August 7, 2021

Felicity 4.21, Felicity Interrupted: Out of Time

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If these two are working together, you know it’s serious

Summary: Noel meets up with Felicity before heading to his new job as a guidance counselor. Apparently Felicity totally forgot he briefly had that job. She gives him a Magic 8 Ball keychain to hold the keys to his new apartment. She tells him she wants to work things out with him, partly because Ben has done horrible things to her. God forbid she just be single, huh? Noel tells her it’s not the right time. Felicity replies that this is the only time.

He tries to leave, so she decides to tell him everything about what’s going on. She’s not here. Well, she’s here, but she’s not from here. She came back from the future to be with him. Noel, of course, thinks she’s messing with him. Felicity tells him she came back the night before his wedding. He was supposed to marry Zoe, who he’ll meet when he gets a job in graphic design. Meghan did a spell that brought her here. Noel plays along, pretending he believes her, then leaves for the job Felicity already knew he was going to get.

At the dorm apartment, Meghan takes pictures of some flowers for a photography class she’s taking. Felicity tells her she just destroyed five years of friendship with Noel (even though, as far as Meghan knows, they’ve only known each other for three years). She explains that she told Noel everything, and it didn’t go well. She’s determined to find another time-travel spell and go back to her real life, or as close to it as she can get. Meghan gives her a book that might help, warning that the spells in it are hardcore. Meghan isn’t even going to help.

At the loft, Julie, who’s planning a road trip, asks Ben his favorite place he and Felicity went when they took their trip after freshman year. Julie wants to go to Dollywood. Ben isn’t interested in that. Now he’s thinking about Felicity again, but he asks Julie if he can tag along on her road trip. He’s thinking of taking some time off from school so he can figure out what he wants to do with his life (since pre-med isn’t going to work out).

Noel arrives and asks Ben if she’s talked to Felicity lately. Noel thinks she’s using drugs. Ben says that’s ridiculous, but Noel can’t think of a better explanation for why Felicity said she came back from the future. Back at the dorm apartment, Meghan gives Sean back his stuff and acts like she has a new boyfriend, Paul. More flowers are delivered, supposedly from Paul, and Meghan acts like this is the best thing to ever happen to her.

Elena goes to Dean & DeLuca, where Javier is getting a manicure in the storeroom. He’s supposed to be at a play rehearsal, which is the excuse he gave Elena for not helping her study for a Spanish test. She reminds him that he’s already lost a husband; now he’s going to lose her as a friend. When he follows her into the dining area, he notices that the cash register has been robbed. Elena has no sympathy for him.

Felicity tests out a time-travel spell at the dorm apartment but gets interrupted by Ben. She guesses that he’s there because Noel told him what Felicity shared with him. She’s thought of a way to prove that she’s from the future. If Ben calls his father, he’ll find out that Mr. C. is sick (which he doesn’t know yet in this timeline). She also mentions Lauren, but not the fact that Ben’s going to have a baby with her.

Ben goes straight to Noel’s office to say he agrees that something’s up with Felicity. Noel has been researching psychosis, and he thinks Felicity’s behavior fits. Ben agrees, but neither guy is sure what to do. They head to the dorm apartment, where Ben tells Felicity that he called his father and left him a message. The guys tell her they care about her and are on their side, but they’re worried. Felicity insists she’s fine. Yes, she gets why they think she’s crazy, but she promises this is all real.

Noel tries to convince her that she just thinks all this time-travel stuff is real because of her psychosis. They’d like her to talk to someone. Felicity agrees to see a psychiatrist, asking what the doctor would say if, hypothetically, Felicity said she’d traveled back in time. The doctor would say that that sounds scary and ask Felicity how it’s affected her life. Felicity says it’s affected everything. At first, knowing what was going to happen was kind of fun, but now she’s in a panic about not being able to get back to her real life. The doctor thinks she can help.

At the loft, Sean asks Julie if she knows anything about Paul. He’s convinced himself that Paul is rich and handsome. There’s no way Sean can compete with that. Julie isn’t so sure – Meghan and Sean had something great together. If Sean wants to be with her, he shouldn’t let her go so easily.

The psychiatrist tells Ben and Noel that she’s admitting Felicity to a psych facility for a few days so they can keep an eye on her. Ben goes to see Felicity alone, assuring her that no one thinks she’s crazy. He wants to believe that her story is real, but it sounds…well, crazy. Right now, what matters is Felicity’s mental health. She agrees that maybe this is the best thing right now. She admits that she’s scared.

Felicity has to hand over her shoes and jewelry as she’s admitted. It looks like she’ll just be hanging out in a boring room for a few days. At the loft, Meghan yells at Ben and Noel for having Felicity committed instead of just supporting her. After all, Felicity wasn’t hurting anyone. They point out that she was trying to do a spell, but Meghan argues that witchcraft and psychosis are two very different things. She says they’re acting like this is the Salem Witch Trials. Ben says they were just trying to help. Meghan shoots back that if she’s not smiling the next time they see her, they shouldn’t try to have her hospitalized for depression.

Speaking of depression, Felicity spots a familiar face at the psych facility: Zoe. Of course, since the two haven’t met yet in this timeline, Zoe doesn’t know who Felicity is. She also doesn’t know who Noel is when Felicity says they’ll be engaged someday. Felicity thinks that Zoe’s presence is proof that she’s not crazy.

She calls Ben to tell her that Zoe’s there (though Ben doesn’t know who that is). Felicity notes that if she didn’t come there from the future, she wouldn’t know who Zoe is, so this proves she’s telling the truth. Hon, Ben doesn’t know that Zoe exists in the future. That’s not proof of anything. He thinks this is just part of Felicity’s illness. Maybe Felicity imagined Zoe.

Both of them try to sleep, but it’s hard to get any rest when you’re not sure you’re sane/your ex is sane. Then…more possible proof. Ben gets a phone call from Lauren telling him that Mr. C. is sick. He rushes to tell Noel that Felicity said this would happen. How could she know about that when Lauren hasn’t told anyone? Ben thinks Felicity might be telling the truth. Noel probably thinks Ben should be committed, too.

The next morning, Zoe is released. Felicity apologizes for acting weird the day before, but Zoe understands. She asks if Noel is cute. Felicity says yes, and that Noel and Zoe are happy together. Zoe’s glad to hear that. After she leaves, Ben comes by and tells Felicity that she was right about Mr. C. being sick. He believes Felicity now, even if he can’t explain the whole time-travel thing. And that means Felicity shouldn’t be there. The facility must not have much security, since they’re easily able to leave.

Javier submits to a lie-detector test so the police can determine that he had nothing to do with the robbery at Dean & DeLuca. Javier says he’s guilty of vanity and they should “throw all the books” at him. “Sir, you’re embarrassing yourself,” the test administrator says. He just cares if Javier took the money. Javier says no, and the test confirms this.

Sean brings Meghan flowers, pointing out that they’ll outlast Paul’s, since they’re silk. He wants to have dinner with Meghan. Meghan declines, so Sean says Paul is sending her flowers to overcompensate for something. She asks if he thinks the only guys she can get are “one-balled losers.” Yeah, bring his cancer into this. That definitely makes you look good. Sean thinks she’s overlooking certain things because she’s on the rebound. Meghan asks Sean to help with a presentation for her photography class that afternoon, since Paul can’t be there. She says it’ll be “so much better with [him] here.”

Ben and Felicity hide out at Epstein Bar, where he asks what happens to them in the future. Why did she come back for Noel? Felicity admits that Ben’s going to cheat on her. He couldn’t forgive her for sleeping with Noel, so he slept with Claire. Ben’s sorry for that, but in this timeline, that hasn’t happened. He’s not going to cheat on her. He kisses her to prove his love.

Meghan’s project is called “Retribution: When Love Curdles.” It’s a series of photos highlighting the end of her relationship with Sean and how things are going now. Sean is in charge of running the projector. P.S. Paul doesn’t exist. Humiliated, Sean runs out. Meghan follows him and he blasts her for being mean. She points out that he dumped her for Julie. Sean argues that he didn’t set out to hurt Meghan. Anyway, they’re definitely broken up.

Ben takes Felicity to the dorm apartment, where Meghan, Elena, and Julie tell them that Noel’s been calling. Meghan comments to Julie that Ben is “a sucker for a damsel in distress.” Ben and Felicity go to her room, and as they start kissing, Elena tells them that Noel’s on the phone again. Ben tells him he won’t take Felicity back to the psych facility. Felicity gets on the phone to tell Noel that she shouldn’t have been at the facility. Before they can really get into a conversation, the fire alarm goes off in the building where Noel has his office.

Felicity tells Ben that she has to go back to the future. She can’t stay in the timeline where everyone thinks she’s crazy. Ben says that everything that happened in her past doesn’t have to happen again. Maybe Felicity didn’t come back for Noel – maybe it was to be with Ben.

But if Ben’s going to be with Felicity, he really shouldn’t go on the road trip with Julie. When he goes to give her that news, Julie is already ready to leave without him. She thinks he should stay with Felicity. Plus, she has a friend who actually wants to go to Dollywood. They say goodbye and Julie heads back to her life without these people.

Javier goes to the dorm apartment, where Meghan’s trying to cancel an order for earrings that were supposedly going to be from Paul. That’s Paul Korsakoff, by the way – Meghan named her fake boyfriend after the guy who wrote Felicity’s time-travel spell. But the place where she ordered the earrings is confused, because Paul Korsakoff has an account with them. Meghan has accidentally stumbled upon the one person who can send Felicity back to the future.

Javier tells Elena he got fired from Dean & DeLuca for negligence. He’s realized he’s been neglecting all his friends, too. Elena promises that she still has him. Well, at least until she dies. Felicity and Ben are studying while she waits for Noel to get back in touch. She checks her messages, one of which is from a police officer. When she calls him, he gives her shocking news: Noel died in the studio fire.

Thoughts: Meghan does a fake laugh when “Paul” sends her sunflowers that’s going to keep me going the rest of the month. Amanda Foreman is a treasure.

I hope Meghan isn’t planning to use her psych degree to become any kind of therapist. “You say you’ve been up for three days straight, and you won’t take medication for your bipolar disorder because you’ll miss the mania, but you’re not hurting anyone, so just keep doing what you’re doing.”

Why didn’t Noel and Ben call Felicity’s parents? If I found out my daughter’s friends had taken her to see a psychiatrist and she’d been admitted to a facility without my knowledge, I’d be furious.

Just! One! Episode! Left!

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