February 20, 2021

Felicity 3.14, The Break-Up Kit: You Can’t Spell Séance Without Sean

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Sober Molly is very cute

Summary: Felicity is working on a painting in the dorm apartment, and Elena guesses that she’s in a bad mood. Felicity says she’s not. Elena is, though, since she saw Tracy and Rose together. Their moods get better when Molly returns from rehab. She’s excited to be home and proud to be sober. She asks how the others are, but Felicity and Elena don’t want to talk about their relationship issues.

Over at the loft, Meghan is preparing to hold a séance for her dead dog. Um, okay. Sean is a skeptic about talking to the dead, and Meghan calls him closed-minded, though her prefers the term “normal.” Ben passes through on his way out, and Sean complains that Ben has been moping around and won’t talk about it.

Noel comes by the apartment, where Felicity is working on another painting. He compares her to Bob Ross. Thanks to a bad home facial, Elena has burned her corneas and is temporarily blind. Her other senses are heightened, and she notes that Noel has a high voice. Noel invites Felicity to open up about what’s making her paint so much, but she doesn’t want to talk about it. He tells her that Avery hasn’t been around, and Ben seems upset, if that makes her feel any better.

Speaking of Ben, he asks Felicity to meet him at Epstein Bar. He tells her he didn’t cheat on the test. He’s had a hard time keeping his distance from Felicity, but he doesn’t know how to talk to her about what he’s been thinking. Felicity guesses that he’s struggling with his feelings toward Avery, and if he likes her, maybe they should separate until Ben figures out how he feels. We don’t hear his response, but Felicity cries when she gets home, so it can’t be good.

Avery drops in on Ben at Dean & DeLuca and invites him yet again to join her in the Hamptons. He declines, but she thinks he could use a break from the city and a place to clear his head. They won’t be the only ones there, and he’d have his own room, so this isn’t that kind of trip. Ben decides to accept the invitation.

Molly takes Elena to class, where she chats with a classmate named DeForrest. He’s scratched a cornea before and knows how much it hurts. He offers to take notes for Elena, which is why Molly came with her. But since DeForrest is pre-med and Molly isn’t, Elena accepts his offer. She tells Molly she loves DeForrest’s warm voice. She asks if he’s cute. DeForrest is a big guy, and this was before TV would acknowledge that overweight people can be attractive, so Molly doesn’t know how to answer.

The dorm apartment is starting to fill up with Felicity’s canvases. Meghan tells Felicity that when one of her boyfriends broke up with her, she got a bunch of tattoos, so she can relate. Felicity says she and Ben haven’t officially broken up; he just needs some space. Meghan rants about how guys suck. Well, some guys suck. Ben sucks. Felicity forces her to spill that Ben went to the Hamptons with Avery. They’re there now, in a house that looks like a museum.

Noel checks in on Felicity, who denies that she’s been crying over Ben and Avery. She says she doesn’t want to talk about it, but she can’t stop ranting. I’m sure Noel loves hearing this. Felicity’s upset that Ben asked for space, then went away with another woman. She thinks they’ve officially broken up. Noel comforts her, then thinks of something he can do to cheer her up.

The séance begins at the loft, attended by Molly and Sean. Noel pops in to get something and says there’s no way he wants to join them. While Elena talks with DeForrest on the phone, Noel brings Felicity a box that he calls a break-up kit. It contains coupons for things like popcorn and movies, a Toblerone, and an Aretha Franklin CD. In order to keep the kit, Felicity has to redeem a coupon now. She chooses one for homecooked stew.

In the Hamptons, Avery tells Ben about her childhood memories of family vacations. She always thought she was awesome when she wore a red bathing suit to her parents’ parties, but when she was in the hospital, she looked at pictures from that time and realized she was wrong. She’s amazed by how time can change your perspective. Avery offers to help Ben with whatever he’s dealing with, as if the problem doesn’t stem from her.

The séance is a bust (shocking!), so Sean tries to back out. He’s embarrassed that he’s actually trying to summon a dead dog. Suddenly Meghan starts channeling a spirit – but instead of a dog, it’s Sean’s grandmother. Sean gets freaked out, but Molly tells him everything’s okay. Meghan/Grandma (AKA Gaboom) says she has something just for Sean, in her old bedroom closet. Sean emotionally asks what it is, but Meghan snaps out of her trance before she can answer.

Noel cooks at the dorm apartment, telling Felicity about the aunt who perfected the recipe. Sean calls his parents and asks them to look in Gaboom’s closet. Meghan admits that she made everything up – she wanted to shut him up because he was so smug. Sean blasts her for being cruel.

Felicity admits to Noel that she thinks she screwed things up with Ben. She didn’t try to fight to fix things. If their positions were reversed, she’d feel like he didn’t care. She wants to find him and work everything out. Felicity calls someone, pretending to be a friend of Avery’s who’s supposed to go to the Hamptons this weekend so she can get the location of the house. Noel asks if she’s prepared in case things don’t work out the way she wants them to. She isn’t, but she wants to go find Ben anyway. Noel wishes her luck.

The next morning, Ben calls the apartment, looking for Felicity. Meghan goes on a rant about how she loves Felicity like a sister, and if Ben hurts her, Meghan will kill him. Avery’s friends have joined the fun in the Hamptons, so his quiet, reflective weekend is probably not going to be either of those things. Avery stands very close to him, and they kiss, but he’s clearly not into it. She tells him she’s wanted to kiss him for a long time – even before they met in the ambulance.

DeForrest sends Elena flowers to let her know he’s looking forward to going out with her that night. Elena is super-excited to go out with him, especially since DeForrest clearly doesn’t care about people’s looks, like Tracy does. Molly decides not to tell her what DeForrest looks like after all.

Avery introduces Ben to her friends as the man who saved her life. The poor paramedic gets no credit. Felicity arrives (having borrowed Sean’s cousin’s car) and spies the two of them hanging out together. She pulls Ben away to tell him what she wished she’d said earlier: He may be confused about things, but she’s confused most of the time, so she gets it. She knows he and Avery went through something profound the night she was shot, but she thinks she and Ben can work through things.

Felicity continues that she loves Ben, and they must have something real, because if they didn’t, they wouldn’t have made it this far. He can take time apart if he needs it, but she wants to go through this together. She wants this to work out. Ben hugs her and says he wishes he could ease her fears, but he’s still working through his feelings. Felicity says she doesn’t regret this little road trip; she had to give it a shot.

Sean finds Meghan on campus and gives her great news: His parents found $2,000 in Gaboom’s closet. Meghan thinks her séance conversations with her dog were real after all. Sean tells her to go ahead and buy the expensive boots she’s been eyeing, and he’ll give her the money later. It’s the least he can do to repay her, since she let him talk to his grandmother one more time.

Ben comes home from the Hamptons to learn that he got a B- on his final, the one he was going to cheat on. Avery thinks that’s a bad grade and he should have cheated. Avery, hon, a B- is like an A to Ben. Elena can see again, and when DeForrest arrives for their date, she’s surprised by his appearance. He understands that she might not want to go out now that she knows what he looks like. Elena is obviously underwhelmed, but she doesn’t want to be mean, so she agrees to go out.

Noel visits Felicity, having been filled in on her trip by Molly. He wants to finish the stew and let Felicity redeem her coupon. They talk about his adventures with Sensa, and just as Noel is trying to bring up a more serious topic, Ben shows up. He tells Felicity that he admires her for driving all the way to the Hamptons to tell him how she feels.

He promises that nothing happened between him and Avery. Being in the Hamptons just made him realize that he wanted to be in the city with Felicity. He tells her he got a B- on his test, which makes Felicity proud of him. Ben apologizes for putting Felicity through all this angst and thanks her for coming to the Hamptons. She asks if he’s sure he wants to choose her over Avery. He says he is.

Meghan tells Sean she wants to hold another séance, but he reveals that theirs didn’t really work: There was nothing in Gaboom’s closet. The boots were a lesson. Yeah, a lesson that Sean is a jerk. Meghan can live with this one, though, since she used Sean’s credit card. Felicity goes to the loft to thank Noel for being such a good friend. She won’t need the break-up kit after all, but she appreciates it. She tells him she doesn’t know what she would do without him. Noel says the same about her. So we end with three happy pairs – Felicity and Ben, Meghan and Sean, and Elena and DeForrest – plus two leftovers hanging out together, Noel and Molly.

Thoughts: DeForrest is played by Kenan Thompson. 20 years after this guest appearance, he’s the longest-running cast member on SNL and has his own TV show. Take that, shallow people.

Noel should have taken Felicity to the séance. That craziness definitely would have cheered her up.

Why summon a dog, though? All it can do is bark.

How big is Elena’s class that she wouldn’t know what DeForrest looks like before meeting him? Their classroom doesn’t look very big, and it’s spring, so she’s been in at least one class with him for months. You’re telling me Elena hasn’t researched everything about the other Black pre-med students at her college?

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