April 24, 2021

Felicity 4.6, Oops… Noel Did It Again: It’s a Good Thing Felicity Can Legally Drink Now, Because She’s Going to Need a Strong One

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Does this woman ever age?

Summary: It’s the day before Felicity’s birthday, but Ben wants to give her a present a day early: a sled. He suggests taking a weekend trip to Vermont to test it out. Felicity has to run a critique for Cavallo, but they can leave in the afternoon. Sean brings Ben the phone, then tells Felicity that he and Meghan were up late trying to come up with a name for their shirt company. Oh, so they’re doing that. Sean likes Seanshirts, while Meghan prefers Meghanlomania, which Sean thinks is too hard to say.

Ben tells Felicity that someone named Lauren called to report that Mr. C. is in the hospital with liver failure. Looks like the Vermont trip is on hold. As Noel wraps up a meeting with two students named Tammy and Gaby who want to switch dorms, Ben goes to Mr. C.’s hospital and meets Lauren. Mr. C. isn’t available for visitors right now, but Ben is impatient to see him and leave so he can still go to Vermont. Guess the trip isn’t on hold after all.

Lauren tells him that Mr. C.’s condition is so bad that he’s not even on the transplant list, since doctors don’t think he would survive the operation. She continues that Mr. C. has something to tell Ben. Ben needs to stick around and talk to him, at the very least so he can get some closure. Ben doesn’t quite get it until Lauren spells it out for him: Mr. C. is dying.

Noel makes a call about Tammy and Gaby, telling someone in housing to put them wherever there’s space. Javier comes by with a complaint about toilet paper on campus. Noel can’t believe that his predecessor did this job for 14 years; Noel is already sick of it. Every day, he deals with stupid complaints from stupid people. He feels like he’s sinking in quicksand and needs to get out ASAP. From now on, he’s not helping anyone else. Javier retracts his complaint.

Felicity runs a critique of students’ sketches of a spoon. A student named Gretchen did a self-portrait instead, but Felicity defends her decision, since the result is so good. Elena gets home to find Richard helping Tammy and Gaby move into the dorm apartment. They’ve taken it upon themselves to move Elena to a different room. Richard is thrilled to have two new pretty people to hit on (and, of course, be rejected by).

Felicity asks Cavallo if he has any advice for her or instructions for something she needs to be doing. He needs to be somewhere, so he asks to have lunch with her the next day to talk. Felicity, aren’t you going to Vermont? Maybe not. At home, Felicity tells Elena about Cavallo, and Elena advises her not to go to lunch with him. After all, look what happened to her with McGrath.

Felicity says the situation is totally different, since she and Cavallo are keeping everything professional. Elena points out that he could have asked her to come back during office hours. Felicity shouldn’t put herself in a position where she needs to turn him down. Elena starts complaining about Tammy and Gaby, who lost one of her jackets while moving her things. Also, one of them is hogging the bathroom.

Ben is surprised that Lauren came to New York to see Mr. C. just because he’s her sponsor. She says she just wanted to offer him some support, since he’s been so helpful to her. Now Ben’s surprised that Mr. C. has been helpful to someone. Mr. C. comes back from having some tests done, and yeah, he looks pretty bad. He tells his doctor he doesn’t want any pain meds, since he’s been sober for 67 days.

Mr. C. tries to make small talk with Ben, who wants to cut to the chase. Mr. C. says that since his liver can’t clear toxins, his mental abilities may be affected. He needs someone to make medical decisions for him if he gets too sick to make them for himself. Ben thinks it’s ridiculous that Mr. C. would ask him. Mr. C. says this is the longest he’s ever been sober. He wants to stay that way, and he also doesn’t want to be kept alive by machines. If it gets to that point, Ben needs to approve of having him taken off life support. Ben reluctantly agrees.

At home that night, Ben tells Felicity that Mr. C. has been trying to kill himself for years, so Ben’s not going to try to stop him. Felicity thinks this is different since Mr. C. is sober. Ben notes that he was sober the last time he came to town. This is just like Mr. C., making a mess and expecting someone else to clean it up.

Felicity thinks he’s really changed this time, but Ben doesn’t want to give him any more chances. He changes the subject to the Vermont trip, but Felicity thought they weren’t going, so she agreed to meet with Cavallo. Ben really wants to make this a birthday trip, so he says they’ll go after Felicity and Cavallo get together.

Javier visits Noel again, hoping to change his mind about not helping anyone (AKA his job). Noel has already set up some interviews for job he hopes are better than this one. Javier wants to put together a photo album for Felicity’s birthday, and he needs Noel to give him some photos to fill it. A student stops by to ask if new job listings have come in yet, and Noel says they haven’t, and he doesn’t know when they will. “You’re not a very good guidance counselor,” the student says. Javier tells him to come to Dean & DeLuca the next day for a tryout. The student says Javier rocks.

Felicity and Cavallo go to lunch at what looks like a pretty nice restaurant. He thinks she’s doing a good job as his TA, and he’s trusting her to run things while he’s out of town next week. They start talking about Rodin, and how well he sculpted the human body. Cavallo touches Felicity’s hand pretty intimately during this conversation. He tells her that Rodin was rejected many times before he became famous, so Felicity shouldn’t feel too down about not getting into Cavallo’s honors program.

Elena gives Felicity gloves and a scarf for her Vermont trip. Felicity asks what she should do about Cavallo – just pretend nothing’s going on? Elena tells her she needs to confront him and get everything out in the open. Then she goes to yell at Tammy, Gaby, and Richard for blasting music. It looks like Tammy and Gaby have some plan in mind, since they’re excited by Richard’s connection to Noel.

Ben comes over to tell Felicity that Mr. C. is getting worse. The Vermont trip is officially off. Felicity offers to go to the hospital with Ben, but he says Lauren’s going to meet him. The music starts up again, which really kills the mood. Noel goes on a bunch of job interviews, practically begging for a job that isn’t counseling people he hates.

Later, Felicity finds him in his office, where he’s moping about not making any progress on his job search. He thinks she’s disappointed that she had to delay the Vermont trip; she should be doing something fun on her 21st birthday. Felicity says she’s going to go paint instead. Why doesn’t she go out and have fun with her friends? Because Elena definitely needs something else to do.

Instead, Elena is getting madder and madder at her new roommates and their loud dance party. She calls Noel to leave him a message complaining about them. Richard tells her that he’s figured out Tammy and Gaby’s plan: Use Richard to get to Noel so they can sleep with him. Once again, Noel gets all the ladies, just like he bedded Felicity. Elena tells him that the loft’s answering machine just recorded everything he said. That means Ben could hear the news that Felicity slept with Noel.

Ben meets up with Lauren on the street outside the loft after she buys Mr. C. some flowers. She says he’s been like a father to her. Oh, ouch. She says Mr. C. talks about his actual child all the time. Noel spots them talking from across the street where they’ve met up. Lauren hugs Ben, giving Noel a very wrong idea about what’s going on. In Noel’s world, people of opposite sexes don’t ever hug unless they’re romantically involved.

At the hospital, Mr. C.’s doctor tells Ben that Mr. C. is declining quickly. He needs to be put on life support. Lauren knows Mr. C. doesn’t want that, but Ben wants to consider all their options. The doctor says they should think about giving him pain medication, even though Mr. C. didn’t want that, either. There’s no need for Mr. C. to be in pain while he’s dying.

Cavallo finds Felicity painting in some studio space available to TAs. She awkwardly tells him that she felt uncomfortable when he touched her at lunch. Cavallo thinks she’s right to speak up if she thought he was making a move, which he wasn’t. He’s in a relationship and isn’t looking to be unfaithful, especially with a colleague. Felicity feels dumb for thinking otherwise, but Cavallo tells her not to. Gretchen arrives, supposedly to help Cavallo put up a show, but I think we know who Cavallo’s in a relationship with.

Elena and Richard rush to the loft, where Sean is working on a new product, a vest made out of playing cards. Yikes. Richard distracts Sean and Meghan while Elena deletes their message from the machine. They hear the notification that Elena’s deleted the messages, and she and Richard run off without explaining themselves. They do provide the couple with a new company name, though: Shmeghan. Ugh.

Ben gets overwhelmed by his father’s condition and tells Lauren that if Mr. C. doesn’t want to be saved, Ben won’t save him. He doesn’t want Mr. C.’s power of attorney anymore. He goes home, where Noel casually asks who he was hugging on the street. He told Felicity he was going to see his father, so why was he with someone who definitely wasn’t his father? Ben says Lauren is a friend of Mr. C.’s. Noel asks why Ben was with someone other than his girlfriend on her birthday.

The two start fighting, of course, and Ben says Noel can’t hide behind his “friendship” with Felicity anymore. He’s obviously hanging around to wait out Felicity’s relationship with Ben so he can try to get her back. “She was never yours; she never will be,” Ben says. He tells Noel to move on already because it’s been years since he and Felicity were together and he’s not going to get her back. Noel says he already did. Ben asks for an explanation, and though Noel won’t give one, it looks like Ben figures out what he means.

He goes back to the hospital to talk to Mr. C.’s doctor about putting Mr. C. on life support. That will give him a small chance of being eligible to go back on the transplant list. Ben wants to try. At the dorm apartment, Javier gives Felicity his photo album as Elena busts Tammy and Gaby for stealing her jacket. They say they’re just used to sharing clothes with their sisters, so they figured it was okay to borrow without asking.

Noel arrives, thrilling Tammy and Gaby, and asks to talk to Felicity in private. He has good news and bad news. The good: He got a job offer. The bad: He kind of, sort of told Ben that they hooked up. Happy birthday, Felicity! Ben tells Mr. C., who’s now on a respirator, that he went against his wishes in hopes of helping him get better. If Mr. C. does improve, he and Ben will have a little more time together.

Thoughts: Lauren is played by Lisa Edelstein. Gretchen is played by Bethany Joy Lenz. The student who asks Noel about job listings is Austin Sanders.

It’s really hard to watch John Ritter play a character who’s dying just a couple years before he actually died.

How did Mr. C. become Lauren’s sponsor if he’s unable to stay sober for more than two months at a time? Don’t you have to have years of sobriety to be a sponsor? Also, I think I’ve said this before, but I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to have a sponsor of the opposite sex.

Please, Sean. Meghanlomania is a much better name than Seanshirts or Shmeghan.

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