March 20, 2021

Felicity 4.1, The Declaration: Grown-ish

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New York’s hottest new hangout is Tar Beach

Summary: Felicity’s making a tape for Sally, so you know something big must have happened. She’s officially a senior now, and she’s sure things will be awesome, even though they’re also complicated. She had a wonderful summer hanging out with Noel and absolutely not awkwardness. Felicity admits that she didn’t think at all about her future, though her father did.

Flashback to summer: Felicity, Noel, and Javier are tanning on the roof. Noel did the Saturday crossword puzzle in ink, so Felicity will be buying him dinner. Javier is coordinating Elena’s wedding, so now we know how she responded to Tracy’s proposal. After Noel leaves, Javier notes that Felicity hasn’t talked about Ben for a while. She promises that she still loves him, but Javier warns that this year won’t be as easy as she thinks.

Felicity tells Sally that Edward keeps sending her newspaper clippings about people her age who know exactly what they’re doing with their lives. They bother her, for some reason. So much so that she wakes up in the middle of the night and goes to Noel’s room. She had a nightmare about an alligator that killed Noel, then chased her.

She’s worried about what will happen to them this year. Felicity’s friends are doing grown-up things like getting married and getting jobs, and she knows everything will change. Noel tells her this is normal for senior year – people start panicking because they’re so close to their futures. He’s sure Felicity will get into a great art program this year. Felicity admits she hasn’t applied yet, because she’s intimidated by the person in charge Jeremy Cavallo. Noel promises that this will be the best year of Felicity’s life. She’s nervous anyway.

The next day, Sean and Meghan are back from Switzerland. They’re fighting. I know! I’m shocked, too! The ladies are back in the dorm apartment, by the way. Sean tells Felicity that on the flight back from Switzerland, he and Meghan played a game: If you could have sex with anyone, who would it be? These freaking idiots. Why would they play a game like that? Anyway, Sean said Elizabeth Hurley, and Meghan said Tracy. You know, her friend’s fiancé. FREAKING IDIOT.

Felicity goes to meet Cavallo, voicing over to Sally that as a senior, she shouldn’t be so worried about what someone thinks of her. He’s on the phone, and he crankily acknowledges her, which makes her chicken out and go to the loft instead. Noel urges her to go back tomorrow and try again, but she’s embarrassed. Noel is getting ready for a job interview, but Felicity is too focused on her own neuroses to be very encouraging.

Ben arrives a day ahead of schedule, and he and Felicity have a happy reunion. Noel says he’s going up to Tar Beach, their nickname for the roof. Elena takes her wedding dress to Dean & DeLuca, displeased with how it turned out. Javier promises that his cousin, who altered the dress for her, will do what Elena wants. Elena gives him a list of things to take care of for the wedding, and Javier tries to pretend it’s not too much.

In bed after a…more official reunion, Felicity tells Ben that she was relieved when he called over the summer to tell her he doesn’t want to be a paramedic after all. Then…why didn’t he come back sooner? Anyway, Ben announces that he wants to be a doctor instead. Their conversation is interrupted by news from Noel that Edward is on the phone, and also in town. Felicity and Edward start bickering, and she tells him she’s in the honors art program with Cavallo. Liar!

The next day, Felicity gathers her courage to actually talk to Cavallo. He apologizes for being cranky the day before and is in general much kinder than Felicity’s nervousness as led us to believe. Ben meets with…his advisor, I guess, a guy named Norman. He easily agrees to approve of Ben’s class changes so he can take pre-med classes. He thinks Ben is a natural for med school, which means he’s never met Ben before, as I’ve suspected in the past. Yep, he has Ben confused with someone else.

Ben wants to take 18 credits this semester, when 14 is normal. Norman thinks taking that many credits could actually kill Ben. Ben doesn’t know why Norman would care. Norman advises him to stay a fifth year and give himself more time to complete his requirements. Ben, however, now knows what he wants to do in life, and he’s eager to get everything done. Norman gives him a placement test to take – if Ben passes, Norman will approve his class changes.

Javier shows Elena her newly altered dress, but she still doesn’t like it. “Sweetheart, would you tell me if you were doing drugs?” Javier asks. Elena doesn’t think his cousin should be struggling so much with the dress. Javier yells that he’s been working hard to get Elena everything she wants, and she’s not grateful. Elena announces that she’ll do it herself. “It’s okay, she liked it,” Javier tells an eavesdropping customer.

Noel hasn’t had any success in job interviews, and he’s disappointed that he has nothing to show for all his work. Felicity’s like, “Stop thinking about yourself and feel bad for me, since I have to go spend time with my dad.” He advises her to think of Edward like a spider – spiders are more scared of people than people should be of them. I think you’re thinking of bears, Noel. Felicity asks him to come along to dinner with Edward for moral support. Noel tells her he’ll be there in spirit. She leans her head on his shoulder. Felicity…no.

Edward surprises Felicity at the dorm apartment, where he’s been chatting with Ben about his decision to go pre-med. He passed his placement test, so his new plan is a go. But now Felicity’s annoyed, because her father is super-proud of Ben for his newfound purpose in life, but worried about Felicity for having no plans for her future.

At dinner, Edward tells Felicity that she’s wasting her time. She’s been focused on guys more than her future, and now she has no plans. Art is great, and he likes that she likes it, but it’s not a life. Felicity should go back to the pre-med track, and keep art as a hobby. She excuses herself from the table and runs to call Noel. He tells her Edward is just being a typical parent; he’s not evil, just stupid. If Edward doesn’t get why Felicity has made the choices she had, it’s because he doesn’t understand her. Life is a challenge and obstacle course, so Felicity should tackle it on her own terms.

Feeling refreshed, Felicity returns to the table and tells Edward that she’s doing things that are important to her. She needs to make her own choices, even if they’re the wrong ones. She’s not facing a time schedule, after all. Edward thinks she should be, but Felicity doesn’t want to live that way. Edward accepts that, but adds that he and Barbara aren’t comfortable financing that life. Felicity has just a year to figure out what she wants to do. She’s on the edge of a cliff facing her future. She’s wasted the last three years. Felicity says she’ll pay for her senior year herself. She doesn’t want Edward’s help or need his criticism.

She goes to the loft, where Noel is lying around in his interview suit, trying to figure out why he’s not landing any jobs. They don’t know what to do with their lives, so they’re just going to eat candy. The next day, Felicity goes to the financial aid office to take over as her own financier. She tells Sally that there’s something amazing about declaring your independence. Felicity heads to Dean & DeLuca afterward, where Ben’s annoyed because she’s late and he has to get to class.

At the dorm apartment, Meghan is trying on a bridesmaid dress for Elena’s wedding. The dress is perfectly fine, but of course Meghan hates it. Sean thinks she just doesn’t want Tracy and Elena to get married since she wants Tracy for herself. Sean has helped himself to cake in the fridge, which happens to be the wedding cake. You’re telling me Sean didn’t realize that a big cake with a bride and groom on top was THE wedding cake? Come on.

Noel has finally had a successful interview, and he thinks his good luck will pass on to Felicity, and she’ll get into Cavallo’s program. But when Felicity arrives to meet with Cavallo, Edward is there. He wanted to see for himself what’s so special about this program. Cavallo asks Felicity to come back later and he’ll tell her whether she’s in the program. Felicity quickly asks Edward to sign the forms allowing her to be her own financier.

Ben is late for his first organic chemistry class with Professor Hodges, so Hodges won’t let him in. He’ll also be quizzed on the contents of that class’ lecture. If he misses another lecture, he’s out. Yeah, Ben isn’t cut out for this. Meanwhile, Cavallo tells Felicity he likes her work, but she’s not ready for his honors course.

She goes to the loft to talk to Ben about her bad day, but he’s also having a bad day, made worse by a malfunctioning printer. He tells her he missed his first organic chemistry lecture because he was late; Felicity puts the pieces together and realizes it was because she made him late. Ben reminds her how important this semester is, and how heavy his workload is.

Javier goes to the dorm apartment to give Elena back the picture she gave his cousin of what she wanted her dress to look like. He’s realized that Elena wants a replica of her late mother’s wedding dress. He’s also realized that Elena’s mother isn’t around to help her plan her big day, which is probably contributing to her crankiness. Javier promises to help her get the dress she wants.

Edward comes by to give Felicity the signed financial papers, making her officially in charge of her own tuition. She tells him she’s not a little girl anymore. She also lies that she got into Cavallo’s class, which is something that mature, grown people do. She voices over to Sally that she’s afraid of the future, which seems ridiculous – “it’s just time, isn’t it?”

Noel finds Felicity up on Tar Beach, where he reveals that his awesome job interview didn’t lead to an awesome job. He tries to pretend it isn’t a bad deal, but it is. Felicity tells him she didn’t get into the honors program, and now she thinks her dad’s right. She feels lost. They put their heads close together, which leads to kissing. Oh, no!

Thoughts: I love Rick Worthy, who plays Cavallo. I’ve never seem him play someone so…what’s the opposite of gruff?

It took two seasons but Felicity’s hair is finally back to a length that doesn’t make me want to avert my eyes. Ben, however, has shaved off most of his hair, and I don’t like it. And Elena has ditched her braids, while Meghan has kind of adopted them, putting her hair in dreds. Meghan, no!

Not that I want to listen to Sean and Meghan fight more, but it’s disappointing that their plot just ends. I need to know more about Meghan’s attraction to Tracy.

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