November 14, 2020

Felicity 2.23, The Biggest Deal There Is: It’s Just One Summer! Everyone Needs to Chill Out!

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Look, everyone’s happy! That won’t last

Summary: Felicity makes out with Ben while voicing over to Sally that sex is a big deal. That’s why she and Ben haven’t gotten there yet. Sean and Meghan, however, have. She freaks out when she wakes up in his bed the next morning, tossing him a “thanks” before she leaves. Felicity catches her and Meghan swears her to secrecy. Then she admits that Sean is “pretty amazing.”

Felicity tells Sally that she’s going to turn down Morton’s internship offer without giving any details (you know, that she wants to spend the summer with her boyfriend instead of taking advantage of an amazing opportunity). Ben is leaving for California the day after Javier’s wedding, and Felicity will be there a couple days after. She goes to see Morton, who tells her that a prominent curator will be working with them. So if Felicity turns down the internship, she’s saying no to more than she thought.

Ben waits for Felicity at the loft, worrying that she’ll change her mind and accept the internship. Richard suggests that Ben just stay in New York for the summer. Richard will be spending it in Palm Beach. No one cares, Richard. Sean thinks Ben should stick with his California plans – he’ll make more money there, and he shouldn’t sacrifice that for a summer with his girlfriend. Julie asks for advice on the horrible outfit she has to wear for her summer job at in inn in Maine. My advice: Burn it. Sean gives her a message from Carol, not having any idea who that is. Ben fills him in.

Felicity tells Morton that she really wants to work with her and the curator, but it’s not going to happen. Morton isn’t thrilled, but she accepts it. At Dean & DeLuca, Javier tells Ben to stay away from his cousin, Natalie. We finally meet Samuel for the first time when he brings Natalie to the restaurant. Ben chats with her and learns that she’s moving to New York in the fall for grad school.

Felicity runs into Pavone in a bathroom; Pavone has heard about her internship and is sorry to hear that Felicity isn’t taking it. She guesses that Felicity wants to be with Ben instead. Pavone tells her to take the internship – she shouldn’t let fear stop her from taking an opportunity to become a more interesting person. She wants Ben and Felicity to work out, and if they’re really good together, Ben will still be around for a long time.

Felicity tells Sally that, as usual, she left the conversation with Pavone a) feeling like her advice was wrong and b) resenting her for giving that advice. When Felicity gets to Dean & DeLuca, she finds Ben and Natalie chatting and I guess starts worrying that she’ll lose him. That night, she asks him what he would do in her position. She knows she can’t babysit their relationship even if they’re in the same city. Ben tells her to take the internship. That’s what he would do. It’s not like they’re in love. In fact, maybe they should slow things down a little.

Meghan is spending the summer as a camp counselor at Wicca camp (who knew that was a thing?), so she needs to spend some time preparing, which means she can’t let Sean distract her. Sleeping with him was a mistake, and she knows they don’t have a future. That means they can only sleep together one more time.

Felicity tries to get her internship back, but Morton has already offered it to a grad student. She agrees to call Felicity if that arrangement falls through. Sean can’t believe that Felicity wants the internship instead of Ben. Ben feels the same, even though he told her to take it. “Now you know what it’s like to be Noel,” Richard quips.

Felicity complains to Elena that Ben doesn’t seem to care if they’re apart for the summer. We go back and forth between the two conversations, with both Ben and Felicity being upset about how things are going. Felicity now doubts that she and Ben are really in love; maybe she shouldn’t spend the summer with him after all. These two are EXHAUSTING.

Julie and Carol meet up at Epstein Bar, where Carol announces that her husband/Julie’s birth father is sick. Meanwhile, Noel goes to Javier and Samuel’s rehearsal dinner at the loft and meets Natalie. They have the kind of banter that always leads to a relationship on TV. During the meal, Richard (…why was Richard invited?) tells another guest about an idea he has for a website: Someone brings gas to you and fills up your car for you. I think Richard’s been spending too much time with Sean.

There are various other conversations around the room, like Noel and Natalie getting to know each other, Elena and Tracy possibly discussing living together over the summer, and Javier and Samuel having a tiff about something changing. Sean tries to chat with Meghan, who isn’t interested. Felicity, as the best man, makes a toast and says that Javier is a big romantic. He “sees the best version of life.” She admires how open Javier and Samuel are with each other (you know, as opposed to Felicity and Ben).

Ben interrupts to tell everyone how Samuel risked his job to go to Spain with Javier when Javier’s visa ran out. Felicity adds that Samuel was really emotional over the thought of losing Javier – so emotional that he cried. Ben reminds everyone that Javier was being forced to go back to Spain. Felicity shoots back that at least Samuel cared. Ben spits out that Javier didn’t want to abandon his boyfriend.

Felicity finally pulls Ben out of the room so they can talk things over instead of shooting passive-aggressive barbs at each other. She’s upset that he’s so okay with letting her go. He says he was just trying to let her have what she wanted. They stop fighting and start kissing, like, that’s not the way to resolve things, guys. They end up on the bed (his, I hope) as Felicity tells Sally that the first time she had sex with Ben, there were 40 people in the next room and none of them knew. She’s wrong – they all know, and Javier has to tell them to pretend they don’t.

Afterward, Felicity teases Ben about the way he says “anything,” leaving off the G. I’ve noticed that, too! He says it like he’s faking an American accent. He tells her he’s sorry she lost the internship, though she teases that he’s not really sorry. Felicity thinks things have worked out for the best. They’ll just be apart a couple of days, and then they’ll get to be together for the whole summer.

The next day, Ben and Julie set up for the wedding in a park, and he asks how things went with Carol. She tells him that her father needs a kidney transplant. Ahhh, so that’s why Carol called – she wants Julie to find out if she’s a match for a donation. Julie admits that she’s mad that Carol kept her a secret from her husband until Julie was useful. She walked out of the conversation. Ben agrees that Carol has handled the situation wrong, but Julie shouldn’t take it out on her father, who had no clue she even existed.

Javier has “severe jitters” and is grateful to Felicity for helping to calm him down. Sean gets a call forwarded from the loft and hands his cell phone off to Felicity – it’s Morton, telling her the internship is up for grabs again. Felicity immediately says she’s in. Noel arrives for the ceremony with Natalie, after spending the whole night walking around the city together. Elena’s surprised, and Natalie asks if she’s never done that before. “If we get to know each other better, I’ll let you in on things I’ve done,” Elena replies awesomely.

Sean confronts Meghan for being cold to him when they’re around other people, even though they’ve spent two awesome nights together. He’s letting her stay with him, so she should show him some courtesy. She agrees. He gives her a skull necklace, the first piece of jewelry anyone’s ever given her that she doesn’t wear in her nose, tongue, or bellybutton. Aww, it must be true love.

Time for the wedding! The officiant tells Samuel and Javier that they will go through lots of different experiences together, but if their relationship has a foundation in love, the love will always be there. Richard’s already crying. Javier’s vows are lovely, but for some reason he decides to spring it on Samuel that he’s going to start classes at UNY next year. As Samuel says his vows, which are about looking at the person he’s going to be with forever, Felicity can’t help but look at Ben, her possible future.

Like most TV weddings, this one is over fast, as the officiant pronounces Javier and Samuel partners in life right after they say their vows. Everyone has fun at the reception, and Ben notes how happy and unworried the newlyweds are. Of course, this is when Felicity gives him something to worry about. She tells him she’s taking the internship, and he has a hard time hiding how sorry he is that they’ll be apart for the summer.

Noel is basically already in love with Natalie, less than 24 hours after meeting her. She wonders if he’s just desperate for a connection with someone after losing the connection he had with Ruby. Noel says he’s sick of being the nice, accommodating guy. When Natalie asks if he wants to do something dangerous or impulsive, he’s intrigued. Julie is moping by herself until Javier pulls her onto the dance floor, saying no one’s allowed to pout at his wedding. Felicity can pout just as well on the dance floor as she can anywhere, though, and she tells Ben she doesn’t want him to leave tomorrow.

In the morning, Elena calls the loft to ask if Noel is there. Natalie’s family is looking for her, and Noel has taken a bunch of his stuff and left behind a note that says, “See you in September.” The two of them left the reception early and no one’s seen them. Elena tells Sean that she doesn’t trust Natalie.

Julie calls Carol from a pay phone, for some reason, but hangs up without talking to her. Meanwhile, Meghan goes to the loft and announces that she quits. Not the possibly blooming relationship – she quit her summer job. Her parents have a villa in Tuscany that will be free all summer, if Sean would like to spend some time there with her.

Felicity sees Ben off to the airport, promising that the summer will go by fast. He tells her she can come home if she hates the internship. They say they love each other, which seems really fast, but what do I know? Felicity goes back to her room to mope while Ben thinks important thoughts in an airport waiting room.

Pavone calls Felicity to her office to make sure Felicity knows she wasn’t downplaying the situation with Ben. She shows Felicity a picture of her husband, who she had to be away from for four years while he was in the Air Force. They were able to get through it. Pavone is proud of Felicity for choosing herself over a guy, something she didn’t do two years ago. That means she’s making adult choices. Felicity wishes that growing up felt a little better. That night, Felicity goes to the roof of her building to reminisce about the night she and Ben watched a movie there. And…that’s it. Wait, that’s it?

Thoughts: Natalie is played by Ali Landry.

Female TV characters, please stop turning down awesome opportunities for guys.

I can’t believe Samuel is just some generic white guy. No offense to the actor, of course. But he seems so boring for Javier to fall in love with him. is available, if anyone wants it.

I’m halfway through the series! Season 2 went fast – I feel like I just started it.

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