August 14, 2021

Felicity 4.22, Back to the Future: Start Again

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Probably the last time this group was all together. You know how post-college friendships are

Summary: Where were we? Oh, right: Noel’s dead. Felicity and Ben go to the police station to get his personal items. Felicity blames herself, since Noel wouldn’t have died if she hadn’t time-traveled. At the loft, the three mourn with Sean and break the news to Meghan. Meghan suggests that Felicity can undo this. She found Korsakoff and even has his address. Sean must be very confused.

Felicity goes to see Korsakoff, who thinks she’s been sent to harass him by some guy named Fleming who found out about the book Korsakoff was working on. Felicity tells him that the time-travel spell works. She quickly sums up the past few episodes and tells Korsakoff that he’s the only one who can undo everything. Once he confirms that Fleming didn’t send her, he lets her into his apartment.

Sometime later, Felicity packs up a bunch of her and her friends’ personal items to take back to Korsakoff. Meghan was able to do the spell because she knew everything that had happened, but Korsakoff isn’t familiar with the group, so he needs some help. Ben thinks he might be conning Felicity, but she figures she needs to try this, in case it works. Yeah, Korsakoff might end up keeping Ben’s watch, but oh, well.

Felicity returns to Korsakoff’s apartment and gives him a recap of the series, basically. Oh, great, it’s a clip show. I’m not linking to everything. Sorry. Felicity starts with her high school graduation, when Ben signed her yearbook and she decided to follow him to New York. “You went across the country for this?” Korsakoff asks about Ben’s message. Heh. Felicity insists that she wasn’t stalking him. Plus, Ben handled it pretty well.

We get clips of her running into him in New York, then confronting him for what he wrote in her yearbook and admitting that she read his admission essay. Hi, Julie! Felicity tells Korsakoff that it was hard just being friends with Ben. Noel helped. We see her meet him, then cry to him (and throw up on him) on Halloween. We also see him tell her not to leave New York because she’ll just regret it in five years. Heh, it’s five years later and now she regrets something else.

Felicity admits to Korsakoff that she had feelings for Noel. Clip: Boggle. Korsakoff is doing stuff with all the things Felicity brought him, hanging them on a little tree, and he uses Boggle cubes (is that what they’re called? Eh, whatever) to spell out what I think is “hickey.” He gives Felicity a little break, since she’s overcome with grief. After a few minutes, he puts on a Dean & DeLuca hat that ties Felicity to Javier. Clips: Javier highlights. This should be the whole episode.

Korsakoff tries to do something witchy, but it doesn’t work. Felicity gives him a strand of her hair, which Meghan always uses in his spells. Clips: Meghan being Meghan. This leads to Elena, since Felicity brought Korsakoff her gun from “Assassins.” Clips: Elena in all her Elena-ness. Also, Tracy. Then they move on to Sean. Of course, his clips are about his innovations. Korsakoff comments that he has “a little too much time on his hands.” Felicity says he’s enthusiastic, especially about Meghan. Oh, goodie, clips of Sean and Meghan fighting. Save me, Jeebus!

Korsakoff unspools a tape Felicity brought him and hangs it on the tree. Clip: Felicity’s tape to Sally is played at the party. Korsakoff asks if Felicity lost her virginity to “Len” or Noel. Felicity admits that her first time should have been with Noel. Clip: Felicity trying very hard to make that happen. She tells Korsakoff that Ben developed feelings for her, which caused some issues. Clip: Ben giving Felicity the necklace. Felicity says Noel was fine with that. Clip: Noel not being fine with that and the guys fighting.

Felicity tells Korsakoff that there was always a “force” between her and Ben. Clip: Ben saying that not kissing Felicity leaves an unanswered question, then answering the question by kissing her. But Felicity couldn’t trust him, since he’d let her down too much. She wound up doing some dumb things. Heh, she means her haircut. After that, everyone weighed in on the Felicity/Ben dynamic. Clip: Javier urging Felicity to see Ben differently.

Korsakoff sums everything up: Felicity had two guys in love with her. Yep, that’s the show! Felicity had to choose between them. Clip: Ben regrets not going to the Charlie Chaplin movie with Felicity, and getting a reel of it so he and Felicity can watch it together. He calls it a time machine. This is followed by clips of the two of them kissing and being happy together. The song on the soundtrack is very appropriate: “Let’s pretend that we can start again. We’ll pick up where we left off.”

Felicity clarifies to Korsakoff that she picked Ben, but that damaged her friendship with Noel. Now he’s dead and she’s lost him forever. Korsakoff wonders if that was supposed to happen. Maybe she came back in time to let him go. When you love two people, you have to make a choice. Felicity could have made the wrong one.

Korsakoff tells Felicity to empty her pockets. She’s holding on to something, and he can’t do the spell to send her back to the future until she lets it go. It’s the key to Noel’s apartment, on the Magic 8 Ball keychain. Korsakoff tells her that this is just a chapter in her story. It’ll always be a part of her, but she has to finish it. After a long pause, Felicity gives him the keychain. To finish the spell, the two of them light candles around the little tree. Then Felicity pours wax on all the objects that symbolize her college years.

In bed with Ben, Felicity tells him about the experience and her memories. She admits that she’s afraid to go to sleep since she doesn’t know what will happen when she wakes up. She could be where she is, with Noel still dead, or she could wake up in the future, without Ben next to her. What if she forgets about this moment? Ben apologizes for what he does in the future to damage their relationship. Felicity needs to find a way to forgive him because he doesn’t want to live his life without her.

The two go to sleep, and in the morning, Felicity wakes up with her friends around her, like this is The Wizard of Oz. Noel is there, and he tells her that she was sick last night. She had a fever of 104. Why didn’t they take her to a hospital?? Also, it was all a dream??!?!?! Ugh. Ben comes in to check on his ex, and Felicity is all, “And you were there! And you, and you, and you…”

Felicity tells Noel that he and Zoe are going to have a great life together. She’s left alone with Ben, who says exactly the same thing he said in the past the night before: What he did was stupid and unforgivable, but she needs to forgive him so they can keep being together. Felicity says she doesn’t want to live her life without him, either. She forgives him.

Wedding time! Noel and Zoe get married and everyone’s happy. Elena’s somehow there. Javier fights all the single women to catch the bouquet. Tracy’s also there, and he and Elena may be back together. Lots of smiles and hugs and a few tears because the series is ending. Richard is present but doesn’t get to say anything. And everyone lives happily ever after, I guess.

Thoughts: Korsakoff is played by Kurt Fuller, whom I love. I think I spelled the character’s name wrong, but whatever, it’s too late, I’m leaning into the mistake.

I hate clip shows, but I’ll admit that they’re easy to recap.

Apparently a scene was cut somewhere along the way where Felicity talked Elena into going to Duke instead of Columbia (Columbia being where Elena died), which is how Elena is still alive in the series. I’m surprised the writers bothered to bring her back, considering how little they gave her to do this season. She doesn’t even get any lines in the finale.

’90s music alert: “I Will Remember You” by Sarah McLachlan. I mean, of course.

And that’s it for Felicity! Stay tuned for something very, very different.

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