July 14, 2020

ER 6.15, Be Patient: This Is the Episode They Should Have Called “All in the Family”

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How dare Abby challenge Weaver and be right?

Summary: Mark and Elizabeth are walking to work, discussing an ice-fishing trip David’s on. Seeing Dave somehow reminds Elizabeth that she left something at her apartment (she spent the night at Mark’s), so she heads off to get it. Mark warns Dave to lock up his bike better, advice Dave doesn’t appreciate. He asks if Mark is also going to chastise him for not wearing a helmet. “I’d never want to get between you and your personal path to brain death,” Mark replies. Meow!

Luka wraps up a night shift and leaves as Andrew the clerk arrives for the day shift. Abby gets a call from someone she’s been trying to reach about payments. He’s not cooperative. Abby explains to Carol that her soon-to-be-ex-husband invested her student-loan money, but it backfired. Good thing she’s divorcing him. Isabelle is surprised to see Elizabeth back at her apartment…where she’s not alone. David’s there, pretending he just came over for breakfast. He definitely did not.

Elizabeth waits impatiently while Isabelle says goodbye to David, then tells her mother that getting into a relationship with him is a bad idea. After all, Ruth died just a few months ago. Elizabeth asks if they used protection, so Isabelle asks if she really wants to get into details. She tells Elizabeth to stop caring so much what other people think; she did that as a kid, too. Elizabeth asks if the nanny told her that. Isabelle thinks she always expects relationships to go badly. Elizabeth points out that their relationship hasn’t exactly gone well.

Back at County, Dave bugs Chen, who’s come in on her time off to do chart reviews for Carter and Lucy’s patients. Abby calls Luka, who’s driving home, to give him test results for one of his patients. A girl named Laura runs into the street to retrieve a ball and Luka has to brake quickly to avoid hitting her. The driver next to him doesn’t have the same reflexes and slams into Laura. Luka locks eyes with the guy, who reverses and drives off as Luka rushes to help Laura.

Abby examines a patient named Ron who has some bleeding after hemorrhoid surgery the week before. He’s supposed to fly to Denver that afternoon for his girlfriend’s birthday, so he hopes he can get treated quickly and easily. Abby apologetically tells him to cancel his plans for dancing. As Laura’s sister goes to get their mother, Luka examines Laura, determining that her leg is broken, as well as possibly a rib. He wants to splint her leg and do a closer examination.

Carol chats with two teen girls, Terri and Andrea, who have some questions about STDs. Syphilis is making its way around their school, and they suspect they have it. Luka thinks Laura might be bleeding internally, and her mother doesn’t want to wait for an ambulance to arrive. Luka spots a plumber down the street and asks to turn his van into a makeshift ambulance. Elizabeth tells Mark about their parents’ hook-up, which Mark finds amusing. They’re both adults; it’s fine. He promises to talk to David, who’s coming in for an appointment that afternoon.

Laura passes out on the way to the hospital, and Luka realizes her lung has collapsed. He uses a syringe to try to fix it, but the van goes over a bump, causing the syringe to nick an artery in Laura’s chest. Laura’s poor mom has to try to help Luka stop the bleeding. Luka calls ahead to make sure there’s a trauma room ready when they get to County. Benton, Mark, and Cleo take over her care, wondering why Luka didn’t wait for an ambulance. One arrived just a couple minutes after they left the scene.

Weaver gives Andrea a pelvic exam and tells her to stick around for test results. Terri’s exam was fine, but Weaver detects something potentially bad on Andrea’s exam. Abby tells Ron his blood loss isn’t dangerous, but she’s not comfortable letting him get on a plane just yet, so she wants to do a scan that detects further bleeding. Ron asks her advice on what to get his girlfriend for her birthday. Abby tells him that her best birthday gift from her husband was a surprise picnic. Yeah, but they’re getting divorced, so…

Weaver comes to check on Abby’s work and questions her decision to do the scan to detect more bleeding. She pulls Abby out of the room and tells her there’s no need for an expensive test when Ron isn’t showing any symptoms of further bleeding. Abby says he just doesn’t seem well. Weaver urges her to discharge him without the scan, but after she leaves, Abby continues with what she was doing.

Benton stabilizes Laura in the trauma room, but as Cleo’s taking Luka out to give Laura’s mother an update, alarms start going off. There’s something wrong with her internally, so the doctors rush her to surgery. Luka asks to stay with Laura, but Benton tells him she’s not his patient anymore. Cleo suggests that Luka go home and get some sleep, as if he’ll be able to sleep after all this.

Carol tells Andrea that they found some abnormal cells that could indicate cervical cancer. Thanks, HPV! Andrea refuses to tell her parents, reminding Carol that this was all supposed to be confidential. Carol warns that if she doesn’t get treated, she could get really sick. They also need to tell the guy she slept with. Andrea admits that there have been multiple guys. She goes to parties where everyone sleeps with each other.

Luka follows Benton to the surgical wing, asking to be kept on Laura’s case. Dude, you’re not a surgeon. You can’t do anything right now. Go sit down. Chen visits Carter to update him on some of his patients. He asks how Lucy’s memorial service was, since he wasn’t able to go. She tells him it was weird. Carter claims he’s doing okay; his grandmother has even reached out to him again. He thinks he’ll be back to work soon. As Chen leaves, she notices that he’s in pain but trying to hide it.

David arrives for his appointment, and Mark pretends he still thinks David was off ice fishing. David knows he knows the truth and comments that Elizabeth definitely wasn’t as amused as Mark is. He says they’ll spend the night in a hotel so Elizabeth can have her apartment to herself. Mark is surprised that David expects the relationship with Isabelle to keep going. David says she makes him happy. It’s only for a couple more weeks anyway, before Isabelle goes back to England.

Carol fills Weaver in on Andrea and Terri’s activities, hoping she can talk Andrea into telling her parents. Weaver can’t force Carol to break confidentiality, but this is a matter of public health now. All the girls who attend the sex parties need to get examined. Carol will have to contact the girls’ school. Unfortunately, Andrea and Terri have already left.

A woman comes to the ER and introduces herself to an uninterested Dave as Barbara Knight. She’s looking for Mark and Weaver, but Dave doesn’t know where they are and couldn’t care less. If Dave would pay attention, he would recognize Barbara’s last name and realize that she’s Lucy’s mother. She’s there to get Lucy’s things from her locker. Dave takes her to the lounge and manages to be respectful while Barbara gathers her dead daughter’s belongings.

Isabelle comes to the hospital to tell Elizabeth she’ll be staying in a hotel the rest of her time in Chicago (the Ritz – ooh la la). She’s annoyed by how “insufferable” Elizabeth is being over the David situation and their own cool relationship. She notes that Elizabeth doesn’t hold anything against her father for working when she was a child. Mothers always get slammed when they choose to work. If Elizabeth ever gets married and has a child, will she give up her own job? Elizabeth says she doesn’t know if she’ll ever get married or have a child. (Spoiler: She will do both, and no, she won’t give up her job.)

Weaver finds out that Abby did Ron’s scan against her advice. Abby wanted to follow her instincts that something’s wrong, but Weaver tells her that med students can’t make decisions like that. As Luka heads out to get something to eat at Doc Magoo’s, wanting to stay close for news about Laura, he spots a guy getting some stitches in the hallway and recognizes him as Laura’s hit-and-run driver. He tells Abby to call the police. The guy tries to run, but Luka stops him and confronts him for the hit-and-run. The guy says he just panicked because he’s had a couple of DUIs. Okay, well, enjoy jail, guy!

Carol goes to Andrea and Terri’s school as Abby discharges Ron. She tells him he was right to come in, and he’d be right to come back. Like, for example, in 15 or 20 minutes, if he’s feeling sick or feverish. If he came back in, he might be seen by someone other than Abby who could give him a more thorough examination. Ron asks if she’s saying he’s not okay. Abby tells him she’s just saying that this has been a bad flu season.

Carter does some physical therapy, working on walking up and down a hallway in the surgical wing. He’s determined to get back to normal as soon as possible. Barbara comes by to see him, and Carter realizes who she is much faster than Dave did. Carol finds Terri and Andrea, who are upset that she wants to break their confidentiality. Andrea doesn’t want anyone to find out she’s sick. The girls refuse to talk to Carol.

David visits Elizabeth in the surgical wing and tries to smooth things over with her. He jokes that it would be a lot easier if children didn’t grow up to be adults who feel the need to express their own opinions. He wants to arrange another double date and try to work things out with everyone. Elizabeth seems to really like David, so she doesn’t resist. Ron does come back to County, but not the way Abby had hoped – he’s brought in with heavy bleeding. Chen takes over his care, telling Weaver it’s a good thing he came back.

Barbara talks to Carter about Lucy, sensing that he’s uncomfortable with the conversation. She tells him that Lucy talked about him a lot and really respected him. Carter downplays how closely they worked together. Barbara says Lucy loved her work, and Carter says she was better at it than he gave her credit for. Barbara asks what went through Carter’s head when he was stabbed – what did it feel like? He can tell that Barbara wants to know if Lucy suffered, so he lies that he didn’t feel any pain.

Mark goes looking for test results for a patient, then asks a tech if he did David’s CT scan to find out how his emphysema is. Mark takes a look at the films himself and is stunned by what he sees. He tries to keep his mind on the conversation when Elizabeth tells him David’s organizing a double date to a surprise location.

Weaver tells Carol that she’s done the right things with Andrea and Terri, then lets Abby know that Ron came back and is now in the OR. Pretty lucky that he came back, right? Weaver admits that Abby was right about him being sicker than he presented. Abby says it’s good that he felt “flu-ish.” Weaver remarks that that’s the exact term he used. Weaver, stop being passive-aggressive. Abby just saved a guy’s life after you told her to turn him loose. She probably saved you from a lawsuit.

Benton tells Laura’s mother (and Luka, who’s waiting with her) that Laura’s done with surgery and doing okay. Laura’s mother is grateful to both of them. Luka apologizes to Benton for trying to demand to stay on the case, but Benton gets his concern and doesn’t have any hard feelings. He thinks Luka saved Laura’s life. (Heh. Luka and Laura. Soap fans share a chuckle.) Luka points out that they had to open Laura’s chest in the trauma room because Luka injured her. Benton says they would have had to do that anyway. If Luka had waited for the ambulance, Laura might have died. He should be proud of himself for making a gutsy call.

Paramedics bring Andrea in after a suspected suicide attempt. Weaver and Carol take over her care from Dave, who’s not happy to have Carol making decisions, since he’s a big, brainy resident and she’s a lowly nurse. Benton visits Carter to talk about anything other than Lucy or Carter’s treatment. Benton has stepped things up with Cleo, and Carter knows all the steps he usually takes with girlfriends, so he knows exactly what they’ll be doing tonight. He admits to Benton that he lied to Barbara about Lucy not suffering when she was stabbed.

Carol asks Terri what Andrea might have taken, and Terri says it could be Diazepam, a medication used for muscle spasms. Dave is trying to approach the trauma calmly while Carol wants to get out in front of any potential problems. Andrea stabilizes but seems confused, possibly not remembering that she overdosed.

Elizabeth, David, and Isabelle go bowling together (Mark’s running late), and Isabelle tells Elizabeth she skipped a meeting that afternoon to sit by the lake. She wanted to think about the conversation she and Elizabeth had earlier. She acknowledges that she wasn’t a great mother when Elizabeth was younger, and she hopes Elizabeth can forgive her. Elizabeth reminds her that she never wanted forgiveness. She adds that David thinks children shouldn’t express their opinions. Isabelle jokes that he’s right.

Carol checks on Andrea, promising that she only told the school about the HPV so other girls could get tested; she hasn’t told Andrea or Terri’s parents. If something happened to one of Andrea’s parents, wouldn’t she want to know? Mark arrives at the bowling alley and watches as David acts like everything’s normal.

Benton takes Cleo to a jazz club (just as Carter expected), telling her about his relationship with Carter and Carter’s past as a surgical intern. When they get to the club, Cleo suggests that they go somewhere quiet, so they can talk. Benton jokes that she’s going to disappoint Carter by taking him out of his normal routine.

At home after the double date, Mark tells David he saw his scans. He has lung cancer that’s spread to his liver. David has known since before he came to Chicago. One of his colleagues in the Navy had cancer, and every time David saw him, it was all he could think about. David doesn’t want his illness to define him. He admits that he’s scared.

Thoughts: Syphilis and hemorrhoids are hard to spell. From no on, only one hard-to-spell medical condition per episode, please.

Imagine hiring a plumber who shows up late because he drove a girl to the hospital and helped save her life. I don’t think I would believe that story.

And that’s why you don’t look at your relatives’ medical records without their permission, Mark.

Cleo may have been useful in the previous episode, but really, nothing she does during her time in the series justifies creating her character. It’s just a bone they threw Eriq LaSalle so Benton could have a Black girlfriend.

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  1. Nick Rivers said,

    You’re spot-on about Cleo and it’s frustrating because I think Michael Michele could have done a lot more with the role if they gave her a chance. She was the peds attending replacing Doug Ross, and god knows they always have a shitton of peds cases, yet somehow she’s never around. Lame of the producers to do this to her and of the writers to go along with it.

    Why is it so hard for Weaver to admit to Abby she was impressed and surprised by her intuition about her patient? I mean, it almost seemed like she was close to scolding Abby for encouraging him to come back with the “flu-ish” bit. And Abby seemed sheepish. Why? Make a snarky comment and turn back to your patient that you’re working on, Abby. I think Weaver would have respected that more. I know I would.

    The actress playing Lucy’s mother did a good job with a tough role. The two teenage schoolgirls were equally good at being bratty snots. I feel like I’ve seen the one who plays Andrea in something else but couldn’t place her. Ditto on Ron as I know I’ve seen him in other things and he was good in them like he was in this.

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