December 26, 2020

Felicity 3.6, One Ball, Two Strikes: These People Are All Nuts

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Just who I would want to see after surgery

Summary: At Dean & DeLuca, Javier is telling Noel that he thinks his humanities professor has a crunch on him. Noel isn’t impressed. He needs some advice on what to do if he had a friend who was gay. No, it’s not him. Javier immediately guesses that it’s Richard. Noel asks if he should tell Richard that he may know Richard’s secret. Javier says Richard will come out if and when he wants to (if he is, in fact, gay). Noel just wants Richard to know that Noel accepts him. Javier advises him to just say that he’s Richard’s friend no matter what. He thinks Noel is sweet for caring so much.

Later, Noel tells Sean (on camera) that he wasn’t going to say anything, but then Richard started talking about a woman he wants to date. Noel thinks he’s pretending to be straight, so he tells Richard he’s his friend no matter what. Richard asks why Noel has been acting so weird lately. Noel finally announces that he knows Richard’s gay and it doesn’t bother him. Richard is surprised at this and asks if Noel thinks he’s hiding something he’s shameful about. He tells Noel to go to Hell and storms out. Javier slaps Noel on the arm and says, “I told you.”

Sean has a pre-surgical appointment that afternoon but is trying to go about his normal life until then. He wants to downplay the importance of the whole situation to Meghan. It’s been a week since the whole Felicity/Ben/Randy/picture drama went down, and Ben is still keeping to himself. Sean and Meghan aren’t surprised.

Sean interviews Felicity about what she’ll be displaying in the upcoming senior art show. She’s still working on it. Sean asks if she wants to talk about “the whole Ben thing,” since he needs better content for this week’s episode. He asks if they’re going to break up. Felicity understands why Ben is upset with her, and since he asked for space, she’s trying to give it to him.

Later, Ben and Felicity work the same shift at Dean & DeLuca, and when Ben tries to get Javier to communicate with her for him, Javier refuses. Ben and Felicity keep things professional and civil for about five seconds before they start fighting. She insists once again that nothing happened between her and Randy, but he still thinks something could have happened that she doesn’t remember.

Javier tells Richard about how he came out to his parents: He got them a cake with the message “your son is gay.” That way, if they kicked him out, at least there would be cake. But he picked up the wrong cake, so he had to come up himself. They already knew, and they told him they love him exactly the way he is. Richard figures Noel put Javier up to this, so he walks out on another conversation.

Sean runs across traffic to film Tracy and Elena kissing goodbye before Tracy leaves for a weekend Habitat for Humanity build. He’s supposed to work on a sociology paper with a classmate, so Elena offered to put his part together with the partner’s. Sean loves how in love they are. But later, Elena tells Molly that Finn is still on her mind. Molly thinks that she’s struggling more with abstinence than she’s let on. Speak of the devil, Finn comes over and tries to make plans with Elena. She tells him she’s dating Tracy, but Finn already knows. He’s Tracy’s sociology partner.

Felicity tracks down Randy again and asks him to talk to Ben. She’s out of ideas for salvaging the relationship. Richard goes to the loft to yell at Noel for telling Javier he’s gay. He knows Jason because they worked together in Florida. Meghan notes that Richard seems overly defensive. Richard reveals his big secret: He’s a virgin. He’s never even kissed a girl. He’s never told anyone because he thought they would laugh at him. You know, like Meghan is now. Richard leaves and Meghan says she wishes she felt compelled to apologize, but she doesn’t.

Sean wants to film his pre-surgical appointment, but his doctor doesn’t think it’s a good idea. His bloodwork has come back indicating that he has a tumor and will need to spend the night at the hospital. Sean reminds him that he was supposed to have an outpatient procedure. That’s now turned into the removal of a testicle.

At the loft, Noel tries to write Richard an apology email, but it doesn’t come across quite as well as he’d hoped (“I’m so sorry I forced you to admit that you’ve never had sex with a man or a woman”). Sean comes home and lies to Noel and Meghan that he was misdiagnosed. Noel gets a call for a computer repair, and Sean wants to film him, so they head off together. Meghan still seems worried.

Sean films as Noel goes to his repair job, expecting the computer’s owner to be nerdy and pimply. Instead, the owner is a supermodel (see below). “Noel has had a system error,” Sean quips. The owner, Jane, agrees to be filmed, since she loves documentaries. Noel struggles to make the repairs, since Jane smells so good. Sean reminds him that he’s married before leaving to film Felicity.

Felicity is setting up for the art show, though she’s not sure her piece is right for it. Professor Morton reminds her that, even though the pieces are being offered for sale, this is about showing her work, not selling it. The piece is actually really good; it’s a man in a suit running toward a wall. At home, Molly tells her that Meghan is throwing a dinner for Sean that night. Ben will be there, but Felicity decides to suck it up and go anyway.

Randy finds Ben drinking at Epstein Bar and asks for just 30 seconds of his time. He swears that nothing happened between him and Felicity. Ben asks why Randy came to see him. Randy says again that nothing happened. Ben responds by punching the crap out of him. Finn meets with Elena at the dorm apartment while everyone else has dinner at the loft, supposedly celebrating Sean’s clean bill of health. Molly mentions that she had an uncle who went through something similar, but it ended up killing him.

Richard comes by, having received Noel’s apology email, and says he’s going to be the bigger man about this. Noel asks if he’s still into Molly. Richard isn’t, but not because he’s gay. At the dorm apartment, Finn tells Elena he has a dilemma: He thinks Tracy’s a great guy, but he also likes Elena. Elena shuts that down ASAP. Back at the loft, Richard has his own story about someone who lost both testicles to cancer. Meghan tells him to shut up as Sean goes out for a walk.

Elena calls the loft to get Felicity’s advice on how to handle Finn. While Felicity tries to help, Noel tells Richard that he met and likes Jane. Richard tells Molly he’s sorry he’s been acting weird lately, but she understands – she was once a virgin herself. Richard thinks Noel told her, but it was Meghan. Yeah, he should have seen that coming.

Ben comes home and Felicity passes the phone to Meghan, who tells her to just sleep with Finn. Sean’s doctor then calls, asking for Sean to call back so they can reschedule his surgery. Felicity follows Ben to his room, wanting to end the coldness between them. He tells her he ran into Randy, and she guesses that they got into a fight. Ben yells at her not to defend Randy to him.

When Sean returns from his walk, Meghan confronts Sean about lying about his health. He doesn’t want to undergo what amounts to amputation. Meghan tells him that she doesn’t want to tell him a story about someone she once loved who didn’t get help, like Molly and Richard did. She doesn’t want to have a story like that. Instead, she wants to remind Sean that he has a lot to live for and needs to take care of himself. If he can’t find a reason to do it for himself, he should do it as a favor to her.

Sean films himself for the first time, announcing that he’ll be having surgery the next day. He’s worried that he has cancer and that it’s already spread. Finn and Elena fell asleep while working in her room, but she thinks they finished everything they needed to. He disagrees, then kisses her. She doesn’t pull away. Elena, no! She tells Felicity everything after Finn leaves, and Felicity tells her that Ben beat up Randy.

At the loft, Sean gives Ben his grandfather’s pen, one of his most prized possessions. He’s worried he’ll die in surgery or from cancer, and he wants someone to have this important object. If he lives, Ben can give it back to him. Sean asks if he’s going to Felicity’s art show, but of course Ben doesn’t want to.

Sean says that having cancer has made him see things differently. Ben is out of control and needs to find another way to handle his anger. If he’s going to let one drunken night end things between him and Felicity, maybe he doesn’t deserve her. Sean and Ben are similar, but Sean isn’t going to let his anger come between him and his relationships.

Noel goes back to Jane’s with new ideas for fixing her computer. She’s a dance major but took some complicated math class as an elective (she regrets that). Noel has trouble keeping his eyes on the computer instead of her. He gets punished when he spills a drink on the keyboard. Felicity, Elena, Molly, and Richard walk around the art exhibit, which Meghan hopes will get Sean’s mind off of his surgery. Felicity wishes things were better with Ben so she didn’t have that on her mind.

As Ben arrives, Morton introduces Felicity to a couple of professors who like her piece. Felicity is distracted by the sight of Ben. Sean tells Tracy that he’s Jewish and wants some advice on how to talk to God. Tracy says there’s a reason Sean is going through this. He’ll ask God what he needs to, and God will do what He does. If Sean makes it through this, which Tracy thinks he will, he’ll realize that he doesn’t need to find God, since God has already found him.

Fast-forward to post-surgery, and Sean’s friends give him a bag of peanuts, which Richard calls replacement nuts. Classy, guys. On the walk home, Richard tells Molly that the whole situation has made him put fears in perspective. She confirms that he’s never been kissed, then gives him his first. They’re only going to be friends, though. Speaking of kissing, Elena tells Finn they can never kiss again, since she has a boyfriend. Then they kiss again. ELENA, NO.

Ben and Felicity end up alone at the dorm apartment, wishing things could go back to the way they were. She asks if he can just believe her when she says nothing happened with Randy. Apparently not. She’s surprised to find her art piece in her bedroom – Ben bought it for her. It reminds him of himself, running into walls like an idiot. She’s the only person he can trust, and he can’t lose that. Noel goes back to Jane’s, sneaking a look at her password while she’s on the phone. NOEL, NO. Felicity sends Ben out for groceries while she cooks dinner, but when he gets outside, he’s ambushed by Randy and some of his frat brothers, who attack him.

Thoughts: Jane is played by Tyra Banks. Yes, that Tyra Banks. She’s actually not that bad.

Greg Grunberg is really good in this episode. I kept wanting to give him a hug.

Why would you confront a guy who’s mad at you when he’s been drinking? How dumb is Randy?

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