April 3, 2021

Felicity 4.3, Your Money or Your Wife: Impossible Dreams

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Never stop dreaming, Javier

Summary: Sean is trying to buy a ring for Meghan, but his money situation isn’t great, so he can’t afford much. Meghan informs him that her parents want to meet his parents (and also, they’re not thrilled that their only child got married without them present). Sean notes that Meghan never cares what her parents want, so why start now? She says that someday they’ll probably have kids, and she’ll want the kids to have a good relationship with their grandparents, so they’re going to have dinner with all the Blumbergs and Rotundis, end of discussion.

Ben goes to the dorm apartment, where he and Felicity quickly decide they want to put everything behind them and get back together. Well, that was easy! I’m sure it’s smooth sailing from here on out! Later, Felicity asks Javier if he would be able to stay with Samuel if Javier cheated – even if it was just a one-time thing and he got away with it. She reveals that she cheated on Ben with Noel, and Ben has no idea. Javier promises to keep it to himself, and knows Felicity chose him to confess to because of his discretion. Felicity doesn’t know what to do; she just wants things to go back to normal.

Ben’s struggling with organic chemistry, and Felicity doesn’t remember anything she learned in the class, so she advises him to talk to Elena. They make weekend plans and kiss goodbye like everything’s totally normal. Felicity tells Javier that kissing Ben makes her feel even worse. At the loft, a woman named Sharon, who’s with the building’s co-op board, tells Sean she hasn’t gotten checks from him for months. (Shouldn’t Felicity have been taking care of that over the summer?) Meghan tells him his parents are coming to dinner, an idea Sean hates.

Felicity applied too late for financial aid, so she owes more tuition money than she thought. A LOT more. A guy at the financial aid office offers her a scholarship guide…which costs $35. Felicity, try the Internet. It’s free. She buys the book, which Javier takes an interest in at Dean & DeLuca, though his first choice for her is a beauty pageant. Felicity prefers one for female art students.

Javier is auditioning for a production of Man of La Mancha, and he tells Felicity he originally came to the U.S. to be an actor. He only went on one audition, though, and he was so horrible that it spooked him from ever trying again. Noel comes by to meet with Natalie’s lawyer, who supposedly has news for him. Javier knows something but doesn’t tell Noel whatever’s going on.

Professor Hodges hands back some recent papers, telling his class that 40% of his students last year either failed or dropped the course. Hmm, maybe you just suck at teaching. A guy named Trevor tells Ben that he might join that 40%. The two agree to be lab partners. Back at Dean & DeLuca, Natalie’s lawyer gives Noel a check for $50,000 from some relative’s estate. Noel worries he’ll end up like his cousin, who became a bum after receiving settlement checks from an accident. The lawyer says the money will just go back to his firm and sit in a pool. Noel decides to accept the check.

Sean is super-nervous for the big dinner, which is making Meghan nervous as well. He knows his dad is going to try too hard to impress the Rotundis, and he’ll end up being embarrassing instead. Meghan comes up with a code: If she says “Rice Krispies,” Sean will know to shut up. I think Sean’s dad is the one who needs that code, but okay.

Sean’s parents, Manny and Helen, arrive to meet up with Meghan and Sean before heading out to dinner. They’re thrilled to meet Meghan and tell her that, even though they weren’t happy that Sean got married without them, now they know the couple was meant to be. Sean complains to Meghan that his father’s wearing a suit, and she replies, “Rice Krispies.” Yeah, Sean, you’re going to want to pace yourself.

As they’re leaving to meet the Rotundis, Manny admires Sean’s stereo. Sean negotiated a price of $400, and Manny says he knows someone who could have gotten it for $300. Sean responds by asking why his father wore a suit. Meghan tries to shush him, but Sean says Manny tries too hard to make himself look like someone who isn’t from Flushing. The Rotundis would never embarrass him but asking how much something cost. Helen and Meghan try to break up the argument, but Manny decides that he and Helen should leave. Meghan tells Sean he has to call her parents and explain that dinner isn’t happening.

Elena looks over Felicity’s scholarship application, sure she’ll get it. She mentions that she tried to call Tracy but reached his roommate instead. She’s not sure why she wanted to call him; she just can’t grasp the thought of never seeing him again. Plus, now she’s down a lab partner. Elena considers teaming up with Ben, who did reach out to her for help, but she’s not sure how she can help him. The class is really tough, and they have one mutual friend who flamed out.

Ben arrives and overhears them talking about how he’s in over his head. He doesn’t know even the basic pieces of the subject. Med school will be even more difficult, so Ben is facing an uphill battle. Felicity thinks that, if he really wants this, he’ll make a great doctor. Ben makes his presence known, tells Elena he doesn’t need her help after all, and leaves to go study.

The next day, Meghan buys Sean a book about great relationships between fathers and sons just to demonstrate that his relationship with his father sucks. Sean and I make the same observation – she wasted money to make a point. Meghan says that a couple of years ago, she got sick of pretending to be the daughter her parents thought she was, so she went home for a visit as her real, goth self. It went better than she’d expected, and now her relationship with her parents is great. Sean doesn’t see how that will help him. Meghan says that she and her dad don’t always get along, but at least they talk.

Felicity calls someone about the art scholarship, which is no longer available and should have been taken out of the book. Javier tells Felicity that he saw Noel and did a great job pretending he didn’t know anything about his hookup with Felicity. Felicity says she hasn’t been to the loft in days, and Javier informs her that Noel is moving out to get his own place.

Sharon visits Sean again to get her money. At the same time, Noel tells Sean he’s moving out. Read the room, Noel. Sean asks Sharon if he can have a couple more days to get his finances together. She agrees but warns that the co-op board will hire a lawyer to come after their money if they don’t get it soon. Sean, maybe you could start by selling your $400 stereo.

Ben and Trevor have been working on a lab experiment for hours but can’t figure out what they’re doing wrong. Trevor suggests that they take a break and have some beers. Ben would rather focus on getting into med school, so he stays behind and keeps working. Meanwhile, Sean goes to his family’s home, where his brother, Joey, is nervous about another big father/son blow-up. It turns out that Manny, like his son, is an inventor; he’s created a screwless chair. Sean tells Manny they’re having brunch with the Rotundis tomorrow.

Javier goes to his audition in armor, since he’s auditioning for the part of Don Quixote. The director asks him to lose the accent. Javier, leave now. He gets just a few notes into “The Impossible Dream,” and the director dismisses him. Aww. Over at the loft, repo men show up to take all of Sean’s stuff from the living room. One of them tells him he’s facing eviction.

Felicity shows up later, and Noel tells him that Sean said he moved everything out so the floors could be redone. Noel confirms that he’s moving out. Felicity only stopped by to ask Sean a financial question, which is…weird. She went to a bank to get a loan, but she doesn’t have enough collateral, so she considered charging her tuition to a preapproved credit card. Noel tells her not to do that, since she’ll get stuck with a bunch of interest.

Noel has a better idea: Felicity can take his $50,000. Of course, Felicity doesn’t want that, but Noel tells her they can look at it as a no-interest loan she can pay back at any time. Felicity says she needs to handle this problem on her own. She appreciates him for being as generous as always, though.

Ben fell asleep in the lab after finishing his experiment, but he thinks he figured it out, so at least there’s that. Hodges disagrees. Ben asks what he did wrong, but Hodges won’t give him the answer, since that won’t help him learn. He needs to figure this one out on his own before he can complete the next lab. If he doesn’t, he’s out of the class. Ben complains to Trevor that Hodges sucks. Hodges hears him and tells him he’s free to leave at any time.

Sean’s next big idea: flavored pen caps. I think I’ve been watching this show too long, because it makes perfect sense to me. Noel guesses that Sean wants him to invest his $50,000 in the idea. Javier tells Felicity his dream is dead, and she tells him she didn’t get her loan, so they’re both a little down. Felicity says her only options are calling her dad and begging for help, or dropping out. Javier gives her a third option, the beauty pageant. He insists that it’s not all about beauty. She has to submit her academics, too. Plus, lots of people get scholarships this way.

Meghan and Sean meet their parents at the Rotundis’ mansion. Things get off to a great start when Sean compliments his father’s informal clothes. Ben goes to the dorm apartment, where Elena tells him that Tracy sent her a letter saying he needs distance. He’s taking the semester off for another church mission. (He’s actually a surgical intern at Sacred Heart Hospital, but that wouldn’t make sense to Elena.)

Elena thinks she’s dumb for thinking they could have worked things out. She feels like she’s made the biggest mistake of her life. Ben notes that she would have made a bigger mistake if she’d married him for the wrong reasons. He also lets her know that he overheard her telling Felicity that he might not make it through pre-med or med school. He’s not mad, though; he’s not sure he’s going to succeed, either.

The Blumbergs and Rotundis get along well, but when Manny tries to pitch his idea for screwless chairs, Sean and Helen object (though Walter Rotundi agrees to look at his prospectus). Sean finally tells Manny that Walter is just being nice, and Manny needs to stop embarrassing himself. Manny thinks Sean is calling him a loser. Sean reminds him that his ideas never work. Suddenly, he realizes that Manny’s not embarrassing himself – he’s embarrassing Sean.

Sean goes home and tells Noel that he’s having money problems. He regrets trying to manipulate Noel into helping him. But Noel, of course, does want to help, and he offers to loan Sean the $50,000. In fact, he’d love to get rid of the money he feels he doesn’t deserve. Hey, look, everyone’s problem is solved! Well, except Felicity’s. And Ben’s. And Javier’s. Okay, never mind.

Elena helps Ben and Trevor with their experiment while Trevor hits on Elena. Dude, she JUST broke up with her fiancé. Keep your pants on. Anyway, the three successfully complete the experiment, so Trevor suggests they celebrate with beer. Does he do anything other than drink? Elena agrees to go, but Ben wants to hang out with his girlfriend.

Sean goes back to his parents’ house and tells Manny that he’s not ashamed of his father. He just wanted to impress his in-laws. Manny says there’s nothing wrong with trying to be successful, but Sean should be prouder of who he is. Sean’s like, “Yeah, a 27-year-old without a college degree, a steady job, or friends his own age is really something to be proud of.” Manny sees things differently: Sean has his own place and a ton of great ideas. The family even eats one of his cereal inventions all the time. Manny’s proud of Sean and asks if he’s working on anything new. Sean tells him about the pen caps, and Manny says he had the same idea.

Felicity has run out of ideas, so she leaves a message with her father. Javier shares the happy news that, while he didn’t get the role as Don Quixote, he did get a spot in the chorus. This inspires Felicity to continue dreaming her own impossible dream and not turn to her father for money. She goes home and looks for a picture to attach to her application for the beauty pageant.

Music montage! Sean gets his stuff back as Elena tries to move on from Tracy, Felicity mails her application, Ben gets a nod of respect from Hodges, and Javier enjoys himself at rehearsal. At the loft, Meghan tells Noel that her father is mad at her: He wants her to annul her marriage to Sean, and if she doesn’t, she’s cut off. She asks him not to tell Sean. Oh, great, both of them are keeping money-related secrets from each other. This marriage is off to an awesome start. But at least Sean was able to buy Meghan a (cubic zirconia) ring to make the marriage more official.

Thoughts: Trevor is played by Christopher Gorham. Joey is played by Brad Grunberg, Greg Grunberg’s real-life brother.

The second Noel got the check, I knew what he would try to do with it. This show stole a plot from Dawson’s Creek!

Until Noel mentioned Natalie’s name, I’d completely forgotten she existed. I guess it’s good of the show to wrap up that plot instead of just dropping it forever.

I assume Meghan is now living at the loft, so are Felicity and Elena the only people in that huge apartment now?

Trivia: The Rotundis’ money comes from an elevator business.

Manny’s sales pitch for his chairs is “screw other chairs.” I feel like this would actually work.

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