November 22, 2011

BSC #89, Kristy and the Dirty Diapers: The Cult Recruits Another Member

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Crap, Kristy kind of looks like me on this cover

Summary: Kristy accepts a sponsorship for the Krushers from a guy named Mr. Davis who has a diaper service. She doesn’t quite know what she’s getting into when she agrees; she really just likes the idea of new equipment and uniforms. But the uniforms say “Davis Diapers,” so the kids are embarrassed to wear them (and who wouldn’t be?). Plus, Mr. Davis thinks he now has a say in things like coaching, but he’s horrible at it, yelling at the kids and almost making them cry.

Kristy is also facing issues with a new girl in her neighborhood, Abby Stevenson. Abby and her identical twin sister Anna have just moved to Stoneybrook from Long Island, and Kristy and the BSC girls quickly become friends with them. Despite the fact that Abby’s more like Kristy (mainly athletic and loud), Kristy feels like she has more of a connection to Anna (who’s quieter and loves music).

In truth, Kristy finds Abby kind of annoying, but it’s totally because they’re so much alike. The twins and their mother spend the night with the Brewer-Thomases when they learn they don’t have electricity in their new house, and Abby is pretty much the center of attention because she’s such a ham. Kristy thinks she’s clamoring for that attention.

Abby winds up helping Kristy at a Krushers practice, which allows Kristy to see how good she is with kids. Anna has also been working with kids, helping out Kristy’s neighbor’s granddaughter, who’s staying with her while her parents are going through a divorce. The club is getting overwhelmed with calls, and Shannon can’t replace Dawn full-time, so it’s easy to see where this is going.

But first, Abby out-Kristys Kristy by standing up to Mr. Davis after a particularly cringeworthy encounter in which he treats the Krushers like dirt. Kristy has been treading lightly, not wanting to sever their deal (even though it would obviously be best for everyone), so Abby does it for her. Kristy realizes that she does like Abby after all, so she asks her to be her assistant coach.

Kristy then decides that the twins would be great additions to the BSC. The other BSC girls agree, so Kristy brings the twins to a meeting and asks them to join. Abby says yes, but in a shocking twist, Anna declines. One out of two is good enough for the BSC girls, though, so Abby is the newest member of the cult club.

There’s a whole subplot with Dru, the granddaughter, and how the BSC girls want to help her make friends, and how she joins the Krushers but sucks, so she forms a band, but it’s dumb, so I’ll skip it.

Thoughts: Abby was a very polarizing character, but I, for one, loved her. She became my favorite right away.

Kristy notices that the guest bedroom is really dusty, so she, Sam, and Charlie quickly clean it so the asthmatic, allergy-suffering Abby can sleep there. I thought that was really nice for teenagers who probably don’t willingly clean their own rooms.

This is actually the nicest thing Kristy does in the book. She spends a lot of it complaining, mostly about Abby but a little about other people. She’s even snottier than usual.

There’s no way the Bashers are scoring 30- and 40-something runs in a single game.

Stacey thinks Abby’s asthma could be a problem because she could have an attack while she’s babysitting. For someone with an illness that requires monitoring and possible emergency intervention, Stacey is a little unrealistic.

Shouldn’t Kristy have talked to Abby and Abby about joining the club before she extended the invitation?

Also, I love how Abby’s response is, “Sure! I guess.” You guess? Poor girl, you have no idea what you’re casually saying yes to.

I’m kind of surprised the girls ever talk to Anna again after she turns them down.

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