April 18, 2020

Felicity 1.15, Love and Marriage: 90-Hour Fiancé

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She could have been Mrs. Javier

Summary: Ben and Felicity are both working at Dean & DeLuca, where Felicity’s on the phone with Noel. He’s just been chosen to display his work for some special event at school. Ben continues to refuse to wear his hat, so Javier makes him put on a hairnet. Then he calls Felicity into his office to discuss two things: 1) She’s getting a raise. 2) Javier would like to marry her.

Felicity makes a tape for Sally about how this moment was nowhere near how she imagined marriage. She starts to tell Noel about the sort-of proposal, but Noel has big news, too – his brother, Ryan, is coming for a visit and may have just gotten engaged. Felicity admires fliers for Noel’s exhibit and says that maybe Ryan can come. Noel doesn’t think Ryan will be impressed by his art, since he’s a professional graphic designer. He admits that he’s never shown his brother his work. They’re supposedly close, but they haven’t spoken in about a year.

Felicity asks to change the subject so she can spill that Javier wants to marry her. His visa is about to run out, and if he doesn’t get married, he’ll have to go back to Spain. Felicity’s seriously considering saying yes. She thinks it would be “cool” to help someone like this. Noel’s like, “Volunteer at a soup kitchen, if you want to help people so badly.” The conversation ends when Ryan arrives and meets Felicity before she heads off to class.

Ben has been swimming a lot lately, making Julie think that something’s wrong. I think it’s just because Scott Speedman used to be a competitive swimmer and the show wanted to let him show off his skills (and abs). He learns that there are tryouts coming up for the school’s team. Ben observes a guy named Lynn who complains about how early the team’s practices start. His girlfriend remarks that he wouldn’t have so much trouble getting up early if he went to bed before 3 a.m. Ben notes that the crew team practices at 5 a.m. Lynn points out that they don’t have to get in the water when it’s ice-cold.

Felicity tells Sally that she decided to turn down Javier. The only real reason to get married is because you love each other. But when she goes to tell him, he’s crying because his boyfriend, Samuel, can’t get transferred to Spain. Javier will not only have to leave the country, but also his boyfriend.

Felicity realizes that if she marries him, it would be for love, just love between him and Samuel instead of him and Felicity. She tells him she’ll marry him. Javier tells Felicity about all the paperwork and waiting that accompanies this kind of thing. He’ll get a visa after six months, but he won’t get his green card for a year. Felicity starts to realize that this wasn’t a good idea after all.

Noel and Ryan go out for drinks, and when Noel gets carded, Ryan charms their waitress into believing he’s over 21. They reminisce about how Ryan once pretended to be a priest. Noel’s ready to celebrate Ryan’s engagement, but Ryan reveals that he and his girlfriend broke up a year ago. After some nervous hesitation, Ryan announces, “Turns out, I’m gay.” Noel isn’t sure how to react, and Ryan thinks he’s upset. Noel pretends he’s okay with it and realizes he doesn’t know his brother as well as he thought he did.

Back at the dorm, Noel tells Felicity that Ryan might just be going through a phase or experimenting. Felicity says it sounds like Ryan’s pretty sure about his own sexuality. Noel doesn’t think it makes sense that a guy who’s always been popular with girls would now like guys instead. He couldn’t have changed like this overnight.

Noel realizes that he didn’t tell Ryan about his exhibit, so Felicity suggests that the three of them discuss it at dinner tonight. Noel doesn’t think Ryan will want to spend any more time with him after how Noel reacted to his coming out. He remembers Felicity’s current situation and asks how Javier took her rejection. She announces that she actually accepted his proposal.

Javier goes looking for Felicity in her room, instead meeting Meghan and introducing himself as her fiancée. Meghan says he must have the wrong Felicity, then wonders if Felicity’s pregnant. “I think you’ve got the wrong Felicity,” he replies.

When Felicity comes in, Meghan asks how much Javier’s paying her to be his beard. She thinks Felicity’s awesome for doing this. A friend of hers was in a green-card marriage and got a car out of it. Javier can’t do that for Felicity, but he offers to buy her a bike. He also shows her a ring, doing that thing from Pretty Woman where he closes the box before she can take it. (I’m wondering if it’s an ad-lib, the way Keri Russell laughs in response.)

Ben runs into Lynn’s girlfriend, Nicole, who asks if he’s trying out for the team. Lynn shows up and remembers meeting Ben, but not where. He and Nicole tell Ben about his theory that everyone does three things better than anyone else. His three: He never forgets a face, he’s awesome at parallel parking, and he makes the best Harvey Wallbangers. Lynn invites Ben to have one that night at a bar where he’ll be hanging out. Ben makes a parallel-parking joke that falls flat, but A for effort.

Felicity and Javier get dressed up at Dean & DeLuca before meeting with his lawyer. They need to convince her that they’re in love so she’ll file the paperwork they need. Felicity cautions Javier to act straight. Samuel calls and Felicity eavesdrops as he and Javier make plans to stay in for the evening. Javier adorably gushes that his boyfriend is a dreamboat.

Ryan finds Noel in the cafeteria after trying to call him all day. Noel apologizes for his reaction to Ryan’s coming out, but Ryan says it’s okay. Noel invites his brother to his exhibit, and Ryan happily accepts. Noel says part of his negative reaction came from how much he liked Ryan’s ex. Ryan says he loved her, and it was hard to break up with her. Now, though, he’s seeing a guy named Alex, who’s just arrived in New York. Ryan wants to bring him to dinner so Noel can meet him.

Felicity and Javier meet with the no-nonsense lawyer, who just wants to get on with it. Ben thinks she’s a health inspector, so he makes sure she knows that he wears a hairnet every day. The lawyer asks the fake couple how their relationship started. They lie about suddenly becoming attracted to each other, but the lawyer doesn’t buy it, because she clearly knows Javier is gay. He tries to throw her off by talking about football.

The lawyer makes sure the two of them know what they’re getting into. As the petitioner, Felicity’s responsible for anything that happens to Javier. She also has to be able to support him if he loses his job. Javier isn’t worried, since, you know, he’s her boss. The lawyer warns that if the INS discovers that the marriage is a sham, Felicity could be fined and sent to prison.

After the meeting, Javier sneaks some tequila in a storage room and tries to assure Felicity that everything went great. The fact that he’s drinking doesn’t make her feel better. She’s still willing to move forward, since Javier doesn’t have any other options. He tells her to sleep on it before making any commitments. If she ends up having to support him, he doesn’t want her spending her money on therapy.

Ben swims, then goes out with Julie to the bar Lynn invited him to. He claims he doesn’t want to be on the swim team and have to rearrange his schedule and listen to a coach. Lynn and Nicole join them, and Lynn says he remembers where he saw Ben before. He was there the day Ben tried out for the track team. He suggests that Ben try intramural sports, but Ben blurts that he’s trying out for the swim team.

Things are awkward at Felicity, Noel, Ryan, and Alex’s dinner. Ryan mentions that his and Alex’s first anniversary is coming up in April, and they’re going to have a commitment ceremony. Noel can’t believe that, in the past three days, Ryan has come to visit, come out, and announced he’s getting married. He was with Amy for four years and never committed to her, but after just ten months with Alex, he’s ready to make things permanent.

Ryan apologizes for not telling Noel more about his life. Noel says Ryan didn’t trust him enough to tell him the truth. Alex tries to tell him it’s not about trust, but Noel shushes him. Ryan tells him not to talk to Alex like that. Noel asks how their parents are going to react to all this news. Ryan says he was hoping that Noel would support him while he got ready to tell them, but Noel supporting him would be a first. The brothers both storm off, leaving Felicity and Alex behind. Felicity tries to redeem the evening by saying, “I’m going to marry a gay guy, too.” Ha!

The next day, Felicity tells Javier that she’s thought it all over, and what’s most important is making sure Javier can be with Samuel. He agrees…and that’s why he’s not going to marry Felicity. Samuel doesn’t want Javier to marry someone else, no matter what. He gave his boss an ultimatum and is now going to be allowed to transfer to Spain. Felicity and Javier both think it’s really romantic.

Julie brings up Lynn’s chatting at the bar as Ben gets ready to go to the pool. She never knew that Ben didn’t make the track team. Ben says that everyone he knows has something they’re good at, and he wanted track to be his. Julie says he’s good at a lot of things. Now Ben wants to be good at swimming, so she hopes he makes the team.

Javier has a huge basket of muffins for Felicity, but she’s not in her room, so he asks to leave it with Noel. He’s super-grateful to Felicity for being so generous and selfless, as well as for being a romantic. She really got how hard it was going to be for Javier and Samuel to be separated. A lot of people disapprove of their relationship, but Felicity believes in love. Javier also appreciates that Noel was supportive of Felicity’s decision to marry him. Noel admits that he hasn’t been so supportive of the people he loves. In that case, Javier says he can’t have any muffins.

Julie slips in as Ben starts his swim-team tryout. Lynn is first to finish but Ben is right behind him, and both make the team. Ben’s happy to see that Julie came to support him. Felicity goes to Noel’s exhibit, and he tells her he talked to Javier. She tells Noel he was right that she shouldn’t have agreed to marry Javier. But Noel thinks it was sweet of her to want to help him.

Noel wants to call Ryan before he goes home, so they don’t leave things like this, but as he’s about to make the call, he spots Ryan in the hallway. Ryan calls him out for how he treated Alex, and Noel apologizes. Ryan’s news has thrown him, and he’s having trouble accepting it all. Ryan says that he’s never had to worry before that honesty might cost him his family. Noel promises that Ryan will never lose him.

Felicity and Noel attend a goodbye party for Javier, and Felicity tries to give him back her ring. He tells her to keep it, since it won’t fit Samuel. Sally’s tape back to Felicity says that she also would have offered to marry Javier. Felicity’s tape reminded her that love is complicated and requires compromise and sacrifice. That might be the best part, though. You want to do everything you can for someone in love because you want to be them.

Thoughts: Imagine if Elena worked at Dean & DeLuca and Javier asked her to marry him instead of Felicity. Just…imagine what a Javier/Elena marriage would look like.

How do you call yourself close with someone you haven’t spoken to in a year?

The bar Lynn invites Ben to is called Epstein Bar. I love it! I hope doctors hang out there.

Hey, Noel, if you like Ryan’s ex so much, why don’t YOU go out with her?

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