May 15, 2021

Felicity 4.9, Moving On: Have You Guys Considered Being Single for a While?

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TFW your ex and your new guy show up together

Summary: Ben shows up for a shift at Dean & DeLuca with Felicity and steps in when a customer gets annoyed with her. He apologizes for not calling her after he said he would (the last time they were together, when they had sex and then he left). She suggests that he come over later for a talk. He agrees, then changes his mind and tells her they need to move on. Meaning move on from each other, alone, without talking about what happened.

Javier has temporarily moved into the dorm apartment, where Felicity and Elena are moping over Felicity’s breakup. Elena doesn’t want to keep tutoring Ben, out of solidarity with her roommate. Felicity decides to paint through the pain. Javier encourages her to hang out with him that night and help him avoid a woman from his drama class who has a crush on him. He needs Felicity to intervene if she asks him out. He can’t say no on his own, since the woman is as pathetic as a puppy wearing a cone. After Felicity leaves, Javier tells Elena that they need to do something about Ben and Felicity.

Ben and Lauren meet up in the hospital cafeteria, where she tells him she’s made arrangements to stay in New York a little longer. She feels like she’s making a fresh start, though she worries that Ben thinks she’s running away from her regular life. Ben doesn’t care, and he asks her if she wants to get dinner that night. Lauren is a little iffy about dating such a young guy, but he tells her he’s dated an older woman before. Yeah, that turned out great! Anyway, it’s a date.

At the loft, Sean presents his latest invention idea to Meghan: comfort cologne, in scents that men find enticing, like brisket and macaroni and cheese. Ehhhh. Try again, Sean. Meghan’s annoyed that Noel is still living with them. He also has insomnia, and he likes to watch TV at night, so Meghan hasn’t been able to sleep. She wants him to leave. Noel overhears and promises to be gone in a week.

Elena stops by the studio where Felicity’s painting something dark. A TA named Owen thinks it’s great, and Elena thinks he’s cute. Felicity isn’t interested, since Owen never cleans up in the studio. Elena urges Felicity to ask him out anyway. When Felicity hesitates, Elena tries to ask him out for her. Owen seems clueless.

At Dean & DeLuca, Javier tries to convince Ben to come see A Streetcar Named Desire with him and his drama class that night. Yes, that would be the same production he’s making Felicity come to. Ben tells him he already has a date. Javier tries to guilt him, saying he needs company since he’s struggling with his split from Samuel. Ben falls for it and agrees to try to break his date.

Noel is now in therapy with a doctor named Auerbach, and it looks like Ryan was right – he has depression. Noel doesn’t feel like himself anymore, and he’s uneasy with all the changes going on in his life. Auerbach agrees with me that he has depression. Hey, look, I’m as smart as a psychiatrist! Maybe I should try to squeeze all my pre-med requirements into two semesters like Ben! Noel is hesitant to start taking medication, but Auerbach won’t force him to try it.

Felicity goes back to the studio after having lunch with Elena, and Owen impresses her by cleaning her brushes and the studio floors. Felicity clarifies that she’s not looking for a relationship, no matter what impression Elena gave him. She heads off to the play, stunned when Ben shows up outside the theater. They both quickly realize that Javier is messing with them. But then Lauren shows up, and Felicity gives Lauren her ticket and leaves. Sorry, Javier. Better luck next time.

Felicity goes straight home to yell at Javier, who’s taking a bubble bath. He thought seeing Stanley and Stella together would inspire Felicity and Ben to rekindle their passion. Javier…no. Just no. Felicity complains that everyone is acting crazy in an attempt to meddle with her and Ben’s relationship. Javier and Elena say they just want the two of them to be happy. Felicity says Ben seems to be happy enough with Lauren.

After the play, Ben and Lauren go to her apartment and make out. They’re interrupted by a call from a guy who insists that he and Lauren have to talk right then. Ben decides to leave, making plans to see Lauren again the next night. In drama class, Javier and a classmate named Rita act out a scene from A Streetcar Named Desire. After class, Rita gushes over Javier’s talent. I think it’s safe to assume that she’s the one with a crush on him. She offers to go see the play with him, since he missed it, or watch the movie with him when he rents it. Javier lets her down gently.

Ben goes back to Lauren’s and learns that her ex wants to get back together. She wants some space to figure out what she’s going to do. Noel looks at apartment listings in his office, then runs into Felicity. He pretends everything in his life is great. She invites him to get coffee and catch up, since they haven’t seen each other in a while, but he’d obviously rather be alone.

Owen brings Felicity hot chocolate as she looks at her completely dark painting in the studio. He comments that she’s kind of intense. He reminds her that she’s in college, so she’s allowed to have fun. Felicity promises she does. She can also be spontaneous, as she demonstrates when she asks him out.

The next day, Ben and Owen both head to the dorm apartment at the same time. Felicity’s getting ready for a date with Owen, wondering what she’s doing. Elena thinks she’s smart to try to move on. Felicity’s already nervous enough, and when Ben and Owen come to the door together, things just get worse. Ben stays to study with Elena and watches his ex go off on a date with another guy.

Noel goes to another session with Auerbach with excuses for why he doesn’t have depression. He’s always been hopeful, and the person people come to for help. Auerbach asks who he goes to. When Noel names Ryan, Auerbach points out that Ryan has depression, so obviously Noel’s reasoning doesn’t hold up. If anything, depression makes you more empathetic.

Noel says that when he and Ryan were kids, Ryan would go through phases where he seemed distant from everyone, like he was at the bottom of a pool. Noel always thought he was boring his brother. Now he realizes that Ryan was drowning and no one noticed. Noel is ready to consider medication. “I’m not going to let you drown,” Auerbach promises.

On their date, Owen asks who Ben is. He’s okay being Felicity’s rebound, if that’s what’s happening. He determines that Felicity was in love with Ben and he broke her heart. Or maybe Felicity wasn’t getting what she needed from the relationship. Felicity takes the blame for the breakup. Owen decides they should move on (the theme of the episode; thanks, Owen!) and talk about other things, like hobbies.

Ben leaves someone a message, saying he just wanted to say hi. Owen walks Felicity home, both of them happy about how the evening went. But when he kisses her, she realizes she’s not quite ready to completely move on. He tells her she’ll find someone else eventually, even if it’s not him. They agree not to feel weird around each other the next time they’re both in the studio.

Felicity is the lucky recipient of Ben’s message, and Elena thinks it means he wants her back. She tells Felicity not to call him back – she needs to make him squirm. Lauren calls Ben instead, and since she’s moping and thinking about drinking, he invites her over. Rita gives Javier a lint brush, since he mentioned that his dryer is broken. He tells her he’s like Blanche in A Streetcar Named Desire, but also like Tennessee Williams, in that he’s gay. Rita knows – she just wants a friend. They bond over having lost their husbands.

At the loft, Lauren tells Ben that she knows she shouldn’t get back together with her ex, but she’s tired of feeling like she has a hole in her heart. The two of them hold hands as Lauren says she just wants one night where she doesn’t think about her heartache. They make out again, then move toward something more. They ignore the ringing phone – it’s Felicity calling to tell Ben she’s available if he wants to talk.

Thoughts: If you had told me ahead of time that this episode includes Javier trying to Parent Trap Ben and Felicity back together, I would have said, “Of course it does.”

I know Pavone’s methods worked, but Auerbach is so much better at therapy than she is. I mean…”I’m not going to let you drown.” That’s so powerful. (And it helps that the actor playing Auerbach, Richard Masur, is so good.)

Meghan wears…this. What is this? She looks like a three-year-old flower girl.

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