July 4, 2020

Netflix’s BSC 1.3, The Truth About Stacey: How to Handle a PR Nightmare

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Stacey looks like she’s running for seventh-grade class president

The BSC girls don’t yet know that Stacey has diabetes, and though they’re clearly curious about what she’s hiding, they don’t ask any questions. Stacey’s worried about losing her new friends like she lost all her old ones in New York, but the BSC girls are different. They like Stacey no matter what.

Lacy Lewis (formerly Liz; Michelle has the same name as in the book, but we never meet here here) moves in on the BSC girls’ territory with the Baby-sitters Agency, telling the girls that all’s fair in love and the free market. She also chastises them for not supporting other women. Pretty rich considering what she does to Stacey later on: After the BSC girls rat her out for ignoring Jamie during a sitting job, Lacy sends out a video someone took at her old school of Stacey going into insulin shock.

The fallout of the original circulation of the video humiliated Stacey and led the McGills to move to Stoneybrook. Now Stacey thinks history will repeat itself. It’s especially bad because the BSC’s clients might not think she’s fit to watch their kids because she’s not in perfect health. Kristy is a PR genius and gets out ahead of any potential scandal by calling a meeting with clients to discuss the situation. Stacey even offers to resign if the parents will feel better. Dr. Johanssen puts an end to everything by admitting that she noticed Stacey’s pump long ago and has seen how she manages her illness while watching Charlotte. If Dr. Johanssen, an endocrinologist, thinks Stacey’s fine to sit, the other parents can’t disagree. Forget the BSA sitters with their later curfews and greater experience. The BSC girls have better client-relation skills.

The details:

  • As any 21st century type 1 diabetic would, Stacey has an insulin pump. At first she hides it, partly because she’s desperate to keep her condition quiet and partly because her mother pressures her to. In truth, her mom just wants to protect her from going through what she went through at her old school again. After Stacey comes clean about having diabetes, she decorates the pump and stops trying to hide it.
  • The girls call Mrs. Newton by her first name. It makes me itchy.
  • Kristy comes up with the idea for Kid Kits in pretty much the same way as in the book.
  • Kristy prepares to fight the BSA by reading The Art of War, because of course she does.
  • Like in the book, Stacey falls for Sam the second she meets him. Here, he’s much more of a typical teen boy (as is Charlie) than in the books. He and Kristy talk to each other like normal siblings (“idiot,” “dummy,” etc.).
  • Kristy’s mad about how marriage is tied to the patriarchy and asks her mom if she’s going to start walking behind Watson. Her mom says yes – and from now on, everyone has to call her Ofwatson. Elizabeth is awesome.

The differences/changes:

  • Charlotte is Asian, and either younger than she is in the books or…not as bright. She says she’s going to “make a jewelry.” She also doesn’t seem to be as paralyzingly shy as in the books.
  • The McGills don’t go back to New York to take Stacey to doctors, so Laine hasn’t been introduced yet.

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