February 27, 2021

Felicity 3.15, Senioritis: Dependence Day

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I can’t believe neither of them though there could be security cameras

Summary: Noel is preparing for a job interview by practicing with Sean (who has little patches of tape all over his face, for some reason). Sean asks Noel to describe a time he had to deal with failure. Noel doesn’t think that will come up in an interview. Sean says he knows what he’s talking about; he went to Harvard Business School. Well, he went to a summer seminar at Harvard Business School. P.S. The tape on his face is to cleanse his pores. Avery shows up looking for Ben, who’s not there. He’s been ignoring her messages, and Avery’s confused about why he’s been avoiding her since the trip to the Hamptons. Noel guesses that something happened there.

The next day, I guess, Ben is studying in bed in hopes of actually doing well on his finals. Noel grabs Felicity for “Loser Pet Store”-related stuff, and Ben admits that he’s annoyed with Noel. Noel is anxious to make the cartoon great because the place he has a job interview is going to be looking at it. The guys start bickering over food, and Felicity makes it clear that she’s not happy with either of them.

At the dorm apartment, Elena and DeForrest are trying to study for the MCAT together, but the people in the apartment below them are blasting music. Oohhh, flashback to my junior year when I lived above a jerk who kept doing that. DeForrest jumps up and down a few times, which makes the music stop. Yeah, that wouldn’t have worked for me. Molly comes home with groceries, promises to be quiet, and immediately starts making noise. DeForrest tells Elena he got a hotel room for quiet studying (a popular practice at the school), so Elena can stay there with him if she wants.

Sean comes by to tell Meghan that he’s going to have a bar mitzvah. His parents weren’t religious when he was younger, so he never had one. Now he can finally be a man. Sean has invited his rabbi, Rabbi Levin, over for dinner that night, so Meghan offers to make dinner. In the library, Felicity and Noel learn that Richard has been patrolling the campus in a uniform he borrowed from security. He wants to make sure no one pulls any senior pranks. Felicity asks Noel what’s going on with him and Ben. Noel tries to brush her off, but Felicity’s worried that there’s something she should know.

Avery’s roommate, Samantha, leaves a message at the loft for Ben, telling him that something’s happened. He joins her at a hospital, where Samantha tells him that Avery probably wouldn’t have been admitted if Ben had just returned her messages. Meanwhile, Noel and Felicity are celebrating on a roof, happy about his interview. He wants to do something big to commemorate this. Felicity jokes that they should toilet-paper the library. She backtracks, remembering her last bad experience with a prank, but Noel wants to do it. He got the job and is moving to Seattle.

The two sneak a bunch of toilet paper into the library and stack it on some shelves while waiting for the library to close. Noel details his job, which will be with some billionaire. He’ll be working with a bunch of artists from around the world. He compares it to going to grad school but getting paid for it. Noel thinks Felicity would love it, too, and suggests that she work for him. As the library closes, Richard starts searching for any troublemakers.

Avery tells Ben that she’s been taking pills to help her sleep and ease her anxiety after the shooting. She was doing better, but last night she was distressed, and her regular dosage didn’t work, so she took more than she should have. Ben gently asks if she was trying to kill herself. Avery says no, but it’s not clear if she’s lying or not.

Felicity and Noel have gotten their hands on so much toilet paper that people in 2020 would stone them for it. They toss it everywhere, then make a run for it. Over at the loft, Rabbi Levin arrives for dinner, and Meghan is surprised to learn that she’s a she. Raise your hand if you’re surprised that Meghan’s mad that Sean never mentioned that. Sean tells her he only sees the rabbi as a scholar and mentor, not a love interest.

The hotel room has turned out to be a good studying environment, and DeForrest and Elena have done well on their practice tests. She can’t believe that by this time tomorrow, they’ll be all done. He wants to go to Coney Island to celebrate, but Elena’s not a fan of roller-coasters. He leans in to kiss her but stops when he sees she’s not interested. He tells Elena she can keep the hotel room for the night.

Sean and Rabbi Levin have a great time at dinner, while Meghan is, unsurprisingly, annoyed. She eventually leaves, telling the other two they can continue their “intimate conversation” alone. Avery’s released from the hospital, and Ben takes her to Epstein Bar to have some tea. She tells him she’s learned over the past few months that things and people who were important to her before aren’t as important now. Ben suggests that she go to therapy, but Avery tried that and it didn’t help. She says she’s just lonely.

On their way home from the library, Felicity asks Noel if he was serious about hiring her. She doesn’t have summer plans yet, so she’s open to joining him in Seattle. They spot Ben and Avery getting into a cab. Once they’re together at the apartment, Felicity tells Ben that she saw them on the street. She’s sure there’s an explanation, but it felt awful. Ben tells Felicity what happened and acknowledges her feelings. Felicity feels bad for Avery, but she hates how Avery keeps turning up. Ben thinks that’s over.

Sean comes over the next morning to make sure things are okay with Meghan. They’re definitely not, but she pretends she just needed to study. She’s given things a lot of thought and concluded that Sean needs to be with Rabbi Levin. Meghan and Sean are never going to work, but Sean and Rabbi Levin are perfect for each other. Even if they’re not, he should at least be with someone like her, because Meghan can’t do this anymore. Yeah, neither can I.

Richard is furious about Noel and Felicity’s prank and vows revenge. Felicity tells Noel that Ben was only with Avery the night before because of her overdose. Noel is distracted, worrying that Richard will do something that screws up Noel’s future. Felicity reassures him, then tries to reassure herself that the Ben/Avery stuff is innocent.

Elena catches up with DeForrest after the MCAT, sure they both did well. He apologizes for trying to make things romantic the night before. Elena says it’s fine; she’s grateful to DeForrest for offering her a quiet place to study. At the loft, Ben finds coupons from the break-up kit, which Sean tries to explain to him. Avery comes over with flowers to thank Ben for being so nice to her. She needs a place to study and doesn’t want to be alone, so she asks if she can hang out at the loft. Ben is too nice to say no. He tells her that Felicity’s uncomfortable with their friendship.

Noel comes home and sees that Avery’s there, which Ben realizes is going to come back and bite him. He rushes to tell Noel that he’s just being a nice guy. He doesn’t like feeling responsible for Avery’s well-being. Noel accuses him of trying to save yet another damsel in distress. Does he only save women who come between him and Felicity? Ben says that if anyone’s coming between them it’s Noel. They start fighting over Felicity’s possible summer plans, and Noel accuses Ben of lying to her. Ben says he’s just jealous. Noel yells that he’s not jealous of a guy who slept with Avery, then said nothing happened.

Felicity happens to be in the apartment now, and she’s heard that last bit. Ben admits that Avery kissed him, but that was it. Noel peaces out, having dropped a bomb he doesn’t want to clean up after. Avery slips out, too, the best decision she’s ever made. Ben assures Felicity that the kiss meant nothing, which doesn’t explain why he didn’t tell Felicity about it.

She says there must be a reason he can’t say no to Avery. Ben notes that Felicity can’t say no to Noel, and brings up the break-up kit. Ben doesn’t want Felicity to spend the summer with Noel when he clearly still has feelings for her. Felicity says Avery clearly has feelings for Ben, too, and the situations are different – she and Noel are friends, and this would be for a job. Ben argues that that doesn’t mean Noel doesn’t want to break them up.

At the apartment, Elena tells Molly that she feels horrible for not having romantic feelings for DeForrest just because of the way he looks. Molly says Elena can’t help not having chemistry with him. Elena decides she needs to open her mind more. Richard reviews security tapes and catches Noel pulling the prank in the library. Meghan goes to the loft to get her stuff, but Sean wants them to work things out by going to couple’s therapy (based on advice from Rabbi Levin). Meghan thinks they’re too different to fix things, but she agrees to go anyway.

Elena goes to DeForrest’s to finish the kiss they didn’t have the night before. She promises it wasn’t a pity kiss, though he knows it was. He gets that she’s confused about her feelings because of his appearance, and he doesn’t fault her for trying to be kind, but he doesn’t want charity. Avery visits Ben during a shift at Dean & DeLuca, and he tells her that he gets why she feels connected to him, but that connection doesn’t extend beyond that moment. Her friends and roommates want to help her, so she needs to learn on them instead of him. He can’t be there for her anymore.

While studying at the library, Felicity tells Noel that Ben thinks he’s trying to break them up. She brings it up like it’s a funny, crazy idea, but Noel hesitates before denying it. He doesn’t think Felicity gets how much they’ll miss each other after he moves to Seattle. They depend on each other. He kisses her, which basically obliterates his claim that he’s not trying to break up her and Ben. Noel asks for one thing: Can Felicity say she doesn’t still have feelings for him, too?

Thoughts: Okay, show, time to take Amy Jo Johnson’s name out of the opening credits. Actually, it’s been time for about ten episodes.

Can we please have any plot for Sean and Meghan – literally any plot – other than constant fighting? Their friends must find them exhausting to be around.

Why did they bring Molly back if she’s not going to do anything?

(Bernie Sanders voice) I am once again asking where Javier is.

February 20, 2021

Felicity 3.14, The Break-Up Kit: You Can’t Spell Séance Without Sean

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Sober Molly is very cute

Summary: Felicity is working on a painting in the dorm apartment, and Elena guesses that she’s in a bad mood. Felicity says she’s not. Elena is, though, since she saw Tracy and Rose together. Their moods get better when Molly returns from rehab. She’s excited to be home and proud to be sober. She asks how the others are, but Felicity and Elena don’t want to talk about their relationship issues.

Over at the loft, Meghan is preparing to hold a séance for her dead dog. Um, okay. Sean is a skeptic about talking to the dead, and Meghan calls him closed-minded, though her prefers the term “normal.” Ben passes through on his way out, and Sean complains that Ben has been moping around and won’t talk about it.

Noel comes by the apartment, where Felicity is working on another painting. He compares her to Bob Ross. Thanks to a bad home facial, Elena has burned her corneas and is temporarily blind. Her other senses are heightened, and she notes that Noel has a high voice. Noel invites Felicity to open up about what’s making her paint so much, but she doesn’t want to talk about it. He tells her that Avery hasn’t been around, and Ben seems upset, if that makes her feel any better.

Speaking of Ben, he asks Felicity to meet him at Epstein Bar. He tells her he didn’t cheat on the test. He’s had a hard time keeping his distance from Felicity, but he doesn’t know how to talk to her about what he’s been thinking. Felicity guesses that he’s struggling with his feelings toward Avery, and if he likes her, maybe they should separate until Ben figures out how he feels. We don’t hear his response, but Felicity cries when she gets home, so it can’t be good.

Avery drops in on Ben at Dean & DeLuca and invites him yet again to join her in the Hamptons. He declines, but she thinks he could use a break from the city and a place to clear his head. They won’t be the only ones there, and he’d have his own room, so this isn’t that kind of trip. Ben decides to accept the invitation.

Molly takes Elena to class, where she chats with a classmate named DeForrest. He’s scratched a cornea before and knows how much it hurts. He offers to take notes for Elena, which is why Molly came with her. But since DeForrest is pre-med and Molly isn’t, Elena accepts his offer. She tells Molly she loves DeForrest’s warm voice. She asks if he’s cute. DeForrest is a big guy, and this was before TV would acknowledge that overweight people can be attractive, so Molly doesn’t know how to answer.

The dorm apartment is starting to fill up with Felicity’s canvases. Meghan tells Felicity that when one of her boyfriends broke up with her, she got a bunch of tattoos, so she can relate. Felicity says she and Ben haven’t officially broken up; he just needs some space. Meghan rants about how guys suck. Well, some guys suck. Ben sucks. Felicity forces her to spill that Ben went to the Hamptons with Avery. They’re there now, in a house that looks like a museum.

Noel checks in on Felicity, who denies that she’s been crying over Ben and Avery. She says she doesn’t want to talk about it, but she can’t stop ranting. I’m sure Noel loves hearing this. Felicity’s upset that Ben asked for space, then went away with another woman. She thinks they’ve officially broken up. Noel comforts her, then thinks of something he can do to cheer her up.

The séance begins at the loft, attended by Molly and Sean. Noel pops in to get something and says there’s no way he wants to join them. While Elena talks with DeForrest on the phone, Noel brings Felicity a box that he calls a break-up kit. It contains coupons for things like popcorn and movies, a Toblerone, and an Aretha Franklin CD. In order to keep the kit, Felicity has to redeem a coupon now. She chooses one for homecooked stew.

In the Hamptons, Avery tells Ben about her childhood memories of family vacations. She always thought she was awesome when she wore a red bathing suit to her parents’ parties, but when she was in the hospital, she looked at pictures from that time and realized she was wrong. She’s amazed by how time can change your perspective. Avery offers to help Ben with whatever he’s dealing with, as if the problem doesn’t stem from her.

The séance is a bust (shocking!), so Sean tries to back out. He’s embarrassed that he’s actually trying to summon a dead dog. Suddenly Meghan starts channeling a spirit – but instead of a dog, it’s Sean’s grandmother. Sean gets freaked out, but Molly tells him everything’s okay. Meghan/Grandma (AKA Gaboom) says she has something just for Sean, in her old bedroom closet. Sean emotionally asks what it is, but Meghan snaps out of her trance before she can answer.

Noel cooks at the dorm apartment, telling Felicity about the aunt who perfected the recipe. Sean calls his parents and asks them to look in Gaboom’s closet. Meghan admits that she made everything up – she wanted to shut him up because he was so smug. Sean blasts her for being cruel.

Felicity admits to Noel that she thinks she screwed things up with Ben. She didn’t try to fight to fix things. If their positions were reversed, she’d feel like he didn’t care. She wants to find him and work everything out. Felicity calls someone, pretending to be a friend of Avery’s who’s supposed to go to the Hamptons this weekend so she can get the location of the house. Noel asks if she’s prepared in case things don’t work out the way she wants them to. She isn’t, but she wants to go find Ben anyway. Noel wishes her luck.

The next morning, Ben calls the apartment, looking for Felicity. Meghan goes on a rant about how she loves Felicity like a sister, and if Ben hurts her, Meghan will kill him. Avery’s friends have joined the fun in the Hamptons, so his quiet, reflective weekend is probably not going to be either of those things. Avery stands very close to him, and they kiss, but he’s clearly not into it. She tells him she’s wanted to kiss him for a long time – even before they met in the ambulance.

DeForrest sends Elena flowers to let her know he’s looking forward to going out with her that night. Elena is super-excited to go out with him, especially since DeForrest clearly doesn’t care about people’s looks, like Tracy does. Molly decides not to tell her what DeForrest looks like after all.

Avery introduces Ben to her friends as the man who saved her life. The poor paramedic gets no credit. Felicity arrives (having borrowed Sean’s cousin’s car) and spies the two of them hanging out together. She pulls Ben away to tell him what she wished she’d said earlier: He may be confused about things, but she’s confused most of the time, so she gets it. She knows he and Avery went through something profound the night she was shot, but she thinks she and Ben can work through things.

Felicity continues that she loves Ben, and they must have something real, because if they didn’t, they wouldn’t have made it this far. He can take time apart if he needs it, but she wants to go through this together. She wants this to work out. Ben hugs her and says he wishes he could ease her fears, but he’s still working through his feelings. Felicity says she doesn’t regret this little road trip; she had to give it a shot.

Sean finds Meghan on campus and gives her great news: His parents found $2,000 in Gaboom’s closet. Meghan thinks her séance conversations with her dog were real after all. Sean tells her to go ahead and buy the expensive boots she’s been eyeing, and he’ll give her the money later. It’s the least he can do to repay her, since she let him talk to his grandmother one more time.

Ben comes home from the Hamptons to learn that he got a B- on his final, the one he was going to cheat on. Avery thinks that’s a bad grade and he should have cheated. Avery, hon, a B- is like an A to Ben. Elena can see again, and when DeForrest arrives for their date, she’s surprised by his appearance. He understands that she might not want to go out now that she knows what he looks like. Elena is obviously underwhelmed, but she doesn’t want to be mean, so she agrees to go out.

Noel visits Felicity, having been filled in on her trip by Molly. He wants to finish the stew and let Felicity redeem her coupon. They talk about his adventures with Sensa, and just as Noel is trying to bring up a more serious topic, Ben shows up. He tells Felicity that he admires her for driving all the way to the Hamptons to tell him how she feels.

He promises that nothing happened between him and Avery. Being in the Hamptons just made him realize that he wanted to be in the city with Felicity. He tells her he got a B- on his test, which makes Felicity proud of him. Ben apologizes for putting Felicity through all this angst and thanks her for coming to the Hamptons. She asks if he’s sure he wants to choose her over Avery. He says he is.

Meghan tells Sean she wants to hold another séance, but he reveals that theirs didn’t really work: There was nothing in Gaboom’s closet. The boots were a lesson. Yeah, a lesson that Sean is a jerk. Meghan can live with this one, though, since she used Sean’s credit card. Felicity goes to the loft to thank Noel for being such a good friend. She won’t need the break-up kit after all, but she appreciates it. She tells him she doesn’t know what she would do without him. Noel says the same about her. So we end with three happy pairs – Felicity and Ben, Meghan and Sean, and Elena and DeForrest – plus two leftovers hanging out together, Noel and Molly.

Thoughts: DeForrest is played by Kenan Thompson. 20 years after this guest appearance, he’s the longest-running cast member on SNL and has his own TV show. Take that, shallow people.

Noel should have taken Felicity to the séance. That craziness definitely would have cheered her up.

Why summon a dog, though? All it can do is bark.

How big is Elena’s class that she wouldn’t know what DeForrest looks like before meeting him? Their classroom doesn’t look very big, and it’s spring, so she’s been in at least one class with him for months. You’re telling me Elena hasn’t researched everything about the other Black pre-med students at her college?

February 13, 2021

Felicity 3.13, Blackout: In the Dark, Things Come to Light

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Wow, these people have a lot of candles

Summary: “Loser Pet Store” has debuted, and the viewer feedback is…not great. But still, people are watching it. Noel has even caught the interest of an Internet company in Seattle. He’s not really into the thought of moving across the country, but Avery told him it rains less in Seattle than it does in New York, which sounds good to him. Things get awkward when he says Avery’s name, and Felicity accuses him of only liking her because she looks like Ruby.

Meghan and Sean tell Felicity and Noel that a friend of Meghan’s named Chris is coming to visit for the weekend. She’s a filmmaker, so Sean is going to show her a rough cut of the docuventary. Meghan is very much not looking forward to it. Avery meets Ben at Epstein Bar, where he’s struggling with some classwork. She says Noel told her that Ben is having trouble with the class. She offers to get him copies of previous tests. Ben wants to go the ethical route, but he’ll keep his options open.

Everyone starts to gather at the dorm apartment for the docuventary viewing (though wouldn’t there be more room at the loft?). Ben tells Noel to stop talking to Avery about his grades. Richard hopes there will be some new ladies at the party, since he’s obviously not going to get anywhere with the usual group. Meghan mentions Chris just as she shows up. Sean tells Richard that Chris is engaged, so he’s missed his chance. Chris is surprised to learn that Sean is a filmmaker. You’d think Meghan would have mentioned that about her boyfriend.

Elena’s moping in her room, so Felicity asks Noel to go talk to her. Meanwhile, she offers Ben an excuse to go out and avoid seeing the docuventary, but he’s going to spend the evening studying. Why doesn’t he do that at the loft, which is now empty since everyone’s at the apartment? Avery is over, for some reason (I guess Noel invited her), so of course she goes to talk to Ben in Felicity’s room.

Elena doesn’t get why Tracy would choose another woman over her. Noel says it’s her breasts, then tells her he’s kidding and orders her to get out of bed. Elena takes him seriously, though, wondering if Tracy chose Rose because she has a bigger chest. She plans to prove to Noel that having bigger breasts would change her life. Oh, come on, writers. This is Elena we’re talking about.

Ben has gotten desperate, so he asks Avery to call her friend who can get him copies of tests. Oh, Ben. Meghan and Chris are chatting alone in Meghan’s room, and Chris says the goth look works for her. Before they rejoin the rest of the group, Chris asks Meghan if she ever thinks about that summer they spent together. From the way they’re talking, you can tell even before Chris says it that they used to be closer than friends. Meghan seems to want to deny that there was anything between them worth making a big deal of. But there was one night that Chris can’t get out of her mind. She thinks she might still be in love with Meghan.

There’s a thunderstorm outside, and it gets louder. The power goes out across the city, leaving everyone at the apartment in the dark. As they light candles, Noel invites Avery to go out somewhere and look at the stars together. Avery tells him that’s a sweet idea, but she wants to stay put. Sean plans to show the docuventary on Noel’s laptop. Now that he doesn’t need to study, Ben is in a better mood, and Felicity still wants to go out (she really, really doesn’t want to see this docuventary).

Meghan and Chris light candles in Meghan’s room as Chris bugs Meghan to respond to her declaration of love. Meghan reminds Chris that she’s engaged to someone else (a guy, for the record). She doesn’t appreciate Chris springing this on her all of a sudden. Chris asks if it would have changed anything if she’d declared her love for Meghan back during their summer together four years ago. Meghan doesn’t know. Chris may be about to get married, but she can’t stop thinking about Meghan. She wants to know if they would have stayed together if Chris hadn’t left.

Sean gathers everyone while Noel makes a sandwich using everything perishable in the fridge. Elena has stuffed her bra in an attempt to prove that guys prefer women with larger chests. Richard notices that she looks different from usual. He can’t figure out why, but he likes it. Noel tells Elena to “unenhance” herself. Heh.

The docuventary viewing begins with the Leon stuff from the beginning of the season. Sean tells Chris that Meghan hasn’t stopped talking about her since Chris said she was coming to visit. Chris is clearly not paying attention to the film at all. Meghan leaves the room and Felicity follows to check on her. She knows about Meghan and Chris’ past (thanks to a drunken revelation), and she guesses that Meghan never told Sean. Meghan tells her that Chris wants to know if there’s anything left between them, and Meghan doesn’t know how to answer her.

As Felicity looks for supplies in a closet, Ben and Avery stop outside the room and discuss calling the guy to get the tests. Felicity figures out what they’re doing and tells Noel that Avery is helping Ben cheat on a test. She feels like Ben is withholding things from Felicity that he’s telling Avery instead. Despite denying that he’s dating Avery, Noel decides to end things before they can start. He tells Avery things won’t work out between them. Avery is casual about it, so Noel accuses her of using him to get closer to Ben.

Elena leaves the viewing when Tracy shows up in the docuventary. Then Chris leaves when Sean starts talking about Meghan. Avery announces that she’s heading out. Sean is annoyed that people keep walking out of the viewing. Meghan and Chris end up smoking in the bathroom together, reminiscing about another party where they did the same thing. Chris appreciates that Meghan didn’t laugh or dismiss her feelings when Chris admitted she’s still interested. Chris is leaning in for a kiss when Sean catches them. Meghan accuses Sean of spying on her and runs off.

Felicity confronts Ben over cheating on his test, but he downplays how big a deal it is. Felicity asks why he didn’t tell her he was going to do it. Why did he confide in Avery instead? Ben gets defensive and says he’s not as smart as Felicity. He goes outside, where Avery’s still hanging around. She admits that she was waiting for him.

Meghan finally tells Sean about her past with Chris, but she tries to make it sound like it wasn’t that important: They spent one night together four years ago. Sean says he thinks he just walked in on the sequel. He doesn’t like that Meghan kept this a secret from him. Meghan didn’t think it was important enough to talk about.

Sean notes that if he’d had a romantic night with another guy, Meghan would probably want to know. Meghan denies that. Sean wonders if Meghan was ever going to mention that she’s gay. Well, Sean, I think that’s never, because she’s not gay. Meghan says it was an experiment, if anything. After some more fighting, Sean gay-panics himself into a breakup.

Elena has managed to get an Internet connection, and Richard finds her looking at a website for women who want breast enhancements. She accuses him of liking her more with a big chest because he’s superficial. Richard says she looks healthier with bigger breasts. Also, he doesn’t care about Elena’s insecurities because there are naked women on the computer! Please, no one tell him about Meghan and Chris’ hookup.

The docuventary is still running but Felicity’s the only one in the living room. Noel joins her and she asks if he ever thought she was hard to talk to when they were dating. He says she was always really easy to talk to. Clearly Ben doesn’t feel the same way. Noel pauses the docuventary to show her something on his laptop.

Meghan and Chris end up alone in a stairwell together, and when Meghan mentions that she broke up with Sean, all Chris can think about is what that might mean for her. Chris, chill out. Meghan says they break up all the time, but this time around, she can’t wait to make up with him. She loves Sean, and loves guys in general, even though they’re all idiots. Chris realizes she’s not going to get her prenuptial fling. Meghan points out that she should probably not be having one of those if she really wants to get married.

Ben and Avery go to the loft, where they talk about how she’ll be testifying against James. She has to talk about how her life has been affected, and she plans to mention how meeting Ben has changed things for her. Back at the apartment, Noel asks Sean if an interview he once did with Ben is on his computer. Sean says yes, then asks Felicity if Meghan has ever come on to her.

Noel finally finds what he’s looking for and explains his thought process to Felicity. Back when he was going to get back together with Hanna, and Felicity hooked up with Eli, Sean put things in perspective for Noel by showing him a clip of Felicity saying nice things about him. Now Noel wants to show Felicity a clip of Ben saying nice things about her. It’s Ben at the basketball court, saying that Felicity challenges him in a good way. She pushes him and he gets annoyed, but he eventually realizes that she’s right. Felicity thanks him and leaves. Then Noel asks Sean if he’s ever been to Seattle.

Richard tries to convince Elena that she doesn’t need bigger breasts. Does she really want to spend thousands of dollars on something so dumb? Her breasts are perfect as they are. Then he touches them, so she uses her newly learned self-defense skills on him. At the loft, Avery invites Ben to her parents’ place in the Hamptons, but he turns her down. While she’s down the hall in the bathroom, Felicity arrives, wanting to work things out with her boyfriend. Ben tells her he was just helping Avery figure out what to say at James’ trial.

As Avery leaves, Felicity laughs at herself for coming to apologize while Ben was sitting in the dark with another woman. She asks what their “thing” is. Ben says he’s just helping Avery. Felicity asks if this is like how Avery’s helping Ben cheat. He confesses that cheating is his last shot at staying at school: He’s on academic probation, and if he fails the class, he’ll be kicked out. Felicity is upset that Ben has known about his academic status for a year and never mentioned it. She gets even more upset when she realizes that Ben is wearing the watch Avery gave him. She leaves.

In the morning, Chris tells Meghan that she’s thinking about ending things with her fiancé. It’s hard enough to break up with a boyfriend (or girlfriend), but this will be even more difficult. Meghan, who breaks up with Sean over even the smallest things, is probably not the best person to ask. Also, why is Chris sleeping on Meghan’s floor? With Molly away, there’s a free bedroom, right?

Noel tells Felicity that he’s been thinking about post-college plans, and he might take the job in Seattle. She tells him about her fight with Ben and her fears that she can’t compete with Avery. Noel doubts that Ben has romantic feelings for Avery. Felicity complains that everything is changing and starting to suck. Noel backtracks, pretending he never said he wanted to move to Seattle. She admits that she’s sad, and Noel just says he knows.

Elena goes to Richard’s place to apologize with a muffin. He’s scared of her now. She’s decided to keep her breasts. If Tracy broke up with her because of them, then he’s not worth it. If the breakup was for another reason, that’s his loss, as Richard says. Felicity and Noel decide to see a movie, but as they’re buying a paper to see movie times (welcome to pre-Internet movie planning), Ben finds them and asks to talk. Felicity brushes him off.

Meghan tries to make up with Sean, promising that she doesn’t have romantic feelings for Chris. Sean doesn’t apologize for his whole freakout, by the way. Instead, he invites her to bring another woman into their bedroom any time she wants. Ugh. Meghan says that he should have said that before Chris left. Har har. Ben catches Avery after her court appearance/his big test. He wound up not cheating. She invites him to the Hamptons again. And…that’s where we end? Really?

Thoughts: Don’t hate me for this, but Ben has more chemistry with Avery than he does with Felicity.

Noel, don’t bring your friend (or girlfriend or whatever) to the home of someone who hates her. What’s wrong with you?

Wow, who knew Sean was homophobic? If anything, I would have expected him to be one of those guys who gets turned on by the thought of two women together.

I’m surprised the show didn’t go for the popular ’90s/early ’00s of having two women kiss for the wow factor.

February 6, 2021

Felicity 3.12, Girlfight: Unabashedly Evil

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Danger! Danger!

Summary: The Christmas party has dissolved into chaos after James’ arrival with a gun. Sean and Tracy chased him out but lost him on the street. Everyone else is trying to find out if anyone was hurt, since the party guests have spread out around the apartment. Felicity checks on Molly, who’s shaken up and blames herself for James’ actions.

Ben is trying to tend to a blond woman who’s bleeding, and as Felicity calls an ambulance, she sees that Elena was also wounded in the arm. Ben rides in the ambulance with the blond woman, Avery, and tries to distract her by talking about plans for Christmas break. Her heart stops and Ben looks into her lifeless eyes as the paramedic tries to revive her.

Later, Sean interviews people about their experiences. Ben is shaken by the memory of watching a woman die. Felicity talks about hearing stories about tragedies that happen to other people. Noel literally dodged a bullet because he happened to be bending down to tie his shoe when James fired the gun. Ben clarifies that the paramedic saved Avery. Molly says that the police found James about an hour after the shooting, and he’s in jail. Tracy doesn’t want to go to Africa now, since it’ll mean leaving Elena (who’s going to be fine), but he knows the program is important. Molly will go back to England for a while.

We fast-forward three months, to Javier giving Sean an interview about the shooting. Javier can’t believe how easy it is to get a gun. Welcome to America! Elena has fully recovered and is taking a self-defense class to feel safe again. Unfortunately, she keeps practicing what she’s learned in class on Felicity. Felicity promises to take the class when she has time, but she’s dealing with classes, work, and Noel’s existential crisis.

Noel has been slacking on “Loser Pet Store,” but Felicity tells him she’ll be coming over later to make him work. Avery comes by the loft with a present for Ben, but Noel doesn’t realize who she is until she says her name. He tells her she’s the reason for his existential crisis. Everything has felt pointless to him since the night of the shooting. Avery, on the other hand, feels like she’s gotten a second chance, and like her life has new purpose.

At the dorm apartment, Meghan complains to Sean about her new psych project: She’s been assigned to work as a teaching assistant at the college’s elementary school. Meghan, unsurprisingly, hates kids. Sean’s like, “Then just don’t do it,” as if that’s an option. Meghan is anxious about returning to her bad childhood memories, and Sean isn’t sympathetic. He thinks she’ll end up having fun.

Felicity goes to the loft to try to make Noel do something productive. She accuses him of feeling sorry for himself. He tells her Avery came by; it sounds like she’s been away from school this whole time and is just now back. Felicity isn’t happy to learn that Avery was looking for Ben, and Noel sent her to Dean & DeLuca to find him. It’s clear why Felicity’s unhappy, because the way Ben and Avery look at each other when she shows up at Dean & DeLuca is the way Ben used to look at Felicity.

Meghan’s role at the elementary school is going exactly as poorly as you’d expect. Felicity shows up at Dean & DeLuca and meets Avery for the first time; Felicity sent her a nice care package while she was in the hospital. She tells Avery that Elena is really into her self-defense class and invites Avery to come along when Felicity goes to her first session that afternoon. Avery gives Ben his present, a really nice swimmer’s watch. She asked his mom for advice on what to get him. She feels like Ben saved her life, and she wants to repay him, so he can ask her for anything he needs.

Elena tells Sean that Tracy is back a month early…but not alone. He didn’t call her to tell her he was back in town. She saw him hugging another woman and figures he brought a new girlfriend back with him from Africa. At the self-defense class, Avery overhears Felicity and Elena discussing Tracy and encourages Elena to talk to him. The situation probably isn’t how it looks. The instructor has Avery practice a take-down move on Felicity, which ends with Felicity on her back on the floor.

Meghan tells Sean that the kids weren’t as bad as she’d expected, but the other teachers are awful. One sent her home to change clothes. Sean says Meghan should get revenge by teaching the kids witchcraft. He’s joking, but Meghan takes him seriously. Elena goes to Tracy’s and asks him about the woman he was hugging. That was Rose, and Tracy decided to leave early with her group. He admits that they’re dating.

Avery comes by the dorm apartment to apologize to Felicity for being so aggressive in class. She gives Felicity an expensive apology sweater, then asks if Ben liked the watch. Avery thinks Ben and Felicity were made for each other. Felicity doesn’t want to accept the sweater, since it’s so nice and pricey, so Avery says that in their next self-defense class, Felicity can flip her, then buy her something.

At the loft, Ben, Sean, and Richard are playing video games while Noel tries to read. Richard and Sean tell Ben that Avery is a trust-fund kid, which explains how she’s able to afford such nice gifts. Richard thinks Ben should take advantage of her generosity. Ben declines, but when Avery offers him courtside Knicks tickets, he has a hard time turning her down.

Later, Ben tells Felicity about the game, which is that night, and Felicity is a little annoyed that he’s going with Avery. She thinks Avery should have given him both tickets and let him pick someone to go with. Ben offers to try to get another ticket, but Felicity has to work on “Loser Pet Store.” Ben promises that it’s just an innocent basketball game. He feels bad for Avery, since she seems to think she can only make friends by buying them things. For the record, Felicity’s wearing the sweater Avery gave her.

While working with Noel, Felicity tries to convince herself that the game is just a friendly thing and she has nothing to worry about. Noel’s like, “Well, it’s not like she’s ugly, so…maybe worry a little?” Meghan meets Sean at the loft and tells him that her teaching job has been going great – so great that she now wants to be a teacher. Specifically, she wants to teach witchcraft.

Sean, of course, objects, so Meghan thinks he’s being too critical. He should be happy that she’s figured out what she wants to do with her life. Sean backs down and offers her some encouragement. Meghan thinks it’s weird that they just had a fight and didn’t break up. Yeah, thank God.

Ben calls Felicity from a club and invites her to join him and Avery there. She asks if she can bring Noel, too, even though Noel doesn’t want to go. When they get there, Avery hasn’t put them on the guest list, so they can’t get in. Felicity thinks Avery did this on purpose. Noel decides to channel Leon and get them inside.

Avery introduces Ben to some friends she’s told all about him. They haven’t, however, heard about Felicity. “Leon” uses his new existential readings to convince the bouncer that the VIP list doesn’t matter – the only list that’s important is the one that says who gets to go to Heaven. The bouncer seems to decide he doesn’t want to spend the night arguing with college kids, so he lets Felicity and Noel inside.

Felicity immediately pulls Avery aside to ask if she’s interested in Ben. Avery admits that she is, but she knows it doesn’t matter, since Ben is so in love with Felicity. Avery feels a connection to Ben because he was with her in the ambulance when she briefly died. She hasn’t been able to stop thinking about him since then. Avery knows her money will only get her so far, but until then, I guess she’s going to use it as much as she can.

Elena tells Sean that she’s realized that Tracy needs to be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t want to have sex. Elena claims to be okay with it, but she’s clearly not. She meets up with Tracy at Epstein Bar to encourage him to be with Rose. At the moment, she seems to be a better match for Tracy than Elena is. Elena just wants Tracy to be happy. He gives her his wallet and tells her to order whatever she wants while he uses the bathroom. Elena is surprised to find a condom in the wallet.

At home, Felicity complains about Avery to Ben, calling her “unabashedly evil.” Ben is sympathetic toward Avery, but Felicity says that being shot doesn’t absolve her of having to take responsibility for her actions. She’s sick of seeing Avery everywhere. Ben promises that he wants to be with Felicity and no one else.

Felicity is concerned because she and Ben both said they didn’t want anything from Avery, but they’re accepting what she offers anyway. Ben is amused by how angry Felicity is; he’s never seen her hate someone before. He promises that now that Avery has thanked him, things will go back to normal. Yeah, probably.

Noel takes Avery to the loft after his surprisingly good night at the club. In fact, they had such a good time that they stayed until the club closed. Avery casually asks if Ben is coming home that night, so it’s pretty obvious that she’s more interested in him than she is in Noel. She tells Noel that she no longer feels like her life has renewed purpose. She hasn’t lived up to the expectations she thought her life would have. Noel can relate – he’s graduating in just eight weeks. They start kissing. Oh, dear.

Meghan gives one of the girls in her class a little witchcraft kit, so her teacher decides to report her to the psychology department. Meghan tells Sean that she now has to undergo a psychological evaluation. Ooh, fun! For us, not Meghan. Avery’s generosity hasn’t stopped, and she’s sent a motorcycle over to the loft for Ben. Ben promises Felicity that he’s not going to keep it.

Noel has figured out a solution for a plot problem in “Loser Pet Store,” and though he’s still having a tiny existential crisis, he’s coming out of it. He tells Felicity he was with Avery when she ordered the motorcycle for Ben, like she was ordering a pizza. Felicity realizes that Noel slept with Avery. Noel says that when she wants something, she really wants it bad. Ben gets on the motorcycle, supposedly just to check it out, but it looks like he won’t be giving it back.

At their next self-defense class, Felicity tells Avery that Ben is returning the bike. Avery doubts that. The instructor has them practice moves on each other, and this time Felicity puts Avery on the floor. She tells Avery that she returned the sweater. At home, Felicity happily tells Elena that she took Avery down. Elena is also down – she’s coming to terms with the fact that Tracy doesn’t love her. Sex clearly wasn’t the issue between them, so it must be that Tracy never loved her.

Ben tells Sean that he doesn’t want to push Avery away after everything she’s been through, but he needs to tell her he can’t accept the motorcycle. He meets with her at Dean & DeLuca, returns the watch, and tells her to stop buying him stuff. She asks him what he saw and heard that night in the ambulance. He tells her he saw her die, but he didn’t hear anything.

Avery says she could hear him, even though he wasn’t saying anything – she heard him inside her, telling her not to go. Ben says that’s what he was thinking. Avery heard him, and she stayed, and now she feels like she belongs with him. Ben resists, reminding her that he has a girlfriend. Avery tells him he can keep the stuff she bought him; they’re just things. What’s really important is what they went through and how she feels right now. She’s never felt like this before, and she doesn’t think Ben has, either.

Thoughts: Who knew you could take three months off from school and then get right back into classes in March?

Way to illustrate that Noel is having an existential crisis by having him read Sartre. You don’t have to be so literal, show.

Spin-off idea: Meghan and a bunch of kids. That’s it.

Not enough Javier! Not enough!