November 8, 2022

ER 12.4, Blame It on the Rain: Satisfaction Not Guaranteed

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Six years in a coma and her hair still looks better than mine

Summary: There’s a thunderstorm brewing outside and Frank counts between the thunder and lightning to determine that it’s getting closer to County. Abby heads out for a coffee run anyway before starting her shift. Eve tells Morris that the ER is getting backed up, so they should move some people along. Morris doesn’t care for her opinion, even though she’s ten times smarter than he is. In fact, she claims that her knowledge of human anatomy is so extensive, she could kill him with one finger. Do it! Do it! She ends up just poking him in the collarbone, which is good enough for me. (For now.)

Weaver slips on the floor behind Morris and he catches her before she falls. He crows that he saved her life. She asks why things are so busy, shutting him up when he starts to answer because she wants to hear from Eve instead. Eve says all the ERs in the city are nearing max capacity. Weaver sides with her about moving on more patients who don’t need extensive workups. As thunder rumbles again, Jerry cringes.

On her way back with coffee, Abby drops something, and when she crouches to pick it up, a car has to swerve to miss hitting her. He yells at her for going out in the rain. She throws a cup at him and blasts him for not paying more attention in the crosswalk. She has a good arm, and it must be pretty satisfying, but someone’s going to be upset about not getting their coffee.

Pratt has done what Morris couldn’t and helped clear the board at the end of his shift. He tells Morris that “Doc Rock” (AKA Ray) will be with him, but Ray is actually stating a toxicology elective. Neela, who’s leaning toward neurology, didn’t get an elective. Morris tells her she still has to do some paramedic ride-alongs, since she didn’t do them as an intern.

Abby returns with wet donuts and spilled coffee. Still, it’s better than Sam’s situation, which is working nights and barely seeing Alex. Haleh arrives, complaining that rain makes Chicagoans idiots. She’s there to fill in for a sick Conni, but Eve won’t let her work since she’s already maxed out her overtime. Poor Haleh turns right around to head back into the rain. Eve asks Sam to fill in until she can find another nurse.

A woman named Blaire is brought in from a nursing facility for treatment for an infection. She’s been comatose for six years. Luka doesn’t think she needs to be treated in the hospital, but the guys transporting her don’t get paid to make return trips and they have another patient to pick up, so they just ditch her. Sam volunteers to work with Luka, but Eve sends her off to work somewhere else. Luka complains to Weaver, who says that Eve gets to make all nursing decisions.

Ray checks in with his supervisor, who’s studying snake venom. That means there are snakes all over his lab, which is right up Ray’s alley. He’ll be working in the poison-control center, though, which means answering phone calls and telling people whether or not they’re dying, I guess. Back in the ER, paramedics bring in a woman named Judy who was in a car accident. She tells Weaver and Neela that someone forced her off the road. Her baby, Grace, is arriving in another ambulance, and Neela takes Judy, leaving Weaver to wait for Grace.

Dubenko comes to the ER to consult on a patient who fell on a fence post and now has it sticking out of his leg. Yeah, I’d say he needs surgery, all right. Abby asks if Dubenko’s okay, admitting that she saw him getting examined on the oncology floor. He reveals that he has prostate cancer, but it doesn’t sound like he’s too worried about it – they caught it early and his prognosis is good once he has surgery. Abby offers to talk if he wants to, which is pretty generous of her, considering she’s never wanted to talk to him before.

Frank tells Abby that a patient who just came in was scalded by coffee thrown at him while he was driving by the hospital. She’s not a suspect since he thinks the culprit was a nurse. “Probably someone from ICU. They’re really wacky up there,” Abby says. Sam calls her over to help with a man named Lee who’s having chest pain. Grace arrives, and paramedics tell Weaver that she was ejected from Judy’s car; her car seat must not have been secure. Judy tells a police officer about the driver who forced her off the road. She thinks he and his passenger wanted to steal her car.

Weaver bumps Luka and Blaire from a trauma room so she can take care of Grace. He comes over to help her, offering to take over the case. Weaver thinks he doesn’t trust her skills since she hasn’t worked in the ER in a while. They disagree about whether Grace needs an intubation or has a head injury. Weaver wants to follow her gut, which says that she should be intubated.

Neela tries to reassure Judy about Grace as she stitches up a cut on Judy’s cheek. Judy wishes she’d waited to go out until the rain had stopped, but Grace was fussy and Judy thought a drive would calm her down. Weaver asks Jerry to go buy a present for a birthday party Henry’s going to. Jerry’s anxious about going out in the storm. After all, he’s pretty tall, so he could get struck by lightning. Weaver advises him to run “in a zigzag pattern.”

There don’t seem to be any hard feelings between Weaver and Luka, though he still doesn’t approve of Grace’s intubation. Judy’s husband, Brad, arrives as Frank snarks that he thought Luka and a nearby Sam were supposed to stay 50 feet apart. He tells Luka he’s better off without her. New policy: Everyone is now advised to stay 50 feet away from Frank.

Lee is doing better and doesn’t appear to have had a heart attack, but he may have angina, so he needs to stick around for observation and tests. Shauna, the woman who came in with him, says she’ll come back later. Abby advises her to stay in case the cardiologist has questions for her and Lee. Abby thinks Shauna is Lee’s wife, but she’s actually his “satisfaction facilitator.” In other words, people have sex with her because they’re not getting enough fulfillment from their partners.

While Luka’s tending to Blaire, Abby asks him what kind of man goes to a “satisfaction facilitator” (which she, like me, thinks is just a fancy name for a call girl). He thinks it’s a smart move, actually. Dubenko interrupts to take Abby up on her offer for a chat. Weaver takes Brad to see Judy, and they both assure Judy that Grace should be okay. After Brad leaves to see Grace, Judy apologizes to Neela for crying so much, since she’s not usually like that.

Ray tells a caller that Venus fly traps aren’t lethal if ingested, then jokes that big ones like to eat animals and children. The caller isn’t amused. Neither is Ray’s supervisor. Dubenko asks Abby if she told anyone that she saw him on the oncology floor. She didn’t and she won’t. He tells her that the surgery he’s decided to have has a 25 percent chance of affecting his ability to have an erection. Abby silently prays for a huge trauma to interrupt the conversation as he talks about possible treatments after that.

Dubenko’s shaken by the thought of never having sex again, and he uses a bunch of words to say that he wants to hook up with Abby in case it’s his last hurrah. She figures out where he’s going partway through the question. She kindly tells him that she’s flattered but not interested. He asks if she’d sleep with him after the surgery, just to let him see if everything still works. Nope, sorry. Abby gets summoned for a trauma, and she asks Dubenko, “You wanna hop on? I mean, are you coming?” Oh, Abby.

A cop brings Judy some mugshots to see if she can identify the man who ran her off the road. She says everything happened too fast for her to remember anything, then shortly says she can’t look. She tells Neela that the rain caused the car to skid and made it hard to see what was happening. But she also says that she kept driving even though she knew she was going to hit a wall.

She didn’t know that Grace’s car seat wasn’t clicked in properly. She would never purposely hurt her baby. Neela asks if she crashed the car intentionally. Judy confides that sometimes she feels overwhelmed, and she just wanted it to stop. She won’t answer Neela’s question about whether she crashed to hurt herself.

Neela goes to Luka to talk about the possibility that Judy has postpartum depression. He approves her request to get a psych consult. She can’t tell Brad what’s going on, so she tells him Judy needs to stay for more observation. She asks if Judy drinks or uses drugs, pretending she’s just worried about drug interactions. Brad hasn’t noticed anything Neela would see as a red flag, but then again, when you have a three-month-old baby, your whole life is upside-down and it’s easy to miss things.

Eve asks Luka to confer with her so they can clear out some patients. She tells him about a new policy: When they call for a consult, the resident who’s supposed to be on call has 60 minutes to respond, or an attending gets paged instead. All the departments agreed except psych. Yeah, ’cause then they’d have to do their job!

Luka’s annoyed that Blaire hasn’t been picked up yet to be taken back to her facility. The facility’s assistant director is there, since they have a policy of checking on patients before they’re transferred. She explains that they had Blaire taken to County because they don’t have the staff to give her the treatment she needed on short notice. Blaire doesn’t have any family; her mother died in the crash that left her in a coma, and her boyfriend ditched her a long time ago. She gets ditched again when Luka goes to tend to a man named Lawrence who was hit by a car.

Myers (hey, it’s Myers! He’s been gone a long time) comes to talk to Judy, who pretends she never said anything to Neela to make her a candidate for a psych consult. Since Myers doesn’t see any signs of depression, he can’t keep her there. Eve is with the driver who hit Lawrence, who just has pain in his thumbs. Aww, poor baby. Neela goes to Weaver about Judy, wondering if she should call social services. Weaver advises her to talk to Brad and see if he can convince Judy to admit herself.

Jerry’s MIA, having never returned from Weaver’s errand. Weaver doesn’t get why everyone’s so worried about a guy who went out in the rain. Lawrence’s kids arrive and Sam starts to take them to see him. Eve tells her she got a replacement for Conni, so she can go home. Sam wants to stay with the kids, but she’ll be off the clock if she does. Be a nice person on your own time, Sam!

Neela talks to Brad about Judy’s mental state, which he thinks is fine. He still believes Judy’s story that she was forced off the road. Neela encourages him to ask her what really happened. Eve sends Inez away while she’s trying to work with Luka, making Luka wonder if he’s allowed to work with any of the nurses. Looks like it’s more that he’s grumpy and Eve doesn’t want her nurses subjected to that. She sends Inez back to him when Abby needs something that Inez doesn’t know how to do. Luka calls in Sam to assist him instead, and Eve watches from the next trauma room as the exes work together completely professionally and comfortably.

Judy has changed her story, due to supposed confusion, but Brad still doesn’t believe that she crashed the car on purpose. Neela threatens to put her on a forced psych hold, but he calls her bluff. Lawrence has internal injuries, and Sam tells his kids that they’re going to try to fix him, but his condition is serious. His oldest kid, Jason, feels horrible because he was supposed to go get their dinner but he didn’t want to go out in the rain. Lawrence went instead and got hurt.

Jason recognizes the driver and grabs the phone he was talking on while he was driving. He throws the phone aside and asks what was so important that he had to take the call while he was driving. Luka pulls Jason off and calmly tells him that he needs to look after his younger and brother sister right now. (Luka also tells the driver to shut up, which is awesome.)

Inez lets Luka know that one of his patients is getting agitated. He thinks she’s confused when she says it’s Blaire, since people in comas don’t get agitated. Well, at some point in the past few minutes, Blaire came out of her coma. Luka’s hesitant to tell her what happened, especially since that means breaking the news that her mother died.

He chats with Sam, who was able to reach family members who can come be with Lawrence’s kids. Eve pulls Inez aside to tell her that she has great potential but isn’t doing enough to improve her skills. Sam steps in to say that if Eve wants the ER to run efficiently, she needs to let the people who work well together continue to team up. She also needs to treat them like professionals. Sam and Luka proved that they can work the same shifts, and if Eve isn’t convinced, she doesn’t know her job as well as she thinks she does. Eve reveals that she already changed the schedules and Sam can go back to her regular shift.

Sam gives Inez a pep talk, assuring her that every newbie runs into the same problems she’s been having. If she needs help, she can come find Sam. Shauna returns to see Lee just moments before his wife, Viv, shows up. She has no idea who Shauna is. Abby lies that she’s from cardiology, and Shauna sells it by repeating all the medical stuff Abby just told them. When they’re alone, Shauna thanks Abby for the cover and offers her services if Abby ever needs them. Abby spots Dubenko and asks if Shauna does pro bono work. [Insert your own pro bono/pro boner work joke here.]

Neela goes over Myers’ head to try to get Judy a second assessment. Jerry finally returns with Weaver’s toy, which is scorched. Frank guesses that Jerry got hit by lightning…again. Weaver doesn’t buy that until he gives her her change, which is all melted together. She rushes him to the ER to get some tests done (he seems fine, though).

Neela finally gets a doctor to agree to assess Judy. She also gets Weaver to agree to back up her theory of postpartum depression. But Judy won’t agree to stay, and Brad still doesn’t believe that there’s anything wrong. Neela warns that Judy could act on her impulses again, and something worse could happen – she or Grace could die. Judy and Brad ignore her and drive off into the rain.

Thoughts: Blaire is played by Stana Katic. Judy is played by Megan Ward. Degrassi fans will recognize Daniel Clark (Jason), who played Sean.

Paul McCrane (Romano) directed this episode.

Blaire’s eyes are slightly open even though she’s comatose, so shoutout to Stana Katic for staring at nothing for a long time without blinking.

For the record, Abraham Benrubi is 6’7″. You read that right.

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