September 5, 2020

Felicity 2.13, Truth or Consequences: Help Not Wanted

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A watched pregnancy test never boils

Summary: Ruby is about to take a pregnancy test and find out if Noel knocked her up. According to him, blue means no and pink is “not no.” Ruby tries to convince herself that she’s just late because of stress. He tells her they don’t need to take the test right now if she doesn’t want to. She thinks her period is about to start anyway. They’ll hold on to the test and use it later if necessary. Because, as everyone knows, if you don’t take a pregnancy test, you’re not actually pregnant.

Felicity and Ben meet with Pavone, who tells them they’re lucky. They each have to complete 50 hours of community service before the end of the semester. Ben protests, arguing that no one got hurt when they broke into the pool. Felicity is more willing to take the punishment, but Ben keeps whining. Pavone tells him she came up with the 50-hour requirement and she can always raise that if she feels like it.

At the loft, Sean catches Julie practicing meeting the head of Erik’s label, Pop Rocks. Sean invites her to practice on him instead. He doesn’t seem impressed. Ben and Felicity run into each other downtown as she’s on her way to meet Edward for dinner. She asks if Ben had a hard time seeing his parents after they split up. He says it was strange seeing them as separate people. Felicity and Ben have both chosen to do their community service at the health center, though she can’t imagine him working there. He’s actually excited about it and thinks he’ll do a good job.

Ruby still hasn’t gotten her period, so she decides it’s time to take the test. She can’t believe they get the results in just two minutes – it’s so little time to give them such important information. They urge it to turn out blue, thinking blue thoughts. They watch as the stick changes color…but it’s pink, not blue.

Ben and Felicity’s volunteering is off to a great start when their boss, Greg Stenson, tells them he doesn’t like that people serve their community service there. He doesn’t seem to believe them when they say they really want to help. He assigns them to answer phones, but Ben says he has experience using Excel and offers to do data entry instead.

Ruby is now debating whether or not to have the baby. Noel asks if they should leave school and get married. Ruby tells him he doesn’t need to do anything. He points out that she’s only 18; what kind of job can she get (without a college degree) that will pay enough to support a child on her own? Ruby just replies that she doesn’t want to be pregnant.

A guy named Lloyd comes to the health center to report that he had a nosebleed this morning and thinks he’s a hemophiliac. Greg reminds him that he’s not a student, so he can’t use the health center. He tells Felicity he likes attention and once came in with what he said was a shark bite.

Greg complains that Felicity isn’t doing things fast enough, like all the others who do community service there. Felicity tells him she’s not an idiot and doesn’t need to be grouped with the other community service servers. She checks in on Ben, who doesn’t actually know how to use Excel and is just messing around on a computer instead. He doesn’t care if he gets in trouble since he’s already there because he’s in trouble.

The Pop Rocks guy, Larry, tells Julie that her music is “nice,” but he doesn’t think they can do anything with that. Erik insists that she’s worth the effort (and money), and he thinks her music will touch people. Just this once, Larry should bet against his instincts and give her a chance. Larry gives in but tells Erik that if it goes badly, it’s all on him. There are no promises that Julie will be successful, but at least she gets to make a record.

Noel and Ruby come to the health center and talk with Greg, who’s a lot gentler with patients than he is with the volunteers. He tells Ruby that he knows this is scary, but lots of people go through it and she’ll be fine. Ruby asks if the abortion will hurt. Greg is honest with her, but still reassuring. He thinks making the decision and being sure about it is harder than undergoing the procedure itself. Ben spots Noel and Ruby as they’re leaving, and when Greg gives him Ruby’s paperwork, Ben learns why they’re there.

The next day, Greg tells Felicity that when Ben comes in, Greg needs to yell at him for not doing any work. He thinks Felicity really does want to help, but Ben is just doing his time. Greg doesn’t have a choice about accepting volunteers through community service, but Felicity can tell him to find a different place to serve. Felicity says she won’t do that, since Ben is her friend. If Greg has a problem with him, he can say it himself.

Ben meets Noel at Epstein Bar to tell him he knows Ruby is pregnant and going to have an abortion. If Noel wants to talk, Ben is there to listen – he’s been in Noel’s position. He got a high school girlfriend pregnant?? I bet Felicity doesn’t know that. Noel tells him angrily that what’s going on with him and Ruby is their business, not Ben’s. Erik takes Julie home after a label party and they start drunkenly kissing. They get horizontal, but Julie tries to put on the brakes before they get naked. Erik doesn’t listen, and Julie starts getting panicked. She calls him Zach and pushes him off. He leaves angrily as she cries.

Also crying: Ruby, who Felicity runs into in the dorm bathroom. Ruby confides that she’s pregnant and asks if Felicity’s ever been in that situation or known someone who was. Felicity, thinking of her mother (who confessed in the last episode that she married Edward because she was pregnant), says she knew someone who got pregnant at 19. She stayed with the father, but they recently split up. Ruby wonders if she’s doing the right thing. Felicity says that Ruby’s opinion is the only one that matters, since it’s her decision.

At the health center the next day, Felicity tells Ben that Greg’s mad at him for slacking. Thanks to some help from Sean, Ben thinks he can handle Excel, but Felicity tells him that Greg doesn’t want him there. She encourages him to prove to Greg that he should be there. Ben refuses – he’ll just find another service place. He doesn’t want to help anyone, and when he tries to, he fails.

It’s almost time for Ruby’s appointment, and Noel’s struggling to find something supportive to say. She tells him he doesn’t need to say anything. On the way to the health center, they pass a woman with a baby. Later, Felicity is about to approach Noel in the waiting room when Ruby comes in crying. She says she can’t go through with it.

Felicity brings up the situation in a session with Pavone. She calls Noel her friend and Ruby her advisee instead of mentioning that they’re her ex and his new girlfriend. She wanted to help Noel, but she didn’t know what to say to him. Then she mentions that they used to go out. When she looked at him, she saw her father and imagined him in this position when Barbara got pregnant in college. Maybe they made the wrong decision. Pavone notes that there are always tons of possibilities, and you can only choose one path to follow. Felicity should talk to Noel about his life and feelings without bringing her own baggage into it.

Noel tries to go about his normal life, teaching his class while pretending it’s not a big deal that Ruby skipped it. Felicity comes by and invites him to open up about his feelings. He hasn’t seen Ruby since she left the health center, and he doesn’t know what she’s thinking. Felicity apologizes for not coming to talk to him earlier. Noel admits that he’s scared. If Ruby wants to keep the baby, Noel knows he won’t able to handle it. Ruby will be fine, but Noel isn’t strong enough. Felicity disagrees – if Ruby’s strong, it’s because Noel is with her. He’s more capable than he knows, and he’s helped Felicity more than he thinks.

Ben has a session with Pavone and tells her he’s leaving the health center. He doesn’t know where he’ll do his service instead. Pavone asks his opinion on the music she’s playing, by Pachelbel. He says it’s elevator music and he doesn’t like it. She gives him the CD and tells him to listen to it a few times. Pavone tells him to figure out where he wants to do his service hours and not just follow Felicity around. Ben needs to get past the loss of the swim program and refocus his energy. His grades aren’t bad, but they’re average, and she doesn’t think Ben himself is average. Everyone has to figure out who they are at some point.

Erik is done with Julie, and I really hope she signed a contract because if he terminates it, she can sue him. Sean tries to get her to open up to him, but she says it just didn’t work out. He guesses that Erik made a move on her, as Sean predicted he would. Julie blames herself; she let him kiss her because he’d been so patient and helpful. Didn’t she owe him after everything he’d done for her? Sean says that if he did this to get close to Julie, he’s a fraud. If it was about her music, she doesn’t owe him anything.

Ben goes by Felicity’s room, and after Meghan gets five seconds of screen time, the other two go outside to talk. He admits that he volunteered at the health center because Felicity wanted to work there. He sees things in her that he wishes he had himself. Felicity admits that she doesn’t know what she wants, but Ben likes that she cares about things. Now he needs to find something he cares about. Felicity tells him that it was nice of him to try to help Noel, even though Noel didn’t want his help. Ben asks her if she likes Pachelbel – now Ben thinks he’s good.

At his apartment, Noel tells Ruby his father’s theory about three-year cycles. Every three years go by like a roller coaster, and then you dip and come up. Ruby says she’s been trying to figure out what she wants since she was 15. That’s part of the reason she did the movie. Now she thinks her purpose is to have the baby. Noel doesn’t respond, but I’m pretty confident he doesn’t feel like that’s his purpose.

Thoughts: Between classes and schoolwork, her job, her RA responsibilities, therapy, and now community service, how does Felicity have time for a life?

Greg’s hair is huge. Do you think it’s full of secrets?

I guess health center volunteers don’t learn about confidentiality?

Guys, Excel isn’t that hard. Read the Help section if you don’t understand something.

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