February 13, 2021

Felicity 3.13, Blackout: In the Dark, Things Come to Light

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Wow, these people have a lot of candles

Summary: “Loser Pet Store” has debuted, and the viewer feedback is…not great. But still, people are watching it. Noel has even caught the interest of an Internet company in Seattle. He’s not really into the thought of moving across the country, but Avery told him it rains less in Seattle than it does in New York, which sounds good to him. Things get awkward when he says Avery’s name, and Felicity accuses him of only liking her because she looks like Ruby.

Meghan and Sean tell Felicity and Noel that a friend of Meghan’s named Chris is coming to visit for the weekend. She’s a filmmaker, so Sean is going to show her a rough cut of the docuventary. Meghan is very much not looking forward to it. Avery meets Ben at Epstein Bar, where he’s struggling with some classwork. She says Noel told her that Ben is having trouble with the class. She offers to get him copies of previous tests. Ben wants to go the ethical route, but he’ll keep his options open.

Everyone starts to gather at the dorm apartment for the docuventary viewing (though wouldn’t there be more room at the loft?). Ben tells Noel to stop talking to Avery about his grades. Richard hopes there will be some new ladies at the party, since he’s obviously not going to get anywhere with the usual group. Meghan mentions Chris just as she shows up. Sean tells Richard that Chris is engaged, so he’s missed his chance. Chris is surprised to learn that Sean is a filmmaker. You’d think Meghan would have mentioned that about her boyfriend.

Elena’s moping in her room, so Felicity asks Noel to go talk to her. Meanwhile, she offers Ben an excuse to go out and avoid seeing the docuventary, but he’s going to spend the evening studying. Why doesn’t he do that at the loft, which is now empty since everyone’s at the apartment? Avery is over, for some reason (I guess Noel invited her), so of course she goes to talk to Ben in Felicity’s room.

Elena doesn’t get why Tracy would choose another woman over her. Noel says it’s her breasts, then tells her he’s kidding and orders her to get out of bed. Elena takes him seriously, though, wondering if Tracy chose Rose because she has a bigger chest. She plans to prove to Noel that having bigger breasts would change her life. Oh, come on, writers. This is Elena we’re talking about.

Ben has gotten desperate, so he asks Avery to call her friend who can get him copies of tests. Oh, Ben. Meghan and Chris are chatting alone in Meghan’s room, and Chris says the goth look works for her. Before they rejoin the rest of the group, Chris asks Meghan if she ever thinks about that summer they spent together. From the way they’re talking, you can tell even before Chris says it that they used to be closer than friends. Meghan seems to want to deny that there was anything between them worth making a big deal of. But there was one night that Chris can’t get out of her mind. She thinks she might still be in love with Meghan.

There’s a thunderstorm outside, and it gets louder. The power goes out across the city, leaving everyone at the apartment in the dark. As they light candles, Noel invites Avery to go out somewhere and look at the stars together. Avery tells him that’s a sweet idea, but she wants to stay put. Sean plans to show the docuventary on Noel’s laptop. Now that he doesn’t need to study, Ben is in a better mood, and Felicity still wants to go out (she really, really doesn’t want to see this docuventary).

Meghan and Chris light candles in Meghan’s room as Chris bugs Meghan to respond to her declaration of love. Meghan reminds Chris that she’s engaged to someone else (a guy, for the record). She doesn’t appreciate Chris springing this on her all of a sudden. Chris asks if it would have changed anything if she’d declared her love for Meghan back during their summer together four years ago. Meghan doesn’t know. Chris may be about to get married, but she can’t stop thinking about Meghan. She wants to know if they would have stayed together if Chris hadn’t left.

Sean gathers everyone while Noel makes a sandwich using everything perishable in the fridge. Elena has stuffed her bra in an attempt to prove that guys prefer women with larger chests. Richard notices that she looks different from usual. He can’t figure out why, but he likes it. Noel tells Elena to “unenhance” herself. Heh.

The docuventary viewing begins with the Leon stuff from the beginning of the season. Sean tells Chris that Meghan hasn’t stopped talking about her since Chris said she was coming to visit. Chris is clearly not paying attention to the film at all. Meghan leaves the room and Felicity follows to check on her. She knows about Meghan and Chris’ past (thanks to a drunken revelation), and she guesses that Meghan never told Sean. Meghan tells her that Chris wants to know if there’s anything left between them, and Meghan doesn’t know how to answer her.

As Felicity looks for supplies in a closet, Ben and Avery stop outside the room and discuss calling the guy to get the tests. Felicity figures out what they’re doing and tells Noel that Avery is helping Ben cheat on a test. She feels like Ben is withholding things from Felicity that he’s telling Avery instead. Despite denying that he’s dating Avery, Noel decides to end things before they can start. He tells Avery things won’t work out between them. Avery is casual about it, so Noel accuses her of using him to get closer to Ben.

Elena leaves the viewing when Tracy shows up in the docuventary. Then Chris leaves when Sean starts talking about Meghan. Avery announces that she’s heading out. Sean is annoyed that people keep walking out of the viewing. Meghan and Chris end up smoking in the bathroom together, reminiscing about another party where they did the same thing. Chris appreciates that Meghan didn’t laugh or dismiss her feelings when Chris admitted she’s still interested. Chris is leaning in for a kiss when Sean catches them. Meghan accuses Sean of spying on her and runs off.

Felicity confronts Ben over cheating on his test, but he downplays how big a deal it is. Felicity asks why he didn’t tell her he was going to do it. Why did he confide in Avery instead? Ben gets defensive and says he’s not as smart as Felicity. He goes outside, where Avery’s still hanging around. She admits that she was waiting for him.

Meghan finally tells Sean about her past with Chris, but she tries to make it sound like it wasn’t that important: They spent one night together four years ago. Sean says he thinks he just walked in on the sequel. He doesn’t like that Meghan kept this a secret from him. Meghan didn’t think it was important enough to talk about.

Sean notes that if he’d had a romantic night with another guy, Meghan would probably want to know. Meghan denies that. Sean wonders if Meghan was ever going to mention that she’s gay. Well, Sean, I think that’s never, because she’s not gay. Meghan says it was an experiment, if anything. After some more fighting, Sean gay-panics himself into a breakup.

Elena has managed to get an Internet connection, and Richard finds her looking at a website for women who want breast enhancements. She accuses him of liking her more with a big chest because he’s superficial. Richard says she looks healthier with bigger breasts. Also, he doesn’t care about Elena’s insecurities because there are naked women on the computer! Please, no one tell him about Meghan and Chris’ hookup.

The docuventary is still running but Felicity’s the only one in the living room. Noel joins her and she asks if he ever thought she was hard to talk to when they were dating. He says she was always really easy to talk to. Clearly Ben doesn’t feel the same way. Noel pauses the docuventary to show her something on his laptop.

Meghan and Chris end up alone in a stairwell together, and when Meghan mentions that she broke up with Sean, all Chris can think about is what that might mean for her. Chris, chill out. Meghan says they break up all the time, but this time around, she can’t wait to make up with him. She loves Sean, and loves guys in general, even though they’re all idiots. Chris realizes she’s not going to get her prenuptial fling. Meghan points out that she should probably not be having one of those if she really wants to get married.

Ben and Avery go to the loft, where they talk about how she’ll be testifying against James. She has to talk about how her life has been affected, and she plans to mention how meeting Ben has changed things for her. Back at the apartment, Noel asks Sean if an interview he once did with Ben is on his computer. Sean says yes, then asks Felicity if Meghan has ever come on to her.

Noel finally finds what he’s looking for and explains his thought process to Felicity. Back when he was going to get back together with Hanna, and Felicity hooked up with Eli, Sean put things in perspective for Noel by showing him a clip of Felicity saying nice things about him. Now Noel wants to show Felicity a clip of Ben saying nice things about her. It’s Ben at the basketball court, saying that Felicity challenges him in a good way. She pushes him and he gets annoyed, but he eventually realizes that she’s right. Felicity thanks him and leaves. Then Noel asks Sean if he’s ever been to Seattle.

Richard tries to convince Elena that she doesn’t need bigger breasts. Does she really want to spend thousands of dollars on something so dumb? Her breasts are perfect as they are. Then he touches them, so she uses her newly learned self-defense skills on him. At the loft, Avery invites Ben to her parents’ place in the Hamptons, but he turns her down. While she’s down the hall in the bathroom, Felicity arrives, wanting to work things out with her boyfriend. Ben tells her he was just helping Avery figure out what to say at James’ trial.

As Avery leaves, Felicity laughs at herself for coming to apologize while Ben was sitting in the dark with another woman. She asks what their “thing” is. Ben says he’s just helping Avery. Felicity asks if this is like how Avery’s helping Ben cheat. He confesses that cheating is his last shot at staying at school: He’s on academic probation, and if he fails the class, he’ll be kicked out. Felicity is upset that Ben has known about his academic status for a year and never mentioned it. She gets even more upset when she realizes that Ben is wearing the watch Avery gave him. She leaves.

In the morning, Chris tells Meghan that she’s thinking about ending things with her fiancé. It’s hard enough to break up with a boyfriend (or girlfriend), but this will be even more difficult. Meghan, who breaks up with Sean over even the smallest things, is probably not the best person to ask. Also, why is Chris sleeping on Meghan’s floor? With Molly away, there’s a free bedroom, right?

Noel tells Felicity that he’s been thinking about post-college plans, and he might take the job in Seattle. She tells him about her fight with Ben and her fears that she can’t compete with Avery. Noel doubts that Ben has romantic feelings for Avery. Felicity complains that everything is changing and starting to suck. Noel backtracks, pretending he never said he wanted to move to Seattle. She admits that she’s sad, and Noel just says he knows.

Elena goes to Richard’s place to apologize with a muffin. He’s scared of her now. She’s decided to keep her breasts. If Tracy broke up with her because of them, then he’s not worth it. If the breakup was for another reason, that’s his loss, as Richard says. Felicity and Noel decide to see a movie, but as they’re buying a paper to see movie times (welcome to pre-Internet movie planning), Ben finds them and asks to talk. Felicity brushes him off.

Meghan tries to make up with Sean, promising that she doesn’t have romantic feelings for Chris. Sean doesn’t apologize for his whole freakout, by the way. Instead, he invites her to bring another woman into their bedroom any time she wants. Ugh. Meghan says that he should have said that before Chris left. Har har. Ben catches Avery after her court appearance/his big test. He wound up not cheating. She invites him to the Hamptons again. And…that’s where we end? Really?

Thoughts: Don’t hate me for this, but Ben has more chemistry with Avery than he does with Felicity.

Noel, don’t bring your friend (or girlfriend or whatever) to the home of someone who hates her. What’s wrong with you?

Wow, who knew Sean was homophobic? If anything, I would have expected him to be one of those guys who gets turned on by the thought of two women together.

I’m surprised the show didn’t go for the popular ’90s/early ’00s of having two women kiss for the wow factor.

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