August 22, 2020

Felicity 2.11, Help for the Lovelorn: Hearts of Glass

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Felicity’s outfit is kind of cute, and her hair looks a lot better in this episode

Summary: To let us know that this episode is different from all the others – in a twilight-y kind of zone, if you will – we’re in black and white. Though we would know something’s different without that, since Meghan’s hair is styled like a ’50s housewife again and she’s wearing a very un-Meghan-like nightgown. She’s also opening her box and willingly making conversation with Felicity. Felicity, also dressed in ’50s-ish clothes, asks what’s in the box, and Meghan says she’ll find out soon enough.

At a diner that appears to be standing in for Dean & DeLuca, Noel and Felicity talk about how both have strange feelings today. Noel thinks his is because he’s realized he only has three semesters left before he graduates. Time is moving quickly, and college will be over soon. Then what will they do? He asks Felicity about her weird feeling, but she says it’s probably nothing. She watches as Noel sits down to study, and Ben cleans around him.

A woman approaches Felicity at the counter and remarks that she must be lovesick over Noel. Felicity confides that Ben and Noel are both her exes. The woman says she can give her “help for the lovelorn.” She offers Felicity a card for a place called the Clinic. She owes it to herself to call, since she’s “romantically frustrated.” They’ll give her a treatment. “For the incurable romantic, the Clinic is the cure,” she tells Felicity. Felicity puts the card away, not wanting to use it, but after another glance at her guys, she makes a call. The narrator, who is Sally instead of Rod Serling, tells us it will change her life forever.

After credits redone in the style of The Twilight Zone, Felicity waits impatiently in the waiting room of the Clinic. A nurse named Janice takes her to an exam room and asks her questions about previous surgical procedures and how long she’s been experiencing heartache. Felicity says it’s been a little over a year, since she came to New York. She put too much importance on romance and sex, and now love matters to her. She’s sick of caring so much about wanting a soulmate. She wants that feeling to go away.

Janice asks Felicity to sign a form, though Felicity still doesn’t know what kind of treatment she’ll be receiving. She figures it’s a form of therapy, though I don’t think they ask you about previous surgical procedures when you go to see a therapist. Janice leaves, and Felicity starts looking around the room, which contains a case of knives.

The doctor comes in and gives her a physical exam. Felicity says she’s just there for a consultation, but he tells her not everyone who comes in qualifies for treatment. He offers her a cup of water, drinking some himself. He tells Felicity they need to run some tests. There are treatments for every kind of physical affliction; why can’t there also be a treatment for the brokenhearted? When the doctor starts to draw some blood, Felicity decides she’s had enough and leaves. The doctor tells her there’s no need to be afraid. Felicity replies that she never said she was afraid.

Back in her room, Felicity opens a package. Inside is a heart-shaped dish, like a candy dish, with a note from the Clinic inside. Janice calls and leaves a message on the answering machine asking Felicity to schedule a second visit. Felicity picks up and tells her she’s not interested in the treatment. Janice coolly says that she understands, then hangs up.

At the library, Felicity tells Elena about her experience, wondering when the Clinic could have sent the glass heart, since she only went in yesterday. Felicity asks Elena not to tell anyone about the visit, since it makes her sound desperate. Elena notes that she is desperate. Felicity jokes that the Clinic seems like a place for vampires, since they tried to draw her blood. Weird things seem to happen there.

Elena starts to tell Felicity about a time when she was walking by a church and someone offered her a happiness test. Felicity spots a man outside the library and stops Elena, saying the man is looking at her. Elena asks if he’s cute. Priorities, Elena! Felicity says he looks dead. He also looks insistent that Felicity talk to him. When Elena turns around, she doesn’t see anyone. She asks Felicity if she took anything at the clinic. Felicity says she didn’t take anything, then remembers drinking water.

Felicity goes looking for the man in the stacks. He tells her she needs to find a way out so what happened to him doesn’t happen to her. He warns her to “stay away from the snow.” Felicity tells him she turned down the procedure at the Clinic, but he tells her the procedure is already underway. Then he disappears.

At the diner, Elena tries to puzzle out what happened and what the man meant about snow. She opens a newspaper, which carries the headline “RUSSIA FIRES ROCKET TOWARD MOON,” to see when it’s going to snow next. The woman who gave Felicity the card from the Clinic returns and asks Felicity how things went. She already knows that Felicity left her appointment. She relays a message from the Clinic telling Felicity to go back, then gives her another card. Felicity calls the Clinic and threatens to report them for harassment. Janice says she’ll take care of things.

That night, Felicity has trouble sleeping. He hears a man’s voice whispering her name. She thinks it’s coming from her tape recorder, which is on, but there’s no tape inside. “Open 67,” the voice tells her. (If he’d said 47, <i>Alias </i>fans watching this in reruns would have freaked out.) Meghan wakes up and asks Felicity if she’s ever going to stop making her stupid tapes.

Julie finds Felicity in the library and invites her to talk. Felicity knows that Julie will think she’s crazy, so she doesn’t want to tell her what’s going on. But Julie already knows – the Clinic called her to get her to convince Felicity to go back. Felicity tells her that weird stuff is happening, like the message from the recorder. Julie thinks she’s just experiencing stress from all her emotional turmoil.

She continues that she went to the Clinic herself over the summer and had the procedure. That was the only way she could get over Ben and forgive Felicity. The Clinic may seem cult-like, but anything that works well will have its fanatics. Felicity asks about the treatment, but Julie can’t give her details, since she signed a non-disclosure agreement. Only the Clinic can tell her what she wants to know.

Felicity goes to a new job in what looks like a biology lab, though there are also tables like you’d find in a morgue, where bodies are examined. Or maybe they’re more like morgue drawers, just not in a wall where you can pull them out. Anyway, a guy working there offers to let her see a dead body. Felicity decides this isn’t a good time. (Is there ever a good time to see a dead body?) The guy thinks she’s in for a spooky experience, working alone in a creepy place.

Felicity does her work, doing her best not to let the dead bodies get to her. Then she realizes that one of the drawers is labeled 67. She tries to go back to her cleaning, but she sees a man’s reflection in a mirror. She looks around, but there’s no one else in the room. She slowly approaches drawer 67 opens it, then closes it again when she sees there’s just a normal dead body inside. Before she can get it closed, the body moves and says her name.

The body tells Felicity that if she wants to see what the Clinic does to people, she should unzip his body bag. She does – and inside is the man who warned her away from the Clinic. He has a half-moon of stitches in his chest from where his broken heart was ripped out. He warns that that’s what the Clinic is going to do to her.

For some reason, Felicity goes back to the Clinic instead of moving to another country and changing her name. She asks Janice what was in the water she drank, then demands to know what the doctor did to her. The doctor tells her she needs help. There was nothing in the water. After all, she watched him drink it, too. Felicity says that must be part of the scheme. The doctor tells her she sounds crazy.

Felicity tells him about her experience with the dead guy and her newfound knowledge that the Clinic removes people’s hearts. The doctor asks what the hearts are replaced with. She guesses they must put in computers or some other object that doesn’t have emotions. She pulls out the glass heart, which was postmarked the day before she ever heard of the Clinic. How did they know to send it? How did they even know where she lived?

The doctor asks how Felicity knows she’s not imagining things, even the glass heart. “How do you know where truth ends and fantasy begins?” he says. Felicity knows the heart is real because she can feel it, just like she can feel pain in her arm. As Janice approaches with a huge needle, the doctor tells Felicity that she should let them treat her arm. Felicity orders the doctor and Janice to stay away from her arm and her heart. The doctor tries to convince Felicity to stay, but she throws the heart against the wall and runs off.

She ends up at Noel’s place, wondering if she’s losing her mind. Maybe she never saw the man in the library, and he never told her about snow. Maybe Julie’s right about stress – though maybe Felicity didn’t talk to her about this at all. Noel doesn’t think Felicity’s crazy; there has to be an explanation for everything. Felicity says she was desperate to heal her heart, and now she feels stupid.

Noel tells her that everyone’s different and has different weakness. For some it’s alcohol or drugs. For Felicity, it’s love. Felicity says everything she’s been through has felt real. Noel tells her they must have been real, then. He always believes her. Now they need to figure out what to do next. Felicity wants to go to the police, even if it turns out she’s imagining everything. She’d rather look foolish than let anyone else go through what she’s going through.

Noel offers to go to the police station with Felicity, then goes into the bathroom to wash up and change his clothes. He asks Felicity what else the man said in the library. Felicity says he was just scared. As Noel asks more questions about the man, Felicity spots something familiar in the living room: a glass heart. She takes it to the bathroom, where a shirtless Noel turns toward the mirror, allowing Felicity to see his half-moon scar from where his heart was removed.

He explains that Julie told him about the clinic a few weeks ago. The only way they’ll all survive this whole mess – everyone in love with and/or sleeping with each other – is to have their hearts removed. Felicity says they’re just looking for love. He tells her it’s not worth it. Felicity didn’t want to have heartache ever again, and the Clinic can help her with that, so why not have her heart removed?

Felicity says she doesn’t want that anymore, if getting rid of heartache means not feeling anything. She’ll take the pain if it means she also gets the happy parts of love. Noel tells her to take a deep breath…because that’s how anesthesia works. Felicity’s really on a table in the Clinic, having her heart removed.

She wakes up post-procedure, and the doctor tells her she must have had an interesting dream because she talked in her sleep. Felicity tells him that she dreamed that the doctor removes hearts. But that’s crazy! For the first time, Felicity learns the doctor’s name: Snow. The procedure was a success, and Felicity no longer has a heart.

Felicity ends up in a bare room. Noel comes in and she blasts him for not telling her the truth about the Clinic. Noel says he doesn’t know what she’s talking about. She demands to see his chest, which is normal – no scar. Felicity laughs with relief, saying it must have been a dream. Noel says it’s not over, since he has no idea how they got to the room or how to get out. He asks Felicity how she got there, but she just remembers waking up there. Somehow, there are no windows or doors.

Ben joins them, followed by Julie. They tell Felicity they’ve been there for months. Felicity says that’s impossible; they just got back to New York after Christmas break. Elena is also there, and says it was just the four of them in there until Felicity arrived. Felicity says there must be a rational explanation, but Ben says normal logic won’t work there.

Noel anticipates Felicity’s next question: How are they getting food? He says they’re not. Felicity thinks she’s still dreaming, but Julie notes that they couldn’t all be having the same dream. Everyone tells Felicity that there’s no point in trying to solve the puzzle of how they got there and how they can get out. Julie remarks that Felicity could be the one to crack the code. Noel tells her he’s sick of her optimism. Elena defends her, saying hope isn’t a bad thing to have.

Felicity wonders if they’re all dead and in Hell. Julie doesn’t see how it could be Hell if there are cute guys there. They all come up with crazy explanations; maybe they were abducted by aliens, or they drank spiked punch at a party. Elena suggests that they were never really people to begin with. Felicity says that of course they are.

Noel asks what they really know about each other. Julie doesn’t remember what her parents look like. Noel notes that he’s been in college for three years and has pretty much no friends. (Hey, good point!) Elena says they can’t remember anything before getting to college. Noel says Felicity will soon join the rest of them in questioning who they all are. Felicity wonders if their normal life from before was really the dream, and this is what’s real.

She pounds on the walls, trying to find a way out. Julie wishes she had her guitar. “Thank God you don’t have your guitar,” Noel replies. They all wonder how they’ll get to accomplish their goals while they’re stuck there, going nowhere. They don’t know what’s outside the walls of the room, but Elena says it has to be better than what’s in there.

Felicity thinks they can climb on each other’s shoulders and get over the walls. She offers to find a way out and come back for the others. Teamwork makes the dream work, and Felicity gets to the top of a wall. The others fall down and yell up to Felicity, asking what’s out there. She doesn’t respond…because she’s just a doll. A doll Meghan’s playing with, along with four other dolls, which she keeps inside her mystery box. Sally tells us the box is more than just a box. It’s a gray area where you continuously question who you are and who you’ll become. It’s a box…called college. Oh, come on!

Thoughts: Do you think there’s a lot of overlap between Twilight Zone fans and Felicity fans? Do you think a lot of viewers were excited to see this episode? I doubt it.

Elena’s story about the happiness test makes me think she was being recruited by Scientology.

For the rest of the series, whenever something ridiculous happens, I’ll just tell myself it’s Meghan’s doing.

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