July 18, 2020

Felicity 2.6, The Love Bug: Mono, Deception, and Other Contagions

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Oh, yeah, they’re totally over

Summary: Felicity is leading a dorm meeting about the stresses of midterms. Meghan is also there, playing with a voodoo doll. Carl asks what happens if they get sick during exams. “Just don’t,” Meghan advises. Too late, it looks like. Meghan tries to lead a rebellion, asking who agrees that they have too many meetings. Carl asks what mono feels like, since he thinks he has it. A girl tells him all the symptoms, but Felicity thinks Carl is overreacting. If he had mono, he probably wouldn’t be able to stand up. Carl nods, then passes out. “Meeting over,” Meghan declares.

Time for a tape for Sally! Felicity wants to know why David hasn’t kissed her yet. Is he being cautious because he’s still hurting from his last breakup? He drops her off at her dorm after a date and asks her to get lunch the next day. They say good night, but there’s no kiss.

The next day, Elena asks for an update on the relationship while she, Felicity, and Julie are studying together at Noel and Elena’s place. Felicity says she’s confused. Noel and Ruby come in and reveal that a guy in the park invited Ruby to audition for a movie (though he wouldn’t give details about the film). Julie and Elena think she should go for it. Elena pushes Felicity to talk about David, so she whispers to keep Noel from hearing in the kitchen. Noel realizes they’re having some “girl talk” and he’s being excluded.

Ben drops by Maggie’s catering space while she’s on the phone, speaking Japanese to someone. She reveals that she lived in Tokyo for a couple of years. She doesn’t want her employees to know they’re dating, probably because he’s so much younger. It might help if he didn’t bring his backpack with him when he came to visit. Backpacks don’t usually = appropriate boyfriend for an adult.

Felicity brings David to her room after their lunch date, and they find Meghan in bed, feeling horrible. She thinks she has mono. David tells Felicity she can’t stay there while Meghan has a contagious illness. He invites her to stay with him. Dude, you won’t even kiss her! Noel comes by and announces that Ruby called the possible killer/movie guy about the audition. David again invites Felicity to stay at his place, and this time she accepts.

Javier – hey, it’s Javier! Yay, Javier! – clarifies the Felicity/David situation at Dean & DeLuca. He invites Felicity to stay with him and Samuel instead of spending the night at David’s. He thinks David’s just trying to get Felicity into bed. Speak of the devil, David calls, and while Felicity’s talking to him, Javier tries to guess what the conversation is about. He writes a guess down, but it’s in Spanish, so Felicity can’t read it. She tells him David’s apartment is being fumigated, so she can’t stay there. Felicity declines Javier’s invitation to crash at his place, saying she’ll figure something out.

That something is making a bed on a couch in the dorm’s common room. But then Noel brings Ruby home, and the two of them make out right outside the elevator, just a few yards away from Felicity. After Ruby heads to her room, Noel asks Felicity if she knows about their history. He doesn’t want to bring it up yet, since the relationship’s so new. Felicity mentions that Ruby told her what a good kisser Noel is. He asks Felicity not to mention their past to her. Then he invites her to stay with him and Elena. She says no, but that means she has to hear people having sex through the wall.

Felicity meets up with Elena at Dean & DeLuca the next day, exhausted from her horrible night in the lounge. Elena thinks David lied about his apartment being fumigated because he chickened out of having a sleepover. David arrives and meets Elena (who’s polite to him) and Javier (who isn’t). The two of them spy on the couple as they talk. David asks Felicity to dinner, and she asks him if his place is really being fumigated. He tells her that after dinner, he’ll take her over there and prove it to her.

Noel runs lines with Ruby at his apartment. She’s okay, he’s bad. She finds the role embarrassing, but Noel points out that the money she gets from the job could pay for college and grad school. Apparently the person playing the guy she’ll be working with is a big secret, and Ruby had to sign non-disclosures. She won’t break the rules even for Noel.

Felicity covers her mouth with a tissue so she can go into her room and get some things. Ruby comes by with some questions about sex and protection, since she and Noel are headed in the direction of needing that. Felicity is spending the night at Noel and Elena’s, making Ruby realize that Felicity and Noel are really good friends. Meghan sneezes when Felicity’s mouth isn’t covered, making Felicity and Ruby scamper.

Elena takes a break from her patented study method to help Felicity get ready for her date with David. When Noel comes home, Felicity and Elena slam him for not telling Ruby about his relationship with Felicity yet. Noel says he’ll tell her that night. He admires some photos David took and loaned to Felicity, then asks what’s going on with them. Felicity says they’re just in the beginning stages. Elena tells him that Ruby asked Felicity about birth control, in case he didn’t know where things are with her.

Ruby arrives, stressed that her audition has been moved up to 10:00 the next morning. She’s worried now that it seems so real. Elena criticizes her and Noel for going out instead of studying. David arrives next, and Ruby suggests that the two couples go to Epstein Bar for a double date. Felicity and Noel act all breezy, like this wouldn’t be awkward at all. Elena tells them all to just leave already so she can study.

Maggie and Ben get together for what she calls a proper goodbye – she knows their relationship isn’t going to last, so they might as well end things now. They have sex right on a counter in her catering space. Ooh, that has to be a health violation. Things are going well for the two couples at Epstein Bar, who are working on getting Ruby to tell them who the star of the movie is. Left alone, Felicity and Noel approve of each other’s new love interests. He plucks an eyelash off of her cheek and she makes a wish before blowing it away. Ruby and David see them gazing at each other and get uncomfortable.

Ben invites Maggie to get coffee after their romp on the table, but she insists that they have to be over. He knows she likes him, but she says she just likes the sex. If they run into each other after this, they’ll be polite, but they need to keep the fling secret. Back at the bar, Noel and Ruby are making out, and she seems a little tipsy. Felicity tells David how much she liked his pictures, especially one of a little girl. He tells her the girl reminds him of Felicity because of her grace and purity. Wow, romantic.

Noel and Ruby keep making out (you’re in public, guys), but it stops when she moans his name and he moans…Felicity’s. Ruby realizes that they must have been together, and it didn’t end well. Noel promises that it’s completely over, but Ruby isn’t sure, since no one told her they dated. She’s embarrassed about talking to Felicity about Noel. Then she’s embarrassed again when Noel says he knows she talked to Felicity about him.

Ruby goes to get her jacket, telling Felicity that Noel told her about them. David’s confused. When he realizes that Felicity and Noel once dated, he thinks Noel is the guy Felicity just broke up with. Felicity says that was someone else, which makes things worse. David decides he’s not ready to trust someone again after his own recent breakup.

Noel and Felicity are left together at the bar, stunned by how quickly both their relationships just fell apart. Noel says that even though he still thinks about Felicity all the time, he really wanted things with Ruby to work out. Felicity tells him she wanted things with David to work out, too.

She wakes up coughing the next morning and tells Noel she thinks she has mono. Enjoy that little parting gift, David. Elena uses a plate to cover her mouth and immediately kicks Felicity out. Well, at least Felicity can go back to her own room now. Carl’s there, having slept with Meghan using the logic that they both had mono, so why not? Wow, okay.

Ruby comes to Noel and Elena’s to tell Noel that she likes him but thought he was leading her on last night. After eating some Ben & Jerry’s, she decided it doesn’t matter. She likes him enough to be with him without knowing all the details of his relationship with Felicity. She just wants him to be honest from now on. Yeah, I don’t think honesty is the issue here.

Ben mopes in the rain, then goes to Maggie’s catering space to present an idea: Spend the weekend out of town so they can be together without anyone knowing. But then! The phone rings, and someone tells Maggie it’s her husband calling! Ben slept with an older, married woman! Ahhhhhh!

Noel and Ruby go at it in his room, and I guess she’s not worried about him saying Felicity’s name during sex. She reveals that she used her energy from the chaos the night before in her audition, and she got the part. However, she has to leave for three weeks. Noel asks who her leading man is. Ruby reveals that it’s Tom Cruise. Now Noel’s worried about his girlfriend spending three weeks kissing Tom Cruise.

Felicity appears to be delirious, as she wants to leave her sick bed and go somewhere. “Too tired…to insult you,” Meghan replies. Felicity goes to David’s (wearing a mask, so that’s good) to tell him she wanted to see where things went with them. David decides to risk mono by kissing her. Oh, you freaking idiot.

Thoughts: I would absolutely stay at Javier and Samuel’s. I need to see what Javier’s home life is like.

It doesn’t seem like the school has done anything to curb the mono outbreak, so…enjoy 2020, guys.

I bet Julie wrote a sad song after being left out of all the action this week. Though at least she wasn’t at risk for catching mono.

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  1. Sarah said,

    “It doesn’t seem like the school has done anything to curb the mono outbreak, so…enjoy 2020, guys.”

    This made me laugh so hard. Thanks for these recaps, they’re saving my sanity.

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