May 29, 2021

Felicity 4.11, A Perfect Match: Leaps of Faith

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I think the writers got bored and said, “Let’s just put them back together already”

Summary: Ben goes to the dorm apartment just to say hi to Felicity before he goes home. He and his mom got tested to see if they can give Mr. C. a partial liver transplant, and Mrs. C. is a match. However, Mr. C. doesn’t want her to donate. Felicity says that’s great, but she’s not sure what’s going on here – Ben keeps calling and stopping by, but he’s not giving her any indication that he wants to get back together. She’s ready to start over with him when he’s ready.

The next day, Javier comes over, bugging Felicity about keeping the apartment door unlocked. She’s packing up stuff from her relationship with Ben. Javier did the same with his Samuel stuff and warns her not to read any love letters. He wants to cheer her up at the Snow Ball, the school’s winter formal. But Felicity’s flying home for winter break before the dance. She says she needs some extra time to figure things out.

At the loft, Sean gives Noel the name of a guy he met who’s interested in Noel’s graphics services. This would mean working with Sean, which Noel is wary about; isn’t it bad to mix business with friendship? Are they…friends? They barely talk. Anyway, Sean tells him to be more open to growing his business with help from people he knows.

At the hospital, Mr. C. tells Ben that Lauren said Ben and Felicity broke up. Ben explains that Felicity cheated on him. Mr. C. guesses that he’s hesitant to get back together with her because he’s afraid she’ll cheat again. Then he guesses that Ben is too proud to go back to her. Ben admits that he doesn’t know what’s holding him back from working things out with Felicity. Mr. C. has been thinking a lot about the mistakes he’s made, and he now knows that loving someone is the only thing that matters in life.

Mrs. C. arrives with the announcement that she doesn’t have to do the donation – there’s another liver available. They just have to wait for it to get there from Philadelphia. At the dorm apartment, Javier gets off the phone with Rita, having made arrangements to do some “video mating” together. (He means video dating.) Felicity says goodbye to everyone before leaving for the airport. It starts snowing as she grabs a cab and Ben leaves the hospital. The snow gives Ben an idea (or, more likely, a memory) and he takes off running.

Ben runs into Javier at the dorm apartment building, and Javier tells him Felicity has already left for the airport. He wants to tag along when Ben goes to make a big romantic declaration, but Ben would rather go alone. He finds Felicity in a waiting area and tells her he keeps stopping by her place because he misses her. He wants to start over. So…that’s back on.

Of course, now Felicity isn’t going to California for winter break, so I guess she and Ben will just spend the whole vacation having sex. She suggests that they go to the Snow Ball and go sledding. They’re at the loft, and when Meghan comes to get Ben for a phone call, she’s surprised to see Felicity in his bed. Felicity just says that Ben came to the airport. Meghan’s pleased that her spell worked (yeah, weeks later). The mood quickly goes downhill when Ben reveals that, thanks to the snow, the liver in Philadelphia will have to stay in Philadelphia. No transplant for Mr. C.

Noel and Sean meet with Noel’s first (and so far only) client, Eric. He has reservations about making a website, since it’s a big step. Aw, 2002. Sean serves as Noel’s hype man, but Eric doesn’t seem to appreciate his contributions to the conversation. Eric wants to see a mockup of the site Noel would make for him, but it needs to be done by tomorrow. Sean automatically says that’s fine, even though it’s obviously not. He even wants to team up with Noel for Blumberg Crane Graphics.

Ben takes Felicity with him to see Mr. C., whose condition has gotten worse. Felicity feels a little uncomfortable intruding on the family’s crisis, but Ben wants her to stay. Mrs. C. announces that she’s going to defy Mr. C.’s wishes and donate part of her liver. Otherwise, he’ll die. Ben thinks they should wait a little longer, but Mrs. C. says it’s her decision, not hers. Ben tells her that his father gave him power of attorney, so actually, it is Ben’s decision (and Mr. C. is unconscious, so Ben gets to make the call). Mrs. C. asks him to talk to Mr. C.’s doctor before he makes a final decision.

Javier and Rita watch some dating videos together, but she’s too picky to agree to meet any of the applicants. Javier suggests that they choose dates for each other. Noel works on Eric’s site, asking Sean for his opinion, even though Sean has no experience with graphic design and has no idea what Eric would like. Sean just wants this partnership to work.

Ben shares his fears over the transplant with Felicity – what if Mrs. C. donates and then things don’t work out with her and Mr. C.? Felicity tells him that part of love is risking yourself and taking a leap of faith. She leaves him in the hospital cafeteria and takes some tea to Mrs. C. Mrs. C. knows that Ben is trying to protect him, like he’s done ever since he was a child. Once, Mr. C. got violent and she tried to comfort Ben by telling him things were okay. Instead, she thinks he heard that this type of behavior – this way of treating someone you love – is okay. She wants him to see that things are different now.

Eric likes Noel’s website mockup, except for one element, an animated snowboarder. Noel is perfectly fine with getting rid of that, but Sean objects. He thinks Eric should let the experts make the decisions. You might be surprised to learn that Eric doesn’t want to do business with these two anymore. Noel chastises Sean for taking credit for Noel’s work and for not being flexible. Eric didn’t like Sean’s idea, and Sean took it personally. Sean says they don’t need Eric’s business. Thanks to Sean, Noel will have all the work he wants. You know, when Sean eventually lines it up.

Javier goes on a date with the guy Rita chose for him, Paul. He’s very short. That’s it, that’s the joke. Rita’s date likes high fives, which I guess is a deal-breaker for her. She leaves their table to call Javier, who calls her first. He’s already ditched Paul. They decide to hang out with each other instead of possible romantic interests.

After asking Mrs. C. if she’s sure she wants to donate to Mr. C., Ben agrees to the transplant. Noel goes back to Eric with a revised site mockup, which Eric likes. He just thinks Noel has chained himself to a business partner who’s going to drag him down. Noel says that if Eric wants his site, he’ll have to hire both Noel and Sean. Eric agrees, as long as he doesn’t have to actually talk to Sean.

Felicity tries to keep Ben distracted during the transplant by doing a crossword puzzle with him. (One of the clues is “really bad TV show,” 12 letters, so have fun coming up with some ideas for that.) A doctor lets Ben know that there’s a complication with Mrs. C. Sean tells Noel he just got them a new potential client, so maybe he’s not as useless as he seems. Noel tells him that he tweaked Eric’s site and secured his business. Sean is still mad. Noel tells him to get over it, because he needs this. He wants to be successful, but Sean doesn’t seem to want the same thing. Sean replies that he was right – “friendship can’t survive business.”

Ben tells Felicity that he had a feeling something bad would happen. He asks what she and Mrs. C. talked about before he came to agree to the transplant. Felicity says that Ben did everything he could do for his mother, but she loves Mr. C. After some time passes, Ben gets the good news that Mrs. C. is going to be okay. He’s so sure things will turn out fine that he’s willing to leave the hospital for a little while. He suggests that they go to the Snow Ball.

Meghan and Sean are getting ready for the same event when Meghan asks Noel to fix Sean’s bow tie. Noel wants to open a business account, and he wants Sean to co-sign. Noel, dude, what part of this seems like a good idea? Sean says he feels like he’s just “stealing a ride” off of Noel. Noel, however, knows that Sean can get him more business than Noel could get on his own. They’ll just need to make some rules about separating business and friendship. Their friendship needs to come first. Again, I don’t think they’re actually friends, but whatever. Sean invites him to the dance, saying he wants to attend with both his partners.

Mr. C. wakes up from surgery with Ben by his side. Ben says he may have ignored Mr. C.’s wishes about letting Mrs. C. donate, but he did listen to one thing Mr. C. said: He talked to Felicity. He just hopes they won’t keep hurting each other. Mr. C. says life tests you, and in relationships, you do hurt your partner, but the important thing is to keep passing the test.

Noel feels awkward at the Snow Ball, since he doesn’t go to that school anymore, but oh, well. He apologizes to Ben for…well, everything. Ben’s in too good a mood to be mad and just says he’s trying to forget it. Felicity arrives and Ben promises her that everything’s fine with him and Noel. The friends all get together and dance. At the end of the night, they decide to go out for food. Felicity wonders what will happen to all of them. What will they be doing this time next year?

Thoughts: I figured this show would be better than the cliché about someone running to the airport to make a romantic show.

Ian Gomez (Javier) needs to be in more things. Why isn’t Ian Gomez in more things? Actually, a look through his IMDb page tells me I’m just watching the wrong things, because he’s in plenty of stuff.

I hope Tangi Miller enjoyed her time off over the last two episodes, when Elena had barely anything to do.

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