September 12, 2020

Felicity 2.14, True Colors: I Might Regret This

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Plot twist in 3…2…1…

Summary: Felicity and Ben are both working a shift at Dean & DeLuca, and she’s in a bad mood. She complains about Greg, so Ben tells her to do her community service somewhere else. Felicity says that’s just what he wants. She asks where Ben’s doing his service, but he hasn’t found a new place yet – he’s avoiding it as long as he can. Pavone is bugging him about it and is making him take a philosophy class.

Ruby makes a prenatal appointment while Noel silently tries to figure out if he can pack up all his things and flee the country before she notices he’s gone. She knows he doesn’t want to go to the appointment with him, so she gives him permission to skip it. Noel admits that he’d like to disappear or trade lives with someone else. He wants to be supportive, but he can’t.

Elena wants to paint the apartment, so she’s trying to get her friends together for a painting party. Felicity doesn’t think it’s good timing for Noel and Ruby. Elena thinks they’ll be fine. She’s also inviting Tracy and is excited to get to know him outside of class. Felicity asks if Julie’s bringing Erik, and she explains that that’s over, as is the record. She pretends it’s not a big deal.

At the apartment, Elena tells Noel that everyone’s coming over on Friday to paint. He reminds her that they’re only living there for three more months. Elena thinks he’ll be happier with paint on the walls instead of their ugly wallpaper. Noel’s like, “Yeah, the color of our walls is my problem.” He tells her that Ruby’s pregnant and he doesn’t know how to handle it.

The philosophy class Pavone is making Ben take happens to be Noel’s. Aren’t they a few weeks or even months into the semester already? This is dumb. At the health center, Felicity tries to strike up a conversation with Greg about dwindling blood supplies in the city, but he’s not interested. He’s also a jerk. How long until they hook up?

Ruby leaves Noel’s class without talking to him, so Noel distracts himself by asking Ben for more information on the girl he mentioned previously (the one he knocked up in high school). Ben was supposed to take her to her appointment for an abortion, but Ben panicked and went snowboarding with friends instead.

He almost called her last year to apologize; he hates the thought of her sitting in the waiting room, thinking he was going to join her. Ben knows it’s easy to be a coward in this kind of situation, but he knows Noel will regret it. Noel wonders what would have happened if Ben’s girlfriend had decided to have the baby. Ben asks if he’s really wondering what Ben would have done or if he wants to figure out what he himself should do.

At the health center, Felicity chats with the young daughter of a doctor at the health center. She tries to listen to Felicity’s heart with a stethoscope, but she can’t hear anything. Greg pulls Felicity away to ask her what happened to some missing computer files. Felicity says she’s never even been in that folder. Also, she’s not quitting. Greg calls her incompetent, then sends her home. Felicity tells him he may be good with patients, but he’s rude to everyone else.

At the loft, Sean is making quiche, which he thinks contains potatoes. Julie tells Ben she’s not going to the painting party, so he leaves without her. Sean encourages Julie to talk to someone about the thing that’s obviously bothering her. She replies that she already has him to talk to. Sean clarifies that she should talk to a professional. Instead, Julie decides to distract herself with the painting party.

Felicity checks in on Ruby, who tells her that Noel is flaking on her. She knows everyone must think she’s crazy for wanting to keep the baby, but she thought Noel would be different. Amazingly, he is – when Ruby shows up for her prenatal appointment, Noel is already there. He acknowledges that he hasn’t been at his best, but he’s going to be there for Ruby from now on.

Ben goes to Felicity’s room and waits for her to get ready for the party. Meghan asks if he’s there to beg her to drive across the country again. He invites her to the party, where there will be plenty of paint for her to sniff. Noel and Ruby get to see the baby on an ultrasound, but when the doctor says that Ruby’s two months pregnant, Noel realizes something. She was in L.A. two months ago. Noel can’t be the baby’s father. Well, I didn’t see that coming!

After the appointment, Ruby admits that she spent the night with one guy, and they used protection. Well, clearly not correctly! For some reason, she never thought the baby could be his. Noel asks who the guy is, and Ruby says he’s no one, just a producer. She argues that they weren’t officially dating when she went to L.A. Noel reminds her that they’d slept together. She says she didn’t know if he really cared about her. By the time she did, she’d already slept with the other guy. Noel decides to leave before he really loses it.

Sean has brought his quiche to the painting party, which is also attended by Richard. Hey, Richard! Where have you been? Noel and Elena aren’t there, even though it’s their apartment. Felicity tells Richard that Noel and Ruby are going through a tough time. Richard says he warned Noel that she would turn out to be trouble. Meghan is using Felicity’s telescope to spy on someone when Greg comes by looking for Felicity. The second Meghan opens the door and sees Greg, something happens that we’ve never seen before: Meghan becomes speechless. She lies that she doesn’t know where Felicity is and invites Greg to come in and wait for her.

Felicity complains about Greg to Julie, who’s more interested in the services of the health center than she is in its jerky manager. Maybe she’ll take Sean’s advice and see a therapist after all. Elena arrives with Tracy, who recognizes Richard as the guy who once had a satellite dish in his dorm room. Sean tries to offer around his quiche, but no one wants it. Felicity thanks Tracy for helping out with the painting; he says it’s for selfish reasons – he can’t keep studying there with ugly wallpaper. He asks if Elena’s wearing perfume, and she flirtily says she might be.

Meghan is grilling Greg about his life story, in probably the longest conversation she’s ever had with anyone since coming to college. Greg decides he’s done waiting, so Meghan pretends she just remembered where Felicity is. In fact, she can take Greg there. Sean turns the party into an actual party, putting on music and dancing. Elena joins in, and after a little bit, Tracy takes Sean’s place so he can dance with her. Eventually everyone gets pulled onto the makeshift dance floor, and there’s a nice minute where everyone’s genuinely happy. Of course, that’s when Noel comes home and kills the mood.

After he goes off to hide in his room, everyone expresses sympathy for him. Richard still has no idea what’s going on. Meghan and Greg arrive, and Greg asks to talk to Felicity alone. In Elena’s room, Greg tells Felicity that another worker confessed to accidentally deleting the files he accused Felicity of screwing up. The health center is being reviewed next week, and Greg has been under a lot of pressure trying to make sure everything’s perfect. He apologizes for taking it out on her. Felicity offers to help him get the files restored in time for the review.

Sean recruits Greg to help paint, so Meghan offers to stay, too. Richard asks what’s going on with Noel and Ruby, then guesses that she’s pregnant. Suddenly everything makes sense to those in the room who also didn’t know what was going on. Elena admits that she’s mad that Ruby’s going to keep the baby when she’s still in college. Noel overhears all the conversations as the friends discuss Ruby’s options. Julie mentions adoption, of course. Tracy says his parents got married after his mother got pregnant with him at 17. They’re still together and have three kids.

Ben starts picking on Greg, then straight out says he doesn’t like him. Elena asks if Tracy thinks it would be wrong for Ruby not to have the baby. She thought Tracy was pro-choice. Tracy’s like, “Yeah, emphasis on choice.” Julie notes that she wouldn’t be there if her birth mother hadn’t decided to have her. Richard thinks Ruby has trapped Noel. Julie says he’s not a victim. Ruby’s the one who has to deal with the consequences here. Noel comes out of his room and reveals that he’s not the baby’s father. “Parties in this apartment are always so much fun,” Meghan says.

Ruby shows up, and Noel takes her to his room to talk. Tracy’s the first to decide that the party needs to end. They forget that Richard’s in the bathroom, and everyone leaves without him. Ruby tells Noel that when she found out the baby isn’t his, she questioned whether she should still have it, since he wouldn’t be with her to raise it. She does still want it, since it’s a part of her.

She’s sorry for sleeping with someone else and for not telling him. If their situations were reversed, she wouldn’t want him to tell her he’d slept with someone else. Ruby really thought that she and Noel were falling in love. She hopes they can still make things work. You know, even though she slept with someone else, got pregnant, and wants to raise the baby. I’m sure Noel is totally ready to forgive her and make a commitment to raise another person’s child.

At the loft, Julie tells Sean that she feels like she overreacted to the discussion about Ruby’s options. She tells Sean about Zach for the first time. She thought she was over it, but now she’s not sure. Sean tells her that his sister went through the same thing, and he wants to kill both her rapist and Zach. Julie thinks Sean is right about her needing to see a therapist.

At Dean & DeLuca, Ben urges Felicity not to forgive Greg, even if he apologized. He thinks Greg is a snob and his apology is just part of some big manipulation. Ben invites Felicity to see a movie, but she’s working at the health center. Ben thinks Greg apologized to get Felicity to help him ahead of the review. Felicity asks what bugs him so much about Greg. Ben just says it’s his hair. Noel comes in to see Ben, which surprises and confuses Felicity.

She and Greg work some long hours at the health center, and Greg asks if Felicity and Ben are dating. She says no, then asks if Greg is seeing anyone. He just broke up with someone last month, after an eight-month relationship. He blames himself, since he’s a mess and a screwed-up past. Felicity asks for more information. Girl, just ask Meghan.

Noel and Ben hang out at Ben’s new home, the basketball courts. Noel thinks he’d be justified in walking away from Ruby, since she cheated. Ben thinks they weren’t officially together when she slept with the producer. Noel admits that he’s relieved because all the pressure is off, but he still cares about Ruby. Ben tells him not to walk away too early, before he figures everything out. He’ll regret it. Of course, telling someone what not to do isn’t as helpful as telling them what to do, so that doesn’t get Noel anywhere.

Thoughts: Yeah, I’m sure Noel and Elena’s landlord is okay with college students taking down wallpaper and painting the walls when they only have a few months left on their lease.

If Ruby’s baby’s father is the producer of a Tom Cruise movie, I’d say she’s set for life in the money department. Also, hilariously, when J.J. Abrams started working on the Mission Impossible franchise, he became a producer of Tom Cruise movies.

Even people like Greg and Tracy, who know nothing about Sean, don’t want to try his quiche. I thought college students would eat any kind of free food.

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