July 17, 2021

Felicity 4.18, Time Will Tell: The Do-Over

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When your drunk friend starts messing with witchcraft, it’s time to cut her off

Summary: Remember when Felicity used to send Sally tapes all the time, talking about stuff that happened to her? She’s doing that again, but she warns that Sally might find what she has to say unbelievable. For starters, she’s back in the dorm apartment. Also, Elena’s dead. Nooooooo! She was in a car accident six months ago, which I think is right after we last saw Felicity. I need a hug.

We go back in time to Elena’s funeral. Afterward, Noel tells Felicity that he feels like they should do something because at any moment, something important could disappear. Felicity admits to Sally that instead of holding on to the people she loves, she pulled away. While studying together, Ben suggests that he and Felicity go do something more fun. Felicity wants to keep working, so Ben leaves without her.

Felicity tells Sally that around this time, Ben started hanging out with a classmate named Claire. Felicity studied with them for a while, but eventually started spending more time by herself. The day she got an invitation to Noel’s wedding – way to bury the lede, Felicity – she caught them kissing. And that was the end of Felicity and Ben.

Felicity calls Meghan, who tells her to come back to New York. Felicity doesn’t want to go to Noel’s wedding, since she’s a mess, but Meghan talks her into coming anyway. At the loft, Sean has made a party favor for the wedding, a shirt with him, Noel, and Noel’s bride on it. It’s Zoe! I didn’t see that working out. Javier asks Felicity where Ben is, and Meghan lies that he’s not coming because he has exams. Why would Ben want to go to Noel’s wedding anyway?

Noel comes by and admits to Felicity how nervous he is to get married. Felicity thinks he and Zoe are perfect together. Also, it’s normal to be nervous – Elena was really nervous before her wedding. Yeah, and it didn’t happen. Not a great example there, Felicity. Noel tells her he misses talking to her. He reminds her of when he took her to the airport right after graduation, and she asked if he ever thinks about the two of them. He said no, but of course he was lying. He even thought he might marry Felicity. But he’s not hitting on her! Definitely not! He totally loves Zoe! It’s just that things don’t always work out the way you thought they would.

Felicity tells Sally that this is when she started thinking she might have made a mistake. Maybe she should have been with Noel all along. Anyway, here’s where it gets weird, she says. Meghan has decided to put a hex on Ben using a spell from a book written by a guy named Korsakoff. After confirming that Felicity will never, ever get back together with him, even after he inevitably comes to New York to grovel, Meghan does a spell that will cause Ben to trip.

The old gang gets together for dinner the night before the wedding. Richard gives a toast that’s less about Noel and more about how Richard is still single. He thought Noel would stay single forever, always pining for Felicity. Felicity tells Sally that she started feeling a little jealous, wishing she was the one marrying Noel. When it’s Felicity’s turn to give a toast, she awkwardly stumbles through some words about how the bride and groom are lucky to have each other.

As Meghan expected, Ben shows up wanting to talk to Felicity. P.S. He has a bump on his forehead because he tripped. Success! Sean encourages Ben and Felicity to get married, since it’s awesome. After dinner, Noel and Zoe split up for the night, and Felicity offers to walk home with Noel. That effectively drives Ben away, at least for now. Richard was hoping to take Noel to a strip club, but Noel would rather hang out with his ex.

When they get to the loft, Ben is there waiting. Noel gives them some space, saying he’s going to go up to the roof and think about how tomorrow, he won’t be single anymore. Yes, he should definitely do that in the place where he once slept with Felicity. Great idea, Noel. Ben apologizes to Felicity, saying his kiss with Claire didn’t mean anything. Oh, well, then it’s okay! He tells her that he and Claire agreed not to see each other anymore. Felicity catches on to his wording, guessing that this had been an ongoing thing before she caught them. He admits that he cheated for a month. Meghan, make him trip again!

Speaking of Meghan, she and Felicity get drunk together and trash-talk Ben. Felicity wishes she could go back to the night she slept with Noel, because that’s when she really blew it. Meghan asks what she would do differently. Felicity admits that she would have chosen Noel over Ben. But it’s all hindsight, so there’s nothing she can do.

…Or is there? Meghan has a book of magic spells, and she thinks she can send Felicity back in time. Felicity’s like, “Whatever, I’m going to go pass out.” But when she wakes up…she’s on the roof with Noel. Her hair, which has been straight for a while, is now curly again, like it was back when she and Noel slept together. Felicity thinks she blacked out and came up to the roof to be with Noel. She scampers off, worrying about Zoe. Noel has no idea who that is.

Felicity tells Sally that she wasn’t sure if she was dreaming or going crazy. She’s still not sure. She goes downstairs to the loft just as Ben arrives with a pizza. He apologizes for their fight about the printer, blaming his mood on Hodges. Felicity thinks he’s messing with her. Noel comes in and acts casual, just like he did when this all happened for real. Felicity runs off to track down Meghan.

At the dorm apartment, she tells Meghan that the spell she did worked. Meghan is very confused and has no idea what Felicity’s talking about when she says Meghan sent her back in time. She’s also kind of excited that Felicity has gone crazy. Speaking of excited, that’s how Felicity feels when she sees a very-much-alive Elena. She tells Meghan that Elena’s supposed to be dead. Meghan quips that she’s engaged, which is pretty similar. She also predicts that Ben will kill Noel when he finds out Noel slept with Felicity.

Felicity wants to get out ahead of everything, and Meghan asks if she wants to be with Noel. Felicity says she thinks she does. Meghan’s thrilled because this means senior year will be awesome. Felicity tries to sleep, but she’s worried about where or when she might wake up, as she tells Sally. All she knows is that she has a chance to do everything again – and this time, she’ll do it all right.

The next morning, Noel comes over and worries that Ben will see the huge hickey he left on Felicity’s neck. Felicity is calm about it, saying she’ll just tell Ben the truth. She knows what will happen if she doesn’t, and it’s bad, so it’s better for her to be honest. Noel doesn’t like this idea, but Felicity says it’s the best out of all of their options. Since she seems so sure, Noel agrees to let her do what she wants.

Felicity goes to the loft, but Ben isn’t there. Sean is on his way to get the fortune cookies for Elena and Tracy’s wedding. Felicity comments that it might actually happen this time. Sean is confused. As Felicity leaves Ben a note, she hears the message from Janet and remembers that whole mess. She crumples up her note and leaves.

Felicity meets up with Ben at Epstein Bar and blurts out right away that she slept with Noel. She felt guilty before, but not anymore. She needed someone who was there for her. Felicity brings up Claire and Janet, telling Ben she no longer believes that nothing happened between him and Janet. When she clarifies that she slept with Noel just last night, not over the summer, Ben asks if she wants to be with him now. Felicity says she does. He needs to trust that this is for the best, especially since he broke her heart.

As Ben leaves, Felicity tells Sally that she knew this was the right thing, but she started to doubt herself. She just had to remind herself that eventually Claire would be in the picture. She goes back to the loft and tells Noel that she was honest with Ben. She thinks she and Noel should get back together. Noel thinks she’s having some sort of weird breakdown because she’s stressed about her future. Felicity says her future is fine; she’s going to ditch art and go back to pre-med. She knows what she wants.

Noel says that’s great, but he’s still trying to figure things out. Felicity says he will. Right now, they need to take this opportunity to get back together. Yeah, she spent the summer talking about Ben non-stop, but now she’s over him. Felicity knows she’s always chosen Ben over Noel, but that was a mistake. It feels right to be with Noel now. Noel is, of course, not going to say no to being with her, so he’s up for it. They agree to get coffee together before Elena and Tracy’s rehearsal dinner.

Felicity goes to a shift at Dean & DeLuca, where Ben tells her he doesn’t want to break up. Maybe they can get past whatever he did that makes her think he broke her heart. She says they can’t. She tells Sally that whether or not this is the real world, the feelings feel real, and this hurts.

Pavone agrees that of course this breakup hurts. Hey, it’s Pavone! Yay! Felicity says she thought it would be easier, given what she knows will happen. She’s sure that Ben isn’t the right one for her. Pavone doubts that Noel is the right one. Felicity reminds her that she urged Felicity to open the drawer and uncover Noel and all that, which Pavone doesn’t remember, since it hasn’t happened yet. Felicity says she wants to make good decisions, but Pavone tells her that’s not what’s most important right now. She needs to think about what she wants. Felicity announces that she wants to be with Noel, but she would prefer if that didn’t hurt Ben so much.

On their coffee date, Felicity suggests that she and Noel go away together some weekend. He tells her it’s not a good idea. Well, really, their whole attempt at another relationship is a bad idea. He was hoping she would come to him some day and ask to get back together, but it doesn’t feel right. He’s having trouble getting his life on track. Felicity assures him again that he will, but Noel doesn’t have that same confidence. They need to stay friends right now.

They head to the rehearsal dinner at the loft, but…there’s no rehearsal dinner. Elena and Tracy had a huge fight about Noel and Felicity’s fling, and Elena called off the wedding. Welp, that’s one way of not having to try to get Donald Faison in the episode. Ben is super-drunk, so Felicity goes to check on him, because I’m sure she’s exactly who he wants to see right now. He tells her he’s upset about missing his first pre-med exam, not because Felicity cheated. Felicity promises that if he keeps working hard, he’ll achieve his goals.

She then pulls Meghan into the bathroom and insists that they find a way to send Felicity back to the future. She’s screwed up too much stuff, and will continue screwing things up (for example, Sean and Meghan won’t get married). Meghan obviously doesn’t remember doing a time-travel spell, but she says she’ll find one to send Felicity back.

The Internet isn’t helpful, and Felicity realizes that if the book is from the future, it might not have been written yet. Since Meghan has never even heard of Korsakoff, she’s probably right. Felicity realizes that she could be stuck in the past forever. Well, you should probably start making better decisions, then. Meghan suggests that she go see a psychiatrist. Felicity pretends she’s getting sick and is just acting weird.

This is where Felicity starts making her tape for Sally. Noel finds her and says he thinks it’s nice that she makes the tapes. She tells him she’s made a big mess of things. Noel admits that he turned her down for a relationship because he’s terrified of losing her as a friend. Felicity promises that that will never happened. He kisses her, and I guess that’s back on. I’m sure everything will work out great!

Thoughts: Oh, come on. Was killing off Elena really necessary?

I don’t get couples who break up and get back together multiple times, especially when cheating is involved. Try being single! You might like it!

I’m sorry, it’s hilarious that Felicity went back in time, torpedoed her life, and tried to go all in for Noel…and he said “no, thanks.”

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