January 9, 2021

Felicity 3.8, A Good Egg: It’s Tricky

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Look at us, just two heterosexual people in love

Summary: Noel is still filling in for Ben at Dean & DeLuca, and he’s working on a “project” he needs Felicity’s help with. Felicity guesses the project has to do with Jane. Javier arrives with his baby nephew, Isaiah, and gets Noel to watch him while he talks to Felicity. Javier has baby fever, and he and Samuel want to become parents. Of course, without a woman in the relationship, they can’t do this the traditional way, so Javier would like to know if Felicity would be the child’s mother.

At the loft, Ben tells Felicity a little about his first Al-Anon meeting. They’re both glad he went. Ben takes the “anonymous” part seriously and doesn’t mention Molly being there. Felicity announces that Javier wants her to donate an egg so he and Samuel can have a baby. Samuel’s aunt would be the surrogate, since they want someone they know to do that part. Felicity says she’s not going to do it, but she’s said that before, so…

Elena tracks down Tracy, who’s been avoiding her and clearly doesn’t want to talk. He lets her know that Finn told him he and Elena hooked up. Elena wants to explain herself, saying she was confused and got caught up in the moment. Tracy spits out that he hopes the sex was worth it, because they’re done.

Noel and Jane go out again, and he’s still doing that thing where he reads her emails and then studies up on something she likes to make it look like he likes it, too. Noel, you are exhausting. She sees a little suspicious that he dropped into her life out of nowhere and has so much in common with her. He says that either the planets aligned or they got lucky. He moves in to kiss her, but Jane turns her head and admits that she’s thinking about someone else, an old friend she’s interested in. She doesn’t want to mislead Noel if there’s something possible with that friend.

At the dorm apartment, Felicity tells Ben that she’s thinking about donating her egg after all. Ben has reservations about the arrangement and isn’t sure Felicity has completely thought this through. After all, she’s been known to act impulsively in the past. At Dean & DeLuca, Javier tells Felicity that he got into a fight with his brother about having a baby who will be raised by two fathers. Felicity announces that she’s ready to move forward and donate her egg. Javier thanks her for giving him and Samuel a family.

Now Felicity will have to explain this decision to other people, like her mother. Molly, however, thinks she’s doing something wonderful. At the loft, Sean catches Noel reading Jane’s emails, which Sean says is a felony. He thinks this is a great hook for the show. Noel is concerned that he’s now competing with some guy named Tricky, a friend of Jane’s from summer camp. He lost the email he was reading and needs the address of a retirement home, which Sean inadvertently captured on tape. Jane volunteers there, and Noel is going to join her. Sean tells him he has a problem. Noel pretends to agree, then tries to grab his camera.

He’s already at the retirement home, playing chess with a resident named Howie, when Jane gets there. She sits down to watch and asks if Noel is winning or losing the game. He’s losing, but he thinks the tide is about to turn. Felicity goes to meet with a fertility counselor named Liz who is herself mother to a baby who started out as a donor egg. Felicity wants to know about the steps she’ll have to take to get pregnant. Injections and blood tests are involved. Maybe she should just have sex with Javier.

At home, Felicity tells Elena about the meeting, and Elena bluntly tells her not to go through with it if it’s too much for her. She’s working on a letter to Tracy, since he won’t talk to her. She tells Felicity she slept with Finn, again saying she was confused. She asks if Ben would have forgiven Felicity if she’d actually slept with Randy. Uh, doesn’t seem like it.

Ben and Molly are both at the next Al-Anon meeting, and Ben decides to share with the group this time, though all he says is that he hates his father. Molly goes next, talking about her boyfriend, James. A few weeks ago, she shared that she wanted to break up with him to protect herself, but she doesn’t want to abandon him while he’s going through some difficult times. Molly admits that his alcohol and drug use is a bad influence on her – she thinks she’s addicted to an addict.

Noel walks Jane home, still talking about how much they have in common. He wonders, hypothetically, what it would be like if they didn’t have so much in common. He wants to go out again, though he knows Jane has plans already. Jane is curious about how he knows that, but not so curious that she doesn’t agree to cancel her plans and go out with Noel.

At the dorm apartment, Ben tells Felicity that he’s been thinking about the egg donation and doesn’t want her to do it. What if she disagrees with how Javier and Samuel want to raise a child who’s biologically hers? What if, like Julie, the child wants to get to know her someday? Felicity understands where Ben is coming from, but she still wants to give Javier and Samuel a child. Ben asks why she’s always putting other people’s needs ahead of her own. Felicity wonders why he’s so upset about this.

She goes to Dean & DeLuca, where Javier tells her that his brother seems to be coming around on the idea of Javier and Samuel having a baby. Ben’s discomfort with the idea of Felicity donating an egg has made her uncomfortable as well. Javier is disappointed, but he and Samuel do have a backup donor in mind.

Elena joins a study group Tracy’s in, and the two of them bicker until another member of the group reminds them they’re not in a therapy session. Once everyone else leaves to take a break, Elena gives Tracy the apology letter she wrote him. Back at the dorm apartment, Noel has turned to Felicity for help getting out of the jam with Jane. Felicity urges him to tell her the truth. Noel is like, “But I enjoyed all the stuff we’ve done, so maybe being creepy has made me a better person?” Felicity tells him he always underestimates himself – he doesn’t need to lie to get a woman’s attention.

Javier lets himself in and tells Felicity that the backup donor wants to meet with the parents who will be raising her biological child. The thing is that she doesn’t know the parents will be two men. Felicity objects to what he knows is coming, but ultimately Javier convinces her to pretend to be his wife so the donor, Patty, will believe she’s donating an egg to a straight couple. He lies that they can’t conceive naturally because he’s impotent. Except he mixes up his words and says he’s omnipotent.

Patty is wary about the situation because she offered to donate to another couple who wound up getting divorced right before the donation was to occur. Javier promises that he and Felicity are totally, completely, romantically in love. Felicity’s conscience gets the better of her and she says she needs to figure out how to tell Patty the truth. “Creatively would be good, or not at all,” Javier says. Felicity just tells Patty how awesome Javier is and what a great father he would be.

Noel and Jane have dinner again, and she tells him about Tricky. He was like a brother to Jane until he started wanting more. She was worried that getting involved with him would ruin their friendship, but she was tempted…until now. Now she wants Noel. They start making out and wind up in her bedroom, but Noel decides he needs to come clean before they go too far. He confesses that he’s been reading her emails to learn more about her. Jane calls him a stalker and kicks him out. “That’s fair,” he concedes.

Javier and Samuel have a baby shower for the baby they haven’t even conceived yet. Meanwhile, Patty goes to Dean & DeLuca looking for Javier and Felicity. Ben and Molly end up alone together at the shower, and he asks if she’s using along with her bad influence boyfriend. Were the drugs Felicity found in her closet Molly’s? Molly says no, then tells him she won’t talk about her issues outside of meetings.

The shower attendees are toasting the fathers to be when Patty shows up. She’s just in time to hear Javier calling Samuel his husband. She was going to drop off some medical records, but now she’s not going to go through with the donation. Felicity tries to smooth things over with her, but Patty’s conservative upbringing means she doesn’t think Javier and Samuel can be the right family for a baby.

Tracy has read Elena’s letter, but he tells her he can’t forgive her. Noel meets up with Richard at Epstein Bar, where Richard has big news: This woman he’s been interested in forever was showing some interest in him until she started seeing someone else. Last night, she canceled their plans to go out with the other guy, but it turns out he’s a fraud. Does this sound familiar? Jane is the woman, Noel is the fraud, and Richard is Tricky. In addition, Jane came to him for comfort after she learned the truth about Noel, and Richard is no longer a virgin. When Jane arrives, she and Noel pretend they don’t know each other.

Molly tells the Al-Anon group that she’s been attending for a month now, which means a lot to her – she’s trying to heal. She also lied to someone she cared about. The drugs in the closet were hers, and she doesn’t know why she said they weren’t. After the meeting, Ben promises not to tell Felicity about the drugs, but he’s worried that Molly is still using and bringing drugs into the dorm apartment. Molly reminds him that the group is a place for them to talk about the horrible parts of their lives and commit to helping each other. They’ve made an agreement and he can’t back out.

At the loft, Felicity tells Ben that talking to Patty made her want to help Javier and Samuel even more. Ben has been trying to figure out why the idea of her donating an egg bothers him so much. He’s realized that it means she would be sharing herself with someone else in an extreme way. If she wants to go through with it, he’ll support her. Felicity appreciates that, but she knows Ben was right when he pointed out that it would be complicated for her to be around a child who was biologically hers without being hers to raise. So it’s a no on the egg.

Episode-ending music montage! Felicity takes Javier the gift she didn’t have in time for the shower. Tracy rereads Elena’s letter while Elena waits by her phone for him to call. Noel goes back to the retirement home and plays chess with Howie again. Felicity and Ben hang out together, two totally normal college students with no biological children and no secrets about roommates who are bringing drugs into their shared living spaces.

Thoughts: Richard Erdman, who plays Howie, is better known for his role on another show about college students – he was Leonard on Community.

These people have never heard of adoption, have they?

I highly doubt a fertility doctor would approve of Samuel and Javier’s plan to use Samuel’s 49-year-old aunt as a surrogate.

I’m so disappointed that we didn’t get a scene where Meghan tells Felicity she’s making a horrible decision and should never procreate in any way, shape, or form.

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