August 29, 2020

Felicity 2.12, The Slump: Why Are You Here?

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Exactly the sort of person I want to pour my heart out to

Summary: Felicity starts out a new tape to Sally with the words “I’m in trouble.” She goes to see John, but he’s on indefinite leave and has been replaced by a professor named Toni Pavone, who thinks it’s okay to smoke in the office. Pavone is familiar with Felicity’s circumstances and says, “You’re in trouble.” She’s been sent to counseling over the pool break-in. Felicity acknowledges that it was stupid and immature. She worries that she and Ben will be expelled.

Pavone tells her about a frat stunt from years ago that left a guy in a coma after he jumped in the pool drunk. It cost the college a lot of money, so now they have strict policies about this sort of thing. Since Felicity was caught drinking, she’ll have to undergo alcohol treatment counseling. Ben arrives late and Pavone tells him, “You’re in trouble.” Yeah, show, I think we get it.

Felicity continues her tape, telling Sally that she got off easy, at least in terms of her parents’ split. It’s a good time for it. If they’d divorced years ago, Felicity would have obsessed over it. Now that she’s out of the house, it doesn’t affect her as much. Her life hasn’t changed much. Yeah, she’s totally fine! She’s definitely not thinking about her parents while she’s out with her friends or working at Dean & DeLuca.

Ben complains to Felicity about having to go to counseling. He thinks it’s optional, so he’s not doing it. In fact, he’s thinking of leaving school. Edward comes by and he and Felicity mention that Barbara is arriving in New York that evening. Noel is doing much better in his TA position, and Ruby praises him after class. He chastises her for writing, “Hi, Noel” on what was supposed to be an anonymously graded paper. Now he won’t be able to stay partial. Ruby gets mad and storms off. What is up with this girl?

At her next session with Pavone, Felicity says it might be a waste of time. She doesn’t normally drink. Pavone asks why she did the night of the pool break-in. Felicity has already explained that she was just trying to blow off steam. Pavone asks where that steam came from. Felicity reveals that she’d just found out her parents were separating. She claims it’s not a big deal, since it happens to a lot of people. Everything will be fine. Tonight the three Porters are all having dinner together, and Felicity insists it’ll go great.

She gets that she’s facing consequences for her actions, but since she doesn’t normally do things like break into a pool, she shouldn’t have to face THIS consequence. Pavone shows Felicity her diploma from Yale and says she’s a professional therapist and knows what she’s doing. Felicity can come back when she’s ready to talk.

Edward and Barbara are already at the restaurant when Felicity arrives for dinner. She voices over that she never caught them having sex (now THERE would be something to talk about in therapy), but this feels similar – she’s getting a glimpse of their intimate life. Hon, they’re just sitting next to each other and not talking. That’s not intimate. She admits that she doesn’t want to think about what’s happening to the family.

The three of them make small talk about a spa and a special dinner the family has been invited to for Edward’s job. Felicity confirms that Barbara will be attending. Suddenly things get to be too much for Felicity, and she starts crying. Edward admits that he told her about the divorce, even though he and Barbara had planned to tell her together. The two of them bicker as Felicity tries to stop crying.

Guess who’s ready to start talking to Pavone? Hint: It’s not Ben. Felicity tells Pavone that she doesn’t know who she is anymore or how she got here or what she’s doing. She’s been in relationships she doesn’t understand. She “dropped pre-med like it was some kind of victory” and can’t remember why it felt like that. Also, she hates her haircut. Yay! We agree on something!

Felicity says she didn’t realize how much she depends on her parents being there, even when “there” is 3,000 miles away. She thinks it’s partly because she’s an only child. Pavone asks if she said any of this to her parents. Felicity just let them talk. They told her the separation for the best, but Felicity feels responsible. Her decision to come to New York and push them away disrupted things. If she hadn’t been so selfish, Barbara and Edward would still be together.

Pavone asks what was so selfish about coming to New York. Felicity admits that she followed Ben there, then tried to convince herself that it was for her. Her parents were in New York for Thanksgiving and looked happy. Everything was fine at Christmas. Why are they breaking up? Pavone reminds her that she said it was because of her.

After her session, Felicity finds Ben playing basketball by himself somewhere in the city. She tells him that if he doesn’t go see Pavone, he’ll get expelled. Ben has been looking into traveling to Prague, because that would definitely be a better option than just sucking it up and going to therapy. Felicity jokes that she’ll go with him, but Ben says she should. They could drop out together! Ben, sweetie, no.

Noel apologizes to Ruby, even though…he didn’t do anything wrong. He gushes over her paper and apologizes for acting like she was capable of writing what she wrote. She heads off to class instead of addressing the situation. While studying with Felicity and Julie, Elena mentions that she likes her new lab partner, Tracy. She doesn’t want to know if he’s single because if he is, she won’t be able to stop herself from obsessing over him.

Edward stops by, so Julie and Elena head out to give him and Felicity privacy. He tells her that the dean wants him to do a guest lecture at the medical school. He also learned about the pool break-in and Felicity’s counseling. He asks for more details about her potential punishment, but she says she doesn’t know anything.

Edward announces that Barbara isn’t coming to the dinner the hospital is putting on to honor him. He thinks Felicity should skip it, too, and spend time with Barbara, since she’s only in town for a few days. But when Felicity goes to a spa with Barbara, Barbara tells her to go to her father’s dinner. She thinks Edward’s downplaying it so Felicity won’t feel bad about skipping it. If Felicity doesn’t go, Edward will complain to Barbara about it. Felicity tells Barbara she’s sorry for everything.

Pavone would like to know why Felicity apologized. Isn’t she mad that her parents are splitting up? Felicity says she’s just tense. Not everyone gets angry. Pavone agrees – many people who are “repressed and out of touch” say they’re tense instead of admitting their true feelings. She’d like to know who Felicity really is. Her politeness is just an act. Felicity says she’s sorry but this is just who she is. Pavone replies that, first, she’s not sorry, and second, Felicity already said she doesn’t know who she is. She fully admitted not knowing why she came to New York. Pavone doesn’t believe it was just to follow Ben.

Felicity should be angry. She’s been her parents’ “centerpiece” her whole life, but they didn’t tell her about the separation while she was home. Then Edward told her, didn’t tell Barbara he’d done so, and let Felicity bear the burden of knowing something she wasn’t supposed to. Now they’re putting her in the middle of their awful game, Martyrball, and telling her to spend time with each other. How can Felicity not be angry?

Felicity doesn’t respond, so Pavone asks her how it feels to be the good little girl all the time. It’s annoying to watch. She keeps denying what she’s going through. Felicity finally admits that she’s angry. Her mom is leaving and she doesn’t understand why. Edward’s moving to New York, and Felicity doesn’t want him there. She doesn’t like the position her parents have put her in. Pavone is pleased that she’s finally expressing her feelings.

At Dean & DeLuca, Ben tells Felicity he’s planned a European trip for them. She likes the idea of just running off to Vienna or wherever, but she doesn’t think it’s realistic. Traveling together would be awkward. Ben asks if she’s happy in New York. If not, why not leave? They could get tickets today and be in Europe in two days. Felicity tells Ben that her parents are splitting up. Thinking about a trip to Europe is the only fun thing she’s gotten to experience recently. But she’s not going to actually go.

Tracy is over at Elena and Noel’s apartment, so Noel has two people to talk to about his relationship issues. He wants to be the kind of guy who doesn’t care when his girlfriend is upset about something. That’s just called being a jerk, Noel. Instead, he’s caring too much about how Ruby’s been acting. Tracy asks if Noel apologized. Noel did, so Tracy advises him to say that he wants to do whatever it takes to fix things. At least, that’s what Tracy would say if he had a girlfriend. Which he doesn’t. Well, there’s the answer to a question Elena didn’t want answered.

Felicity goes to dinner with Barbara, who invites her to ask any questions she has. Barbara is just trying to figure out who she is, and she doesn’t feel like she can do that while married to Edward. Felicity thinks they’re just dealing with the normal difficulties anyone has in a relationship. Instead of working through them, Barbara’s breaking up the family.

Barbara says that Felicity doesn’t understand. She’s always been in Edward’s shadow. Felicity asks why they got married in the first place, especially since she left college to do it. Barbara can’t answer that. Felicity asks if she was pregnant. Barbara pauses for a long time, then says there were a lot of reasons she and Edward got married.

Ben is playing basketball again, and when Felicity comes to the court, she tells him she’s ready to drop out. Meanwhile, Noel is putting Tracy’s advice into action, but Ruby is still acting weird. Finally, she explains why: She’s late. Noel handles this calmly, repeating Tracy’s words that no matter what, they’ll be okay.

Felicity shares her travel plans with Pavone, who wonders why she and Ben chose Vienna as their destination. Also, why did Felicity come to the session if she’s dropping out of school? Felicity says she wanted to thank Pavone in person. Pavone wonders if Felicity wants to be talked out of her decision. Felicity insists that she doesn’t.

Pavone tries to get her to talk about her parents. Felicity says she hasn’t felt this bad about things since she went to ballet camp when she was ten. She hated it so much that she came home a day early. She found out that Barbara had been sleeping in the guest room. Felicity’s parents were embarrassed that she found out, and everyone was uncomfortable. Felicity told them she loved camp just to make things better, then went back the next four summers.

Pavone remarks that it’s a hard job to keep everyone happy. Felicity says that might be why she came to New York. Pavone replies that it makes sense that she would want a break from her parents. She asks again why Felicity and Ben chose Vienna. Felicity still doesn’t know, but she feels lost where she is. Pavone tells her that she can be lost anywhere.

Barbara and Edward come by Felicity’s room, having heard about her trip from Meghan. Felicity tells them she thought about it, but she’s not going. Barbara says that she and Edward both wish things didn’t have to be so hard, but they both love Felicity. She hugs Felicity goodbye before heading back to California.

Felicity goes back to the basketball court yet again and tells Ben she’s not going on the trip. He’s not surprised to hear it. In fact, he never bought her a ticket – he knew she wasn’t serious about it. He’s not going, either, if she’s not coming, even if it means he has to see Pavone. But maybe Ben and Felicity can go to Europe this summer. They play basketball together, and then Ben shows Felicity his bed on the court, because seriously, is he living there now?

Thoughts: Pavone is played by Amy Aquino. Tracy is played by Donald Faison, which means that when Scott Foley, Amy Smart, and Keri Russell did guest stints on Scrubs, they were having mini-Felicity reunions.

Yeah, Ben, school-ordered therapy is totally optional. Dude, you need it more than anyone on this show.

Leaving aside the possible pregnancy, Ruby can’t be worth all this drama. She barely has a personality.

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  1. Deja said,

    Donald Faison’s a babe but as Tracy he’s a MEGA BABE. *swoon*

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