April 21, 2020

ER 6.3, Greene With Envy: How Dare Someone Be Better at Medicine Than Mark!

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Summary: A gray-haired man has come to the ER looking for Weaver. Randi shows him a badge that Weaver has been handing out to employees. It lists the four qualities she wants all of them to have: creativity, accountability, respect, and excellence. Hey, that spells CARE! What a coincidence! Malik escorts in a guy with a stab wound in his arm and brings in Lucy to treat him. The gray-haired man tends to him instead. He uses a blood-pressure cuff as a tourniquet and stops the man’s bleeding. He notes that he employed the creativity from Weaver’s badge. Weaver introduces Lucy to the man, Gabe Lawrence, the ER’s new attending.

Mark is next to meet Lawrence, whom he’s heard a lot about…except for the part where Lawrence is the new attending. Over at Doc Magoo’s, Benton talks to a lawyer about Carla’s claim that Reese isn’t Benton’s. The lawyer doesn’t think that will be an issue – if Carla had doubts about Reese’s paternity, she should have said something three months ago when Benton filed for custody. The lawyer suggests that Benton do a DNA test to make sure Reese is really his before he puts himself through a whole trial. Benton doesn’t see the point.

Carter, Carol, and Elizabeth work on a 16-year-old boy named Josh who was shot. Romano comes in and tries to get Elizabeth to postpone an operation she was supposed to perform later so he can have the OR. She refuses, since her patient needs a mastectomy more than Romano’s needs his operation. Romano gives up a lot faster than I would have expected. Carter asks Elizabeth if her patient is Elaine. When he calls Elaine a family friend (yeah, a family friend he’s seen naked), Elizabeth decides they shouldn’t be talking about her.

Romano assigns Elizabeth to show a journalist around the hospital. The journalist is doing a story on Romano, but he figures she’d rather spend time with Elizabeth than him. Good guess. Mark and Chuny treat a patient who flirts with Chuny and asks about her badge. Mark hasn’t gotten one yet. Lucy and Luka tend to a woman named Lauren who claims she hurt her arm falling off a ladder. Luka seems skeptical.

Weaver shows Lawrence around as Jeanie opens some wedding presents from the nurses. She and Reggie are going to New Orleans that night to get married. Weaver gives her a badge, which she calls a Core Values badge, though shouldn’t that be CARE Values? She tells Jeanie to always wear it, quipping that she can take it off on her wedding night.

Lawrence gives Mark’s patient a neurological exam and teaches Carter a way to detect head trauma without any scans. He thinks the patient can be released. Benton takes Reese to Cleo, thinking he might be sick. Cleo notes that it must be nice having him nearby all day, in the hospital’s daycare. She diagnoses Reese with an ear infection and asks Benton if he had them as a kid, since they’re often hereditary. Benton says he didn’t.

Mark can’t find his patient, whom Lawrence has already discharged. He finds Lawrence in the lounge, telling Elizabeth about the history of the stethoscope. Mark is annoyed that Lawrence let his patient go without a CT. Lawrence says he gave the patient instructions on what to do if he exhibits signs of head trauma. Mark notes that he could pass out, and since he lives alone, no one would know. Lawrence asks Elizabeth for her opinion, and though Elizabeth tries to decline to answer, she admits that Lawrence did enough to examine the patient.

Mark confronts Weaver for hiring Lawrence without saying anything. Weaver only found out he was available a few days ago. Plus, he’s one of the founding fathers of emergency medicine, so Mark should be happy they have him. Mark reminds her that her badges list respect as a core value, so she should have shown him some. Carter surprises Elaine as she’s waiting to be taken for her mastectomy. He wants to make sure she knows that he doesn’t see their relationship (or whatever it is) as just sex. He’s willing to support her through her medical treatment. Elaine tells him to go away, but Carter doesn’t want to.

Luka looks up Lauren’s records and sees that she’s been treated at County for various injuries. She’s also been to other hospitals. He thinks she’s being abused. When he and Lucy return to Lauren’s exam room, her husband, Pauly, is with her. He backs up her story that she fell off a ladder. Lauren acts like nothing’s wrong, which, of course, she would do if she were being abused and didn’t want anyone to know.

Romano introduces Elizabeth and Mark to Paula, the reporter Elizabeth will be showing around. Josh, who’s now on a ventilator but doing okay, gets a visit from his cousin, whose arrival sends Josh into distress. Carol sends the cousin out of the room as Lawrence comes in to help her out. Josh keeps his eyes on his cousin and mimes shooting a gun. Carol realizes that he’s trying to say that his cousin (well, “cousin”) was his shooter.

Lawrence goes after the cousin, who takes off running. Someone sees him pull a gun and screams that he has a weapon. Elizabeth shields Paula as a security guard faces off with the cousin in a hallway. Mark pulls a patient into a room as shots are fired. Benton runs to the exam room where Reese was being seen and finds Cleo protecting him and some other kids. The cousin shoots until he runs out of bullets, then takes off. I’m sure he’ll be picked up by the cops pretty quickly, since there were about three dozen witnesses.

Dave gets off an elevator and enters an eerily quiet ER. Elizabeth and Lawrence rush to tend to the unconscious security guard, who’s bleeding. In a trauma room, they realize he wasn’t shot – the blood is from a cut on his hand. He’s unconscious because he fainted. Dave, always eager to be in the middle of things and probably sad that he missed all the danger, quickly offers his help, so Lawrence tells him to give the security guard stitches. The staff checks on all the patients who were near the shootout, but no one was hurt.

Mark and Cleo take the next patients brought in, the Bradleys, a father and son who were in a car accident. Mrs. Bradley says they asked the paramedics to take them to another hospital, as recommended by their doctor, but the paramedics brought them to County since it was closer. Paula’s nearby and asks if paramedics can ignore a patient’s wishes. Cleo tells Mrs. Bradley that until her son, David, has some tests, he’s not going anywhere.

Elaine is overwhelmed and tells Elizabeth she’s not ready for surgery. Elizabeth invites her to go for a walk and talk things over. The nurses give Jeanie some flowers as she heads out with Reggie. Weaver pulls them into the lounge to give them another wedding gift: Carlos. Thanks to some urging from Weaver, Adele has gone to bat for the couple and gotten approval for them to take Carlos in temporarily. Once Jeanie gets approved as a foster patient, they can reevaluate and maybe make it permanent. Reggie and Jeanie decide to get married in Chicago instead of New Orleans.

Lawrence treats a 12-year-old girl named Crystal who has sickle-cell anemia. Mark looks over his orders afterward and tells Chuny to add a couple of tests. Luka pulls Pauly away from Lauren as she’s being discharged and tells him he thinks Pauly is mentally ill and dangerous. Pauly says Luka’s the one who’s ill. When he returns to Lauren, security guards are there to restrain him. Luka’s having him involuntarily committed. Lucy tells him this is a horrible idea – if psych doesn’t find any problems with Pauly, they’ll just send him home to Lauren. Luka says he’s giving Lauren a chance.

Elizabeth tells Elaine that she can delay her surgery, but not for long. Elaine wonders what will happen to her breast after it’s removed. She doesn’t like the idea of it just being thrown away. Elizabeth tells her that a lot of women have had mastectomies. Elaine wonders how she can be with anyone again once her breast is gone. She wishes she could still be herself. Elizabeth says she can. Elaine tells her to make sure she cuts everything during the surgery.

Lawrence tries to cheer Crystal up about her illness: the gene that causes sickle-cell anemia also protects her against malaria. He discharges her as Mark asks about the labs he added, which haven’t come back yet. Lucy brings in Deraad to tell Luka that he can’t have Pauly committed. He doesn’t appear to be a danger to himself, and there’s no proof that he hurt Lauren. Luka asks Deraad to come talk to Pauly with him. This goes horribly: Luka accuses Pauly of hurting Lauren, but she denies it. Luka baits him, making Pauly angrier and angrier until he decks Luka. Luka’s like, “Yeah, he’s definitely not a danger to others.”

Crystal’s labs come back, and Mark tells Lawrence there’s a problem. The two run after Crystal and her parents, who are just leaving the ER, and tell them to come back in. Lawrence missed something huge. The Bradleys’ doctor, Jacobs, comes to the ER and tells Cleo that David is going to be transferred. Cleo doesn’t feel comfortable having him moved and asks for half an hour while a test comes back. Jacobs won’t back down.

Mark gives Crystal an ultrasound to show her and her parents what Lawrence missed: She’s pregnant. Further, it’s an ectopic pregnancy, so she needs emergency surgery. Lawrence asks Mark if he was checking up on him, but Mark says he was just looking after the patient. Cleo has given in and is helping move David out of the hospital when he crashes. Carter and Benton take over his care, wondering why he was being transferred.

Jeanie and Reggie go to a courthouse to get married, but they only have a few minutes before it closes. They’ve brought Randi along as a witness, and Weaver was supposed to be their second, but she’s not there. They spot a UPS guy and all get the same idea. Back at County, Paula tries to observe as Carter and Benton treat David, but Benton kicks her out. He talks Carter through a procedure he’s never done before, and together they stabilize David.

The UPS happily holds Jeanie’s flowers as a judge marries Jeanie and Reggie. Carlos gets fussy, so Jeanie has to delay the vows for a few moments so she can try to quiet him. The bride and groom both seem thrilled with their new reality. Elizabeth finishes up with Paula, who questions Benton’s decision to let Carter do a procedure he’d never done before. Elizabeth promises that, in this teaching hospital, residents are carefully supervised. Mark thinks Elizabeth should have turned down Romano’s request to show Paula around.

Luka and Carol chat about his decisions regarding Pauly and Lauren. Luka gets that he made things worse by provoking Pauly in front of witnesses. Carol thinks that maybe now Lauren will get how dangerous her husband is. She didn’t go up to psych with him, which is a good first step. Cleo tells the Bradleys that David’s stable and now in surgery. Jacobs praises her for catching what was wrong with him, but Cleo’s annoyed that she gave in to his demands. If she’d just waited until his tests came back, they could have operated in a controlled environment.

Elaine comes through her operation fine and next faces reconstructive surgery. Weaver tells Luka that now that Lawrence is an attending, he won’t be needed anymore. No, don’t send the pretty away! Pauly’s released and heads home with Lauren. Mark, Lawrence, and Dave take care of a gunshot victim together, and Lawrence uses a foley to make a balloon and put pressure on the patient’s wound to stop the bleeding. Mark has to admit that he’s a skilled doctor.

Carter looks in on Elaine in recovery but decides not to go in and talk to her. Carol passes Luka as he’s walking home and offers him a ride. Jeanie and Reggie pick up some baby supplies after their wedding, and Reggie picks out a toy police car for Carlos. Mark tries to smooth things over with Elizabeth, by which I mean he asks her to apologize for siding with Lawrence earlier. She teases that he’s jealous and is afraid he might learn something.

Benton asks Jackie if Reese looks like him. “Hope not. He’s got enough problems,” Jackie says, exactly as any sister would. Benton asks if he had a lot of ear infections as a kid. Jackie doesn’t remember, but she knows he was always getting sick from something, which explains why he became a doctor. Carol drives Luka home and learns that he’s living on a boat. Mark and Elizabeth end their day in bed, and I don’t think anyone needs to know anything more than that.

Thoughts: As shown above, Lawrence is played by Alan Alda, who got an Emmy nomination for this role. Mr. Bradley is played by Felicity’s dad.

Erica Gimpel (Adele) and Cress Williams (Reggie), who have their first scene together in this episode, later played Wallace’s parents on Veronica Mars.

Guys, don’t forget to run every hiring decision by Mark. He is, after all, in charge of the ER. Oh, wait – no, he’s not. Shut up, Mark.

Mark should stop second-guessing Lawrence and keep a better eye on Luka, because…yikes.

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  1. Nick Rivers said,

    I get why Mark is upset about Lawrence because hiring a new attending without telling the other senior physicians you were even interviewing anybody is kind of shitty. I presume Mark is still an attending as well; I don’t think Romano actually demoted him.

    The more I see of her onscreen, the more I get annoyed at how Cleo was just sort of dropped into the cast without any real introduction. I can understand that this is probably more in line with reality, though… but since she will become an integral part of the show, and everybody else who’s a major player got some sort of introduction, even Lawrence. (Malucci doesn’t count, I’m sorry, I know you love him!) Cleo was casually mentioned by Lucy on her first day, then she jogs in. That’s it — that’s all we got of her. A sassy comment at Malucci, so we know she doesn’t take shit from anyone, but again… ugh. Plus knowing she and Peter end up together, you’d think they would have really focused in a bit more on him meeting her. Instead, all of a sudden she’s examining Reese. No chemistry, no spark, no “Hey, you’re pretty” or “Wow, you’re handsome” or double-take or anything. It all just felt so glossed over, and maybe this is a mistake to automatically leap to this conclusion, but I have to wonder if it was because she’s Black. The show has been decent about BIPOC even for its time (though I maintain Haleh, Lily, Yosh, and Connie should have been elevated to the main credits all this time) but Cleo’s inclusion into the main cast just felt like an afterthought. We don’t know anything about her other than she jogs and she is good with kids and she’s a talented physician. It feels like a disservice to her and her character.

    Luka’s reaction to Lauren’s continued injuries is understandable but a little odd; is this the first instance of spousal abuse he’s ever seen? I mean, Lucy was sympathetic but understanding of the realities of the situation. Luka definitely made things worse. I have to think that was part of Weaver’s decision to let Luka go (no!!) even if she didn’t mention it. Deraad probably talked to her about it off-camera.

    I’m glad they gave Rebecca DeMornay more to do with this role. She does fragile better than I had remembered; my mind always goes straight to The Hand That Rocks The Cradle with her, or the more steely role she played in Runaway Train. I haven’t seen Risky Business yet but this reminds me to sit down and watch that one sometime. Also, how does Elizabeth have so much free time to walk reporters around or go for a long walk with Elaine to discuss her surgery? I can’t think of any other surgeons who have so much free time to just sort of wander around the way she does.

    It made perfect sense that Lawrence wouldn’t think to screen Crystal for pregnancy since she’s only 12, but the face she made when Mark told her and Lawrence and the parents about the ectopic pregnancy was great fear-acting for a young actress! She looked absolutely petrified.

    The UPS guy’s face during the ceremony was just perfect. And Randi getting emotional was very unexpected and sweet. I’ll admit I felt a little bad for Reggie as he didn’t get his New Orleans vacation and wedding, but for him, I’m sure seeing the joy on Jeanie’s face was worth it. I just don’t know how much he wanted to be an insta-dad, but he seemed to acclimate to it very quickly, which was excellent.

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