June 27, 2020

Felicity 2.3, Ancient History: The Power of Change

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Summary: Meghan is the first person to get to take in Felicity’s new haircut. She and I agree that it’s bad. Burky thinks she looks hot, because of course he does. Felicity makes a tape for Sally, announcing that she did something distract: She dropped pre-med. Then she backs up to talk about her new haircut, which led to a lot of huge reactions from people. Even people she didn’t know commented. Felicity has been thinking about the next step now that she’s made this big change.

A student named Ruby comes to Felicity with a major crisis but gets distracted by Felicity’s haircut. She wonders if Felicity made the change because she just went through a breakup. She likes the new Felicity. Then Ruby announces that she’s thinking about dropping out. The only class she really wanted, Norwegian landscapes, was canceled. Her grandmother’s wallpaper inspired her to study art history, and I guess Norwegian landscapes was the only class open. Felicity helps her look at some art classes, which is really more about the classes Felicity would like to take. Ruby opts for one on costumes of czarist Russia.

Now Felicity is thinking about rearranging her schedule so she can take art classes, but her pre-med schedule doesn’t leave her any time for them. She realizes she’s backed herself into a corner. Felicity daydreams about art while in a chemistry class with Elena, though she says she’s not distracted because of Ben. She’s managed to avoid him so she doesn’t think about him. Felicity mentions taking art classes, and Elena tells her not to drop pre-med. Felicity swears she isn’t…then goes to the registrar and does exactly that.

Ben and Sean are moving a bed into the loft when Julie comes home. She’s found an apartment and will be moving out of the loft at the end of the month. Sean is disappointed. Over at Noel and Elena’s, Noel tells Richard that he’s in a class with Brigid, the woman whose number he tried to get. He’s thinking about asking her out. Richard tells him sarcastically that that’s a great idea and there’s no way he’ll get rejected twice.

Elena thinks Felicity is making big changes as a knee-jerk reaction to her breakup with Ben. She’s annoyed that with Felicity out of pre-med classes, their study system will be screwed up and Elena’s GPA will suffer. Wow, who thought Elena would make this about her? That’s weird. Noel joins them at Epstein Bar and doesn’t hide how horrible he thinks Felicity’s haircut is. He keeps mocking her, so she leaves. Elena calls him out for being a jerk.

Felicity tells Sally that she obviously feels bad for how things turned out with Noel, but she’s not going to let him beat up on her. Noel goes to the class he has with Brigid (an art class) and mentions that he tried to call her, but it turns out the number she gave him was for a pizza place. Ouch. He tells her he’s going to ask for her number again, and she should know that he’s in the mood for Chinese food. Noel has finally stopped being stiff and awkward, and Brigid might not be as turned off as she was before. Of course, Felicity ends up in their class, so…here comes the awkwardness again.

The professor, Annie Sherman, pairs up the students for an assignment, and Felicity winds up with Brigid. She warns everyone that they’ll be starting critiques at the end of the week, so newcomers need to thicken their skin now. After class, Noel complains that he and Felicity are in the same class. Brigid tells Felicity she’ll call her, and Noel tells Brigid he’ll call her. He and Felicity agree to keep their distance from each other.

Ruby asks Meghan’s advice on what kind of computer she should get. Felicity is much better at this sort of thing, so Meghan and Ruby are both happy when she gets home. Meghan suggests that Ruby consult Noel, since he knows computers. Felicity claims she lost his new number, but Meghan says he’s in the school directory. By the way, she’s shaving her armpits in the room.

At the loft, Sean and Ben interview a potential new roommate. Ben likes him but Sean isn’t impressed (because he’s not Julie, I’m guessing). He thinks the guy’s flippy hair means he won’t respect the loft. Ben reminds him that Julie isn’t staying, so they have to move on. Felicity and Brigid sketch each other in a park, and Brigid gives Felicity some encouragement about displaying her work for the first time. She brings up Noel, saying she’s happy to go to dinner with him, but she doesn’t want him to pursue a relationship that won’t go anywhere. Brigid’s already seeing someone – a woman.

Noel complains to Richard that Felicity and Brigid were paired up for the assignment. Richard says Felicity’s trying to sabotage any relationship Noel might develop with Brigid. I think he’s being sarcastic again, but Richard’s sarcastic voice and his regular voice are very similar. Ruby shows up to talk computers, and Richard thinks this is another move Felicity’s making to mess with Noel.

Felicity tells Elena that Noel asked Brigid out to the same restaurant where he took her on their first date. Elena accuses her of being jealous, which Felicity denies. Elena reminds Felicity that they’re ancient history, and she needs to move on. Also, she’s mad that Felicity left her without a lab partner, so now she has to do more work in chemistry.

Julie’s already packing for her move, even though it’s a week and a half away. Ben offers his help and they make some friendly small talk. She teases that she wrote some music over the summer, including a song called “When Ben Dies.” Heh. She asks how he’s doing, knowing that he’s struggling with his breakup. She knows he’ll get over it eventually.

Felicity tells Sally that she’s been single for a week, and sometimes she actually feels like she might get over Ben. Or maybe she’ll just learn to live with it. Brigid meets up with Noel before class and asks if they can get together to talk later. She mentions that she talked to Felicity about him, making him curious about what Felicity might have said. Felicity tells him to talk to Brigid instead of her. Noel asks about Felicity sending Ruby to him, then tells her they’re not friends, so she can’t discuss him with other people. They were going to avoid each other, but now Felicity’s everywhere.

Felicity offers to drop the class, and though it doesn’t seem like she’s serious, she actually goes back to the registrar to do it. But the class is a prerequisite and the other sections are full, so Felicity’s stuck. She wishes the registrar could be as supportive now as she was when Felicity dropped pre-med. The registrar is like, “I’m not your mom or your therapist. Take the class.”

Julie runs into her soon-to-be roommate, Susan, downtown and gets the news that Susan’s sister is going to move in with her. Looks like Julie’s staying in the loft, which will make Sean very happy. Felicity goes to Noel and Elena’s apartment to tell Noel that she didn’t drop the class they have together. She thinks they can find a way to get through the class without annoying each other. She offers to find a new partner, but Noel says he doesn’t care if she works with Brigid. The class isn’t the issue – just seeing her reminds him that she chose Ben over him.

Noel is tired of apologies and sympathetic looks from everyone who knows Felicity dumped him. He just wants an explanation. Why did Felicity make the choice she made? Felicity knows she can’t say anything that will make things between them okay. Would he feel better if she told him she chose wrong and shouldn’t have gone with Ben? Noel thinks she’s only considering that because Ben broke her heart.

Ben and Sean’s next potential roommate is in cooking school, so he makes the guys omelets to see how he likes their kitchen. Julie comes home but doesn’t tell the guys that she no longer has a new place to move into. Noel and Ruby are both at Epstein Bar, sitting separately, and he approaches her to apologize for the way he acted when she showed up at his apartment. They talk about computers and he learns that she’s a Mac person. Ugh, not this again.

Elena tells Felicity she’s been waiting for her to realize she made a mistake and come back to pre-med. Now she knows Felicity’s never coming back. Felicity promises that she’s not abandoning Elena and their friendship won’t change. Elena complains again about not having a lab partner, like, just get a new partner! Sheesh! Elena wonders why Felicity is turning her back on something she supposedly loved. Well, obviously, Felicity didn’t love it. Elena admires a drawing she’s working on and says she’s proud of Felicity for sticking to the tough decision she made.

On Friday, the art class starts critiques, kicking off with Felicity’s sketch of two hands. Professor Sherman says it doesn’t feel like a composition; it’s two distinct forms. There’s no sense of the subject. No one gives Felicity any positive feedback, and Noel feels bad for her. He tries to offer up some encouragement but Professor Sherman shoots him down.

After class, Felicity thanks Noel for trying to defend her. He says he was being honest. She thinks she made a mistake dropping pre-med; she’s not as good at drawing as she thought she was. She’s glad she hasn’t told her parents about her decisions yet. Noel promises that she’s not having a psychotic break, like Burky suggested. Felicity thinks that if she were, her friends would tell her she wasn’t. Noel tells her that Professor Sherman is hard on her students, so she shouldn’t take it personally. Also, her hair isn’t that bad.

Even though Noel said he doesn’t want any more apologizes, Felicity tells him how sorry she is for hurting him. He was one of the people she was closest to. She understands why he never wants to talk to her again. Noel tells her that Brigid’s a lesbian (which Felicity already knew), so that relationship isn’t going anywhere.

At the loft, the three residents go about their morning routines, moving around each other like they’ve gotten used to doing. Ben, who was most excited about bringing in a new roommate (especially one who cooks), realizes that he likes things the way they are. Julie should feel welcome to stay, if she wants. She casually says that would be great.

Felicity and Noel run into each other outside her room but don’t avoid each other. She tells him she likes drawing, no matter how bad she is at it, and she hopes that someday she’ll improve. She invites him to come in and chat, but Noel has plans…with Ruby. So things are okay between Felicity and Noel, and Noel is moving on, but that might not be a good thing after all. Sally sends back a tape, approving of Felicity’s courage in doing something she’s always wanted to do. Sally believes in the power of change and knows that the hardest part of moving forward is not looking back.

Thoughts: Ruby is played by Amy Smart.

I always thought people were upset that Keri Russell cuff off her curls, but now I think they were really upset that the results looked so bad. If I had that haircut, I would stay home until it grew out. I definitely wouldn’t display it on national TV.

I love when Meghan causes trouble just for the heck of it.

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