October 24, 2020

Felicity 2.20, Ben Was Here: Mission Accomplished?

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There’s always a love triangle on this show

Summary: Welcome to beautiful Rhinebeck, New York, where a college student can afford to rent a huge cabin for a weekend away with his girlfriend he hasn’t slept with yet. Moments after Felicity and Greg arrive, Ben follows after in a cab driven by a guy he’s told his whole story to. He hides behind the cab as the lovers come out of the cabin.

Back in the city, Sean is working at Dean & DeLuca, filling in for Ben and selling Javier on his latest idea: shream. It’s a combo of sugar and cream. Ben calls, using Sean’s cell phone, which Sean didn’t know he had. He warns Ben that the film channel interested in the docuventary is supposed to call, so Ben needs to answer the phone “Blumberg Productions.” No, no, answer it Vandelay Industries!

Meghan notices that one of the exposed pipes in her and Felicity’s dorm room is leaking. She fixes the leak with bubblegum. Over at Noel and Elena’s apartment, Elena and Julie discuss how much time Noel and Ruby have been spending together again. Elena thinks they would still be dating if Ruby hadn’t gotten pregnant.

Tracy shows up with a guy named Vince and some machinery to take down the rest of the wallpaper. Elena turns down the offer of help, but Tracy knows Elena won’t finish the job, which will mean she and Noel lose their deposit. Elena doesn’t want to let Tracy make decisions about what color to paint the walls. He gives her some options, promising that everything will turn out great. In three days, it’ll all be done.

Ben watches Felicity and Greg as they take a canoe for a spin on a lake. He tells Sean he’s made a mistake and is going to come home. Sean tells him to complete the mission (again with the spy stuff). Ben doesn’t think he can just barge in on the couple. Sean tells him the call is costing him a lot of money because of roaming charges. Guys, remember being worried about roaming charges?

Javier agrees with Sean that Ben needs to complete the mission – he has to “get his duck in a row.” Sean asks for a meeting with Mr. Dean or Mr. DeLuca, I guess to talk to them about shream. Javier confides that he might not be working there much longer. He’s applying to take college classes next semester.

Noel and Ruby go back to her dorm after a day together, and he mentions that she hasn’t said anything about Wade, the baby’s father, all day. She reveals that he’s coming to visit. Every time they talk on the phone, they avoid discussing the baby. They also haven’t figured out what their next step is. The gum doesn’t hold, and the leak in Meghan’s pipe becomes a steady stream. Noel and Ruby hear her cry out when the pipe finally bursts.

Greg and Felicity have dinner together, and it looks like things are moving toward their first time in bed together. He heads out to get firewood while she washes their dishes. Ben surprises her by appearing in the kitchen window. She lays into him for telling Richard about Greg’s addiction and arrest. She came to Rhinebeck to work things out with Greg, so Ben’s presence is less than welcome. He tries to get her to listen to him, but she yells that she doesn’t want him in her life anymore.

Ben’s phone rings, and he dutifully answers, “Blumberg Productions.” It’s just Sean, checking in. Greg returns with firewood, and Felicity tries to get back into the romantic mood. They start making out, but Felicity’s distracted. Greg promises that they don’t have to go any farther, thinking she’s nervous about having sex. Felicity announces that Ben was there.

Greg wants to call the police on the crazy guy stalking his girlfriend. Felicity says he’s not a threat, and she told him to leave her alone. Greg wonders why, then, she’s so distracted. She isn’t sure; she just can’t stop thinking about the conversation. Greg corrects that she can’t stop thinking about Ben. He wanted a weekend away so they could both stop focusing on college drama. Clearly, that didn’t work out. He decides they should go back to the city.

It looks like the project in Elena and Noel’s apartment is going to take longer than three days. Some chemicals have been introduced to the process, and now there’s a smell that definitely shouldn’t be there. Julie invites Noel and Elena to stay at the loft until Tracy and Vince finish the job. Meghan and Felicity may be joining them, as the dorm has now flooded. Felicity returns from Rhinebeck to learn that everyone in the dorm is moved to the cafeteria for two weeks. Meghan has found some guy to stay with instead. She’s pleased that Felicity and Greg haven’t progressed in their relationship.

At the loft, Sean makes everyone s’mores with his prototype marshmallow roaster. He wants to sell it for $40. Uh, no. Ben comes home tight-lipped about what happened in Rhinebeck, but everyone can guess where he went. Felicity has already called to let them know he’s an idiot. Elena tells Ben not to go to the cafeteria to see her, but it’s enough for him just to know that Felicity’s already back from her weekend away.

After Felicity and Greg get some dorm residents situated in the cafeteria, she apologizes for ruining their weekend. She wants to make it up to him with dinner the next night. She promises that Ben is in her past and won’t get in the way of their relationship. Uh-huh. We all believe you, Felicity.

Later, Ruby asks Felicity if she really followed Ben to New York (Noel told her). Felicity explains that she knew Ben from high school and always thought that if they knew each other, they would love each other. After he wrote in her yearbook, she just had to ditch her life plan to follow him.

Ruby notes that Felicity doesn’t seem like the sort of person to follow a guy. Felicity admits that she was running away from her life as much as she was running toward something. Ben was a fantasy, and though she got to date him, she realized that being with him wasn’t as wonderful as she’d imagined. Ruby says that whatever Ben wrote in the yearbook must have been great. Felicity has brought her yearbook with her, for some reason, so she looks over what Ben wrote in it about keeping in touch.

At Dean & DeLuca the next day, Javier invites Felicity to stay with him and Samuel for a while, but she declines. He can’t believe Felicity didn’t appreciate Ben’s gesture of showing up in Rhinebeck. Felicity says he was selfish, but Javier disagrees. Ben has changed since he and Felicity were together, and he knows Felicity has noticed. She’s just pretending she hasn’t. Maybe she’ll see him if she puts on Javier’s glasses. He tells her that Ben went to Rhinebeck to try to apologize for what he did to Greg.

Julie shows up, and Javier struggles to remember her name. She invites Felicity to stay with everyone else at the loft. Felicity isn’t sure, since Ben will be there, but Julie knows they’ll make up eventually. She also agrees to let Ruby crash at the loft, so she doesn’t have to sleep on a cot while she’s pregnant.

Now everyone’s at the loft – all the former couples and people with crushes on each other and people who aren’t really talking to each other right now. Sean wants to have a big game night, completely with Battleship and Boggle. No, please, not Boggle. Tracy invites himself to join. Dude, shouldn’t you be cleaning the apartment? Elena’s not going to be happy about this. Meghan completes the group, also inviting herself to stay at the loft.

Game night goes well, though Ben and Felicity keep looking at each other, and Sean can’t keep his eyes off of Julie. Things are a little uneasy at first, but eventually everyone starts having fun. The night gets even better when Sean gets a call telling him that the channel wants to buy the docuventary. He celebrates by kissing Julie. It’s basically a big ol’ record scratch, making everything else in the room stop.

Wade arrives to see Ruby, and Meghan greets him with, “So you’re the guy that knocked her up.” Never change, Meghan. Noel meets his ex-girlfriend’s baby daddy for the first time as Greg comes to the loft to pick Felicity up for dinner. (Sorry, Meghan, he’s not there to see you.) Now things are tense again, and they don’t get better when Ruby and Wade meet up. Meghan calls out that someone needs to leave already. Everyone goes off in different directions except Meghan and Sean, who decide to play Operation together.

Ben tries to calm himself down in his room, but he can’t, so he complains to Meghan and Sean that he doesn’t get what Felicity sees in Greg. Meghan tells him that if he wants Felicity, he needs to go after her. After living with Felicity for two years, Meghan has a lot of insight into her, and she knows Felicity still likes Ben. Her explanation? Sarah McLachlan.

When Felicity came to school, she was always listening to Sarah McLachlan CDs. She stopped for a while, then started again when Ben invited Felicity on the summer trip. The Sarah stopped again around the time Felicity got her hair cut, then returned after the pool break-in. If Ben ever wants to know how Felicity feels about him, he just has to check her boombox for a Sarah McLachlan CD. Ben thinks this is dumb, but Sean says it makes sense. Meghan knows that if Felicity spends too much time with Greg, Sarah will go back on the shelf. After Ben leaves, Sean asks if that story was true. Meghan shrugs and heads to the bathroom.

Over at Epstein Bar, Greg grumbles about Felicity staying at Ben’s loft. He reveals that Ben came by the health center earlier in the day to apologize. At the loft, Julie addresses the kiss with Sean, who tries to downplay it before declaring his love for her. Back at Epstein Bar, Ben crashes another Greg/Felicity date, this time to announce that he never should have ended things with Felicity. He should have realized how lucky he was and treated her with more respect. He was just scared.

Felicity tries to brush him off, but Ben continues: He’s in love with Felicity, and this time, she’s the one who’s afraid. He knows it’s because she doesn’t trust him anymore. Greg says that’s understandable. Felicity tells Ben that he’s doing the same thing he did last year, when he made “overtures” right when she was going to go away with Noel.

Greg decides the conversation is over and tries to throw Ben out. They scuffle, and Greg punches Ben in the face. He asks if Ben is going to show up every time Greg and Felicity go out. Greg wants to leave, and Felicity decides to go with him instead of staying with Ben. Looks like she made her choice about who she wants to be with.

Thoughts: It’s fitting that I watched an episode where Ben is a stalker right after the announcement that Scott Speedman is going to be in season 3 of You.

Don’t these people have any studying to do? They have a full, free weekend to paint and play games and go away to cabins?

I’m going to say it: Shream is a good idea.

Also, now I want s’mores.

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  1. But isn’t shream just creamer?

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