August 18, 2020

ER 6.20, Loose Ends: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Parent/Child Relationships

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Can’t snark on this

Summary: Mark is getting ready to face another day of tending to David, whose health has declined a lot. He’s still stubborn, though, and thinks Mark should go back to work. David has a craving for a Bloody Mary, and though Mark says it’s not a good idea, David points out that he’s dying already, so what could it hurt? While David’s getting worse, Carter’s getting better, at least physically, and is up early to work out. Millicent is pleased that he’s getting back to his old self.

At County, Luka asks Carol if things are okay at home, since she hasn’t answered his calls recently. He gives her some flowers from his neighbor’s garden and wishes her a happy birthday. She’s surprised that he knew it was her birthday. He moves in for another kiss, but she’s not that interested, so when Connie comes to get Luka, Carol’s kind of relieved.

Carter comes in after checking out a condo in Lincoln Park, which Dave says is too yuppie-ish an area for him. Carter points out that Dave is a yuppie. Dave objects, but Chuny says Carter’s right. Dave asks Weaver if he’s a yuppie. “No, but you will be when you grow up,” Weaver replies. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! She asks for a sub for Mark’s shift that night, and Carter volunteers, since he’s the senior resident.

Weaver has a meeting about paramedic services and asks Carol for some data she was supposed to compile. Carol realizes she forgot to do it. Mark makes David breakfast, and though David isn’t hungry, he’d rather feed himself than be fed like a child. Abby and Dave treat an elderly patient, and Dave allows Abby to do her first intubation. Carter brings in some new technology that will show him and Dave exactly what Abby sees during the procedure.

Elizabeth examines a woman named Claire who vomited blood and passed out at work. Claire wants to leave, since her condition isn’t serious, but she can’t even sit up without getting dizzy. Elizabeth tells her she can leave after her IV is empty and she’s rehydrated. Outside the room, she tells Lydia that Claire has severe eating disorders and needs a psych hold.

Weaver goes looking for Carol, who’s disappeared while supposedly working on Weaver’s data. Luka figures some nurses took her to Doc Magoo’s for a birthday breakfast. Carter and Dave guide Abby through her first intubation while Dave brainstorms other uses for the camera. Abby does the procedure perfectly, and Dave says it’s easy when you have a good teacher. Abby agrees, turning to Carter, the real leader in the room.

At home, Mark accidentally breaks a container of David’s medication, then cuts his hand on the glass. David gives him medical instructions, as if Mark didn’t learn all that in medical school. He needs stitches, but he doesn’t want to leave David at home while he goes to the hospital. Benton examines a man named Mr. Fulton who needs surgery for complications following treatment he received previously. Benton learns that Luka was his previous doctor.

Elizabeth leaves County to take a suture kit to Mark’s so he doesn’t have to leave David. Lydia assures her that Claire will have to stick around for a while, since her IV is on a slow drip and won’t be empty for a couple of hours. Carol dropped the ball on the data, so Weaver had to postpone her meeting. She confronts Carol for being too busy to handle one of her responsibilities and not saying anything. Carol promises that she can handle it.

Amira delivers a birthday present to Carol – a package full of boxes of animal crackers. They’re from Doug. She explains to Amira and Chuny that Doug would always bring her animal crackers when he went to the store, and Carol would always put a box in his Christmas stocking.

Dave goes to get a new case from the front desk and learns that Carter has already taken care of some of them. Dave is about to start with a guy named Mr. Barclay, but one of his patients stops breathing, so Dave hands him off to Chen. Then Chen has to ditch Barclay for a four-year-old named Kenny who’s having seizures. Barclay thinks he’s a higher priority, because of course he does. Chen isn’t sure what’s wrong with Kenny and asks someone to get Weaver to help her.

Benton asks Luka about his treatment of Mr. Fulton and his failure to follow up to make sure Fulton was seen in a vascular clinic. Luka says he made the referral, but Benton knows that a high-risk patient who lives alone, like Fulton, might not make the appointment. Luka says he made the appointment himself.

Benton thinks Luka should have asked a nurse to call Fulton, or called himself to make sure Fulton was completing his treatment. Luka asks if Benton does that for all his patients. Benton says he does, when the patients are high-risk. Older Black men are especially high-risk, and Luka should know that. He needs to remember that there’s more to emergency medicine than “treating and streeting.” Luka tells Benton that’s not something he needs to learn.

Weaver joins Chen with Kenny, who’s been seizing for 30 minutes. It seems to be due to low blood sugar, but treatment isn’t improving it. The seizures finally stop, and Weaver tells Chen she’s not sure what’s wrong. She notices that one of Carol’s patients’ IV bags is empty and sends her to change it. Carol grumbles about it, and Weaver asks if something’s bothering her. Carol tells Weaver to come right out and say something if she has a problem. Carol complains that she has a heavy patient load and two children in daycare – she doesn’t need Weaver bugging her on top of that. Weaver tells her to just do her job.

Paramedics bring in a man who fell while crossing some El tracks. Barclay still wants his simple wound check, which he’s been waiting hours for. Dude, you’re going to have to almost get hit by a train like this guy to be a priority. Sit down. Carter and Dave work together again, Dave moving quickly while Carter is calm and methodical. Doris the paramedic announces that Barclay stole her ambulance.

Elizabeth stitches up Mark, who compliments her work. (Well, she’s a surgeon. She’d better be good at this.) David invites her to stay a little while and have tea with him. Luka joins Carter and Dave, who think their patient has internal bleeding and can’t agree on which part of his body they should be more worried about. Luka sides with Carter, who manages to stabilize the patient.

Chen tells Weaver that her research has helped her diagnose Kenny with a rare metabolic disorder called MCAD. Weaver apologizes to Carol for being so hard on her, but Carol agrees that she needs to be more on top of things. Weaver offers her any help she might need, saying she knows Carol pretty well after working with her for five years. Carol admits that she hates her life. She loves her job and the girls, but she hates that she ended up a single mother. Weaver offers to let her take some extra personal days whenever she needs them.

Chen tells Kenny’s parents about his genetic disorder, which Chicago hospitals don’t test for when babies are born. If they’d known that Kenny had MCAD when he was born, they would have known to give him sugar water when he got sick, which would have prevented his seizures. Carter accepts a call from an ambulance stating that the driver is bringing in some patients. The driver is Barclay, who was flagged down by some people with food poisoning while he was on his way to Mercy for treatment. Doris tells him not to let the patients throw up on the floor, since she just cleaned it.

Before Elizabeth goes back to County, David wants to give her a string of pearls he once gave Ruth. Elizabeth doesn’t feel right accepting the necklace, but David insists. He tells Mark to help her put them on. Back at County, Chen tells Romano that they need to screen babies for rare metabolic disorders. Romano notes that that would mean spending millions of dollars on tests that only diagnose a few kids. Chen tells him to go ahead and explain to Kenny’s parents why they can’t allocate resources for tests that could have saved their child.

Barclay arrives with the sick patients, and Doris takes him away to treat him/beat him up. In another ambulance, a man and his six-year-old daughter come in after a car accident. Dave takes the daughter, Shelly, while Carter and Abby take the father. Elizabeth returns and learns that Deraad won’t put Claire on a psych hold. She may have eating disorders, but she’s capable of making her own decisions, which basically means she has the right to continue harming herself. She’ll only get psych treatment if she requests it.

David seems a little confused while Mark is bathing him, asking where Elizabeth is and whether Mark has to go to work. He likes the smell of the soap Mark is using, the same Ivory that Ruth used to use. Mark remembers smelling it on her when she kissed him goodnight. David says he was the one who bathed Mark when he was a baby. He tells Mark he’s a good doctor. The day he became one was the proudest day of David’s life. He gets emotional and tells Mark he loves him. Mark says it back to him.

Shelly isn’t badly injured, but Cleo joins Dave to finish her examination. Shelly objects to having her pants removed, and Dave sees blood in them. He thinks she has an injury from the accident, but Cleo doesn’t find anything. Dave realizes what’s going on and gently asks Shelly some age-appropriate questions about whether anyone has touched her inappropriately. Guess what? Shelly’s dad is a child molester! Congratulations on scarring your child for live, Shelly’s dad!

Dave goes straight to the trauma room next door and attacks Shelly’s father, accusing him of molesting Shelly. Carter kicks him out and tells him to follow the proper procedures for an investigation. Dave insists on assisting Cleo in continuing Shelly’s examination.

Carol helps Luka with a patient as he asks if she has plans for her birthday. She doesn’t, so he offers to cook her dinner. Kenny’s mother tells Chen that he may have permanent brain damage. She’s brought in her daughter, Emma, and wants Chen to give her the test Kenny should have been given as a baby.

Elizabeth thinks Claire’s mother can talk her into staying in the hospital for treatment, so she’s broken confidentiality to get her to the hospital. Claire’s mother is shocked to see how unhealthy her daughter has gotten. Meanwhile, Dave reads Green Eggs and Ham with Shelly to distract her while Cleo does her examination.

Mark wakes up from a nap on his couch to discover that David has passed away. He straightens his father’s nightshirt a little, then kisses him goodbye. Luka and Carter take care of a patient who’s having a heart attack, and Carter determines that he needs a procedure they don’t usually do in the ER. Luka has already left to tend to someone else, and Haleh won’t assist Carter, so he says he’ll do it himself. Haleh tells him she’s getting Luka.

Weaver tells Elizabeth that David died, and Mark will call her when the people from the funeral home leave. Elizabeth doesn’t have much time to react before she has to go to Claire’s room to try to convince her to stay in the hospital. Claire refuses, so Elizabeth lets her go. She realizes she went too far in trying to help Claire and needs to back off. If Claire doesn’t care enough to try to stay alive, Elizabeth won’t care, either.

Carter finishes the procedure he wasn’t supposed to do, telling Luka that the patient would have died if they’d sent him up to cardiology, as Luka had ordered. Luka reminds Carter that they’re supposed to work together, so he should have told Luka what he was doing. Weaver finds Dave stitching up Shelly’s father without enough painkillers and orders him to do it properly. Dave tells her to go ahead and take over.

Chen pages Romano to consult on Kenny’s case (and also meet his mother and sister in hopes of guilting him into changing his mind about offering genetic tests at birth). Chen is starting a petition about getting the tests instated at County. Romano can’t refuse while Kenny’s mother is right there, so he signs the petition. Nice work, Chen. Weaver reminds Carter that he’s still a resident and isn’t allowed to do procedures like the one he did in the ER without an attending present. Carter offers Dave a big trauma coming in, but Dave has seen enough for the day.

Luka finds Carol moping on the roof and tries to start a conversation about where things might be going with them. She tells him it’s not going to work out, literally saying, “It’s not you, it’s me.” Elizabeth goes to Mark’s place, where he’s trying to hold it together to finish some paperwork and call people to tell them David died. When David moved to Chicago, Mark promised not to sell his house in San Diego, but now there’s no point in keeping it. He breaks down in tears and Elizabeth holds him.

Thoughts: At this point in the original run, it was common knowledge that Julianna Margulies was leaving the show, and it was pretty obvious that Carol would go off to be with Doug. It was hard not to feel sorry for Luka, but then again, I always liked Doug and Carol together, so it was exciting to think they might get a happy ending.

Speaking of Carol and Doug, their traditions with the animal crackers are really cute. He’s more romantic than we’ve gotten to see.

Dave should have had Randi beat up Shelly’s father. Maybe Doris, too – she could have used an outlet for her anger at Barclay.

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