October 11, 2021

Netflix’s BSC 2.1, Kristy and the Snobs: How to Fit In

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New season, new squad

Summer is winding down, and the girls are back in Stoneybrook, trying to enjoy the rest of their free time while getting ready for the new school year. Kristy is also still trying to adjust to life with the Brewers – and life with money. She feels out of place in her new home, with her new family members and their customs she’s not used to, like big family breakfasts on the weekends. She’s also not feeling comfortable in such a rich neighborhood with snobby, judgmental neighbors.

The worst is Mrs. Delaney, who invites Kristy and Elizabeth over for a very stilted, awkward afternoon tea. She accidentally offends Elizabeth by commenting that she won the lottery by marrying Watson. Translation: Elizabeth lucked out by marrying rich and should feel blessed to have been raised out of the depths of poverty and single motherhood to live in the lap of luxury.

Kristy thinks she’s justified in disliking Mrs. Delaney until she hires Kristy to babysit Amanda. Amanda is less snobby than she is in the books, but still doesn’t have any friends. Kristy realizes she’s lonely and shouldn’t be looked down on for it. She also helps Amanda and David Michael become friends, and the two kids bond over their love of animals.

Part of the reason Kristy and David Michael feel uncomfortable in the new Thomas/Brewer household (Sam and Charlie have adjusted fine) is because they don’t have their former constant companion, Louie, with them. They put him down over the summer (no one in the whole episode uses the word “died” or “dead”), and the younger Thomas kids really miss him. They’ve gone through a lot of changes, and this one is the most painful.

The Delaneys help with that: Mrs. Delaney hosts a charity event, which Elizabeth doesn’t want to attend because she’ll feel like she’s being judged by all the rich people there. It turns out to be a pet adoption, and the Delaneys have picked out a dog just for the Thomas kids. David Michael names the dog after Mrs. Delaney, whose first name is Shannon. Sorry, Shannon Kilbourne – you don’t exist in this universe.

In the end, Kristy spells out the lesson for us: To feel like you fit in, fake it till you make it. With enough confidence, and by acting like you belong, sooner or later, you will.

In the B plot, Stacey and Claudia take it upon themselves to help Mary Anne get Logan’s attention, since Mary Anne isn’t sure where they stand. They make her an Instagram and immediately get Logan interested in it. It turns out to be someone else. Womp womp? Also, Dawn tries to get more info out of Logan for an astrological chart, or something, but it doesn’t work. She also reads tarot cards. So she’s THAT girl.

The details:

  • Watson is once again awesome. Kristy gets up for a midnight snack and runs into him in the kitchen. She just wants some cereal, her normal breakfast when she’s not being served a formal buffet so the family can all eat together. Watson gives her a bowl and takes her to his special midnight-snack spot. He tells her she can talk to him any time, or not talk to him any time. It’s so sweet.
  • Kristy keeps suggesting that Mary Anne just call Logan and let him know she misses him. The other girls think she’s crazy.
  • Dawn spent three weeks in California and feels “like a different person.” That’s an inside joke, since she’s now being played by a different actress. (The original actress took a role in the Marvel franchise. Enjoy that cash, girl!)
  • Stacey and Sam are friends, which makes Kristy a little uneasy.
  • Mallory is super-dorky and socially awkward. It’s painful, yet relatable.
  • Richard and Sharon make a brief appearance on their way to a date, while Dawn and Mary Anne are using tarot cards. Richard: “Just…finish your homework before you summon the devil.” Mary Anne, joking: “Dad, you’re so strict.”
  • Karen: “Amanda Delaney is a social climber but has no ability to speak to people.” She also asks to see the rescue lizards at the adoption event.

The differences/changes:

  • Amanda’s brother Max doesn’t exist. No big loss there.
  • The Brewers have a pool, so I don’t think there will be any pool drama like there was in Poor Mallory!

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