October 3, 2020

Felicity 2.17, Docuventary II: Sean and Richard Clearly Ship Felicity and Ben

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The school’s security team seems…not great

Summary: Richard films Sean as he introduces himself for the follow-up to his first docuventary. Someone’s interested in it and wants Sean to add some scope and depth and stuff. Ben doesn’t want to participate, but Richard says it’ll be okay, since he’s involved this time. Ben claim he’s too busy to take part; he’s working a bunch of different jobs to try to finish up his community service. Sean says they’ll just come film him while he’s volunteering. Then he asks Ben to help them convince Felicity to participate. Ben refuses. Richard and Sean ignore him, and Richard celebrates by pretending he’s on Star Trek.

At first Javier is pleased to be asked for an interview, but he backs out when he remembers that the camera adds 50 pounds. Sean tells him it’s only 10, so Javier says he’ll do it. Felicity, however, doesn’t want Sean delving into her personal life again. That’s the whole show, girl! Sean says he has to use the same participants as the first docuventary, since it’s an ongoing piece. Felicity says she doesn’t have a love life anyway. The guys tell her that Ben has already agreed to take part, so Felicity might as well do it, too.

Cut to Ben threatening to shove Sean’s camera in a place no one should ever put a camera. He finally gives in and tells Sean to get it over with already. Ben is washing dishes somewhere (maybe the campus cafeteria), still complaining about being punished for breaking into the pool. He asks when the guys are interviewing Felicity. Sean says they’re going to talk to her and Greg together. Now Ben has something else to complain about. He finds someone’s retainer on a tray and decides this is enough to keep him from breaking any more rules.

Felicity and Greg are up next, feeling awkward about being interviewed in his office, where they kissed after the sit-in ended. He tells her he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about it. Richard unplugs the computer to plug in a light, and Greg tries to stop him but can’t. Then he acts like nothing’s wrong. I don’t know.

Back in the kitchen, Ben tells Sean that he needs to express his feelings for Julie already. He doesn’t think Sean ever will. Sean asks Javier about Felicity and her friends, and Javier says she’s his favorite. She’s optimistic and friendly and an autumn, just like Javier. It’s like they’re sisters. Noel is sweet and cute, and Javier would date him if Noel liked men.

Sean films one of Noel’s classes, where he’s administering a test. Richard wishes Ben luck. Noel tells Sean that he never expected to become a teacher, but he likes it. Sean notes that he went from an RA to a TA. At the health center, a co-worker named Jim tells Felicity that one of the workers quit. Felicity tells Sean (back on camera) that she wants the newly available job. Sean reminds her that last year, she was moving away from medicine toward art.

In his interview, Javier says that Ben is confused. He’s a “sweet, dumb guy” who isn’t actually dumb. Ben, now in the admissions office, pretends he’s having a great time. He gets to file classified student info. Sean asks what he wants to do with his life, but Ben doesn’t answer. He asks how Greg and Felicity’s interview went. Richard notes that Ben really hates Greg. Ben says that once Felicity’s finished her volunteer hours, Ben will never have to think about Greg again. Sean jokes that Ben can access Greg’s grades and change his GPA. Don’t give him any ideas, Sean!

Felicity tells Greg that she’d like a permanent job at the health center. Greg thought she might want to stay on after her community service was over. Felicity says she only wants the job if she’s right for it; she doesn’t want any favorable treatment. He promises to consider her for the position. And also for the position of his girlfriend, I assume.

Ben peeks at Greg’s file, then goes to Noel’s class. Noel and Ruby are at least on speaking terms now, as she asks him to call her later. Ben asks Noel how much he knows about Greg, and whether Greg and Felicity are getting together. Noel’s out of the loop about that. Ben reveals that Greg was arrested for cocaine possession a couple years ago. Should Ben tell Felicity? Noel thinks they should keep it quiet until they know whether Felicity is actually getting together with Greg. After all, Felicity’s an adult and can handle her own relationship.

Sean films Felicity as she starts to make a tape for Sally, but Felicity finds the situation weird. Meghan arrives, so Felicity tells the guys to film her instead, then runs off. Meghan isn’t happy to be left to give the guys a tour of the dorm, but she manages to get them to give her $90 for it. Then she kicks them out.

Back to Javier talking about Felicity and her friends. He loves Elena and her sassiness. The guys interview Elena and Tracy, asking them about their goals of becoming doctors. Elena mentions that she was McGrath’s assistant last year. Tracy hates the guy, whom he calls the prince of darkness (then asks the guys to edit that out). Noel runs in, frantic because he lost the blue books from his class’ test. If he can’t find them, his life is over.

At the health center, Greg invites Felicity to get dinner with him the next night. She reminds him that he said he had a messed-up past and shouldn’t be in a relationship again. He’s decided to risk it, so she says yes. Then he informs her that she got the job at the health center. He claims she would have gotten it even if she’d turned him down for a date. Why not tell her she got the job, then invite her to dinner to celebrate?

Speaking of celebrating, Felicity takes Julie and Elena out to Epstein Bar since her new job means she has money to treat them. Ben joins them, followed by Sean and Richard with their camera. Ben is less than thrilled to learn that Felicity will now be assisting Greg at work. Sean and Richard film her at work, and we learn that Richard messed up some files by turning off Greg’s computer. He thinks they should spy on Felicity to learn more about her new relationship.

Ben has moved on to the campus security office, where his ability to answer the phone properly is scrutinized. Sean and Richard film Felicity and Greg from afar as they have what looks like a great first date. Sean worries that he’ll kiss her after walking her home; Ben would hate that. Before any kissing can happen, Felicity spots the guys, who take off running. Richard says it’s like they’re in The Blair Witch Project.

Next the guys film Ruby, who tells them about her love of art. She plans to be a museum curator some day. She doesn’t want to talk about her pregnancy; she still hasn’t told her parents. Noel convinced her to go see them next week and break the news. Ruby never thought she would choose this path, but being pregnant has changed something in her. Sean asks Noel if he and Ruby are still together. He thinks Ruby misses Noel. If she hadn’t decided to keep the baby, would they still be together? Noel doesn’t know.

At the health center, Jim is having a bad day – because of Felicity. He wanted Felicity’s job, and clearly thinks she got it because Greg likes her. Jim is being pushed out of his own position now. Felicity asks Greg if he got her the job because he likes her. He admits that he did. He blames Jim’s job loss on the elimination of a work-study position.

Felicity says that Jim should have gotten her position; he’s more qualified and has been there longer. She pulls Jim into Greg’s office and tells Greg to hire him instead. Greg tells Felicity not to put him on the spot like that. If she doesn’t take the job, she has to leave – there’s a cap on volunteers. Greg stuck his neck out for her, so if she doesn’t want it, she needs to quit. Felicity says she will.

Sean interviews Tracy and Elena about how much pressure they face in college. Elena can deal with it, but Tracy has a harder time. Sometimes he carries a stuffed rabbit around with him as a piece of security. Elena admits that she had a name tag made for herself that says Dr. Elena Tyler, and she rubs it to motivate herself to reach her goal. Tracy says he was joking about the rabbit. P.S. Noel still can’t find his blue books.

Sean and Richard do some editing at the loft, but Richard is annoyed that Sean is being controlling. It’s his movie, dude. Ben comes home in a better mood than expected; he got to know the security guard he was working with and thinks the guy is cool. Richard tells him that Felicity and Greg have become a subplot in the film. The camera was running before their first interview, and the guys captured them talking about their kiss. “She digs this fella,” Richard tells Ben.

Ben goes to the health center and asks to see Felicity, who it looks like has officially been replaced by Jim. Greg shortly tells Ben that she’s not there. Ben starts to leave, then tells Greg that he knows about his arrest. Felicity’s too good for Greg, and if he hurts her in any way, Ben will kill him.

Pavone doesn’t see why Felicity’s so annoyed with everything that happened at the health center. She thinks Felicity sabotaged a job she was too afraid to commit to. Felicity says she got the job because she didn’t deserve it. Pavone asks why she questions every accomplishment. She did deserve the job. If Jim came to her complaining about losing the job to Felicity, Pavone would tell him to grow up. In the course of Felicity’s life, she’ll come across 2,000 Jims. Most of the time, they’ll get the job she wants because they’re guys. She should take what she can. In this case, she should take the paperwork that confirms that she’s finished her community service.

At Dean & DeLuca, Javier tells Felicity that he’s pleased with how he comes across in the docuventary. He doesn’t look as fat as he’d feared, and his English is great. Greg comes by and asks Felicity if Ben has talked to her yet. He admits that he had a drug problem for a while and eventually got arrested for possession. He’s been clean for years. Ben found out about the arrest, and Greg wanted to tell Felicity before Ben could.

Greg works a tough job at the health center, trying to make up for all the resources they don’t have, and having Felicity there has made him happy to be there. He knows he’s good at running the place, but Felicity being there makes him better. He thinks he’s figured out how to hire both her and Jim. Felicity guesses that he’s going to volunteer to take a pay cut. She says she’ll just volunteer, but he reminds her that the slots are full.

So Felicity spooks the newest volunteer by telling him that he’ll have to see a lot of blood. Like, for example, a guy came in last week with an almost-severed hand. Look at Felicity, channeling her inner Meghan! She realizes this is the wrong way to go about this, so she just tells the guy she really wants the position. Turns out the guy thought he’d taken a paying job, not a volunteer position, so I think the slot is now open for Felicity. Meanwhile, Tracy tells Sean and Richard that he didn’t care much about having a social life before he met Elena. She wants to prove herself to everyone, but Tracy says she never has to prove herself to him.

The guys want something more emotional in the film, something that will invoke tears. Ben announces that he’s done with his community service hours…and he found Noel’s blue books in the lost and found. This is exactly what the guys need for a tear-invoking scene. Before they give Noel the news, he steels himself to tell the professor that he lost the tests. Richard presents him with them on camera, saying he and Sean are Noel’s guardian angels. Noel thinks they had them all along. Instead of crying, Noel punches the camera.

Javier tells the guys that Julie’s great. If he weren’t gay…well, he wouldn’t want to be with her, but she’s cute. Julie tells them that she wants a guy who understands her and loves her in spite of all her problems. She’s not sure she’ll ever find that guy. Sean thinks she will.

Felicity finds Ben at Epstein Bar and asks how he found out about Greg’s arrest. Ben starts in on a rant about how he’s trouble, but Felicity doesn’t want his opinion. He admits that he looked in Greg’s student file. Felicity slams him for investigating Greg, which Ben points out is exactly what he did to her. Felicity says that was irrational and she only did it because she was in love with Ben. But of course the situation here isn’t the same!

At the health center, Jim gives Felicity a flower as a peace offering. Greg kisses her and tells her they’re even. The volunteer Felicity edged out of the health center is now working at Dean & DeLuca, but he’s not good at it. Sean films a greeting for the film channel that wants his docuventary, continuing to film even as Ben storms through the loft.

The guys interview Meghan about why she decided to become an RA. Ooh, a question I had is finally answered! Meghan made a bet with someone and lost, so being an RA is her punishment. Back in Javier’s interview, Sean asks what he thinks about Meghan. Javier, who has only said good things about everyone else, says that Meghan scares him to death.

Thoughts: Jim is played by the late Alexis Arquette.

I need everyone to change their names. Scott Foley played Sean on Scrubs, so I keep wanting to call him Sean instead of Noel, but there’s already a Sean. Now we have a Greg, which is what I always want to call Greg Grunberg. If I start calling Julie “Pink Ranger,” just ignore me.

Why would you ever give student volunteers access to other students’ private files? Maybe if they were being paid and had signed a confidentiality agreement or something, but not someone completing community service hours for showing bad judgment.

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