June 20, 2020

Felicity 2.2, The List: The Monkey in the Room

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Felicity must have borrowed that dress, because there’s no way she had it already

Summary: Felicity looks around her room for her tape recorder, then starts playing the tape inside – the one Ben listened to where she admits that she might be in love with him. Meghan comes in, trying to avoid a guy on their floor, and Felicity accuses her of listening to the tape. It’s the same invasion of privacy that would occur if Felicity looked in Meghan’s box. Meghan thinks she’s making a confession. She asks Felicity to play her tape, and then Meghan will let her look in the box so they can decide which is the bigger invasion. Felicity gives in and plays part of the tape. Meghan isn’t impressed and reneges on her part of the deal.

Felicity starts a new tape for Sally about how well the first week of her sophomore year went. They hold a floor meeting, where Felicity tells everyone how great they’ve been. “Except for you. You’re weird,” Meghan tells the guy who was bugging her earlier. Burky brings up a concern, saying he’s laughing on the outside but crying on the inside. For some reason, Meghan doesn’t just throw him out.

A girl named Gretchen starts crying and says she can’t handle this anymore. She runs off and Felicity decides to go after her, though Meghan says Gretchen just wants attention. Felicity ignores her and follows Gretchen to her room, where she confides that she’s having problems with her boyfriend. He doesn’t like to talk, so Gretchen wants to use advice from Girl World magazine to win him back. Step 1: Seduce him over the phone. There’s also something about putting blush on her nipples. I don’t know.

Felicity tells Gretchen that she shouldn’t pretend to be someone she’s not to keep her boyfriend interested. He should like her for her, not because she’s acting like a girl some magazine made up. Gretchen asks if Felicity has a boyfriend; Felicity says they’re just starting out. Gretchen likes the beginning of a relationship, when things are still fresh. Her boyfriend used to leave her notes. Then one day, he gave her a funny look and never left another note.

Felicity tells Sally that she hasn’t noticed a funny look from Ben yet, but she also doesn’t want to over-analyze things. At Dean & DeLuca, they discuss their plans for that night, dinner and a movie. Things seem totally fine and normal with them, and Felicity says she loves being with him. Then Ben gets a funny look. Now Felicity’s going to over-analyze everything while pretending she’s not.

Ben and Sean meet up at a pretzel stand and talk about Felicity’s tape. Sean says it’s always going to be a monkey in the room, no matter how hard Ben tries to forget about it. Ben corrects that it’s supposed to be an elephant in the room, and Sean points out that neither is normal. Felicity is differentiating between Ben and Sally like Ben is a customer and Sally is a colleague. With Ben, she acts like everything’s great, but she tells Sally the full truth. Ben doesn’t want to make a big deal out of the tape, so Sean wonders why Ben told him about it in the first place.

Noel and Elena hang out together at Epstein Bar, discussing how many women Noel has slept with. Elena encourages him to move on and find someone new, since Felicity has. He agrees to ask out their waitress. Oh, honey, no. Not while she’s working. He approaches her…and chickens out, asking for a straw instead of her number. Keep in mind that he doesn’t even have a drink to put the straw in. Noel worries he’s lost his moves. Elena reminds him that he was with someone in Berlin, but Noel doesn’t think that counts, since she was drunk and he was desperate.

Julie wants to throw a party in the loft, but Sean won’t approve her plans. She wins him over by suggesting that they charge $5 a head and split the profits. Sean says they make a good team, but before he can take that idea somewhere, Julie heads off to use the party as an excuse to talk to a cute guy in one of her classes.

Back at Dean & DeLuca, Felicity shows Ben the pictures they took on their road trip. He couldn’t be less interested in them, but he looks through them anyway. Felicity notices his funny look again and asks if something’s wrong. Ben says it has nothing to do with their relationship. Felicity calls his bluff, guessing that he’s not happy. He admits that he’s not. He isn’t sure if the relationship is what he wants right now.

Felicity tells Elena everything, saying she should have known this would happen. Elena says she was just following her heart. Ben’s a guy, and guys never do anything that makes sense. At the loft, Ben tells Sean that he never admitted to Felicity that he listened to the tape. Sean thinks that would have made things worse. Ben worries that he made a mistake. Before he can continue, Julie comes home.

Felicity runs into Gretchen, who’s wearing skimpy clothes in an attempt at a “high-voltage look.” That’s #6 on the list of ways to get her boyfriend back. He called her, so she thinks it’s working. Gretchen did try Felicity’s advice…for a couple of hours. Felicity thinks the boyfriend called because he missed Gretchen, not because of the list, but Gretchen disagrees. She gives Felicity a magazine and suggests an outfit inside that will impress Ben.

Noel steels himself to ask out the waitress, but she guesses ahead of time why he’s there and shuts him down. He mopes home to Elena, who wants to critique his technique. Said technique involves standing 50 feet away and hoping a hot woman notices him. No wonder he’s single. Elena gets him to practice his asking-out methods on her, but he doesn’t do well, so they switch places. That doesn’t go well, either. Elena suggests that they go to Julie’s party so Noel can practice Elena’s technique.

Burky drops by Felicity and Meghan’s room to ask Felicity out to dinner. She calls him a pest and a gnat. Burky pretends not to get that she’s not interested, but he eventually leaves. Felicity goes back to looking at pictures from the road trip. At the same time, Ben is looking at a picture of the two of them, which leads him to visit Felicity.

She confirms that they both enjoyed the road trip, then asks what changed. He says he just feels a lot of pressure from her – he’s not sure he can live up to her expectations. Felicity denies having expectations, but Ben knows she wants someone committed for the long term. A lot of the pressure comes from knowing that she thinks she might be in love…or whatever.

Felicity’s confused, so Ben admits that he listened to her tape. She tells him she was talking without thinking. Ben says that makes it worse, because she was being totally honest. He wants to forget all about it. Felicity says she deserves an explanation, but Ben says she makes everything into a huge deal. She’s like, “You invading my privacy isn’t a huge deal?” He just says they’re not going to be able to make things work.

The next day, Felicity apologizes to Meghan for accusing her of listening to the tape when it was really Ben. Meghan says that’s classic Ben, and Felicity must feel really stupid. Felicity tells Sally that instead, she feels lost. She turns to Gretchen’s list, starting with #5, “go where the action is.” She puts on a nice red dress (a “high-voltage look”) for Julie’s party, then moves to #7 on the list into action, letting Ben see her with another guy. That guy? Burky.

Tim, the guy Julie has a crush on, tells Sean at the door that she said he could come to the party without paying. Sean isn’t familiar with that arrangement and charges him. (Also, they doubled the charge from $5 to $10.) Tim quickly finds Julie, and it looks like at least two people on this show have been able to make a romantic connection without magazine tips or role-playing.

Elena points Noel in the direction of a partygoer and reminds him that his only mission right now is to get her name. He makes small talk with the woman, Brigid, but she’s not at all interested in him. Felicity arrives with Burky, and all three of the steps she’s put into practice work. Ben can’t take his eyes off of her. Julie has realized that Tim is weird, so she doesn’t like him anymore. She asks Sean to save her.

Felicity voices over to Sally that as soon as she got to the party, she wanted to leave. The list only changes how you look, not how you feel. #9 on the list is “stay icily indifferent,” which Felicity knows will be a problem. When Ben approaches her, she agrees to go off and talk with him. Meanwhile, Noel gets Brigid’s number (probably a fake) and watches Felicity and Ben leave the party together.

Ben tells Felicity she looks great, then apologizes for listening to the tape. They make out. #10 on the list is “don’t let him see you care,” and Felicity decides that she might show her feelings too easily. She tells Ben they can take things slowly without any expectations. Yeah, that’ll definitely work out. They make out some more.

Julie and Sean split their money at Epstein Bar, each walking away with $700. She’s grateful that Sean okay’d the party, and that he doubled the charge and got rid of Tim for her. She appreciates how nice Sean always is to her. He wants to hang out that night, but Julie has a date with another guy. If you ask me, it looks like Sean likes Julie.

Felicity tells Sally that, disturbingly, she’s getting what she wants by acting like someone she isn’t. She and Ben have plans to go to a Charlie Chaplin movie in Bryant Park, but Ben doesn’t show up. At Dean & DeLuca the next day, he tells her he forgot. Felicity pretends it’s not a big deal. Now she wonders if there are other parts of her that she’ll give up, making her someone else.

Gretchen comes by Felicity’s room and announces that her boyfriend dumped her. Even the blush on the nipples didn’t work. Wow, no way! Gretchen feels dumb for trying the list in the first place. She wonders how Felicity has been able to continue being herself, never compromising who she is for some guy.

Felicity tracks down Ben and tells him she can’t be with him if she’s not completely herself. She’s an emotional person, and she needs to be able to express those emotions. The thing is that Ben knows that about her and pursued her anyway. He saw something in her but isn’t strong enough to handle it, which makes him a coward. Felicity knows that one day he’ll realize what he missed, but it’ll be too late. Ben doesn’t know how to respond, but Felicity’s not surprised.

She heads to her dorm and puts away all the photos from the trip, wanting to let go of her old dreams. She’s ready to move on and see what else is out there. Of course, what’s out there is Burky, so maybe she should take her time. She apologizes for using Burky to make Ben jealous, but Burky’s been through that before. He’s totally willing to be used.

Felicity knows there’s a difference between saying you’re going to let go and actually doing it. She shows she means it by going to get a haircut. She wants to make a change for herself, not for a guy or because a list suggested it. Looks like there’s going to be a new Felicity, y’all!

Thoughts: I really have to call him Burky? Ugh.

Ben, you ruined Felicity’s relationship with Noel, and now you don’t want her? What’s wrong with you?? Wait, hold up. This is exactly what happened with J.D. and Elliot on Scrubs, when he got her away from Sean, then didn’t want her anymore. AND SEAN WAS PLAYED BY SCOTT FOLEY.

How does Noel, who’s had at least two women interested in him, have such little game? He needs a lot more help than Elena can give him.

The scene at the movie makes me itchy because no one’s social distancing or wearing masks.


  1. Deja said,

    I felt like Ben coped with his family issues by creating chaos, hence his temper and continued violent reactions (in both stressful and non stressful situations). He had insane issues w allowing himself to be vulnerable and addressing feelings. Ben was more layered than Noel imo… however I do feel that Noel and Ben are two sides of the same coin, Ben: hothead = aggressive Noel: tit-for-tat = passive… both had HUGE issues with accountability throughout. (neither were a prize, sorry not sorry)


    As Danielle Staub once said, “Apologies are in order.”

    • Jenn said,

      Seriously, Felicity should forget about both guys and find someone emotionally mature who’s willing to talk through their issues like an adult. I can see some positive qualities in Ben, but not Noel. What’s the attraction there?

      • Deja said,

        Noel is like Dawson in the way that you’re not supposed to be real, only the character in their heads. Coincidentally Scott Foley was on that show too lol

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