April 14, 2020

ER 6.2, Last Rites: Mark vs. Weaver, Round 1 of 1 Billion

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I will not apologize for finding this man attractive. I WILL NOT

Summary: Elaine enters the ER in slow motion, for some reason. She wanders around looking for Carter, because, as we know, security at County is a joke and people can just walk around whenever and wherever they want. She finds him and asks what time he’s off work. Elaine, try the phone next time.

Mark is in San Diego, cleaning up his parents’ house after his mother’s funeral reception. He checks on a sleeping Rachel, then goes to the garage, where David is making a linen chest he once promised to make for Ruth. He thanks Mark for his eulogy, and Mark says the color guard at the funeral was nice. David says that Ruth’s death doesn’t feel real yet.

A new doctor, Malucci (sorry, Dr. Dave), has started at County. He and Lucy tend to a teenager who keeps getting beaten up for dressing punk/goth. Lucy can’t believe that his principal hasn’t done something to stop the bullying. Carter tells Dave to call plastic surgery for one of the teen’s injuries, but Dave thinks he can handle it himself. We get to see more of the differences between these two when Dave gives Lucy vague treatment instructions while Carter gives her specific ones.

Dave notices his fellow newbie, Cleo, arriving at work and calls her Jackie Joyner. She tells him to get a life. Do better, Cleo. Reggie brings in a drunk guy who flirts with Jeanie. Reggie calls her his fiancée, but Jeanie tells Yosh they’re “not exactly” engaged. Romano leads a surgeons’ staff meeting, which Benton ignores to chat with Elizabeth. Romano announces that Elizabeth is now associate chief of surgery. This is news to her.

Carter treats a young woman named Amy whose cancer has spread all over her body, including to her brain, leaving her with an altered mental status for weeks. Her father, Mr. Stehly, tells Carter that she has a DNR and doesn’t want to go back to the ICU. He brought her in to be made more comfortable, but not for any other treatment.

Mark comes back from California and goes straight to work. Carter brings him into Amy’s case. Weaver has instituted a new charting system where every complaint a patient has is detailed on a different form. Sounds tedious. Elizabeth bursts into Romano’s office 15 minutes later than he expected her to come confront him. He tells her he gave her the position as associate chief because he needs her to smooth things over with their colleagues. In other words, she gets to do all the stuff he doesn’t want to do. Elizabeth doesn’t want the job, but she knows she needs to take it.

Carlos is doing a lot better and hasn’t exhibited any side effects from the HIV medications he’s started receiving. In fact, he’s well enough to be discharged. He’s going to an intake center since no appropriate foster family has been found (and his mother died yesterday). Jeanie worries that he won’t get the care he needs.

Carol assists Luka as he treats a boy with a sore throat. The boy asks about Luka’s accent, so Carol asks where he’s from (Croatia). She asks if he’s going to give the boy Tylenol for his fever. Luka says no, since fevers have a purpose. They’re the body’s natural way of fighting infection. Carol notes that Tylenol would make the boy feel better.

Benton meets with a therapist who’s been assigned to assess his family dynamic for his attempts to keep Carla and Roger from taking Reese to Germany. She asks about Benton’s feelings toward Roger. Benton doesn’t think Roger has anything to do with the custody situation, even though, you know, Reese lives with the guy. Benton is confident that Carla won’t be able to take Reese out of the country.

While doing something on the surgical floor, Carter spots Elaine as she’s about to have a consultation with Elizabeth. Carol checks on a patient named Vanessa who’s been admitted from her nursing home. Carol notices a Sacred Heart on a journal Vanessa has with her, and the two talk about their religions. Vanessa laments that her husband’s Catholicism didn’t help him at the end of his life. However, she’s so sick that she’d appreciate going to Heaven right now. Carol offers to find her a priest to talk to, but Vanessa declines.

Jeanie tells a DCFS social worker named Bob that she’d like to take Carlos in. She hasn’t been screened or trained yet, so Bob says that won’t be possible. However, he thinks he might be able to approve of her taking Carlos while they look for a foster family for him. Jeanie thinks she’ll be able to get licensed in the meantime and keep him longer. Carlos brings Reese to her meeting with the therapist, and Benton inadvertently gets a point in his favor when Reese cries over being taken away from him.

Mark and Carter do a procedure on Amy that will make her more comfortable. Elizabeth comes by and checks on Mark, asking how David is doing. Mark isn’t sure how he’ll adjust to life without his wife. He heard about Elizabeth’s new role and wonders what Romano’s up to – why did he pick her? Elizabeth’s offended and says she’s considering accepting the role. Dealing with Romano is a small price to pay for the freedom she’ll get. She tells Mark to stop being passive-aggressive about how he feels. He warns her that Romano has screwed her over in the past, so there’s no reason to think he won’t do it again.

Carter’s annoyed that Dave did his patient’s stitches on his own without calling plastic surgery. Dave says he consulted with them and they thought he did a great job. Carol brings him Vanessa’s chart, but Dave trusts whatever Carol’s done to treat her and doesn’t bother to follow up. Elaine shows up to see Carter again, pretending she had a meeting nearby and came by to ask him to lunch.

Dave runs in from the ambulance bay, asks Randi about an empty ambulance outside, then heads back out. He tells Carter that there’s a construction accident down the street. Dave grabs some supplies while Carter uses the radio to call for an ambulance whose crew is currently inside it. The two of them run to the accident site, where a man named Joe is trapped under a bunch of stuff. Carter needs to intubate him, but he doesn’t have a lot of room to work, so Dave has to serve as his eyes from a higher vantage point. By the time paramedics arrive, Carter’s done.

Amy wakes up while her father’s out of the room and begs Mark to help her: “I don’t want to die today.” She agrees to be put on a ventilator, though it’s likely she’ll never be able to come off of it. She repeats that she doesn’t want to die. Lydia reminds Mark that Amy has a DNR, but he wants to override it.

While Joe is brought into the hospital, Mr. Stehly confronts Mark for ignoring Amy’s DNR. Weaver gets involved, trying to smooth things over. She tells Mr. Stehly to get the paperwork proving Amy has a DNR. He wants Amy to be taken off the ventilator, but Weaver agrees with Mark that she shouldn’t be taken off until she can breathe on her own.

The paramedics give Dave the evil eye as Carter introduces him to Benton as a new resident. He encourages Dave to call Benton “Dr. Pete.” Ha! Dave tries to run the trauma, but Benton edges him out, then gives the same treatment instructions. When Dave objects, Benton kicks him out of the trauma room. Dave doesn’t get why someone who outranks him and doesn’t know anything about him might not trust his medical skills. Zadro tells him that if he wants to play paramedic, he has to leave his patients with the doctors after they get to the hospital.

Mr. Stehly threatens to call a lawyer, but Mark thinks his actions were justified. Weaver next moves on to breaking up a fight between Dave and the paramedics. Carter’s handling it well already, noting that the EMTs were MIA, and the site was just down the street. Another EMT points out that they could have gotten a call and would have had no idea that Carter and Dave took some of their equipment.

Zadro offers to take things outside with Dave, who’s ready to fight him. Weaver rolls her eyes at both of them and sends the EMTs off. Then she yells at Carter and Dave for ditching their responsibilities at the hospital to do a job they weren’t trained or covered for. The hospital could have been hit with a major trauma while they were gone, and they would have been down two doctors. Dave is like, “But that didn’t happen, did it? That means it’s all okay!” Weaver, whose patience with people is never above a 5 on a scale from 1 to 10, is already at a 2 with Dave.

Bob is upset to discover that Jeanie had Carlos tested for HIV without his mother’s consent. He doesn’t think it will affect her chances of becoming his foster mother, though; she clearly cares about the baby. However, his director won’t approve the arrangement. Jeanie asks if her race or HIV status are factors. Bob says race isn’t, but her HIV status doesn’t help. Not matter how Jeanie approaches the situation and how well-suited she is to care for Carlos, Bob won’t budge.

Benton tries to take Joe into surgery, but Romano banishes him back to the ER and gives Elizabeth the procedure. He reminds Benton that it was his choice to take the trauma fellowship. To add insult to injury, Elizabeth’s new role as associate chief gives her the honor of being allowed to operate by herself. Mark’s having a stressful day, but he doesn’t take Carol’s suggestion to take more time off from work. He already took a week off, as if burying his mother was a restful vacation.

Vanessa is declining and asks Carol when the priest is coming. Carol hasn’t called one, since Vanessa told her not to, but she promises to find one. Weaver learns that Jeanie wants to become a foster parent and tells her she gave Bob a great referral. Jeanie says it’s not going to work out; some things aren’t meant to be.

Weaver tells Mark that she needs a detailed record of the care Mark gave Amy. Mark snipes that her new charting system will help with that. Weaver tells him this is serious, and he’s put the hospital in a bad position. Mark notes that Amy’s over 18 and gave him clear instructions. Weaver replies that Mark overrode a signed DNR.

Carter interrupts to ask how he should treat Amy. Weaver and Mark give him different instructions, then fight about whether Amy was mentally competent to revoke her DNR. Carter’s like, “Oh, crap, Mom and Dad are fighting.” Weaver says that she’s not sure Mark is in a state of mind to be objective about his patient, so she’s taking over. Mark says she’ll have to fire him first. Weaver ignores him and tells Carter to call her if Amy codes. Mark tells Carter to call him instead.

Carol has a hard time finding a priest before Vanessa dies. She’s also looking for Dave and asks Lucy where he might be. She quips that he’s probably off doing a search-and-rescue mission with the Coast Guard. Luka is on his way out for the day but offers to stay to help Carol with Vanessa, since Dave isn’t around to approve her treatment.

Romano chastises Elizabeth for taking a conservative approach to her solo surgery. She tells him to lay off Peter and let him back in the OR. Romano says he was just messing with Benton. He does want Elizabeth to oversee Benton’s procedures, which is quite a reversal from a couple seasons ago, when Benton was Elizabeth’s boss. Romano hands over a list of people Elizabeth will need to terminate (so he doesn’t have to do it himself).

Carter asks Elizabeth about his “patient,” Elaine, and why she was on the surgical floor. Elizabeth says she came for a second opinion about a breast cancer diagnosis. She’ll need a mastectomy. Haleh calls Carter to Amy’s room, where she’s crashing. Carter wants to shock her, but Weaver joins him and refuses to let anyone resuscitate Amy. Not only does she have a DNR, but she has no chance of making a meaningful recovery.

Vanessa mistakes Luka for a priest, so he plays along, telling her that she can die in peace. Carol looks on as he gives her a blessing. Mark returns to Amy’s room and gets Carter to give her CPR, then tells Weaver that if she doesn’t let him shock Amy, he’ll quit. Weaver gives in but asks him how far he’s going to go to try to save her. She wanted a ventilator, but would she want this? Mark tells her to shut up or leave. As Vanessa dies, Amy’s heart gives out and Mark decides to declare her dead. Weaver follows him out of the trauma room, but he’s in no mood to talk to her.

Jeanie goes to see Reggie at the police station and tells him she wanted to accept when he proposed and get married right away. She didn’t because she thought it might be for the wrong reason – getting married to help her chances of getting Carlos. Now that she knows she can’t have Carlos, she’s realized that she really does want to marry Reggie. Aw, now he can call her his fiancée for real.

Carol isn’t sure about the ethics of Luka pretending to be a priest, but he thinks it’s fine since he just gave her a blessing, which anyone can do. What’s important is that she held on to her faith. He just threw out a little Latin and a little Croatian and faked it. Carol feels the babies moving around, and Luka asks if he can touch her stomach. I guess Carol learned something from Dorothy last week because she lets him. After Carter and Elaine have sex, she guesses from the way he’s looking at her that he knows why she was meeting with Elizabeth. She covers herself up and tells him to leave.

Carla tracks down Benton and asks if he hired a PI to ask her friends questions about her. Benton says he hired a lawyer but doesn’t know if that lawyer hired a PI. Carla says that Roger’s job in Germany is a great opportunity and Benton shouldn’t keep him from it. Benton says he’s Reese’s father…but Carla says he might not be. UM, WHAT? She slept with someone else around the time he was conceived. Benton firmly replies that Reese is his son, then walks away.

Thoughts: Amy is played by Paige Moss.

I know Dave is obnoxious. I know. But…he’s so cute!

I love that when Dave comes in asking about the ambulance, he tells Carter to call 911. It sounds so weird to hear someone saying that in a hospital. In fact, when they get to the site and Carter asks if anyone has called 911, a worker asks, “Ain’t you the 911 guys?” Heh.

I’m not a lawyer, but I think if Benton’s name is on Reese’s birth certificate, that’s enough for him to have legal rights.

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  1. Nick Rivers said,

    Malucci just popping in out of nowhere with like no introduction until finally Benton is like, who is this cocky sumbitch? It’s hard for me to find him attractive because he’s so incredibly cocky and self-aggrandizing and that’s pretty off-putting to me; Benton was/is outstandingly cocky too, but he could be humbled and he always seemed to learn from it, eventually. Malucci is just one of those docs who ends up letting someone die because he refuses to admit he’s in over his head. One of those people where you really have to pull rank on them to assert your dominance before they acknowledge authority. Based just on this episode I would have predicted Weaver would have fired him within a couple episodes but I know he sticks around awhile.

    The actor who played Mr. Stehly also played cancer sufferer Marg Helgenberger’s husband in Erin Brockovich. Beware fellow actresses in the future who play his family member!

    Mark’s reaction to Elizabeth’s news was fair and her response was strangely defensive. Then she asks him to be candid and when he is she gets pissed. Ugh, I don’t really dig this relationship.

    You’d think maybe Carol and Jeanie could bond over having lost out on fostering needy kids they have a strong attachment to, for reasons (kind of) beyond their control, but the writers seem too busy pushing full-bore at the Preggo-Carol-Sensitive-Luka Love Arc to let her do much else. I also thought her facial expression during his Hot Priest Blessing was unnecessarily judgy. Why not back out of the room quietly instead of stink-eyeing the situation? She was Catholic herself and could have offered some comfort in that regard. Also, he could speak Croatian for the entire episode and I wouldn’t change that channel for anything.

    I was a little surprised at how voluntarily Elizabeth offered up the info on Elaine to Carter when he prodded, though of course she had no idea he was sleeping with her. Still, unprofessional. I know doctors talk amongst themselves, but it felt gossippy, especially from Carter, and maybe if Elizabeth wasn’t so distracted with her new job she might have been like “We’ve had maybe five exchanges in the entire series thus far and all of a sudden now you’re pumping me for details about some blonde’s diagnosis? How about no.” I’m surprised he didn’t just go look up her chart.

    Why didn’t Mark or Weaver bring Lydia into the conversation about Amy’s DNR and ventilation? She was right there when Amy looked Mark in the eyes and was talking, and she heard what Mark was saying to her. I mean, what was Mark supposed to do, look her in the eyes and say “Sorry, legal red tape means you gotta suffocate.” I know it happens and I have no idea what you do if you’ve signed a DNR but want to rescind it in the moment; I feel like you do still have rights. Her father was her POA but he was not her Guardian and there is a difference. Guardianship means you pretty much lose all your rights to make decisions about your own care, but a POA is not on the same level and that’s by design. And guardianship goes through the courts and is a complex detailed process, and it’s hard to get, for a reason. I feel like the courts would have sided with Mark here especially based on his history of care, and Weaver’s concern that he wasn’t being objective was unfair in this circumstance.

    Weaver should have made Malucci and Carter apologize to the paramedics. The EMTs were completely right and Malucci and Carter were wrong.

    I remembered there were issues with Reese’s paternity but wow, making Carla bring it up now (and making her casually mention possible past drug use) was just dragging that character right down into the ground. Why not consider mentioning it when she was pregnant? I mean, she may not have been the best partner for Peter, but they were coparenting well up until they tossed the Germany subplot into the mix and then decided to make Carla this massive bitch for no reason. This all makes me so RANTY!

    And omg, I can’t believe the book-length comments I’m leaving here, but it’s so fun to rehash it as I rewatch it. I always watch one or two episodes then come here to read your recaps!

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