November 21, 2020

Felicity 3.1, The Christening: Where’s Noel?

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Felicity’s right, it’s a bad graphic

Summary: Hey, they changed the opening credits! Eh, who cares? Summer is over and Felicity and Ben are about to see each other for the first time in months. No, wait – she’s going to see Javier. She’s meeting up with Julie and Elena later so they can check out the dorm apartment they’re going to live in together. She hasn’t seen Noel since Javier’s wedding. Javier didn’t know that he and Natalie went somewhere together, and he’s not happy about it. Natalie’s a “man destroyer.”

Felicity tells Sean’s video camera that a friend of Javier’s is moving and needs to get rid of a bunch of furniture, so Felicity, Julie, and Elena are free to take it for their room. Felicity goes to the guy’s apartment with Javier and learns that it’s available to rent. She’s interested in it. Of course, now she’ll have to tell Julie and Elena.

Sean is still filming Felicity, since he needs lots of footage to turn the docuventary into a weekly series. They meet up with Julie and Elena at the new apartment, which is huge. They’ll be sharing it with a fourth roommate, who won’t be there for a couple of weeks. Julie and Elena are excited about the new place, but that quickly changes when Felicity tells them she’s interested in a studio apartment in Brooklyn. She wants to live there with Ben. P.S. Ben doesn’t know about it yet. Elena warns that however Felicity imagines Ben will react probably won’t be reality. She ignores that. She suggests Meghan as a fourth roommate, but Elena and Julie shut that down.

Next, Sean films Meghan, who says she spent the summer with her new boyfriend, who’s awesome in bed. The two of them are, amazingly, cute together. Richard doesn’t really want to talk about his summer, which he spent working in Disney World. He learned the hard way that Minnie Mouse isn’t always played by a woman. Elena and Tracy both worked at a children’s hospital in Buffalo over the summer and still haven’t slept together. Elena says it’s not an issue anymore. A new neighbor interrupts their interview with Sean to invite them to a party that night. Sean wonders if they’re worried about being tempted by other students.

Javier is looking forward to his freshman year of college. He wants to rush, though he doesn’t know what it means. Richard tells Sean that he lost track of Noel; he left a message on his brother’s answering machine in June, then disappeared with the woman who “looks like the Doritos chick.” (Har har, Ali Landry got her start in a Doritos commercial, clever, clever, let’s move on.) Sean decides that should be the theme for the show: mystery. Richard slams him for using Noel’s “abduction” for selfish reasons.

Elena’s so mad at Noel that she doesn’t even care where he is. Felicity is surprised that no one’s heard from him. Julie wonders if he’ll miss his senior year. At the loft, Felicity criticizes Sean for making a graphic that says, “Noel’s missing!” She’s worried that something bad happened to him. She stops worrying immediately when Ben arrives. She tells him about the studio, and he agrees to live together. I’m sure this will work out great!

Meghan ends up taking Felicity’s place at the dorm apartment after all; her living arrangements fell through, and she knows Sean talked them into this. They again mention the mystery fourth roommate, who’s from England. Meanwhile, Felicity shows Ben the studio, which looks tiny and dirty and very, very…what’s the opposite of homey? Ben tells Sean it’s a hellhole. Felicity is still caught up in the romanticism of living with her boyfriend, and Ben won’t hurt her feelings by telling her he hates the place.

Sean and Richard go back to their mystery, though they don’t have much to go on. Noel called his mom in July to wish her a happy birthday, but the connection was bad, so when she asked where he was, she didn’t hear his response. Three weeks ago, Noel’s brother Ryan got a postcard from Noel with a picture of Nolan Ryan on it. It was sent from Manhattan. Richard used his clout as the new student body co-president to find out that Noel hasn’t registered for classes or paid his first tuition check. Richard vows to find him.

Ben takes Sean to the studio, which Felicity has tried to make look nice, but that’s like putting a bow tie on a demon. Sean notes that now he needs a new roommate, since Ben and Julie are both moving out. Ben shows him the brown water from the taps, saying “there’s, like, activity in this water.” Time to shut down Felicity’s romantic fantasies, Ben.

Javier tells Sean that going to college is a big deal – he’ll be the first in his family. When he was a kid, he wanted to be wild and party instead of focus on his education. The day he was supposed to take the Spanish equivalent of the SAT, he went to the beach instead. He disappointed his mother, and Javier is excited to turn that around. He hasn’t told her yet that he’s in school. In December, she’ll turn 65, and he plans to give her one of his report cards. Of course, he’ll have to get good grades for that to be a nice gift. He decides he should go study.

Ben surprises Felicity with the first new “appliance” for their studio, a home theater thing. That’s a nice gift, but it takes up a lot of space. At the dorm apartment, Meghan, Julie, and Elena are painting and bonding. Meghan thrills the other two with a story about her parents catching her and Sean in their bed. Felicity calls and Julie asks if she and Ben have “christened” the apartment yet. Felicity gets distracted by something huge that skitters across the room.

Sean films Javier as he goes jewelry shopping. No one in his family knows where Natalie is. At the studio, Felicity and Ben start to christen the place, but the bug makes its return. Between that and some sound they keep hearing from below them, Ben is having a hard time keeping up the charade that he’s okay with this arrangement. The sound turns out to be the pipes of the woman who lives downstairs, and since she’s hot, Ben decides to let it go.

He goes back to hunting the bug, but there’s a new problem when plugging a lamp into a faulty plug causes a fire. Yeah, this place needs to be condemned. Javier comes over as Ben is trying to put out the fire. “Oh, I don’t like that TV,” he says. Nice priorities, Javier. Ben punches through a glass case to get a fire extinguisher in the hallway. The hot neighbor returns when she hears yelling, and Javier realizes she might be a problem.

Tracy tells Sean that he and Elena both entered a lottery for a class they really wanted to get into. They decided to go to dinner and open their envelopes together to find out if either of them got in. Tracy admits that he opened them early and saw that he got in but Elena didn’t. Elena tells Sean that whoever got in had to pay for dinner. Tracy switched the numbers…but Elena switched them back.

Felicity goes to the dorm apartment to hang out in a place that doesn’t have giant bugs but does have clean floors and walls. She tells her friends that Ben had to get six stitches thanks to the glass he punched through. Meghan says that’s nothing – she once got 15 stitches in her butt. She won’t say why, and I think it’s safe to say that we don’t want to know.

Felicity admits that living with Ben so soon may have been a mistake. Meghan thinks the real problem is that they haven’t had sex in the apartment yet. She thinks “domestication is the enemy of romance.” Julie and Felicity disagree. Felicity says she won’t give up. Julie offers to let her move in with them if things don’t work out. Meghan refuses to leave. “Don’t bully me,” Julie replies.

At the loft, Ben is complaining to Sean about the same things Felicity complained to Julie and Meghan about. Living in their own place means discussing where to put things. You mean being an adult? Sean tells him to approach this like a business venture: Worry about one step at a time. Ben decides to tackle the leaking sink first.

Sean interviews Julie about her situation with her biological family. She got tested to see if she was a match to donate a kidney to her father, but she wasn’t a match. She got to know him, at least, but he died over the summer. Sean next asks Felicity about her parents, who are officially moving from separation to divorce. She doesn’t want to talk about it.

Ben is having a lot of trouble fixing the sink. The neighbor comes up to ask to use the bathtub, since hers is currently unusable. Ben knows it would look horrible for Felicity to come home to find this woman in her bathroom, but the neighbor won’t take no for an answer. At the loft, Meghan discovers that Sean is taping them as they’re making out. She’s upset, but only because of the bad placement of the camera.

Ben calls to ask for Sean’s help with how to handle the neighbor. Meghan grabs the phone and tells him he’s dead if Felicity finds her there. Felicity comes home and Ben tries to act like everything’s totally normal. This leads to a fight, and Ben finally admits that he doesn’t want to live there. Felicity had already accepted the apartment, so he couldn’t say no. He tried to make it work, but he couldn’t. The neighbor interrupts when she answers their phone and relays a message: Noel has been located.

Richard did all the work, tracking Natalie down through some guy she’s been hanging out with, Leon. He gathers everyone so they can go over together, since Leon seems sketchy. Felicity complains to her friends about the neighbor, but Sean tells her that Ben isn’t into her, so she shouldn’t worry about him. Everyone goes to Leon’s apartment, and instead of Leon, they find Noel (which is Leon backwards).

Noel hasn’t shaved in a while and the apartment he’s living in is a mess, but he’s fine. His friends are annoyed that he wasn’t in touch all summer. Noel tells them he and Natalie spent the summer in Cuba. Now they’re packing to go on another trip. Noel decided to keep slacking and partying, so he won’t be going back to school for his senior year.

Felicity realizes that she and Noel have both been trying to be impulsive and fun, but now that she sees things from a different perspective, it doesn’t looks so great. Elena and Tracy think Natalie has some sort of hypnotic effect on Noel. Richard wants to call the police, though he’s not sure what he would say. This is like Vietnam – he’s going back in for his friend.

Felicity tells Javier that she’s decided to give up the apartment. Javier thinks she should keep it and fix it up, but Felicity knows the pressure of living with Ben is too much right now. At the dorm apartment, Elena finds Julie crying and guesses she’s thinking about her father. Julie doesn’t want to talk about it. At the loft, Ben regrets walking out on Felicity, but he doesn’t get how she can see something wonderful about a horrible place. Sean’s like, “Well, she sees something wonderful about you and you’re a horrible person, so…”

Ben goes back to the apartment and tries to make it look nice for when Felicity gets home. He apologizes for letting the neighbor use the bathtub and promises to work hard to fix things up. Felicity tells him she’s already given it up, so he can move back into the loft. Her first two years of college were rough, and this year she wants to have fun. Living together sounded romantic, but it was too much work.

They have the apartment for one more night, though, so now they can christen it. They take a bath together (and how does such a small, ugly place have such a huge tub?) and discuss the possibility of living together when they’re older and out of college. They’ll need a sunny place with no bugs, a basketball area on the roof, and a space for Felicity to do her art.

Javier tells Sean that something big is going to happen with Noel – some kind of trouble. He knows these sorts of things, since he’s psychic. It turns out that something big has already happened: Noel and Natalie got married.

Thoughts: I think the dorm apartment is bigger than the entire main floor of my childhood home. Felicity is nuts to give it up for a studio.

“As God as my witness,” says Richard, played by Rob Benedict, who later played God on Supernatural.

Ahhh, Elena and Tracy are so sweet. I know they’ll inevitably break up but I don’t want to think about that.

How is Noel paying for stuff like rent and travel expenses? He’s poor, remember? Maybe Natalie is just really rich.

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