October 17, 2020

Felicity 2.19, Running Mates: None of These People Is Mature Enough to Hold Any Position of Authority

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God help me, I laughed

Summary: Javier has become a vocal advocate for Felicity as student council president and is on campus handing out fliers with coupons for Dean & DeLuca. Felicity finds him and tells him it’s against the rules. She voices over a tape to Sally, saying that running for president is harder than she expected. That’s even before she sees that one of her posters has been defaced. Someone called her Chia Head.

Richard tells her that someone keeps burning his Free Pizza Fridays fliers. Felicity thinks people are making too big a deal out of a college election. Richard says there’s only one difference between college elections and national ones. It’s easier to impeach a college president? No, it’s soft money. Richard admits that he doesn’t know what that means. Ben joins them and tells Felicity that he saw someone defacing one of her posters. He thinks it was one of Greg’s friends. Felicity says there’s no way Greg would put someone up to that.

She goes to the health center and casually says that one of her friends saw one of Greg’s friends defacing her poster. Greg IDs the guy, Andre, but says he wouldn’t do something like that. Then he asks Felicity if they can go out again. He also wants to spent a weekend away together right after the elections. He realizes it might be too soon for that. A guy named Keith joins them and asked if one of them hacking into his campaign website. They tell him they’re getting sabotaged, too.

Felicity tells Sally about an election from her childhood that saw someone intimidating a candidate to drop out of the race. In college, Felicity feels like she’s surrounded by intimidaters. She tells Ben and Noel that Greg defended Andre, so they may need to look elsewhere for the real vandal. Noel notes that Andre could have defaced the poster without Greg’s knowledge. But Felicity thinks Greg was being honest when he said Andre isn’t the kind of person to do that. The guys doubt that Felicity can trust Greg’s word. Ben’s suggestion is that Felicity leak Greg’s drug arrest from years ago to the school paper. She refuses to go dirty.

It’s hard to stick to that, though, when everyone else is playing dirty. Keith takes down a couple of his opponents’ campaign posters and replaces them with his own. They’re immediately covered by other candidates’ posters. Richard even defaces an opponent’s poster. Felicity puts one up over that poster, and Ben defaces Richard’s, writing “Dick” on it. (Hey, it could be his nickname! The other students wouldn’t know.) Felicity at least tries to cross that out.

Then Greg and Andre replace and deface everyone’s posters. Richard counter-attacks by stapling a bunch of smaller fliers all over a bulletin board so it’s nearly impossible to cover them all. In response, Felicity and Ben tear them down and put up her poster. All of these people are horrible. Write in Leila for president!

Over at Noel and Elena’s, where the wallpaper/painting project is still ongoing, Julie tells Elena she’s heard that campaign-related pranks are so common that security doesn’t respond to them anymore. Elena is distracted, thinking about taking a trip to the top of the Empire State Building with Tracy. Julie thinks Elena should cook him dinner instead. The new couple is really happy, and it’s adorable. But now Elena’s overthinking things, since they haven’t slept together yet. She realizes she’s turning into Felicity. Julie agrees to take Noel somewhere to keep him out of the apartment.

Ben trashes one of Felicity’s vandalized posters, then finds Greg and Andre working on campaign stuff together. He confronts Andre, who claims not to remember that Ben chased him after seeing him deface Felicity’s poster. Greg denies that Andre is helping him play dirty – why would he have someone vandalize his girlfriend’s posters? Ben gets stuck on the word “girlfriend.” Then he goes straight to Richard’s room with the offer of dirt on Greg.

Ruby’s back from Colorado, having told her parents that she’s pregnant. Her mom shut down and her dad started drinking, which was very different from what she expected. Noel asks if she’s told the father, noting that she’s never even told him the father’s name. She says it’s Wade, though I maintain that it could be Tom Cruise. Ruby announces that she’s not going to tell him about the baby. Girl. Child support from a movie producer. Get on that.

Felicity, Julie, and Leila discover that all of her campaign posters have disappeared from her room. A tip from Meghan sends Felicity to Greg for another round of Andre Is the Saboteur and You Need to Admit It Already. Greg thinks she should get over it and move on, though he tries to be a little nicer about it. He told Greg to leave Felicity’s stuff alone, and Andre said he has been, so Greg thinks someone else is responsible. If Felicity can trust Ben over Greg, then Greg can trust Andre over Felicity. Felicity determines that it’s her candidate for him- or herself.

Felicity tells Sally that since Andre clearly broke into her room, she and Ben decided to break into his. They just need Sean’s help. For some reason, Sean has spy gear (maybe prepping for his role on Alias?). Noel thinks this is going to go too far, but Felicity thinks it’s all fair. They’re not making personal attacks. It’s just a game. Sean finds his lock-picking set, and Noel reminds Ben and Felicity that they don’t have a great track record breaking into places.

Ben tells Richard that he shouldn’t do anything with the dirt he gave him on Greg. Too late – Richard is already having fliers posted around campus revealing that Greg was arrested for drug possession. Oops! Elena and Tracy are having a great date at the apartment, but just as they’re getting to the point where their clothes might start coming off, Tracy announces that he has to leave. He has to get up early to help a candidate named Carol with her posters. He thanks Elena for dinner and promises to call her tomorrow.

Noel and Julie check out a…flower market? Okay. They’re talking about snack preferences. He tells her about Ruby’s trip home and her decision not to tell the baby’s father that he’s going to be a dad. Julie thinks the baby will grow up curious about his or her father. Then he or she will have to decide whether or not to tell his or her father that he’s a dad. Julie thinks Ruby should tell the father right now.

Tracy wants to have a discussion with Elena, but she thinks he’s going to break up with her. She even accuses him of sleeping with Carol. Ben and Felicity break into Andre’s room, telling themselves this is fair play. They find a bunch of candidates’ buttons and posters in the closet. Andre comes in to get something and the two hide under the bed, very close together.

At the health center, Felicity confesses to Greg that she broke into Andre’s room and discovered that he stole stuff from a bunch of candidates. Greg doesn’t really care, since he’s seen Richard’s posters about his drug arrest. Felicity promises that she didn’t tell anyone, and Greg believes her. He’s already guessed that Ben is responsible. Felicity says he would never go that far. You know, the same thing Greg said about Andre. Greg says that he had to face the truth about Andre. Eventually, Felicity will have to face the truth about Ben.

Tracy tells Elena that he had to leave the other night before something happened. He’s a virgin and doesn’t want to have sex until he’s married. Even though his parents had him before they were married, they’re very religious and raised him to wait. Elena doesn’t know anyone else who’s waiting until marriage, so this is a new concept for her. Tracy knows she needs some time to figure out if she wants to keep dating him.

At the loft, Ben beats himself up for not telling Felicity that he gave Richard info on Greg. Sean thinks he was right to keep quiet, since his relationship with Felicity “is like a delicate flower.” Ew, Sean. Ben says he can’t take Sean seriously while he’s wearing night-vision goggles attached to a helmet. When Sean takes them off, Ben tells him to put them back on. I think this is supposed to be funny. Anyway, Sean tells Ben that if he says nothing to Felicity, she probably won’t find out he said anything. He needs to try not to kill the flower.

Noel tries to talk Ruby into telling Wade about the baby; she’s being selfish by hiding her pregnancy and making decisions on her own. She did the same thing when she thought Noel was the father. He tells her they’re still friends, but that doesn’t mean he’ll always tell her what she wants to hear. Ben lies straight to Felicity’s face about Richard’s posters, saying that he didn’t tell anyone about Greg’s arrest.

The candidates take part in a debate, answering questions from the student body. Javier is in attendance, happy to be there to see Felicity speak in person. A student asks Greg if the fliers about his arrest are true. Greg admits that they are, and Meghan tries to defend him, asking who there hasn’t been addicted to drugs and arrested. Hal asks what else he’s hiding – did he also sell drugs? Was the cocaine he was arrested for possessing the only drug he used?

Felicity jumps to Greg’s defense, saying that everyone there has done something they’re not proud of. Richard says he hasn’t. Felicity wants the negative campaigning to end, and she thinks the fliers about Greg crossed the line. The students can’t just judge Greg on his past. They have to examine what he’s done since then. They should vote for who would make the best president.

Felicity tells Sally that if she were in Greg’s shoes, she would leave school, but Greg has been able to put it behind him. After Election Day, the outgoing president addresses the candidates at Epstein Bar, announcing that there’s a tie. The new co-presidents are Carol and Richard. Richard is too upset about the tie to be happy that he won.

Greg and Felicity agree to stop playing tricks and go back to their normal lives. He still wants to go away for the weekend, but she wants to move more slowly. Noel tells Julie that Ruby called Wade, and he’s coming to visit next week. Julie praises Noel for being such a good friend to Ruby. He credits Julie with helping him figure out how to convince Ruby to call Wade. Felicity’s grateful to both of them, even though their help with her campaign didn’t get her to the presidency.

Elena’s ready to talk to Tracy about what his abstinence means for their relationship. Right now, she just wants to be friends. Since she’s clearly thought about this a lot, Tracy won’t fight her on that. But seconds later, they start making out. Friends, huh? I don’t do that with my friends. Richard tells Felicity that Ben was a huge help to his campaign – he provided the dirt on Greg, which most likely cost Greg the race. Felicity immediately tells Greg that she wants to go away for the weekend after all. She needs an escape. Greg wonders what happened to change her mind, but she just says they both need a vacation.

The next day, Ben goes to Felicity’s room, most likely to make a full confession. Meghan tells him that Greg and Felicity went upstate for the weekend, to a B&B in Rhinebeck. She can’t believe Felicity snagged Greg after all Meghan did for him during the campaign. In the car on the way to Rhinebeck, Felicity tells Greg that he was right about Ben revealing his drug arrest. Greg is ready to move on, but this is clearly something Felicity won’t get past so easily. Meanwhile, Ben goes to a train station and buys a ticket to Rhinebeck.

Thoughts: How nice to watch this just weeks before a huge U.S. election. If only defaced posters and dug-up arrest records were all we were dealing with.

Meghan should have been Felicity’s no. 1 suspect for defacing her posters. She hates Felicity and loves Greg. It makes perfect sense.

UNY’s administration really doesn’t get involved in anything, huh? This campaign immaturity never would have happened at my college, and if it had, the administration would have shut it down right away.

Do I want to know why Sean has night-vision goggles? Probably not.

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