October 27, 2021

Emergency club meeting: “Buffy” isn’t the only vampire show I’m recapping

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Don’t judge me

My curious love for The Vampire Diaries has led me to start a blog recapping the show. Join me at An Eternity of Misery for in-depth conversations about the moral implications and – no, just kidding. It’s mostly going to be me lusting over Ian Somerhalder and telling Klaus to shut up.


September 14, 2019

No recaps this week

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I need to take a little break. Please check back next Saturday.

March 3, 2018

Today’s X-Files recap delayed

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Windmageddon knocked out my Internet and TV last night. My Internet is working again, but cable is being stubborn, so I haven’t been able to recap yet. I’ll post “Rush” as soon as I can. Until then, you could fill the time by (re)watching “Rm9sbg93zxjz” from Wednesday, because it was awesome.

Update: Of course, five minutes later, cable’s back. Recap coming this afternoon.

September 3, 2015

Emergency club meeting: I hate the word “staycation”

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…but a staycation is what I’m taking next week, since I didn’t get to take a real vacation this summer. Instead of disappearing for a week and not posting anything, I’m going to bombard you with posts every day from 9/5 through 9/13. Because I’m crazy!

Here’s the schedule:

Saturday, 9/5: Beverly Hills, 90210 10.1, “The Phantom Menace”
Sunday, 9/6: The X-Files 1.13, “Beyond the Sea”
Monday, 9/7: Beverly Hills, 90210 10.2, “Let’s Eat Cake”
Tuesday, 9/8: Sweet Valley Twins #38, Lois Strikes Back
Wednesday, 9/9: The X-Files 1.14, “Gender Bender”
Thursday, 9/10: Beverly Hills, 90210 10.3, “You Better Work”
Friday, 9/11: The X-Files 1.15, “Lazarus”
Saturday, 9/12: Beverly Hills, 90210 10.4, “A Fine Mess”
Sunday, 9/13: The X-Files 1.16, “Young at Heart”

I hope you all enjoy the blogging spree. And I hope I survive it.

December 30, 2014

I forgot to mention…

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I’m on Tumblr now. I mostly joined because I was reading a lot of blogs and wanted to get all the posts in one spot, but I’m re logging some things, too. You can follow me at Strap On Your Party Hat.

If anyone knows of any good Sweet Valley or Beverly Hills, 90210 Tumblrs to follow, let me know!

May 30, 2014

Emergency club meeting: Going to Hong Kong to visit the Walshes

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It’s that time of year, when I disappear for a few days to go to the beach, read lots of books, and generally do nothing productive. Don’t expect any posts until after next weekend. While I’m gone, check out Sarah Bunting’s review of Jason Priestley, Jennie Garth, and Shannen Doherty’s memoirs, and come up with your dream cast for Adam Scott’s reproduction of the Beverly Hills 90210 opening credits. (Though what’s listed there is pretty much perfect.)

December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

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Santa, I specifically asked for Dylan

Santa, I specifically asked for Dylan

Merry Christmas, everyone! (For those who don’t celebrate Christmas, enjoy the day off!) My present to you will be extra posts. Here’s the tentative schedule:

December 26th: Party of Five 3.23, “Promises, Promises”

December 27th: Beverly Hills, 90210 7.4, “Disappearing Act”

December 28th: Party of Five 3.24, “A Little Faith”

December 29th: Beverly Hills, 90210 7.5, “Pledging My Love”

December 30th: Sweet Valley University #10, No Means No

December 31st: A super-special year-end surprise (have I hyped that enough?)

If you still need more ’90s goodness, check out these links:

1. Vulture’s oral history of 90210‘s Donna losing her virginity

2. Vulture’s oral history of the Valley party scene in Clueless

3. Previously TV’s musical tribute to Jack McKay’s pants from “The Kindness of Strangers”

May 31, 2013

Emergency club meeting: Visiting Jim and Cindy in Hong Kong

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I’m off on vacation starting tomorrow, so there won’t be any posts until next Saturday. When I return, I’ll dazzle you with a recap of the next SVH book, The Big Night, and I’ll pick up TV recaps sometime next weekend. Until then, I leave you with these topics to ponder:

  1. Why would Valerie want to hook up with Brandon?
  2. Should Elizabeth be with Todd or Devon?
  3. Where does Owen go in the long stretches of time he’s not on-screen?
  4. Which title in the BSC is the most meaningless?

December 13, 2012

Emergency club meeting: Holiday goodness

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I’m four episodes away from wrapping up Dawson’s Creek and the fourth season of Beverly Hills, 90210, plus a handful of days from the end of the year. Now that I have very little to do during the week and an entire week off from work between Christmas and New Year’s, I have more time for delicious ’90s goodness. I’m planning 11 posts between now and New Year’s, possibly more if I can fit them in. Here’s my tentative schedule:

DC 6.21, Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road – Dec. 15th
BH90210 4.29, Truth and Consequences – Dec. 16th
DC 6.22, Joey Potter and Capeside Redemption – Dec. 18th
SVH #132, Once Upon a Time – Dec. 19th (possibly earlier, but this is a safe bet)
BH90210 4.30, Vital Signs – Dec. 22nd
DC 6.23, All Good Things… – Dec. 26th
BSC Mystery #31, Mary Anne and the Music Box Secret – Dec. 26th or 27th
BH90210 4.31, Mr. Walsh Goes to Washington, Part 1 – Dec. 27th
DC 6.24, …Must Come to an End – Dec. 28th
BH90210 4.32, Mr. Walsh Goes to Washington, Part 2 – Dec. 29th
A super-secret surprise – Dec. 30th or 31st

This way we can kick off the new year with a new season of BH90210, plus the next show I’ll cover in place of Dawson’s Creek. This show launched a number of careers, had a catchy theme song, and had just the right amount of soapiness to fit in on this site. It also starred someone who later starred in one of the biggest shows of the 2000s, and it has a connection to the super-secret surprise.

Happy holidays, unless you’re Brandon Walsh, in which case I hope you get coal.

June 1, 2012

Emergency club meeting: Chilling with Brandon at the Beverly Hills Beach Club

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It’s that time of year where I go on vacation for a week and tear myself away from the computer. That means no posts until next weekend, when I hope to have two or three book recaps. Until then, amuse yourself by checking out some of the links in my Blogroll.

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