March 22, 2022

ER 10.15, Blood Relations: In Which Everyone’s Either Having a Baby or Being a Baby

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I can’t imagine having a job where I have to hang out in here all day

Summary: It’s 4:57 a.m. and a woman named Vicki is going into labor. She tells her husband, Nolan, to get up so they can go to the hospital. She then goes to her kids’ room so they can take them to their grandmother’s house on the way to the hospital. But the kids (Clay and Shannon) don’t wake up, even when Vicki shakes them. She rushes back to her bedroom and tries to wake Nolan, who’s also unresponsive.

Elsewhere in Chicago, Sam and Luka are awake for a much different reason. She set an alarm so she could get him out of the apartment before Alex got up, but it didn’t go off, so now she’s trying to rush him out. It sounds like they’ve been practicing this routine for a while. (We find out later that it’s been a little over a month since they first hooked up.) Sam finds Alex in the kitchen, up early because he’s going to an aquarium with a friend. He sees Luka leaving the bedroom and looks at his mom like he has a few questions.

Chuck drops Susan off at County so she doesn’t have to walk back and forth from the El while it’s icy outside. They both seem happy about the baby, which she plans to give her last name. He asks when she’s going to introduce him to her father. Susan freezes, indicating and then revealing that a) she hasn’t thought about it, b) he doesn’t know about Chuck, and c) he doesn’t know about the baby.

In the ambulance bay, Susan runs into Carter, who’s working because he couldn’t sleep. Paramedics bring in Vicki and her family; she’s in active labor now. Carter thinks the others might have carbon-monoxide poisoning. Pratt tends to Nolan, who’s seizing, while Abby and Morris take the kids, who are conscious but sick.

Vicki asks about her family, and Carter explains that usually when a patient has their symptoms in the winter, they suspect carbon-monoxide poisoning due to an improperly venting heater. Vicki notes that she didn’t lose consciousness like everyone else did. Neela and Susan tell her that the baby’s blood pulled the carbon monoxide from her body and kept her healthy. Unfortunately, that could mean trouble for the baby.

Gallant helps Pratt with Nolan, taking over when Malik tells Pratt he needs to go deal with Morris. Morris doesn’t think he needs to draw Shannon’s blood, even though it’s protocol and Abby told him to. Meanwhile, Sam, Luka, and Alex take an awkward drive, since the adults are a little off-kilter about getting caught, and Alex doesn’t want to discuss their relationship.

Pratt and Gallant finally stop Nolan’s seizing, but Gallant thinks he should be sent to a hyperbaric chamber to get the carbon monoxide out of his system. Pratt wants to wait and see how he responds to plain oxygen first. He guesses that the baby’s distress over the carbon monoxide induced Vicki’s labor (only a couple of weeks early, fortunately). Gallant notes that that’s good – if Vicki hadn’t woken up, her family probably would have died.

Susan and Carter deliver the baby while Vicki wonders what her family did to deserve this. Susan tells Neela to deliver the placenta while she and Carter try to stabilize the baby – his heart is struggling because he was deprived of oxygen. At the admit desk, Weaver complains because Luka’s late. Okay, well, Jerry doesn’t care. Abby comes to ask her something, probably regretting it immediately because Weaver’s cranky (Henry has colic, Sandy’s working a long shift, and Weaver hasn’t had coffee yet).

The baby’s improving after intubation, but he needs hyperbaric treatment so he can receive extra oxygen. Vicki can’t hold him yet, but Susan lets her touch him. She tells Neela to accompany the baby to the hyperbaric chamber; she’ll be in there for a couple of hours. Neela isn’t thrilled, but there’s no time to object.

As soon as she gets to the chamber, the tech (no name; I’ll call him Patrick after the actor playing him) gives her a bunch of instructions about what she can’t wear or take in with her. Neela tries to back out but Patrick won’t let her. The chamber kind of looks like a smaller version of a subway car, but with just one long bench. With the sounds and various pressurizations, being in it probably feels like being in a submarine.

Susan takes Vicki to see her family, since she insists on being with them while she can’t be with the baby. The kids are okay, and though Nolan has stabilized, they don’t know yet if he’ll have long-term problems. Vicki tells the staff that the baby’s name is Samuel, and Susan agrees to let the people taking care of him know. Neela paces in the chamber, clearly feeling claustrophobic. Susan tells her the baby’s name is Samuel and asks how she’s doing. Neela lies that she’s fine.

Back in the ER, Elizabeth talks to Weaver about a patient, but Weaver’s having a hard time focusing. Elizabeth guesses that Henry has colic. Ella did, too, and she’s still exhausting Elizabeth now as a preschooler. Weaver notes that it must be hard for Elizabeth to parent by herself. She asks if Elizabeth has any “prospects.” Elizabeth mentions Dave and says he’s nice, but it looks like that might not be enough for her.

Sam arrives just as her shift is about to start and takes over a patient from Malik. The girl, Christy, has a sore throat, but it’ll take hours for her to get a strep test, which means her father may have to miss work at his new job. Luka asks Sam to come over that night, like, she’s working. Leave her alone. Weaver slams him for being late and tells him she’s taking money from his paycheck. Carter comments that at least she isn’t carrying a machine gun. He’s putting together a care package for Kem, with both prenatal items and things for her clinic. He can’t stop thinking about her.

Susan talks to Abby about her father as they go out to meet an ambulance. Her parents were married for 36 years, and Henry (oh, boy, two Henrys now) loved Susan’s mother until the day she died, though apparently he cheated on her a few times. The ambulance is bringing in a John Doe who’s bleeding but wouldn’t let the paramedics check his wounds. Behind him is another patient, and though Carter’s leaving, he stays when he realizes the patient is Chen’s father. She’s been taking care of him at home since he came back from China, but now he has pneumonia.

A woman named Florina brings a baby up to Sam’s triage window and says she needs to see Weaver. Sam has apparently been told to say that she’s not in. Florina says her daughter told her to ask for Weaver. Sam says the baby will be seen by a doctor, but she can’t guarantee which one. Florina tells her that Sandy and Weaver live together. Sam finally gets that this is Sandy’s mother, and the baby is Henry.

The John Doe is high on meth, but Abby isn’t able to find out why he’s bleeding. His test results show that his blood counts are normal. Gallant calls Susan in to help with a woman named Nancy who’s been feeling sick for a couple of weeks. She has five kids at home and no time to be sick. (The kids are her grandkids, whom she’s raising after finishing up with her own kids. Also, she’s only 42, so she probably hasn’t stopped changing diapers for 20 years.) Susan thinks she has a virus, but she tells Gallant to have Nancy screened for depression.

Nolan is doing much better, which means Samuel is the only family member still in unstable condition. Neela’s starting to panic more, so Patrick offers her Valium. She demands to be let out of the chamber, since the baby’s stable enough not to need her by his side. But as she’s undergoing the process to exit, the baby starts declining and she realizes he needs immediate care. She reluctantly goes back in, agreeing to stay until another doctor arrives. The process perforates her eardrum (which will grow back), so Neela’s day just keeps getting worse.

Chen is happy to have her father back in the States, since the hospital where he was being treated in China couldn’t get test results very quickly. Yeah, talk to Christy about fast test results. Her father has been depressed since his original surgery and the death of his wife. Pratt sees Chen as he’s passing by and learns that she’s been back in town for over a week but didn’t get in touch with him.

Neela manages to focus on Samuel until the next doctor, Olivera, arrives. The John Doe is stable, and Susan doubts he’ll be able to remember what happened to him after he wakes up from his medication-induced sleep. Abby’s sad because he’s someone’s child. Speaking of children, Weaver learns that Henry’s in the ER. Luka has checked him out and hasn’t found anything to be concerned about. He probably just has a cold, but Florina says he wouldn’t stop crying. She tells Weaver that Luka was very helpful.

Sam sees Christy still waiting in the waiting room, but without her father. She tells Sam he’ll be back after work. She insists she’s okay waiting by herself, but Sam takes her into the ER. Olivera talks Neela through an intubation, which she performs…not necessarily confidently, but while at least pretending she knows what she’s doing.

Susan calls her father to check in with him but has to hang up when Nolan asks for an update on Samuel. As she goes to get one, Gallant gives her Nancy’s lab work, which reveals that she’s pregnant. Nancy’s surprised since she’s on the pill, but she also takes St. John’s Wort, which can make birth control ineffective. Looks like Nancy’s in for a couple more years of diapers.

Paramedics bring in a woman named Clara who was stabbed multiple times. “It was the drugs,” she says. Her husband is right behind her, also having been stabbed. Luka tends to a patient and blows off a man who’s going around the ER, asking for spare change. Christy’s hanging out there and gets scared when the man approaches her, then gets understandably upset when he coughs on her. Luka tells Sam to find Christy a room to wait in. Also, he still wants to hang out that night. Sam, however, wants to take a break. Things are moving too fast, and she wants to keep it casual.

The two join the teams taking care of Clara and her husband. Abby wonders if the John Doe is responsible for their stabbings. After all, he was hallucinating and covered in blood. Elizabeth comes to see if Clara needs surgery, but Susan doesn’t seem to think she’ll survive long enough to get to the OR. Elizabeth checks in on Clara’s husband next, realizing that he’s being taken care of only by men (Carter, Luka, Pratt, and Gallant). To be fair, Clara’s only being taken care of by women – Susan, Abby, and Sam. Anyway, Clara dies as the John Doe is taken away by police. A cop reveals that the John Doe is Clara’s son.

Neela finally gets to leave the chamber, and even though she struggled the whole time she was in there, a tech tells her she did great. As she’s going through the procedure to exit, Patrick and Olivera realize she’s suffering from some side effects and needs to wait another hour before she can leave. At this point, Neela’s probably willing to let her lung collapse if it means she can go outside.

As Elizabeth is taking Clara’s husband to surgery, she runs into Lawson by the elevators and tries to make small talk. If exchanging long, hard-to-pronounce medical terms is flirting, that’s what these two are doing. Lawson starts to move closer to Elizabeth, but Weaver steps between them, putting out her crutch to press an elevator button and cluelessly blocking Lawson from making a move. He asks Elizabeth out anyway, and Weaver is a little taken aback when she realizes what she stepped in the middle of. She gets on an elevator with Elizabeth, commenting that she thought Elizabeth was dating Dave. “I am,” Elizabeth says with a smile.

Back in the ER, Susan realizes she never gave Samuel’s family an update about him. She decides to take Vicki to see him. Jerry’s working on something computer-related but won’t let Luka see it. Sam tells Luka that Christy tested positive for strep. Without a parent’s consent, they can’t start her treatment. Her father returns right then and Luka slams him for leaving her at the hospital alone. Sam thinks he’s overreacting, since she can relate to a struggling single parent.

Susan takes Vicki to see Samuel, who’s doing a lot better, though he’ll need another round of treatment the next day. Vicki says they didn’t plan to have a third child, but she’s grateful they did. Susan checks on Neela and chastises her for not having someone replace her in the chamber. Neela’s face: “I didn’t know that was a bloody option, and also, I’m going to get so drunk after my shift.”

Alex gets dropped off after his aquarium trip and Sam suggests that they have a talk. He guesses it’ll be about her and Luka having sex. Alex doesn’t think there’s anything to discuss. He’s fine with it. Vicki’s family is doing so well that Nolan and the kids are already being released. Susan can’t believe what a busy day they’ve had, all before lunchtime. Jerry calls Carter to the admit desk to see the project he’s been working on. He set up a web cam, got the consulate in the Congo to set up their own, and has arranged a chat between Carter and Kem. Susan’s jealous that Kem’s belly isn’t as big as hers.

Pratt checks in with Chen, trying to cheer her a little by pointing out that at least she gets to admit her father to a hospital with a staff she knows. He asks how long she’s going to take care of him on her own. Chen insists that he’ll get better. Pratt clearly wants her to accept that that’s wishful thinking, but Chen says she was asleep in a hotel when her mother died alone. She’s not leaving her father.

Neela’s finally done with the chamber, and she runs through the hospital to get outside the second she can. Susan and Chuck go to a bar to meet up with Henry. She tells him all her news at once, but he’s watching a hockey game and doesn’t seem to be paying attention. He just asks if the couple is going to get married. Chuck says that’s what he wants, if Susan will agree. “About damn time,” Henry replies.

Thoughts: They probably shouldn’t let Morris work with kids. Shannon’s crying for her mom and he’s like. “Not now.” Where’s Doug when you need him? Or Weaver? Or Gallant? Or…you know what, anyone but Morris would be better here.

Shout-out to Nancy, because I can’t imagine raising three kids, then raising THEIR kids.

I give Sam a lot of credit for prioritizing Alex’s feelings over her desire to date, especially since the person she’s having to give up is Luka.

I keep forgetting to post about this: Amanda Lee finally got her man.

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