September 19, 2020

Felicity 2.15, Things Change: Left Asunder

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Javier’s giving Pavone a run for her money in the counseling department

Summary: Javier has a very important question for Felicity at Dean & DeLuca: What does she think about liposuction? A friend of his just had it, and she looks great now. He notices a customer arriving and tells Felicity that the woman seems to have a “crunch” on Ben. Ben says the woman, Pam, is just one of his classmates and they barely know each other.

Edward is the next customer to come in, so Javier asks for a doctor’s opinion on lipo. Edward says plastic surgery isn’t his specialty. Just tell him he’s beautiful the way he is, Edward. That’s all he wants to hear. Javier moves on to another employee, sending away the customer she’s talking to by exclaiming, “Guess what – it’s free!” This show needs more Javier. A lot more.

Edward invites Felicity to get dinner that night, but she’s volunteering at the health center. Their schedules have been crazy lately, so they haven’t spent much time together. Felicity’s distracted watching Ben and Pam, so she’s barely spending time with Edward right now. She sees Pam give Ben her number. Edward asks about Felicity and Ben’s…whatever, and Felicity says they’re just friends. Javier explains why he’s so focused on his appearance: His boyfriend, Samuel, has been making fun of him. Javier, you don’t need lipo – you need a new boyfriend.

The health center is busy that evening, thanks to only one doctor working. Greg’s concerned that they’ll get shut down after their upcoming review. Meghan comes by, complaining of a sore throat, though it’s an obvious excuse to try to spend more time with her new “crunch,” Greg. “He’s so my flavor,” she tells Felicity, warning her not to steal him away. Felicity’s too shocked to respond.

Back at Dean & DeLuca, Javier asks Ben to pick up an extra shift on Wednesdays, but he has a class then. Felicity can’t take it, either, since that’s when she works at the health center. Ben complains to Javier about Greg, whom Javier has heard a lot about from Felicity. Specifically, he’s heard how fantastic Greg is. Ben doesn’t now how to react to that, and Javier accuses him of staring, probably because Javier looks fat. Ben immediately goes to the phone and calls Pam.

Tracy and Elena meet up in the library to study, and he notes that she’s wearing a perfume she’s worn before. Looks like he’s interested in her for more than just her lab-partner skills. Current Noel/Ruby status: awkward. She doesn’t appear to be talking to him. Noel tells Ben that Ruby’s waiting for him to give her some instructions. You mean instructions for what to do about her own life? Keep waiting, Ruby. On the other hand, the guys are now…friends? Sort of?

Felicity makes a tape for Sally about how busy she’s been recently. It keeps her from thinking about her family falling apart. Of course, she can’t avoid that stuff forever, so she goes to her father’s apartment after getting off work early. The apartment is depressing, and Edward hasn’t decorated or unpacked all his stuff. Felicity notices pill bottles on a side table and can’t help herself from snooping. Later, she looks up the medications with Julie. One is a sleeping pill and the other is for anxiety and panic attacks. Felicity wishes she hadn’t distanced herself from Edward so much. Julie assures her that things will be okay; everyone goes through hard times.

The next day (?), Felicity asks Edward to volunteer for a few shifts at the health center. Not only would it help the center, but it would give them more time together. Edward is happy to accept. Ruby stops by to see Noel before class and asks him to approve her transfer to another section. Which should have happened as soon as they realized she was in his section, since they were dating, but whatever.

As Felicity gives Greg the great news that Edward will help out at the health center, Sean watches his docuventary, reviewing it before sending it to some TV channel that’s interested in airing it. Ben goes out with Pam, who tells him about spending a semester in Bosnia, volunteering with the Red Cross. She should work at the health center, too! He’s surprised to learn that she’s from Oregon, since she seems like a New Yorker. Pam thinks it’s because she was bold enough to give him her number, something she never does.

Edward works his first volunteer shift at the health center, but Greg disagrees with his medical decisions. Edward thinks a patient has potentially serious heart problems, but Greg thinks his palpitations are from taking pills to stay awake while he studies. Felicity sides with her father but apologizes to Greg. Greg notes that at least they’re lucky enough to have a doctor.

Ben and Pam have gone back to the loft, but he can’t focus on making out with her because he’s distracted. Gee, I wonder who he’s thinking about? Pam gracefully steps aside, telling him to call her again if things don’t work out with the other woman. Yeah, sorry, Pam. You’re a two-episode guest star and the other woman is the person the show is named after.

At Elena and Noel’s apartment, Elena and Tracy are also distracted, she by him and he by the wallpaper that was never completely removed at the painting party. It doesn’t seem like he needs to study anyway, since he knows the answers to every question she uses to quiz him. Elena eventually tells him to leave because she can’t handle his scraping or his snide attitude. Tracy teases her for being competitive and grins at her as he leaves.

It’s time for the health-center review, and Edward hasn’t arrived for his shift. Lloyd, the non-student patient who keeps trying to be seen there, comes in but it’s not clear what he wants, other than to show off his new haircut. Felicity calls her father’s office at the hospital and is told that he left his job, apparently telling the hospital he was moving back to California.

Tracy annoys his class by tapping his pen on his desk while taking a test. He’s the first one finished and doesn’t look the least bit concerned about how he did. He whispers a “good luck” to Elena as he leaves, then dances just outside the doorway until the professor closes the door. Elena tries very hard not to laugh, but she can’t hold it in. (Same here. Donald Faison is a treasure.)

At Dean & DeLuca, Ben tells Javier about his date with Pam, and how great it was, and how it still wasn’t what he really wants. Javier declares that it’s time for a man-to-man, heart-to-heart talk. They go to Epstein Bar together, and Javier tells Ben that he’s crumbling even though he has everything in his life that anyone could ever want. Javier tries to tell a story about dating a girl as a teenager, but it starts with, “Her name is Lola. She was a showgirl,” so Ben doesn’t buy it.

Javier really date a girl named Lola, even though he knew he liked guys, and long story short, he ended up like Ben, “let asunder by a woman.” Ben needs to stop moping around and sabotaging dates. He needs to get over her, because things between them are never going to work out. Ben asks why. Javier reminds him that she’s married. That’s right, Javier thinks Ben is moping over Maggie. Ben decides not to tell him who he’s really in love with. He leaves, and Javier tries in vain to get a bartender to serve him some snacks.

Edward finally shows up at the health center, lying that he got held up at the hospital. Felicity busts him, so he says he just slept through his alarm. She reveals that she saw his sleeping pills and anxiety medication. Edward tells her he can take care of himself. Felicity’s concerned that he quit his job and didn’t tell anyone. He reminds her that he’s accepted all her decisions, like dropping pre-med, so she needs to accept his.

Tracy and Elena both did well on their test, but he did slightly better with a 99. She agrees to go to dinner with him. Later, as Elena’s cleaning up at the apartment, Noel tells her that he misses Ruby. She tells him to stop with the self-pity and reminds him that he ditched Felicity for Hanna, so he’s not always the victim. “Thank you for your support,” Noel replies. She promises that she does support him.

Noel knows Ruby’s going through something huge and complicated, but part of him wishes that he could move on and stop thinking about her. Even though she slept with someone else and is having that guy’s baby, Noel still wishes they were together. Elena thinks he should forgive her – his ability to forgive sets him apart from other people. It makes him strong, not weak. Noel goes to Ruby’s room and gives her back her transfer slip, telling her she should stay in his class. He understands why she wants to keep the baby, but he can’t go down that road with her. Still, he’s there for her as a friend.

Felicity goes back to her dad’s apartment, where he apologizes for their argument. He didn’t tell her he quit his job because he didn’t want her to worry. He promises he’s okay. Felicity urges him to be honest with her and not just tell her that because he doesn’t want her to worry. Edward says that he felt like his time in New York would be temporary – he would work there until Barbara asked him to come home. It doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. Edward says he misses Barbara, and Felicity asks if he’s told her that. He says he has.

At the loft, Ben mopes yet again when he learns from Sean that Felicity’s taking another shift at the health center. Sean wonders why he cares that Felicity’s spending so much time with Greg. Ben asks Sean why he hasn’t told Julie that he likes her. Sean knows that as soon as he does, Julie will say she just wants to be friends. He’d rather keep it quiet and keep hope alive than get rejected. Ben complains that Felicity obviously admires Greg, who has traits that Ben doesn’t have. He thinks Sean was wrong when he said that Ben isn’t ready to make a commitment to Felicity. In that case, Sean says he needs to go tell her how he feels.

At the health center, Greg tells Felicity that they passed their review and can stay open. They celebrate with some sparkling cider. Greg reveals that Edward was right about the diagnosis Greg disagreed with him on. Ben arrives to make his big, romantic declaration, but seeing how comfortable Greg and Felicity are together makes him decide he’s too late.

Thoughts: I’m saying “crunch” instead of “crush” from now on.

Assuming Tracy is pre-med, it’s funny that Donald Faison’s next role was playing a doctor.

So the clinic is completely staffed by volunteers? And they only have doctors? No nurses or med students? That’s a horrible way to run things.

Pam seems cool. Can we trade boring Julie for her?

God bless Forever Young Adult for this gif of Tracy dancing. Also, I’m going to have to read all their Felicity and Buffy rewatch posts.

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