May 23, 2020

Felicity 1.20, Connections: Help Wanted

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Hello, we are respectable people who make good decisions, please give us money

Summary: Felicity makes a tape for Sally, telling her that her boss, Abby, has put Felicity in charge at work while she’s away for a few days. There’s a position open for an assistant manager, and Felicity sees this as a test to measure her capability. If she gets the job, she’ll get a raise in the fall. Felicity’s never been in charge before, so she’s nervous. She asks Noel to help her tie her tie, but he’s never tied one he wasn’t wearing, so he has her stand in front of the mirror while he puts his arms around her. You know, like you would with any of your friends, since they’re just friends now. Also, both of them hate just being friends.

Ben comes to Dean & DeLuca and asks Felicity if he can work, even though he’s not scheduled for today. He really needs the money. A meek employee named Danny tells Felicity he broke a plate and needs a Band-Aid. Judging by all the blood on the towel wrapped around his hand, he’ll probably need more than that. Felicity helps him out, then thanks Abby for trusting her enough to put her in charge. She thought Abby hated her. Abby says he does – Felicity’s young, perky, and has out-of-control hair. But she’s still eligible to be the assistant manager. P.S. Abby needs Felicity to fire Danny while she’s away.

Elena drops off something for McGrath and notices that he seems stressed. He tells her his assistant is away and he has a lot of paperwork to do. Elena offers to help, so McGrath tells her he could give her extra credit for assisting him. Ben goes to see Barry, Lynn’s bookie, who’s barely older than Ben, if not the same age or younger. Ben asks for an extension on what he owes, but Barry can’t grant one. However, he does have an opportunity for Ben to make some money: Help Barry collect from people who owe him.

Ben reluctantly goes to see the first debtor…Guy. Oh, no! Ben pretends he’s just being friendly and checking on Guy for Barry. He’s covering Guy because Guy can’t give him everything he owes, and Barry just wants to make sure he’s okay. Guy only has $30, which has to last him the week, but he feels bad that Barry’s covering him out of his own pocket, so he’s willing to hand it over. Ben can’t bring himself to take all of Guy’s money, so he leaves.

Later, Lynn tries to make conversation with Ben after swim practice. They haven’t talked since their big fight at the bar. Ben pretends everything’s going great for him, but Lynn knows that he still owes Barry money. Ben says he doesn’t need any help. The coach tells Ben that the bursar’s office has flagged him for a temporary suspension because he hasn’t paid his full tuition. Ben promises it’s a mistake and he’ll work everything out.

He goes to a bank to speak with a loan officer, but he has no credit history or assets. Ben suggests a short-term installment loan, which the officer agrees to, but Ben will need someone to co-sign. Since his parents aren’t an option for that, Ben thinks of Sean. Sean easily agrees. When Julie joins them, Ben lies to her about what he and Sean were talking about. Sean realizes that Ben hasn’t told Julie about his money issues.

Elena visits Felicity at Dean & DeLuca and they talk about Elena assisting McGrath. She asks if Felicity will start giving her free coffee when she’s assistant manager. Felicity hasn’t fired Danny yet, and he’s not going to make it easy on her, what with mentioning that he’s late for work because he spends his morning volunteering at an orphanage. Elena thinks he’s lying.

Richard’s heat is still malfunctioning, and his room is full of steam. Noel tells him to stay with friends until the heater is fixed. Richard doesn’t have any friends, so Noel reluctantly invites him to move in temporarily. Sean accompanies Ben to the bank to co-sign his loan. Sean gets inspired by the loan officer’s nameplate, wanting to make something more creative. The officer tells the guys that Sean has a large debt to a dough company, so he can’t co-sign. Ben is out of options.

Danny’s late coming back to work from his lunch break, and he thinks the cut on his hand is infected. Also, he can’t work on Saturday since he has a doctor’s appointment. Felicity decides to bite the bullet and fire him. She does it gently (definitely more gently than Abby would have), and Danny realizes he should have seen this coming. It all goes much more smoothly than most firings do.

Richard has fully made himself at home in Noel’s room, sitting around shirtless and opening Noel’s mail. He informs Noel that he’s been offered a summer internship in Berlin. Richard wonders what Felicity will think. Noel says they’re starting their relationship over, though Richard thought they were just friends. He thinks this is a great opportunity for Noel to find out how she really feels. He just needs to tell her about the internship. If Felicity looks happy, she’s done with him. If she looks upset, she’s not.

Ben talks with his mom on the phone, lying that his life is going great. Elena impresses McGrath with her organizational skills and her maturity. She explains the latter as a consequence of her mother dying when she was young. McGrath confides that he was stressed the day before because he just found out that his ex-wife has cancer.

Julie catches Ben being squirrelly in Sean’s office, returning a watch he admits he was going to pawn. Julie suggests that he ask his parents for money. Ben says he would never give his father that satisfaction. Didn’t his parents split up? His dad doesn’t have to know. Sean arrives and Ben tells him to tell Julie about his money problems.

Richard wakes Noel up early the next morning to ask if he’s told Felicity about the internship yet. Noel hasn’t since he’s scared that she won’t care. Richard says he should find out sooner rather than later. He also thinks he and Noel should think about living together next year. Noel goes to Dean & DeLuca and tells her about the internship. Felicity’s immediate response is disappointment – which is just what Noel wants. She gets distracted when Danny shows up for work. He’s decided that since Felicity isn’t really in charge, she can’t fire him.

Elena is working in McGrath’s office again when he gets a call from someone he calls “sweetheart.” She starts to leave, wanting to give him privacy, but he gestures for her to stay. He tells her the caller was his 13-year-old daughter who was checking to make sure he’d sent her a birthday present. McGrath thanks Elena for all her help, but Elena isn’t done spending time with him. She asks if he’d like to go out to dinner sometime. Elena, no! Fortunately, he turns her down.

At Epstein Bar, Lynn tells Ben that Barry’s been calling him all day. He’s been in Ben’s situation before and doesn’t want him to do anything stupid. Barry arrives and picks a fight with Ben. Lynn tries to keep the peace, but they brush him off. Barry won’t let Ben leave, so Ben shoves him. Lynn pleads with Barry to leave Ben alone, since he doesn’t have any money, but that’s not going to happen.

Felicity has let Danny keep working, even though he can’t really clean up well, what with the giant bandage on his hand. Julie calls from the bar, looking for Ben – Lynn heard Barry call his frat buddies, probably to go beat up Ben. Felicity offers to meet Julie so they can go look for Ben together. This means Felicity has to ask Danny to close for her. Danny’s nervous about the responsibility, instead of realizing that if he does everything really well, he could keep his job.

Barry’s friends find Ben and pound on him on a dark street. Felicity and Julie enlisted Noel to help them find Ben, but they didn’t have any luck, so Noel and Felicity go back to the dorm. He gives her a good-night kiss on the cheek, but both clearly want more. They know that moving beyond friendship right now could be risky, but they figure friends can do a little making out. Richard interrupts and acts like Noel’s disapproving spouse, wondering where his partner has been all night.

The next morning, Felicity tells Sally that no one’s heard from Ben, who’s been missing all night. Julie was worried enough to call the police, but she can’t report Ben missing for 48 hours. Felicity heads to work, where Danny has transformed into a model employee. Abby came back early and was so impressed that she gave him Felicity’s promotion. In fact, Abby wanted to fire Felicity, but Danny talked her out of it. Also, Danny was telling the truth about volunteering at an orphanage, because a nun comes in with a thank-you card. Abby gushes that he’s like an angel.

McGrath tells Elena that he changed his mind and does want to have dinner with her. Oh, this isn’t going to end well. Ben’s been missing for almost 24 hours when he shows up at Felicity’s room in the middle of the night. He hasn’t contacted Julie or Sean, figuring they don’t want to talk to him. Felicity tells him he’s wrong. Ben tells her that he’s started noticing that he’s turning into his dead. Whenever he gets mad, he gets in a fight. His father hasn’t called him in months, and his mom has been calling a lot, but Ben doesn’t tell her what’s going on with him.

Felicity doesn’t get why Ben can’t ask his mother for money. He explains that she has a chance to be happy for the first time in her life, and if she knew Ben was in trouble, she’d worry. Ben feels like he’s already screwed up her life enough. Felicity thinks Ben should let her worry – it might not be a bad thing. After all, she’s his mom; taking care of him is her job. Ben goes to the loft, where Julie and Sean have fallen asleep by the phone, waiting for news about him. Lynn has also spent the night. After a lot of thought, Ben finally calls his mom and tells her what’s really been going on with him.

Thoughts: Danny is played by Curtis Armstrong, who also worked with Rob Benedict (Richard) on Supernatural.

I don’t buy Elena thinking it’s appropriate to date her professor. She would know the risks, and she would worry about getting special treatment she hadn’t worked for or earned.

Working in a bursar’s office would suck. Imagine spending your day asking college students for money. Ha! They don’t have any money! They have beer and sleep deprivation! You can’t pay tuition with those!

I am intrigued by Sean’s bagel knobs idea (like donut holes, but bagels you can inject with flavors) and would like to invest.

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