May 22, 2021

Felicity 4.10, Fire: Undiscovered Contents

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This looks like a scene from an action movie

Summary: Ben and Felicity run into each other on the street and make small talk. She asks if he got her message, and he says he did but has been too busy studying for organic chemistry to call her back. Noel has started taking anti-depressants, and he tells Auerbach that things are clearer – like he was looking through a dirty window before, but now it’s clean. He knows his priority now is finding a job, which is just a stepping stone to eventually starting his own business. Auerbach questions why he hasn’t gotten on that yet. Apparently Noel spent the whole summer mooning over Felicity instead of focusing on his life. Auerbach advises him to cut down on his time with Felicity for a while.

At Dean & DeLuca, Felicity tells Javier that Ben is doing great because he’s found something he’s interested in and is pursuing it. Now Felicity wants to follow in his footsteps. She wanted to get into Cavallo’s program, but she dropped that dream. Now she’s working with him and hasn’t made any efforts to achieve her goals. Javier compares that to his own experiences with Tito Puente. No, he didn’t work with Tito – Javier just lived below him and never got up the nerve to introduce himself. Felicity decides to take another shot at getting into Cavallo’s program.

Meghan’s teenage sister Lila is coming to visit, and Meghan is thrilled. Seems like Lila is the only person in the universe Meghan thinks is cool. She’s also pregnant, though she won’t admit it. Felicity shows Cavallo her portfolio, hoping the work she’s done since she last tried to get into his program will show that she’s made enough progress. Cavallo just tells her to keep up the good work. Felicity tells him she wants to try to get into the program again, so she wants brutal honesty from him. He tells her she has great ideas and energy, but her work needs a cohesive theme. He agrees to review the portfolio again once she’s figured that out.

Hodges is preparing his students for a big exam, and it sounds like he’s learned his lesson and is being a) more forthcoming about what’s on the test and b) more available to his students if they have questions. Ben wants to study with Trevor alone, no Elena, since Trevor and Elena just mess around when they’re all together.

Noel is jumping right into starting his own business, creatively called Noel Crane Graphics. He runs into Felicity, who tells him she’s applying for Cavallo’s program again. Noel starts to offer his help, then hesitates, remember what Auerbach advised. He finishes his offer anyway. Later, in a session with Auerbach, he admits that he’s more focused on making Felicity happy than on worrying about his own life. He should stop doing that.

At the loft, Meghan thinks Lila’s been smoking pot, though Lila claims she’s only around pot smoke because her roommate lights up. (She’s still in high school, so I guess she goes to boarding school.) Lila says Meghan sounds like their mom. Meghan invites Lila to open up about her issues, and Lila finally acknowledges that she’s pregnant. She makes Meghan promise not to tell their parents.

At the dorm apartment, Felicity consults her Magic 8 Ball and is pleased with whatever answer it gives her. She goes to Noel’s office, where, instead of telling her he’s busy and can’t talk right now, he tells her to come in. She tells him she was looking through the dictionary for inspiration and seized on the word piñata. That’s how the year has felt for her – she’s been shaken up and is waiting for the prize to come out. She thinks that would make a great theme for her portfolio.

Noel tells Felicity that there’s some emotional stuff going on. She thinks he means in her portfolio, because they’re talking about her right now, so every single piece of this conversation needs to be about her. Noel clarifies that he’s talking about himself. He’s trying to get his life on track. Felicity figures out that he’s trying to say that they need to spend less time together.

Trevor broke his promise to exclude Elena from his and Ben’s next study session, so Ben decides to go to the library. Trevor tells him to relax – it’s just a test. Ben’s spending too much time studying. Ben says this is more important to him than “just a test.” Felicity passes Noel’s office and pauses to look at him, but he’s focused on whatever he’s doing and doesn’t notice her. She gets to work on her piñata project.

Meghan helps Lila look for an OB/GYN, not realizing that Lila wants to have an abortion. Meghan has to tell her that she’s way too far along for that. She suggests that they tell their parents. Lila refuses, though Meghan notes that since Lila’s on their insurance, they’ll have some questions when they see the OB/GYN bill. Lila asks Meghan to pay the bill for her, but Meghan doesn’t have that kind of money. Lila’s upset that Meghan promised to help but can’t actually help her.

Ben and Trevor take their big test, and while it looks like Trevor isn’t prepared, Ben seems to know the answers. On the other hand, Trevor has a girlfriend to either congratulate or comfort him after the test, while Ben doesn’t, so maybe academics aren’t the most important thing. Felicity has gotten a lot of work done, and she tells Cavallo her theme is “undiscovered contents – the surprises that come after life’s hit you around a little bit.” Again, he just tells her to keep working.

Noel’s working so hard in his office that he doesn’t know there’s an emergency down the hall – a fire has broken out. (For some reason, no alarms have gone off.) Felicity’s listening to music and has no idea that the wing of the building has filled with smoke, or that Noel’s now evacuating people. She doesn’t know anything’s going on until the lights go out. The student who alerted Noel to the fire tells him it started in the art department, so Noel heads over there to make sure no one’s trapped. Of course, Felicity is.

Felicity tries to block the flames from coming under the door to her studio, then struggles to open a window so she can get out. It’s stuck, so she tries to use a paint scraper to wedge it open. Noel arrives in time to tell her that’s a bad idea, since she’ll just let in oxygen and make the fire worse. He tells her to get on the floor and cover her mouth. Then he tells her to stay calm (a phrase that always works) while he leaves.

Noel stumbles down the hall to a fire extinguisher while Felicity tries to move anything flammable away from the door. He manages to use the extinguisher to break the doorknob and rescue her. At Epstein Bar, Ben and Trevor smooth over their issues. Trevor urges Ben to just call Felicity and work things out. Ben uses the big test as an excuse to ignore his personal relationships until now. Trevor suggests that they go check to see if their grades have been posted early, so they can stop worrying about how they did.

Noel speaks with firefighters, then tells Felicity that the damage was contained to their floor and he doesn’t think anyone was hurt. As they decide to leave, it starts snowing. It looks pink, and Felicity gushes over the beautiful surprise. Ben and Trevor ask Hodges about their grades and learn that Trevor got a 79. Thrilled, Trevor credits Hodges for being a good teacher. Ben got a 95, which Trevor is even happier about.

Meghan has gone behind Lila’s back and gotten in touch with their mother. Mrs. Rotundi is more concerned with how people will react to her having a pregnant daughter than she is with what this means for Lila. Meghan tells her that Lila’s terrified of her, which should break Mrs. Rotundi’s heart. Noel takes Felicity home but declines her offer to hang out for a while. He’s much better at resisting temptation than I expected.

Outside the loft, Meghan tells Lila that Mrs. Rotundi is there and knows everything. Lila went to a clinic and confirmed that her only option now is to have the baby. Meghan offers to keep supporting her, though Lila should turn to their mother instead. Lila would rather come live with Meghan, because there aren’t enough people in and out of that loft already. Sean entertains Mrs. Rotundi by showing her some of Shmeghan’s inventory until Meghan and Lila come up. Lila starts crying when eh enters, and Mrs. Rotundi comforts her and promises that everything will be fine.

Felicity tells Javier about the fire and how heroic Noel was. She wants to keep the clothes she was wearing, even though they smell like smoke. At the loft, Ben celebrates his good grade by cooking. Noel comes home and tells them about the fire, mentioning that Felicity was involved but is fine. The look on Ben’s face says that he realizes he could have lost her without working through their issues. Ben calls Felicity immediately to make sure she’s really okay. She heard about his 95 from Elena and congratulates him. She appreciates his call to make sure she’s safe and not alone.

The next day, she goes to the studio and sees that all her work has been damaged. Cavallo tells her he liked what she was doing – it’s similar to what the students in his program produce. He’s ready to bring her onboard. “Your piñata took another hit,” he says. “Let’s see what spills out.”

Felicity takes a piñata down the hall to Noel’s office and tells him she’s in the honors program. She’s worried that she and Noel aren’t friends anymore. He says he just needs to chance some things about himself. Felicity doesn’t want him to change too much, since she likes him the way he is, but she gets that he needs to get things back on track. In his next session with Auerbach, Noel tells him that he took a step back from Felicity, and it was weird letting go of something so important to him, but it doesn’t feel right to just wait around for her anymore.

Thoughts: I’m sorry but piñatas are a dumb theme for an honors-level college thesis program, especially one taught by a revered professor you want to take you seriously. I mean, add some unicorns and rainbows while you’re at it. And make sure to mention that you consulted a Magic 8 Ball.

No fire alarm and, apparently, no training on fire safety at this school. They’re going to get hit with a lot of lawsuits.

“So that was some test, huh? A lot of questions, a lot of chemistry.” Trevor O’Donnell, ladies and gentlemen.

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