September 14, 2014

BH90210 8.8, Toil and Trouble: I Don’t Know About You, But I’m Feeling 22

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This is so many kinds of wrong

This is so many kinds of wrong

Summary: It’s morning at the Walsh house, and Kelly thinks Brandon is too regimented, since he always gets out of the shower at exactly the same time. She’s worried that they get along so well because they both have the same boring outlook on life. Brandon doesn’t get why she wants them to act their age, since 22-year-olds tend to make stupid decisions. There’s nothing wrong with vanilla if you like vanilla.

Donna’s nervous about an upcoming meeting with the widow of a famous designer. She’s willing to do any job, no matter how menial, if it gets her in the door of a major company. David stops by a phone center, trying very hard to keep Donna outside while he gets his service reconnected. That costs $89, and he has to try multiple credit cards before he can find one that covers it.

Nat and Carly work a busy breakfast shift at the Peach pit, though only one of them flirts with Steve. He asks her to come with him to a Harvest Ball that Kelly’s foundation is throwing. Donna meets with the Widow Garibaldi, who loves Donna’s designs and needs help finding an outfit for a séance she’s hosting that Friday. (She needs a psychic to contact her husband so he can tell her where her lost bracelet is.)

Valerie and Cooper go out to eat, talking about pheasant, in case we’ve forgotten that he’s rich. He admits that he feels guilty about being rich because he didn’t earn it himself. He invites her to the Harvest Ball, but Val’s uneasy about him meeting all her friends. Cooper won’t let her give any excuses, and once he gives her a necklace, she can’t really say no.

At the After Dark, David gets a visit from one of the club’s landlords. David doesn’t have that month’s rent, and the landlord won’t give him any kind of break – he pays by the next morning or he’s evicted. When Donna arrives, David pretends that everything’s fine. Meanwhile, Noah meets with a financial planner, telling the guy he doesn’t care what happens to his portfolio. Then he eats macaroni and cheese out of a pan and makes out with Valerie. (Noah, not the financial planner.)

Brandon cooks dinner for Kelly, which is his idea of injecting some excitement into their relationship. But somehow, it turns Kelly on, and they end up making out on the dinner table. (All that perfectly good food going to waste. Tsk tsk.) Donna tries to find Mrs. Garibaldi a psychic while David pretends that his only problem is finding a new headlining act for the After Dark.

Kelly and Brandon never cleaned up after the previous night’s interrupted dinner, and they don’t bother to lie to Steve about having sex on the dining room table. While Valerie takes a phone call from Cooper, Kelly invites Noah to the Harvest Ball; this is the first he’s hearing about it. Val says she didn’t bother mentioning it because she knew Noah wouldn’t want to go, and she’s only attending because a client gave her a ticket as a tip.

David tries to get a loan, but the bank rejects him because he doesn’t have financial stability or enough assets to qualify. He asks about using his car as collateral, but even that won’t sway the loan officer. Steve gets a visit from a woman who wants to advertise her witchy abilities in the Beverly Beat. She comes on to him, but Steve turns her down, because he’s maturing, finally. Brandon teases that Carly has gotten into Steve’s head.

Carly goes to the beach apartment to borrow clothes from Donna for the Harvest Ball. We learn that Carly spent a year at the University Montana, but found it too hard to continue because Zach was only one. Someday she’d like to have a stable office job, but she’s not sure what it’ll be. Kelly calls Brandon at work so they can flirt with each other, then comes over for in-person flirting while Donna uses the paper’s Internet connection to look for a psychic. Steve puts her in contact with the witch.

The witch isn’t exactly psychic, and instead keeps pretending to be the late Mr. Garibaldi to send Donna on multiple wild-goose chases. Donna uses good, old-fashioned deduction to get Mrs. Garibaldi to remember where the bracelet is. Then she realizes that Mr. Garibaldi wasn’t the famous fashion designer, but a completely different Garibaldi. She’s been trying to work for the wife of a dry-cleaner.

Before they head to the ball, Carly and Steve take Zach to Carly’s mom’s house, in case Steve and Carly, um, “stay out late.” Valerie gets ready for the ball on Noah’s boat, trying to get him to promise that he’s in the relationship for the long term. Donna spends her payment from Mrs. Garibaldi on cuff links for David, which he thinks was a stupid move. He tells her he has something to take care of and will meet her at the ball.

Kelly and Brandon can’t keep their hands to themselves in the elevator on their way to the ball. In fact, they like the setting so much that they decide to take another ride before going to the party. Back at the beach apartment, David stops cringing at his eviction notice long enough to help himself to a check from Donna’s checkbook. He tells the landlord that he and Donna have a joint account, and she believes him but warns him not to be late with his rent again.

At the ball, Brandon, Kelly, Steve, and Carly are surprised to see Valerie with Cooper. Noah shows up, having gotten a ticket from his financial planner, and tells Donna he’s going to surprise Val. Carly calls her mom, learns that Zach’s sick, and decides to leave. Steve invites himself along, not caring how much money he spent on the tickets.

Valerie’s shocked to see Noah, and is unable to keep him and Cooper away from each other. Noah immediately figures out that Valerie’s been dating someone else. It doesn’t take Cooper long to realize the same thing, and since he’s not willing to take second place to someone else, he tells Valerie they’re through. So Val started the day with two boyfriends and is ending it with none.

Steve goes home with Carly, assuring her that he doesn’t mind skipping the ball if it means they get to spend time together. He understands that she has priorities, and he loves her for loving Zach. After the ball, Brandon and Kelly head home for more of the same thing they’ve been doing the whole episode.

Donna finds David at the beach apartment and blasts him for skipping the ball. She’s frustrated that their schedules are so different and they never get to spend time together. She wishes he would make her more of a priority – assuming he still considers her one. David will get back to her once he’s done brooding and drinking.

Thoughts: Someday I hope to be rich enough to hire psychics to contact dead people to find things for me so I don’t have to waste time looking for them myself.

We get it! Noah is the new Dylan! Can we please move on?

How is Steve not disturbed about Kelly and Brandon having sex on furniture everyone in the house uses? And why would they tell him that’s what happened? Always lie about where you’ve had sex! Always!

September 7, 2014

BH90210 8.7, Pride and Prejudice: Valerie’s the One Who Should Be Censored

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That guy photobombing in the back is as excited for this slap as I am

That guy photobombing in the back is as excited for this slap as I am

Summary: David and Steve are driving to the After Dark, discussing Devin’s band, Cain Was Able. Steve hopes the ad he put in the Beverly Beat for the band’s upcoming concert will bring in a lot of people. The band’s demo has impressed a guy named Ari at a record label, and he calls David to set up a meeting. Brandon doesn’t like that Kelly’s job will be taking her to South Central L.A. today, especially since the shooter is still at large. Kelly tells him they both need to get on with their lives.

There are a bunch of people at the After Dark, waiting to get tickets for Cain Was Able’s concert, but they won’t be very happy if David can’t work out his financial problems and complete transactions with his vendors. Donna winds up paying for one of his deliveries since he can’t find his checkbook. She then goes to the Peach Pit to meet with a client who doesn’t show up. She tells Carly that she thought things were going well in her partnership with Valerie, but now they have no more clients.

David’s also at the Peach Pit, meeting with Ari, who wants to sign Cain Was Able. David wants to delay making a decision since some other labels are interested. Ari tears up the contract, then says that he just wanted to see if David was a player or not. He is, so Ari will draw up another contract and come back for the concert. David’s thrilled because now he’ll have labels fighting each other for Cain Was Able.

Cooper flirts with Valerie while she’s supposed to be picking out clothes for him. He asks her to host a dinner that weekend for potential investors. Val denies that he can hire her for every job he has, but he figures that he’s already charmed her enough to get her to do whatever he wants. Also, he got her a couture gown, and she can’t say no to that.

Steve goes by Carly’s house with a present for Zach; he’s still trying to make up for the missed trip to Magic Mountain. Carly slams him for trying to use Zach to get to her. She doesn’t want Zach to get hurt when Steve inevitably decides he’d rather date someone else. Kelly and Brandon start getting it on in their bedroom, but he gets distracted by thoughts of the shooting. Kelly would really like to stop talking about that already.

Valerie invites Steve and Carly to Cooper’s party, though he thinks that’s too big a deal for them when they’ve never actually had a date. Val changes his mind by pointing out that a single mom would probably love a night out. Brandon and Kelly try to plan their own date, since they definitely weren’t in the mood for anything the night before. A detective calls to talk to Brandon, and Kelly pushes him to get off the phone.

Donna breaks the news to Valerie that they’ve lost all their clients. Val’s like, “That is brand-new information! I have no idea what happened to all of them!” She asks Donna to help out at Cooper’s party, as Cooper’s their only remaining client. David tells Cain Was Able that they were offered a contract but he turned it down in hopes of sparking a bidding war. “You people know how to squeeze a wallet,” Devin remarks. David finally realizes that, hey, maybe Donna was right about the band being anti-Semitic.

Carly comes home to find her house clean and a rose on her pillow. Her mother tells her that Steve cleaned the whole place, then spent some time with Zach. He also left her a note asking to get to know her better. At the movies, Brandon and Kelly spot Valerie and Noah, and while Kelly’s distracted, a guy bumps into her and knocks her down. Brandon has a flashback to the shooting, when Kelly was knocked into his arms, and goes off on the guy. Someone needs therapy!

Noah checks on Kelly the next morning (after spending the night with Valerie), then tells Donna about Valerie’s plans for the day, not realizing that he’s outing her for stealing Donna’s clients. Donna asks Noah to fill in for her at Cooper’s party. At a salon, Valerie confides in her hairstylist that she’s dating two guys and can’t decide between them. Carly’s also there and overhears her.

Noah visits Brandon at the Beverly Beat to express his concern over Brandon’s behavior. Brandon tells him to take off his cape and stop trying to be a hero. (Pot, meet kettle.) Noah cautions that Kelly’s more afraid of Brandon than anyone else. The detective calls to tell Brandon that they got the shooter, who’s at a hospital.

David goes over Cain Was Able’s set list with Ari, who wants them to play some new songs. Donna notes that their lyrics are extremely racist (in fact, they wouldn’t be out of place at a KKK rally). Ari doesn’t care – they’ll sell CDs. He doesn’t like the idea of censoring artists. Donna’s like, “Have fun spending the money you make from white-supremacist hate-mongers, then.”

That night brings two special occasions: Cooper’s party and the Cain Was Able concert. Val’s shocked to see Noah at the party and tries to keep him away from Cooper. But one of Cooper’s guests mentions that Valerie’s there as Cooper’s date, which Steve and Carly overhear. Noah accidentally spills food on one of Cooper’s relatives, so Valerie takes advantage of the mess-up to encourage him to go to the concert instead.

Brandon arrives at the hospital to find the shooter already dead (having, ironically, also been shot). He’s also not the guy Brandon thought was the shooter – he ID’d the driver. Brandon tells the shooter’s body that he got what he deserved. Over at the After Dark, things are looking good, though Donna’s upset that David’s going to let the band perform. David points out that the guys hate everyone, not just Jews and minorities. Donna urges him to take a stand. After all, his grandfather was a Holocaust survivor.

Valerie and Noah arrive, and Val slams Donna for skipping out on the party. Donna confronts her for stealing all her clients. She asks Val how she lives with herself. Valerie wonders how Donna lives with herself since she doesn’t have anyone to share her bed. She mocks that she’s slept with David, too, and Donna slaps her.

The crowd chants for Cain Was Able, but David’s torn about letting them perform. Ari tells him that he’s not in college; there’s no lesson plan to follow. If he screws this up, he might not get another chance. David tells Devin that the band isn’t going to be performing tonight. He gets onstage to tell the audience the same thing, but Devin riles up the crowd and takes over, complaining about being censored. David manages to regain control, with help from Noah and some punching.

Steve takes Carly home, and she lets him kiss her but won’t invite him in, since Zach is there. She does let him know she wants them to get to know each other better. As Steve leaves, he sees that Zach stayed up to see him come home, and he looks very happy. Brandon tell Kelly that he saw the shooter, and he’s sorry for…something. Eh, who cares?

At the After Dark, David tells Donna about how an SS officer took a book from his grandfather and destroyed it in front of him. David knows he can’t censor people’s thoughts, but Donna was right about how he should take a stand. He got mad that, before the Holocaust, his grandfather’s parents kept saying that things would blow over. David feels like he owes his family something after they lost their lives to anti-Semitism. Donna assures him that he’ll still have a career.

Thoughts: Nothing’s sexier than, “Hey, remember that time you got shot?” Way to go, Brandon.

Who’s paying Carly’s rent? Her place is huge, and she’s a waitress.

When did STEVE SANDERS become the most romantic guy on this show?

Rock on, Donna Martin. That was the perfect way to get back at Valerie.

August 31, 2014

BH90210 8.6, The Right Thing: Instant Credit’s Gonna Get You

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This is Steve's compassionate face. It's nice, isn't it?

This is Steve’s compassionate face. It’s nice, isn’t it?

Summary: Kelly wakes Brandon up from a nightmare about her shooting and reminds him that it wasn’t his fault. “You are not the bad guy,” she tells him. By the way, they’re totally back together, since they’re sharing his bed. Kelly’s a little anxious about looking at a lineup in a couple days, but she knows she needs to go through with it.

Donna goes to see her newest client, Parrish the sweatshop guy, and visits said sweatshop after they meet. She tries again to talk to Olivia, the woman she spoke to earlier, hoping to convince her that they can change things. Donna gives her Brandon’s name if she wants to talk to someone. Parrish catches Donna in the employees-only area, and she tells him she got lost.

Steve wants to take Carly and Zach to Magic Mountain, but Carly doesn’t want to let Zach skip school to go. Steve sees no problem with having to miss work to take him. David arrives at the Peach Pit with Devin and his bandmates, telling Steve that Donna was wrong about thinking that Devin used an anti-Semitic slur. Then he asks to borrow some money to pay for the band’s meal.

Brandon and Donna do some research on the sweatshop while Cooper calls Valerie to invite her to breakfast. She declines, but he’s already sitting outside her house in a limo, because he’s a creep. Noah shows up to do laundry and also asks Valerie to have breakfast. He reveals that he’s heading back to Hawaii for a job, so he just has a few hours left in Beverly Hills. Val decides to accept Cooper’s breakfast invitation, but kisses Noah goodbye, which Kelly sees. Noah invites Kelly out on his boat.

Valerie heads off with Cooper, reluctantly agreeing to take over Donna’s work assignments for the day. Cooper’s disappointed because now they can’t go to San Francisco for breakfast. Kelly goes off with Noah, telling him how nervous she is about the lineup, since she doesn’t remember the shooting. The detective wants her to look at the lineup in hopes that it will jog her memory. Noah offers to be there for her.

Brandon and Donna visit the company that owns the building housing the sweatshop, and quickly realize that Rush owns it. Dun dun dun! Valerie tells one of Donna’s clients that Donna’s gotten involved with a sweatshop, but Val herself is completely ethical and an upright businesswoman. Carly and Zach go to the Beverly Beat offices to tell Steve they’ll take him up on his Magic Mountain offer the next day.

Brandon and Donna inform Steve that one of Rush’s properties houses a sweatshop. Steve points out that Rush owns a lot of properties, so he might not know the sweatshop even exists. Brandon tells him that the landlord has been cited for safety violations, so Rush must know that something’s going on. Steve wants to be the one to follow up with his father.

David has a recording session with Devin’s band, but they have to leave when David can’t pay for extra studio time. Devin makes racist remarks to David about the African-American guy running the studio. Steve talks to Rush about the building housing the sweatshop, but they’re both really casual about it, like nothing going on is a big deal.

Donna asks Valerie to cover for her again the next day, not realizing that Val trashed her to a client. Val asks about relationship stuff, saying she wishes Noah had Cooper’s money, because he’s otherwise a great guy. Cooper arrives to take Valerie to San Francisco just as she was trying to race off to say goodbye to Noah. Noah’s upset that she didn’t make a last-minute romantic appearance.

Brandon tells Steve that Rush is responsible for any violations at the sweatshop; he’s reporting the building’s owners, and Rush’s name will have to be mentioned. Steve thinks Brandon’s just trying to publish a big exposé to show up the newspaper that turned him down for a job. Brandon denies this. Steve asks him to keep Rush’s name out of it, but Brandon says he can’t.

Donna arranges a nice evening for her and David, who considers accepting one of those spammy “easy credit” offers to keep bankrolling the band. He addresses Donna’s claims about Devin being anti-Semitic. She says she wants David to be successful, just not with Devin. David shoots back that at least Devin doesn’t operate a sweatshop. Donna replies that at least she’s doing something about it.

Kelly and Brandon meet for dinner, and Brandon hasn’t gotten past his jealousy of Noah, so that’s charming. They talk about the lineup, and how Kelly can’t remember anything about the shooting, despite having all of her other memories back. She thinks she recovered those memories because she wanted to remember. Brandon promises her that after the lineup, everything bad will be over. Uh-huh.

David and Donna bicker some more about Devin, but then he apologizes for fighting the night before. She’s upset that they haven’t been able to spend much time together. He promises that things will get better once he’s squared things away with the band. After Donna leaves, he calls to apply for instant credit. Carly and Zach arrive at the Peach Pit to meet Steve for their Magic Mountain trip.

Brandon and Donna stake out the sweatshop to try to talk to Olivia. She’s not there and no one will talk to Donna. She decides to stick around while Brandon goes to the lineup. Olivia goes to the Beverly Beat to talk to Brandon but instead finds Steve. Steve doesn’t want to deal with her until Olivia reveals that she was fired for talking to Donna, even though she didn’t tell Donna anything. She tells Steve how bad things are, and he starts to record their conversation.

Noah goes to the Walshes’ to retrieve his laundry and complain that Valerie didn’t show up the night before. She thinks he’ll be back in town sooner rather than later, because he can’t stay away from her for that long. Noah thinks she didn’t come see him because she’s afraid to find out what would happen if she asked him to stay.

Kelly and Brandon are at the police station for the lineup, and he says again that once it’s over, no matter what happens, they’ll get to move on. Sure, Brandon. Kelly looks at the lineup but doesn’t recognize any of the guys in it. She now remembers the shooting, and is positive that the guy Brandon ID’d isn’t the culprit. This means the DA will probably drop the case against him. But it’s over now, right, Brandon?

Brandon’s mad that his ID isn’t holding water, since he’s a more reliable witness than Kelly. Kelly thinks he was wrong because he’s been under so much stress. He might have picked the wrong person because he was so adamant on picking anyone. Brandon points out that he was right about the make of the car and its license plate. Kelly snaps sarcastically that he’s right about everything.

Steve visits Rush to get his side of the story about the sweatshop. Rush argues that the charges being leveled are against the sweatshop’s management, since they’re labor-code violations. Steve reminds him that he runs the company that owns the building. Rush’s excuse is that he owns a lot of properties and can’t keep track of everything that happens in all of them. He slips up by revealing that he knows exactly how many workers are employed there.

Rush says he’s sure they can figure out how to do the right thing. Steve reminds him that he’s always bugging Steve to be an adult and do the right thing. Rush is all, “I meant in school, when you were pulling pranks, not when people’s lives were at stake and I might get in trouble with the police.” Steve makes it clear that he’s going over to the Brandon side of thinking.

David can now pay for studio time for the band, but he’ll also have to pay for two hours of overtime because the band was late. Also, now he has to hang out with a racist, so that should be fun. Donna and Brandon meet up at the Beverly Beat, where Brandon reveals that Steve got Olivia’s testimony on tape. Brandon offers to write the story without mentioning Rush, but Steve wants his father held responsible for whatever he knew. Rush has agreed to make any changes necessary.

Donna reminds Steve that he missed his trip to Magic Mountain with Carly and Zach. (But how can Carly complain? He has a pretty good excuse.) Valerie goes to make her last-minute romantic plea to Noah, asking him to stay in Beverly Hills. He wants to know what’ll change if he does. Val isn’t sure, but she wants to find out. Well, first of all, she should stop agreeing to go places with Cooper.

Steve goes to Carly’s house to apologize to her and Zach for accidentally ditching them. Steve tells Zach that a grownup let him down today, too, so he understands if Zach hates Steve for letting him down. Zach is willing to forgive him since Steve is going to try to forgive Rush. Things are totally not awkward at all between Brandon and Kelly as they’re getting ready for bed. Kelly doesn’t think the police will ever catch the shooter, which means their anxiety will never end.

Thoughts: ’90s music alert: “Tubthumpin’.” Whatever happened to Chumbawumba, anyway? (Don’t answer that. I don’t actually want to know.)

I have to laugh at Steve for thinking Brandon has any selfish motives in reporting the sweatshop. When has Brandon ever NOT done the right thing?

Yes, David. Devin is a better person than Parrish because he only says hateful things. That’s certainly never caused any harm. Pssst: When you defend a racist, you’re not any better than a racist.

Awww, Steve’s heart just grew three sizes!

August 24, 2014

BH90210 8.5, Coming Home: Misty Brandon-Colored Memories

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You know why kids always like Steve? Because he's still a child

You know why kids always like Steve? Because he’s also a child

Summary: Donna and Brandon are decorating the beach apartment for Kelly’s release from the hospital. When Kelly arrives, she and Brandon are really awkward with each other. Steve assures Brandon that Kelly will get her memory back, and things will go back to normal. Brandon isn’t convinced – Kelly isn’t wearing his ring anymore.

Donna thinks she’s getting better, though, since she’s rearranged the couch pillows the way she always does. Kelly tells her that right now she has to trust her instincts, which is actually a bad idea, since she feels close to Valerie. Kelly asks if she really loved Brandon, and Donna confirms that she did, even if she doesn’t feel it.

David and Noah stop by with a guy named Devin whose band is playing at the After Dark. Donna doesn’t like that David told him he could spend the night in the apartment. Kelly invites Noah on a walk, not caring if Brandon won’t like it. She wants to stop worrying about the past and focus on the future like Noah does. Noah urges her to think about what she could lose by not figuring things out with Brandon.

Donna and Valerie meet up at the Peach Pit to discuss the day’s schedule. Donna will be taking on a new client named Cooper Hargrove, who wants a party planned. Meanwhile, Steve tries to get advertisers for the Beverly Beat. Brandon’s worried because they don’t have anything to set the paper apart from others. Kelly pops in to ask Brandon to have dinner with her so she can get to know him better.

Donna has a successful day, selling some designs to an enthusiastic client named Mr. Parrish. As she’s leaving, she encounters two women, one with a burn on her arm, exiting Parrish’s sweatshop. She wants to help, but the workers won’t talk to her. Brandon takes Kelly to the Walshes’ house and shows her their bedroom. She gets upset, saying she thought looking around would help her remember, but it didn’t.

Donna and Valerie go to Cooper’s house and complain to each other about how he treats his employees. A young guy sits with them and they invite him to join their complaint session. Except – oops! – this guy is Cooper, and the yelling guy is his assistant. He invites them to the party they planned for him; Valerie declines but Donna accepts. She’s surprised that Val turned down the chance to spend time with a hot, rich guy.

Brandon and Steve manage to secure an employee, a production manager named Terri, who’s dumb enough to accept the job without asking questions about things like whether there’s health care or if these two doofuses are competent enough to run a successful business. (The answer to both questions is no, by the way.) The After Dark seems to be doing better, though David might also be playing a dangerous game, trying to sign Devin’s band and record a demo despite not having money.

Carly shows up at the After Dark with some friends, and she and Steve continue their love/hate relationship. Carly notes that Brandon’s writing an article while having his night out; she thinks he wants to avoid going home because Kelly isn’t there. Brandon confides that he feels like he can’t ask for anything, since Kelly’s alive and the shooter was caught, but he wants her back the way she was.

Valerie goes to see Noah, complaining when he doesn’t immediately rip off her clothes and take her to bed. She thinks he wants to be with Kelly. He denies that but says there’s someone else keeping him from being with Val. She storms off and cries in her car, then follows him when he drives off somewhere. Kelly calls Brandon, waking him from a nightmare about her shooting, and says she’s read in her journal how much he cares about her. She insists that she’s trying to remember him.

Valerie follows Noah to a bluff, surprised that he didn’t go off to meet the girl who’s keeping them apart. He says, “She was here,” making Valerie think that someone dumped him. It turns out Noah’s talking about a girl he accidentally killed in a car accident before he ran off to Hawaii. Valerie tries to comfort him, but he does the patented angsty Dylan “leave me alone” dance.

Donna goes back to the sweatshop, trying to talk to one of the workers about the girl who was injured. She knows the girl was too small to work the machine that injured her. She questions the worker about her hours and how much she gets paid, but the worker won’t tell her anything. Oh, no! How will Donna save the day now?

Carly and Nat bring food to the Beverly Beat, which is supposed to publish its first issue that night. Donna has a great story for Brandon to cover: the sweatshop. Carly and Steve bicker because she kept turning him down when he asked her out, but then she went out to a club. How dare she? Doesn’t she know that if she doesn’t date a guy, she’s not allowed to do anything fun? Steve offers to watch Zach while Carly goes on a date with another guy.

Valerie goes back to Noah’s boat and taunts him about possibly going back to Hawaii and away from her. Yes, Val, all of his decisions revolve around you. He tells her to go, she refuses, one thing leads to another, and they start making out. As Donna brings Kelly a dress to put on, Steve and Zach see Carly off on her date (though she doesn’t want Zach to know it’s a date). Zach wishes she were going out with Steve.

Donna and David arrange a date for Kelly and Brandon at the beach apartment. Brandon reminisces about the first time they danced together, then reenacts the moment with her. Steve and Zach spy on Carly as she returns from her date; they’re happy that there’s no good-night kiss. Carly tells Zach that this is his last chance to blame any broken household objects on Steve. (Hee.)

In the morning, Kelly and Jackie flip through the first issue of the Beverly Beat. Doing so somehow makes Kelly remember getting back together with Brandon. She decides she wants to put her ring back on. At the Walshes’, Donna tells Valerie that Kelly had fun with Brandon the night before, so she probably won’t be any competition for Noah. That won’t be a problem – Valerie spent the night on the boat. Now, though, she’s worried she’ll wreck things with Noah.

Devin and his bandmates invite themselves to hang out at the beach apartment; David doesn’t want to ask them to leave in case they run off to sign with someone else. This means Donna doesn’t get the date she’s been waiting for. She overhears Devin on the phone, telling someone that he’s not going to let David “Jew [him] down.” Valerie meets with Cooper, which is probably a bad thing, but I can’t bring myself to care.

Things are looking up at the Beverly Beat, with advertisers calling in to grab space. Kelly comes by and apologizes for interrupting Brandon – she knows what he’s like when he’s trying to write. She tells him she’s starting to remember him, but she needs to actually be around him or she feels lost. He starts to put the ring back on her, but stops, saying he wants the next time he puts it on her to be when they’re getting engaged. Kelly asks if they can go home. There’s kissing. I guess that plot is over.

Thoughts: First-scene Donna, that is not a shirt. That’s a long sports bra. Please put on some clothes.

The Beverly Beat‘s health plan: “If one of us gets sick, the other two promise to visit.” Brandon, that’ll never get you on the Democrats’ ticket.

A big HAAAAA to the guys trying to put out a newspaper with a staff of only three people.

Another episode where I kind of liked Brandon. I’m starting to get scared.