October 13, 2021

Netflix’s BSC 2.3, Stacey’s Emergency: Go, Diabetes!

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This girl needs a hug

Summary: Stacey is loving her life in Stoneybrook. She has great friends, she’s not dealing with the “ableist bullies” who chased her out of Manhattan, and she’s handling her diabetes really well. She’s also been chosen to attend a gala/fashion show and appear on the cover of a magazine for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation as a youth ambassador. She asks the BSC girls to help her decorate some pouches where kids with diabetes keep their supplies, and model them at the gala.

With all that’s going on in her life, Stacey starts slipping on maintaining her blood sugar. In fact, it’s more out of control than it’s ever been. She feels the pressure to stay on top of everything, since people see her as mature and responsible. The morning of the gala, her levels are back to normal, so she figures everything’s fine. She gets annoyed when Claudia and Jessi express concern that she’s doing too much and tiring herself out.

Stacey realizes her blood sugar is low right before she’s meant to take the stage to give a speech, then be in the fashion show. She blows off her friends, who just want to make sure she’s okay. On-stage, she realizes she’s not as mature as she’s been making people think she is. She’s embarrassed not to be the stellar representative of diabetes that she thought her doctor saw her as being.

Her doctor reminds her that everyone with diabetes has good days and bad days. Her health is more than a numbers game. Stacey admits that she felt powerless in her own body when she was first diagnosed. Her doctor says that she can feel unashamed of having diabetes while not loving that she has it. She needs to be kinder to herself. Stacey makes up with her friends, of course, and tells them she doesn’t want to be the poster child for diabetes. She just wants to figure stuff out – and stop putting pressure on herself to be perfect.

In the B plot, Elizabeth confides to Sharon that she and Watson are talking about having a baby. She likes the idea of raising a child with a guy who actually wants to be a father. Sharon mentions this to Dawn, who thinks the baby has already been conceived and congratulates a very surprised Kristy. Kristy thinks Elizabeth kept the news from her because she thought Kristy would freak out. She decides to find a way to let Elizabeth know she would love to welcome a new baby into the family.

At the gala, Kristy tries to win a bassinet in a silent auction so she can let Watson and Elizabeth know she’s happy about the baby. She enlists the other girls to keep other people from bidding on it while Dawn chats with Watson and Elizabeth to keep them distracted. This leads to Elizabeth teaching Dawn about interest rates. Just as they decide to find something else to do, Kristy presents them with the bassinet and tells them how much she loves their new family. They’re very confused.

At home, Elizabeth says she knew Kristy would be supportive of her and Watson having another baby. She just didn’t want to say anything until she knew they were sure they wanted one, or knew they could even have one. Now she feels pressure to give Kristy something she really wants. Kristy promises that the family they have now is enough.

The details:

  • I like seeing the girls’ parents interact. We didn’t get that much in the books.
  • Dawn wants her pouch to have an anti-capitalist message, along with the idea that health care is a human right. But it should also be cute. Elizabeth is impressed with how politically engaged kids are now. “When I was their age, I only cared about boys and lip gloss,” she tells Sharon before admitting, “I still care about those things to an uncomfortable degree.”
  • Richard doesn’t like crowds of people he doesn’t know. Richard is super-relatable, huh? He also brings his own coasters to the gala. That’s…not so relatable.
  • Watson: “Go, diabetes! Not ‘go,’ like, in a positive sense. It’s a disease. People are suffering.” He also jokes that he’s going to see if Andrew fits in the bassinet Kristy won. I LOVE HIM.

The differences/changes:

  • Nothing about this episode is like the book, except that they’re both about Stacey’s diabetes.
  • Mrs. Papadakis is pregnant; I’m not sure if it’s with Sari or with another child.
  • It looks like Stacey’s parents are doing fine, so either they won’t be getting divorced in this series or it just won’t be this season.

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