him and knocked him out of a tree. Ben cracks up at the image. Sean is surprised to come across the group; he was in the maternity ward, refilling his vending machine that dispenses disposable cameras. He takes a picture of Todd, thinking Todd will want to see it when (if) he gets better. The others aren’t sure he’ll get better.

Noel returns to the dorm, where a bunch of girls are sitting around wearing white gloves. One of them says she’s waiting for Richard. Noel’s like, “Yeah, of course you are.” Richard is interviewing “potential clients” for a hand-modeling agency. Noel tells him it’s against school policy to run a business out of his dorm room. Richard, of course, says he can, because he still has blackmail material on Noel.

Felicity goes to an art studio and watches a guy named Eli paint. He guesses she’s a freshman because she has the same wide-eyed look he had as a freshman. The studio classes are all full, but Felicity can apply for the fall semester. She doesn’t want to have to wait that long. Eli tells her the studio is always open; he’ll keep quiet if she wants to use some of the materials.

Noel goes looking for Felicity at her room, but Meghan hasn’t seen her. She asks if Todd has died yet, the mocks Noel for not knowing where his girlfriend is when they’re supposed to be going on a date. Carol tells Julie that she mentioned Julie to her husband, telling him how she plays the guitar. Her husband brought out her old guitar and Carol spent some time trying to remember how to play it. Carol drops some of the things she’s carrying, including Julie’s letter containing her tape. Julie finds an excuse to leave.

Felicity works in the studio as Eli looks on admiringly. She falls asleep at her table and is woken up by that student played by Taraji P. Henson. She thinks Felicity stayed all night because she’s an art student and was having trouble with her work. Felicity’s pleased to be mistaken for the real deal.

Back in the dorm, Noel wants to know where Felicity was all night. She shows him her drawings, then leaves to take Todd some things. Noel notes that they’ve switched places – he’s the one leaving messages while Todd is the guy Felicity wants to spend time with. She apologizes for being distant, saying she was just drawing. Noel thinks there’s something bigger going on. Felicity says she can’t run to him for every problem. There are some things he can’t help her with. Richard pops up and asks if Noel and Felicity are breaking up. That would really screw up his life.

Todd is happy to see Felicity and her care package of Goldfish, Whoppers, and comic books. She tells him that his visit made her think about things she hasn’t thought about for a long time. He still wants to kiss her, though he knows it might not spark anything and he’ll go home feeling “decimated.” She kisses him anyway and he immediately crashes. Well, that can’t be good for her ego. Just after Todd is taken back to surgery, a woman named Rebecca shows up looking for him. She’s his fiancée.

Ben struggles with the mocha machine at Dean & DeLuca; Javier says he doesn’t respect it. “Turn the knob the way you would want to be turned, if you were to be a knob,” Javier advises. He adds that Ben needs to put his hat on before Javier kills him. Noel comes by and asks Ben what Felicity was like in high school. Ben doesn’t really know, since they weren’t friends.

Noel thinks she’s going through a crisis because Todd has reminded her how she used to be. Ben says Julie’s going through something similar. She told Ben that Carol got the tape, then said nothing happened and changed the subject. The guys are all, “Women! What’s up with that?” Ben serves Noel a mocha, which Noel says is excellent. Someone learned how to be a knob! Or something like that.

Rebecca knows all about Felicity and thought Todd was coming to New York to resolve everything with her. He was depressed for months, but seeing Felicity over Christmas break brought him back to life. Rebecca was mad at first, knowing her fiancé was going to see another woman, but she realized that she needed to let him go. He could have lied about his plans, or just left without telling her what he was doing, but instead he told Rebecca all about Felicity.

She asks Felicity if she loves Todd. Felicity says no – she likes him and is grateful to him, but she’s no threat to his and Rebecca’s relationship. Rebecca says he’s eccentric but has a huge heart. She’s called in to talk to Todd’s surgeon and worries that there will be bad news. Felicity offers to accompany her, but Rebecca thinks she can handle hearing the news alone. Felicity watches through a window as Rebecca cries, then hugs the surgeon. Todd’s still alive.

Felicity goes to see McGrath so she can tell him why she wants to be in his seminar. He asks if that means she’s committed to becoming a doctor. She’s surprised that that’s a qualification for joining the seminar. She finds it ridiculous. Yeah, why would a doctor insist on only teaching future doctors? Why wouldn’t he want to teach a woman who’s not going to use anything she learns in his class? Why not give a coveted spot in the class to someone who wants to do something else? Come on, Felicity.

She tells McGrath that medicine is about more than research and grades and making your parents happy. Being a doctor is about helping people. She promises she’ll commit to the seminar, but she’ll also pursue art. She just won’t let it interfere with her classwork. Felicity knows she still has that artist-or-doctor decision in her future. She’s once again happy to not have to make the choice today.

Carol summons Julie to her office, hopefully for a discussion about her red and purple outfit. No, wait, it’s about the tape. Carol says she’s not Julie’s mother. She never placed a baby for adoption. Julie’s like, “But…I think you’re my mother, so you must be!” Carol doesn’t know what to tell her. Someone needs to have a long talk with the PI she hired. Julie admits that she took the job because of Carol, so now she needs to leave it. Carol wishes her good luck in her life.

Todd is released from the hospital, and Felicity helps Rebecca get him ready to go to the airport and fly home. He tells Felicity that this may have been the push he needed to get his life back on track. He asks if she got into the seminar. Felicity says it didn’t work out, but it’s okay. Todd tells her their kiss was great. Felicity doesn’t want to talk about it and sends him off.

She goes back to McGrath, who is probably ready to call campus security and have her thrown out. She apologizes for ambushing him the other day, but she’d just seen a doctor save a life and got carried away. He already has her letter of acceptance to or rejection from the seminar and offers to give it to her instead of making her wait for it to arrive in the mail. It’s an acceptance letter. I hope whoever’s slot she took never finds out that she clearly doesn’t want to be a doctor.

Thinking Noel and Felicity are breaking up, Richard dismantles his satellite and calls off the modeling-agency idea. He knows he needs to behave himself because he’s about to lose the leverage he had to let him do whatever he wants. Felicity interrupts to ask to talk to Noel, and Richard encourages them to work things out.

Noel tells Felicity he scanned one of her sketches into his computer, and thanks to Todd’s help setting up Photoshop, he’s set things up for her to use his computer to draw. He makes sure Richard’s watching, then tells Felicity he’s going to yell at her. He fake breaks up with her, and when Felicity tells him that Richard left, he kisses her.

Sally sends a tape back to Felicity as Elena happily reads her acceptance letter from McGrath. Sally’s glad they both got in, but she’s also happy that Felicity remembered she’s an artist. Felicity will one day have to figure out what she wants to do and who she wants to be, but Sally, at 34, is still working on that. The search will continue beyond college and for the rest of our lives.

Thoughts: Rebecca is played by Maggie Lawson. Eli is played by Simon Rex. (Guys, remember Simon Rex?)

Why doesn’t Todd’s family come see him in the hospital?

Sean is nutty but putting the disposable-camera vending machine in a maternity ward was brilliant. And if he had to refill it, it was a success. Good job, Sean!

THANK GOD Elena got into the seminar, too. I was worried that she would be rejected over Felicity, who wouldn’t have appreciated her acceptance as much as Elena would have.

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