May 1, 2021

Felicity 4.7, The Storm: Drifting Icebergs

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Welcome to this whole mess, Ben’s mom!

Summary: The background music is angsty as Ben plays basketball by himself. Felicity arrives and asks if they can talk, but he’s obviously not in the mood. She apologizes for what happened with Noel, and he finally tells her he doesn’t want to talk right now.

The next day, Richard plays lookout so Noel knows when Ben is back at the loft. He invites Noel to stay with him, for his own safety. Noel doesn’t care about that right now; he’s about to start his new job. Sean gives him a Shmeghan tie pin with a skull on it. Yeah, he’ll make a great first impression with that. Richard tells Sean that Noel slept with Felicity. Meghan hears and is surprised that Ben didn’t hit Noel when he found out. Noel announces that he’s looking for a new place to live, since he knows this is going to cause a lot of tension in the loft.

Sean goes to Ben’s room to express his sympathy over the whole situation. Ben is distracting himself with studying, his dad, and his mom’s recent arrival in town. Sean doesn’t really know what to do other than offer to listen and drink with Ben if he wants. Meghan goes to the dorm apartment and tells Felicity that the news is out about her romp in the sack (well, on the roof) with Noel. Meghan just says it’s about time.

Javier’s also there, and he thinks Felicity and Ben will work things out once he’s cooled down. Meghan has experience here (she cheated on her seventh-grade boyfriend) and agrees. She thinks Ben and Felicity’s romance is a kind of fairy tale. You know, the fairy tale where the princess follows the prince across the country on the spur of the moment. We’ve all heard that one, right?

Noel promises his new boss, Dominic Webb, that he shouldn’t worry about Noel balancing his new graphic-design gig with his job at the college. His first assignment is designing a CD cover for a band. He meets a co-worker named Zoe, who happens to be Dominic’s daughter. One of Felicity’s students, Nick, stops her in a hallway to ask for an extension on an assignment. While he’s talking, Felicity spots Ben and completely blocks out what Nick is saying. Ben glances at Felicity as he passes her but doesn’t say anything or stop.

He and Trevor do some sort of experiment with Elena, who’s surprised that Ben can concentrate on classwork right now, let alone successfully complete it. After Ben leaves, Trevor and Elena disagree over whether it’s easier for the man or the woman to get over a breakup. He thinks when a guy cheats, it’s just sex, but when the woman cheats, emotions are involved, so it means more. Elena, who has firsthand experience, tells him he’s wrong.

Ben goes to the dorm apartment to get his things and continue not talking to Felicity. Then he meets up with his mother, Allison, and shows her around the loft. She admires the sketch over his bed, the one Felicity did of him running. She tells Ben that Andrew is back on the list for a liver transplant, and may be healthy enough to go back to California soon – specifically, back home with Allison. Ben is nervous about the idea of his parents getting back together, but Allison says it’s not easy to let go.

That night, Felicity has trouble sleeping, partly because of…well, everything, and partly because there’s a thunderstorm outside. She writes a letter and takes it to the loft. She tells Ben she wants to respect his desire not to talk to her, but she needed a way to communicate with him.

The next day, Nick is upset that Felicity failed him instead of granting the extension. He’s at school on an athletic scholarship, and now he’s at risk of getting kicked out. Felicity promises to fix things. Trevor tells Elena he did some research on “the evolutionary theory of gender relations.” In a nutshell, men are wired to sleep with as many women as possible in hopes of fertilizing them. Women are selective, as they “shop” for mates who protect them. Elena argues that there’s no proof that cheating means more to women than men.

Noel and Zoe chat at work, and it’s clear even this early on that they’re probably going to hook up. She invites him to grab dinner with her, but he decides to go home instead. Ben, Sean, and Trevor hang out at Epstein Bar, trying to keep Ben’s mind off his problems. The other two thing Ben needs to find a new woman to help him move on. Richard and Noel are also at the bar, but when Ben spots Noel, he just ignores him. Noel bails on his night out and goes back to work to have dinner with Zoe.

Felicity catches Gaby wearing one of Ben’s sweatshirts, which he couldn’t find when he came by. She calls Meghan over and gives it to her instead of taking it to Ben himself. Meghan’s happy to have an excuse to yell at Ben (as if Meghan really thought she needed an excuse for that). Then she yells at Gaby, too. How does Meghan have any friends?

While Noel and Zoe take things from professional to personal really quickly (way to make out with your boss’ daughter, man), Meghan blasts Ben for avoiding Felicity. She tells him that Felicity loves him a “disgusting” amount, and he owes it to her to hear what she has to say. Because this is about what he owes her, not the other way around. Go find something else to do, Meghan.

Everyone in the loft has a sleepless night. Sean can’t believe that Meghan doesn’t have a problem with Felicity cheating on Ben. She says it happens. She tries to stop them from having a fight about a problem that isn’t even theirs. Yeah, better save that energy for one of the 5,000 fights you’ll have this week about other topics. Ben asks Meghan what Felicity wants to talk to him about.

Noel and Zoe go from 0 to 60, ready to find a couch so they can get horizontal. Unfortunately, the couch she chooses is in her father’s office…and he’s there. Dominic immediately fires Noel. The next day, Meghan tells Felicity that Ben has changed his mind and will meet her for dinner that night. He’s currently at the hospital, where his father confirms that he and Allison might be getting back together. He’s surprised she told Ben, since she knew he might get upset. Ben says he’s not upset, just worried that they’ll go through the same mess they went through before. Andrew simply says that he still loves Allison.

There’s another thunderstorm that night, while Elena and Trevor study together at the dorm apartment. He asks her if her wedding to Tracy was called off because she cheated on him. She says it was complicated. Trevor thinks the breakup must have been harder on Tracy than on Elena, since he lost such a great woman. Then they kiss. Come on, Elena, your standards have to be higher than this.

Ben meets Felicity for dinner and they make small talk about the bad weather, which is supposed to stick around all week. We get it, it’s a metaphor. Let’s move on. Now that Felicity has Ben in front of her, she’s not sure where to start. She just wishes she could take back what she did with Noel. She doesn’t know what she was thinking. It just happened – she was upset, she and Noel were together, and suddenly there clothes were off.

Ben decides he can’t handle this right now and leaves. She follows him out to the streets and tells him she loves him. She says he’s starting to hate the word “love.” People keep using it, thinking that it makes everything okay again. He can’t understand why Felicity did what she did, and it’s too much for him to think about right now.

The next day, Felicity visits Noel in his office and learns that his new job didn’t work out. She admits that it’s going to take her a while to wrap her head around why he told Ben what they did. Noel regrets it; he was just unable to make himself stop talking. Yeah, we’ve noticed your problems with impulse control.

Ben and Noel cross paths on their way out of/into the loft, and Noel says he’s looking for a new place to live. He asks after Ben’s father and the two make polite, civil conversation for a couple of seconds. Ben heads to the hospital and sees Allison shaving Andrew’s face. At home that night, Ben tells Sean that he can now see why his mom is willing to take his dad back. He wants to forgive Felicity like Allison has forgiven Andrew, but he’s not like his mother in that way.

He finally reads Felicity’s letter, in which she says that she once dreamed that she lost him. They were on two different icebergs and one of them was drifting away from the other. When she woke up, it was raining, and Ben’s breathing calmed her. It was like speaking without words. We see flashbacks of their time together as Felicity says that hearing Ben in the silence was like speaking a secret language. Now she’s left with useless words instead of being by his side. She wants to make him feel safe and help him sleep. To eventually bring him back to her.

Thoughts: Dee Wallace Stone, who plays Allison, is a great character actor and is perfectly cast here.

What’s the point of Trevor? Go away, Trevor.

Meghan’s stick with the Jackie Kennedy hair, but I don’t think Jackie ever wore a leopard-print coat like Meghan’s. Speaking with hair, Elena’s bangs aren’t working for me.

Noel really has a hard time keeping it in his pants, huh? Imagine him going on another job interview and having to explain why he left his last job. He should probably just keep that one off his résumé.

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