May 30, 2020

Felicity 1.21, The Force: You Must Do What You Feel Is Right

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Summary: Felicity wakes up to find Meghan doing something witchy. This must not be the first time, since Felicity just asks her to keep her voice down, since it’s 2:00 in the morning. Meghan pulls out one of Felicity’s hairs, then burns it and casts some sort of spell. She warns that it’ll make Felicity clumsy. Felicity doubts this, but it looks like Meghan was successful.

We see a tarot card, the World, and a section title, “Voyage.” Felicity makes a tape for Sally about her love of math and science, possibly because she’s usually a rational person. She’s never really believed in magic, but the past few days have made her think about it more. At Dean & DeLuca, Ben tells Felicity that his mom sent him some money for a plane ticket home for the summer, but he’ll use it to pay off Barry instead. Danny is hesitant to give the two of them any orders, even though he’s the assistant manager now. He tells the two of them that they need to do inventory on Friday night. Then Felicity breaks something.

Back at the dorm, Felicity finds a note on a bulletin board from someone named Stuart, who needs someone to drive his car to San Francisco. She connects him with Ben, giving him a way to get home to Palo Alto. He happily tells Lynn and Nicole that he’ll get $500 just for driving a car. After Lynn leaves, Nicole tells Ben she’ll miss him over the summer. She confides that she’s had feelings for someone other than Lynn recently. Ben is completely clueless as to the obvious fact that she likes him. When she clues him in, he reminds her that he’s dating Julie. Nicole kisses him anyway.

Felicity tells Sally that she had no clue about any of this. The next thing she learned about the situation was that Ben invited Julie to drive to Palo Alto with him. Julie in turn invites Felicity, who asks Noel to tag along. Wow, this is the worst idea ever. Noel, by the way, will be taking the internship in Berlin. Guy comes in and tells him that they need to work on a group project together while in line for Episode 1. He admits to being one of those super-mega-Star Wars fans who camps out for premieres. Felicity thinks it sounds fun. Then she falls over and starts getting worried.

Tarot card: Strength. Title: “Action.” Felicity tells Meghan to stop doing spells, but Meghan has an idea for a new one. It requires one of Felicity’s fingernail clippings. Felicity tells Sally that she should have taken her roommate more seriously.

She invited Elena on the road trip, but Elena wants to stay in the city and work at a hospital (and keep seeing McGrath). After one of their classes, Elena asks McGrath when he wants to go out, since they never set a date. They make plans to meet at a hotel bar. At Epstein Bar, the road trippers plan their route. Felicity tells Sally that things soon got complicated. Felicity breaks a glass, and as Ben is cleaning it up, he sees Nicole watching him.

Tarot card: the Tower. Title: “Adversity.” Meghan tries to get hairs off of Felicity’s pillow, confirming that her clumsiness spell worked. She offers to teach Felicity how to “harness the force.” Felicity declines. Meghan says she’s busy anyway, working on a new spell for forgetfulness. It works in the middle of McGrath’s class. Elena asks to complete the answer Felicity’s trying to give, but McGrath tells her to let someone else answer for a change. Looks like someone’s overcorrecting so he doesn’t look like he’s giving her special treatment.

In the library, Lynn tells Ben that he’s tempted every day by hot women in the city. If he weren’t so loyal to Nicole, he’d be sleeping with women all over the place. Nicole joins them, and when Lynn leaves to find some candy (because gum is not candy, Nicole), things get awkward between Nicole and Ben. She brings up the kiss, and he tells her he wants to forget about it. Nicole tells him she wants to kiss him every time she looks at him.

The road trippers (minus Noel) pick up the car from Stuart, promising that they’re all good drivers and very responsible. Julie almost got a ticket once but she cried her way out of it. Stuart asks them to take their time and take good care of his baby. Ben gets snippy with Julie over her ticket comment, then her desire to go to Graceland. Stuart asks to see the road trippers’ driver’s licenses, but Felicity forgot hers. She also forgot her number. Who knows their driver’s license number anyway?

Noel’s not with the others because he’s outside the movie theater with Guy and a bunch of Star Wars fans. He tells Guy he might not go to Berlin after all – he got the start date wrong and realized it starts during the road trip. Guy can’t believe Noel might skip this great opportunity because he wants to hang out with Felicity (and possibly also make sure she doesn’t hook up with someone else). Noel says this is just a good time to solidify their relationship. Guy tells him the internship is the better idea.

Tarot card: the Empress. Title: “Tempted.” Nicole surprises Ben at the loft with hot chocolate. He tells her to give it to her boyfriend. She says they haven’t been clicking lately, which Ben thinks is something for the two of them to work out. Nicole thinks she can get over her crush on Ben by acting on it. Ben tells her to leave, not because he’s not attracted to her. Nicole starts unzipping her dress, asking if he wants her to stop. Ben says yes, but instead, she strips. As they’re about to kiss, Sean walks in. He runs off as soon as he realizes this isn’t something he should be seeing.

Tarot card: the Moon. Title: “Danger.” Meghan does a spell that involves tearing up a picture of Felicity and her friends. Felicity asks Meghan not to tell her what the spell is. Meghan says she’ll know when it works. At Dean & DeLuca, Ben rushes into the back room, telling Felicity, “Just say I’m not working.” Felicity’s confused until Nicole comes in looking for Ben. Ben tells Felicity what’s been going on with her, then admits that he hasn’t said anything to Julie. Felicity thinks he’s second-guessing his relationship with Julie. She wonders if one of Meghan’s spells made her able to read minds.

Ben promises that things are fine with Julie, but they’re serious and heavy. Felicity notes that the road trip is a chance for them to take it easy. They’re perfect for each other. Felicity adds that if Ben breaks up with Julie because Nicole stripped in front of him, Felicity will kill him. Ben promises that won’t happen.

At the movie theater, Guy has been working on Noel’s problems instead of their group project. Guy and a man dressed as Obi-Wan have decided that Noel’s dilemma is just like Luke’s when he had to decide whether to go to Alderaan. Noel must do what he feels is right. I don’t think Noel finds that helpful.

Tarot card: the High Priestess. Title: “Secrets.” At the loft, Lynn asks Ben if everything’s okay, since he seems tense. Lynn can’t concentrate because of Nicole. Ben thinks they broke up, but Lynn says they’ve planned a trip to the Bahamas. Ben finds Nicole in the cafeteria and tells her she’s great and all, but Lynn is a good friend, and Nicole’s flirtations make things difficult for Ben. If Nicole doesn’t cut it out, Ben will tell Lynn everything. Nicole gets the message.

Ben studies in the library while Julie looks through a travel book. He asks her if she ever thinks their relationship might be too serious. They’re only 18, but sometimes he feels like they’re older. Julie worries that she’s done something to turn him off, but Ben promises she hasn’t. She realizes he’s pretending to be confused when he just wants to end things. Ben assures her that he still wants her to come on the road trip. Julie suggests that they take a break instead, thinking Ben isn’t brave enough to actually say he wants to break up.

Tarot card: the Queen of Swords. Title: “Loss.” Julie tells Felicity what happened with Ben. Felicity thinks he’s overwhelmed by everything in his life and wants a break from it all, not Julie. She’s sure Julie and Ben will work things out. Julie notes that Ben has broken both of their hearts.

Elena goes to see McGrath and tells him a personal relationship between them won’t work. McGrath says he’s been overcompensating so no one will catch on. He likes spending time with her. He had a relationship with a student a long time ago, under different circumstances, so he’s rusty at this. He’s also a little intimidated. Elena says she is, too, which McGrath thinks could be the problem. Elena thinks it’s fine if they scare each other. Then they kiss. Oh, boy.

Tarot card: the Lovers. Title: “Love.” Noel tells Felicity about his conversation with Guy and the fake Obi-Wan about Luke’s decision. He reveals that he can’t do both the road trip and the internship. He admits that he worried about losing Felicity if he left, but he knows he needs to go to Berlin. Felicity promises that he won’t lose her. Noel knows it’ll be hard, and just being friends makes it harder. They can’t keep kissing each other if they’re “friends.” But they can purge their systems with one last kiss. Yeah, great idea, guys.

Meghan tapes Felicity’s picture back together and gives it back to her. She says her spell didn’t work anyway. It was a love spell, and Meghan couldn’t get it to work on herself, either. She was missing an ingredient, clove. Meghan doesn’t think any of her spells have been successful. Felicity tells her they may have. It would be amazing if you could make things happen or make them better with a spell. They’re close to bonding for the first time all year, but Meghan tells Felicity to get off her bed.

While doing inventory at work, Ben asks Felicity if she’s mad at him for talking to Julie. Felicity knows that he didn’t tell Julie about Nicole, which must be either because he didn’t want to upset her or because he’s interested in Nicole. Ben says Nicole isn’t the issue – he’s just figuring things out. He doesn’t want Felicity to be mad at him for the whole trip. Felicity announces that she’s not going. Ben asks her to change her mind, insisting that they’ll have fun.

Felicity finds a box dated June 1st, 1991. It contains clove. She drops the box, spilling clove everywhere. Ben asks her again to come on the trip with him. She asks if he thinks she should, and when he says he does, she agrees. Felicity tells Sally that this means she and Ben will be alone in the car for two weeks. She realized when she got home that when Meghan taped the picture back together, she put Felicity next to Ben instead of Noel. Could this be…magic?

Thoughts: It’s funny to watch this episode knowing that 16 years later, J.J. Abrams got involved in the Star Wars franchise.

I wouldn’t last one day on a cross-country drive, no matter who I was in the car with. That’s way too much closeness.

Now I’m dying to know who Meghan likes.

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