February 27, 2021

Felicity 3.15, Senioritis: Dependence Day

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I can’t believe neither of them though there could be security cameras

Summary: Noel is preparing for a job interview by practicing with Sean (who has little patches of tape all over his face, for some reason). Sean asks Noel to describe a time he had to deal with failure. Noel doesn’t think that will come up in an interview. Sean says he knows what he’s talking about; he went to Harvard Business School. Well, he went to a summer seminar at Harvard Business School. P.S. The tape on his face is to cleanse his pores. Avery shows up looking for Ben, who’s not there. He’s been ignoring her messages, and Avery’s confused about why he’s been avoiding her since the trip to the Hamptons. Noel guesses that something happened there.

The next day, I guess, Ben is studying in bed in hopes of actually doing well on his finals. Noel grabs Felicity for “Loser Pet Store”-related stuff, and Ben admits that he’s annoyed with Noel. Noel is anxious to make the cartoon great because the place he has a job interview is going to be looking at it. The guys start bickering over food, and Felicity makes it clear that she’s not happy with either of them.

At the dorm apartment, Elena and DeForrest are trying to study for the MCAT together, but the people in the apartment below them are blasting music. Oohhh, flashback to my junior year when I lived above a jerk who kept doing that. DeForrest jumps up and down a few times, which makes the music stop. Yeah, that wouldn’t have worked for me. Molly comes home with groceries, promises to be quiet, and immediately starts making noise. DeForrest tells Elena he got a hotel room for quiet studying (a popular practice at the school), so Elena can stay there with him if she wants.

Sean comes by to tell Meghan that he’s going to have a bar mitzvah. His parents weren’t religious when he was younger, so he never had one. Now he can finally be a man. Sean has invited his rabbi, Rabbi Levin, over for dinner that night, so Meghan offers to make dinner. In the library, Felicity and Noel learn that Richard has been patrolling the campus in a uniform he borrowed from security. He wants to make sure no one pulls any senior pranks. Felicity asks Noel what’s going on with him and Ben. Noel tries to brush her off, but Felicity’s worried that there’s something she should know.

Avery’s roommate, Samantha, leaves a message at the loft for Ben, telling him that something’s happened. He joins her at a hospital, where Samantha tells him that Avery probably wouldn’t have been admitted if Ben had just returned her messages. Meanwhile, Noel and Felicity are celebrating on a roof, happy about his interview. He wants to do something big to commemorate this. Felicity jokes that they should toilet-paper the library. She backtracks, remembering her last bad experience with a prank, but Noel wants to do it. He got the job and is moving to Seattle.

The two sneak a bunch of toilet paper into the library and stack it on some shelves while waiting for the library to close. Noel details his job, which will be with some billionaire. He’ll be working with a bunch of artists from around the world. He compares it to going to grad school but getting paid for it. Noel thinks Felicity would love it, too, and suggests that she work for him. As the library closes, Richard starts searching for any troublemakers.

Avery tells Ben that she’s been taking pills to help her sleep and ease her anxiety after the shooting. She was doing better, but last night she was distressed, and her regular dosage didn’t work, so she took more than she should have. Ben gently asks if she was trying to kill herself. Avery says no, but it’s not clear if she’s lying or not.

Felicity and Noel have gotten their hands on so much toilet paper that people in 2020 would stone them for it. They toss it everywhere, then make a run for it. Over at the loft, Rabbi Levin arrives for dinner, and Meghan is surprised to learn that she’s a she. Raise your hand if you’re surprised that Meghan’s mad that Sean never mentioned that. Sean tells her he only sees the rabbi as a scholar and mentor, not a love interest.

The hotel room has turned out to be a good studying environment, and DeForrest and Elena have done well on their practice tests. She can’t believe that by this time tomorrow, they’ll be all done. He wants to go to Coney Island to celebrate, but Elena’s not a fan of roller-coasters. He leans in to kiss her but stops when he sees she’s not interested. He tells Elena she can keep the hotel room for the night.

Sean and Rabbi Levin have a great time at dinner, while Meghan is, unsurprisingly, annoyed. She eventually leaves, telling the other two they can continue their “intimate conversation” alone. Avery’s released from the hospital, and Ben takes her to Epstein Bar to have some tea. She tells him she’s learned over the past few months that things and people who were important to her before aren’t as important now. Ben suggests that she go to therapy, but Avery tried that and it didn’t help. She says she’s just lonely.

On their way home from the library, Felicity asks Noel if he was serious about hiring her. She doesn’t have summer plans yet, so she’s open to joining him in Seattle. They spot Ben and Avery getting into a cab. Once they’re together at the apartment, Felicity tells Ben that she saw them on the street. She’s sure there’s an explanation, but it felt awful. Ben tells Felicity what happened and acknowledges her feelings. Felicity feels bad for Avery, but she hates how Avery keeps turning up. Ben thinks that’s over.

Sean comes over the next morning to make sure things are okay with Meghan. They’re definitely not, but she pretends she just needed to study. She’s given things a lot of thought and concluded that Sean needs to be with Rabbi Levin. Meghan and Sean are never going to work, but Sean and Rabbi Levin are perfect for each other. Even if they’re not, he should at least be with someone like her, because Meghan can’t do this anymore. Yeah, neither can I.

Richard is furious about Noel and Felicity’s prank and vows revenge. Felicity tells Noel that Ben was only with Avery the night before because of her overdose. Noel is distracted, worrying that Richard will do something that screws up Noel’s future. Felicity reassures him, then tries to reassure herself that the Ben/Avery stuff is innocent.

Elena catches up with DeForrest after the MCAT, sure they both did well. He apologizes for trying to make things romantic the night before. Elena says it’s fine; she’s grateful to DeForrest for offering her a quiet place to study. At the loft, Ben finds coupons from the break-up kit, which Sean tries to explain to him. Avery comes over with flowers to thank Ben for being so nice to her. She needs a place to study and doesn’t want to be alone, so she asks if she can hang out at the loft. Ben is too nice to say no. He tells her that Felicity’s uncomfortable with their friendship.

Noel comes home and sees that Avery’s there, which Ben realizes is going to come back and bite him. He rushes to tell Noel that he’s just being a nice guy. He doesn’t like feeling responsible for Avery’s well-being. Noel accuses him of trying to save yet another damsel in distress. Does he only save women who come between him and Felicity? Ben says that if anyone’s coming between them it’s Noel. They start fighting over Felicity’s possible summer plans, and Noel accuses Ben of lying to her. Ben says he’s just jealous. Noel yells that he’s not jealous of a guy who slept with Avery, then said nothing happened.

Felicity happens to be in the apartment now, and she’s heard that last bit. Ben admits that Avery kissed him, but that was it. Noel peaces out, having dropped a bomb he doesn’t want to clean up after. Avery slips out, too, the best decision she’s ever made. Ben assures Felicity that the kiss meant nothing, which doesn’t explain why he didn’t tell Felicity about it.

She says there must be a reason he can’t say no to Avery. Ben notes that Felicity can’t say no to Noel, and brings up the break-up kit. Ben doesn’t want Felicity to spend the summer with Noel when he clearly still has feelings for her. Felicity says Avery clearly has feelings for Ben, too, and the situations are different – she and Noel are friends, and this would be for a job. Ben argues that that doesn’t mean Noel doesn’t want to break them up.

At the apartment, Elena tells Molly that she feels horrible for not having romantic feelings for DeForrest just because of the way he looks. Molly says Elena can’t help not having chemistry with him. Elena decides she needs to open her mind more. Richard reviews security tapes and catches Noel pulling the prank in the library. Meghan goes to the loft to get her stuff, but Sean wants them to work things out by going to couple’s therapy (based on advice from Rabbi Levin). Meghan thinks they’re too different to fix things, but she agrees to go anyway.

Elena goes to DeForrest’s to finish the kiss they didn’t have the night before. She promises it wasn’t a pity kiss, though he knows it was. He gets that she’s confused about her feelings because of his appearance, and he doesn’t fault her for trying to be kind, but he doesn’t want charity. Avery visits Ben during a shift at Dean & DeLuca, and he tells her that he gets why she feels connected to him, but that connection doesn’t extend beyond that moment. Her friends and roommates want to help her, so she needs to learn on them instead of him. He can’t be there for her anymore.

While studying at the library, Felicity tells Noel that Ben thinks he’s trying to break them up. She brings it up like it’s a funny, crazy idea, but Noel hesitates before denying it. He doesn’t think Felicity gets how much they’ll miss each other after he moves to Seattle. They depend on each other. He kisses her, which basically obliterates his claim that he’s not trying to break up her and Ben. Noel asks for one thing: Can Felicity say she doesn’t still have feelings for him, too?

Thoughts: Okay, show, time to take Amy Jo Johnson’s name out of the opening credits. Actually, it’s been time for about ten episodes.

Can we please have any plot for Sean and Meghan – literally any plot – other than constant fighting? Their friends must find them exhausting to be around.

Why did they bring Molly back if she’s not going to do anything?

(Bernie Sanders voice) I am once again asking where Javier is.

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