September 2, 2012

BH90210 4.14, Windstruck: …In Bed

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I think this is in the dictionary under “awkward”

Summary: The Gin Blossoms play in a radio station filled with boxes labeled “sex.” Donna’s there doing an interview with Howard Stern, who’s really her landlord. He says his audience keeps asking him why Donna’s still a virgin. David wakes Donna from her weird dream with flowers – it’s their two-year anniversary. They give exposition about it being unseasonably warm outside and the Santa Ana winds coming around. David totally wants sex, and Donna wonders if she was talking in her sleep.

Brandon reunites with Nat after his trek to San Francisco, then learns about Steve’s bust. Brandon is less than sympathetic, telling him he’s an idiot in the middle of a bunch of other idiots. Steve defends the KEG house, then asks Brandon to talk to Professor Randall about letting Steve slide. Brandon tells him to rely on his frat brothers instead. They got him into the mess, so they should get him out of it.

Everyone but Andrea and Steve is going to Chinatown, where David and Donna will celebrate their anniversary. Donna tells Kelly about her dream and how it made her feel like “the last American virgin.” Dylan runs into Brandon, who’s surprised to see that Randall gave him an A+ for the semester. D’Shawn got a B+ despite never studying. Dylan tells Brandon about his fight with Kelly on Thanksgiving; he plans to be on his best behavior in Chinatown.

At home, Brenda becomes the tenth person in the episode to ask Brandon about Emily. Fortunately, he wants to talk about her about as much as I want him to talk about her. Also fortunately, Brenda laughs at him when he says he loves Emily. Steve begs his frat brothers to come to his rescue, but they can’t get involved because they’d get in trouble for hazing. Mike, the president, thinks he’ll get off easy anyway since this was his first offense. Steve promises to cover for his brothers, but Mike has to put him on probation for a few days.

In Chinatown, Brenda, Brandon, Kelly, and Dylan give Donna and David a poster of them as the American Gothic couple. They open their fortune cookies, playing the “in bed” game. David’s happy that Donna’s fortune comes out, “You will be starting on a new adventure in bed.” After dinner, David and Donna throw coins into a fountain, hitting bowls that read “luck” and “love,” respectively. Donna suggests that they all stop by West Beverly’s Christmas dance, but no one’s on board with the idea.

Dylan offers to drive Kelly home, but first they have to flirt, which leads to making out. David and Donna go home, and his hopes of a romantic evening alone are dashed by her allergies. Elsewhere, Jesse gets further with Andrea than David’s gotten all night. Too bad creepy Dan is watching them kiss. Donna has another dream, this one featuring Landlord Stern interrogating David in front of Donna’s parents. David says he loves Donna for her mind, and he’ll marry her if she sleeps with him. Stern offers to pay for the condoms. Felice tells Donna she has her blessing to have sex.

Speaking of sex, that seems to be what Kelly and Dylan did, as they wake up in his bed. He wants to go to Joshua Tree, but she has to participate in a charity carwash. Now Dylan’s mopey, because how dare his girlfriend do something good for the less fortunate when she could be making out with him? Brandon runs into D’Shawn, who tries to pretend that they’re friends and he really appreciates Brandon’s help. Brandon brings up D’Shawn’s unearned grade, saying D’Shawn would have liked the class if he’d actually paid attention.

Dylan makes a surprise appearance at the carwash to flirt with Kelly in front of Sears. Sears sprays them with a hose, ticking off Dylan, but Kelly just has fun with it. Steve shows up and gets involved, but Mike tells him his probation prevents him from taking part. Donna and David record PSAs at the radio station, and she thanks him for putting up with her. She’s considering lifting her celibacy pledge for him. Tonight, she won’t be taking her antihistamine. (Sexy.)

Andrea hangs out with Jesse, who recites poetry to her in Spanish. He introduces her to his family, who run a catering truck, then asks her back to his apartment. Brandon goes looking for Randall but instead finds Lucinda, who promises that her husband still doesn’t know anything about what happened between them. She mentions that they had a big fight earlier in the week that was worse than the near-theft of the baseball. Also, the campus police were tipped off to the break-in by an anonymous phone call.

Brandon finds Steve moping at the Peach Pit and apologizes for being so hard on him the day before. He informs Steve that he was set up, probably by one of his frat brothers. Brandon’s going to go to bat for him, since not doing so was probably making him go through good-guy withdrawal. At the beach apartment, David and Donna get ready to do their thing, though she’d probably be a little more into him if he didn’t wear a necklace. Their evening plans are interrupted by a surprise visit from Dr. and Mrs. Martin.

David pretends he’s at the apartment alone, which Felice and Dr. Martin don’t buy. Donna tries to keep the lie going by telling her parents that David’s air-conditioning is out, so he’s been sleeping on her and Kelly’s couch. Her parents still don’t buy it, so Donna tells them David lives with the girls. Felice is furious that she’s been lying for months.

The next morning, Jim tries to be parental with Brandon, who’s headed to campus to talk to Randall. David spent the night at Mel’s, and Donna has to go to church with her parents, who are at least a little less upset with her. Donna notes that if she’d told them the truth about the living arrangements, Felice never would have approved. Dr. Martin agrees, adding that Donna’s an adult and lives thousands of miles away from them. She needs to make her own decisions and live her own life. Felice believes Donna’s still a virgin but isn’t sure she can trust her.

Steve goes to the KEG house to find out who tipped the police off about him. He notes that only Sears and Mike knew he was going to Randall’s office. Mike says Steve was the only pledge dumb enough to get caught. Kelly tells Dylan that she liked seeing him at the carwash, but they don’t have to spend every waking minute together. Dan hassles Andrea about Jesse, proving to be, among other things, racist. She somehow manages not to punch him in the face.

Brandon tries to reason with Randall, telling him Steve was playing a prank. But Randall won’t let Steve off the hook since he knows what Brandon’s been doing with Lucinda. Brandon swears that he bailed as soon as he found out she was married to Randall. Randall doesn’t want to listen, so Brandon threatens to reveal that he gave D’Shawn a good grade so he can stay on the basketball team. Randall gives in. Donna tells David that their living arrangements don’t have to change, but she’s off the intercourse bandwagon. He’s upset but wants to keep dating.

Thoughts: I watched this episode while wearing my brand-new Peach Pit shirt from Old Navy. (They also had one with Luke Perry on it, but the picture of him wasn’t that great. And it felt a little too fan-girly for me.)

Remember the Gin Blossoms? I loved them.

Ew, brandon, don’t add “in bed” to your sister’s fortune.

Nice fanny pack, Steve. I think that’s the real reason for your probation.

For what it’s worth, Tori Spelling looks really pretty in the I’m-about-to-swipe-my-V-card scenes.

I guess blackmail isn’t a no-no in Brandon’s Big Book of Good Behavior?

August 28, 2012

BH90210 4.13, Emily: Jesse’s Girl

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Just to clarify, this isn’t Jesse’s girl

Summary: Brandon’s still at Emily’s place in San Francisco, on what appears to be the day after Thanksgiving. They talk about flowers and her time in the hospital and dim sum, and I want those two minutes of my life back. At the Peach Pit, Donna tells Andrea and Brenda that she’s about to go through Hell Week for her sorority. Brenda thinks Kelly’s late meeting them because she’s still mad about what happened with Dylan the night before. Kelly actually hasn’t talked to him.

After Brenda invites the others to the workshop she’ll be starring in, Andrea tells the others she ran into Jesse at Dan’s parents’ house. Donna senses that there’s some attraction between them. Andrea wants to dump Dan but isn’t sure how to do it. Brenda notes that Andrea’s getting a lot of action for someone who barely dated in high school. (I know, right?)

Steve’s already undergoing Hell Week torture at KEG house, though so far the pledges just have to do a lot of pushups. Next they have to memorize information about the frat brothers. One brother will be assigned to each pledge to make his life hell. Meanwhile, Kelly, Donna, and the other Alpha pledges are paraded around campus in robes and shower caps. Leslie encourages Kelly to go kiss Dylan, which she really doesn’t want to do. Donna notes that Leslie could have made her kiss Sears. Kelly completes the task with much more than a single kiss.

Andrea’s in the middle of breaking up with Dan when she checks her messages and hears one from Jesse. Dan makes a slur about Jesse’s last name, then tells Andrea not to accuse him of racism. She tells him she’s not in love with him, so they’re over. He doesn’t take it well. Brandon regales Emily with tales of the girls he’s dated since they broke up. She notes that he likes “wounded birds.” He admits that he came to San Francisco because he was trying to put distance between himself and Lucinda. Then they decide to announce that they love each other.

Brenda goes to the first rehearsal for the play, The Mask of Melancholy. It’s unintentionally hilarious. Also, it includes the direction, “And that’s when you take off your clothes.” She balks, but the director uses some artsy language to change her mind. The KEG pledges have to march to the student union, where Sears makes Steve do more pushups and sing the alphabet. As Steve leaves, he asks Kelly and Donna if he can borrow a dress. Cut to Steve in drag. It’s awesome. He tells the girls he won’t let Sears get the best of him.

Brandon and Emily do touristy things in San Francisco. Then she educates him about the sea lions in the bay. Brandon’s so hot for her that he’d consider transferring to Berkeley to be near her. Steve’s ordered to dress back up in drag the next day and pass out photos of himself in the student union. He also has to steal a baseball signed by Jackie Robinson from Professor Randall’s office. A brother named Keith offers him the office key to parallel the infamous legacy key from West Beverly.

Jesse and Andrea hang out in a park, and he wonders why she would go out with a guy like him. She notes that she’s dated white, black, and Republican guys, so dating a Latino isn’t that much of a stretch. Andrea learns that he’s not just a bartender – he’s also a law student at UCLA and did his undergrad at Yale. It’s true love, y’all.

Back at Emily’s place, Brandon and Emily start to engage in another makeout session, but fortunately are interrupted by Rosie. Emily tells her not to tell Brandon about her upcoming move, but as soon as Emily’s out of the room, Rosie spills: Emily’s leaving in three days for the Cousteau Institute in France.

Rosie comes back over in the morning and asks Brandon if he talked to Emily. She’s worried that Emily will miss out on a great opportunity for some guy. Brandon denies that he’s keeping her from going to France. Rosie says that if he really loves Emily, he’ll make her go. Steve does his drag task as his friends make fun of him, because what else are friends good for? Sears thinks he’s a wimp, telling Keith he doesn’t think Steve has the guts to steal Randall’s baseball.

Brandon tells Emily he knows about the Cousteau Institute, and she has to go to France. Emily isn’t sure she’s up to it. Also, she loves him and doesn’t want to leave him. Clearly the girl still has some mental issues to deal with. Brenda tries to talk Kelly out of coming to the play, then tells her about the nudity. She attempts to justify it as art, taking chances, etc. Fortunately, her parents won’t be there. Dylan lets her know that there are posters advertising the play all over the student union.

Brandon Emily choices I love you blah blah go to France already.

Jim and Cindy dine at the Peach Pat, chatting with Nat about Emily. Dylan shows up and mentions the play, which the Walshes didn’t know was debuting that night. Kelly, David, Andrea, and Donna join them there, though it looks like Kelly’s the only one who knows about the nudity. Brandon helps Emily pack as Jim and Cindy suffer through Brenda’s awful play, unaware that it’s about to get even awfuller. Kelly tips everyone off, but Brenda has put on multiple layers of clothes and changed the end of the play. The director’s mad but admits that she was great.

Steve lets himself into Randall’s office and grabs the baseball, but he’s caught by a security guard. Emily and Brandon say their goodbyes, and she tells him he doesn’t have to stay faithful to her while she’s gone. He just has to be faithful to himself. They waste more of my time, and then she finally leaves and he heads back to Beverly Hills.

Thoughts: And that’s why you don’t sleep with your English TA – you may end up breaking up with him, and you’ll still have to see him.

Dan went from creep to racist in two episodes. Impressive.

Next time, read the script before you commit, Brenda.

Why does Emily spend this episode dressed as a school marm?

August 25, 2012

BH90210 4.12, Radar Love: For Emily, Wherever I May Find Her. Oh, There She Is

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Of all the cable cars in all the cities…

Summary: The morning after Brandon ran away like a little boy, Brenda shares the news with Cindy and Jim. Cindy’s worried but Jim knows he’ll be back for Thanksgiving. Brandon drives down a highway somewhere, then pulls into a gas station to fill his tank. He spots a woman with blond hair, wearing a beret, and thinks she’s Emily Valentine. She’s not.

The KEG and Alpha houses are working together to serve dinner for runaways and pregnant girls at a place called Downey House. Kelly, Donna, Steve, and Sears are all involved. Apparently Sears spent last Thanksgiving hitting on various girls. Steve lets an insult slip, but Sears and the other brothers tell him to shut up since he’s still a pledge.

Donna promises to protect Kelly from Sears before she heads to Houston to see her parents. Kelly laments spending Thanksgiving with just Jackie and Erin. Donna spots Kelly and encourages her to patch things up with Dylan. After all, he cared enough to smash a pie in Sears’ face. Kelly notes that he did that for himself. (No, Kelly, he did it for me.) Donna suggests that Kelly invite Dylan over for Thanksgiving. Kelly does, but he has plans to go to Baja.

Dan and Andrea play chess and discuss Thanksgiving; he’s invited her to spend it with his family but she hasn’t accepted yet. She’s nervous, which he says is because she’s neurotic. (This guy’s a winner.) Brandon winds up at a campsite, where a man named Curtis invites him to join his family for dinner because everyone loves Brandon so much that they just have to spend time with him. Through exposition, we learn that he’s going to Marin County to look up Emily.

At Downey House, Donna tries to keep Sears away from Kelly. Sears quickly turns his attention to a runaway named Denise. He cranks up the charm, and the poor girl has no reason to think she shouldn’t trust him. Brandon tells Curtis about his past with Emily, which is a nice way for us to kill a couple minutes.

Dylan goes to the Walshes’ to get a check from Jim and ends up eating dinner and chatting with Brenda (she’s been cast in a campus play). She invites him to come over for Thanksgiving, noting that he always says he’s fine but always ends up coming over anyway. Cindy approves of the invitation and tells Brenda there’s room for more guests, especially since Brandon’s still gone.

In the morning, Brandon heads to the Valentines’ house in Marin. Well, to their former house – they moved to Greece. Andrea helps Donna and Kelly get ready for the Downey House dinner, telling them she’s worried that dinner with Dan’s family is something of a test. She also revealed that she slept with Dan. Brenda calls Kelly to tell her that Cindy’s already invited Jackie over for Thanksgiving. Kelly knows David is in for a bad holiday with Mel, so she asks to bring him, too.

Brandon finally calls home, telling Cindy he’s in San Francisco and will be home for Thanksgiving dinner. He gets on a cable car, and in a huge whatever moment, he runs into Emily. She now looks completely different, with shoulder-length brown hair. KEG and Alpha serve dinner for the girls, and Sears flirts more with Denise. Kelly spots the two of them leaving together and gets worried. She and Donna send Steve to check things out, noting that Denise is only 15.

As Steve tells KEG’s president, Mike, what’s going on, Sears and Denise go outside for more charm and flirting. Steve interrupts to tell Sears that Mike wants him to go back to the house to get something. It works, so now Kelly and Donna are happy. Brandon goes home with Emily, who has the nicest place I’ve ever seen an 18-year-old live. They discuss her previous mental issues, then quickly move on to making out.

Emily’s neighbor Rosie interrupts and invites Brandon to stay for Thanksgiving. Emily also offers him use of the shower and possibly a bed for the night. When Brandon goes to get his things from his car, Rosie reminds Emily that she’s moving in a week. Emily isn’t sure what to do since she’s still madly in love with Brandon. Meanwhile, Sears returns from his errand unhappy that he was sent away.

Brandon calls Cindy again to tell her his Thanksgiving plans have changed. Cindy doesn’t seem to think it’s strange that he’ll be spending the holiday with a girl they last saw damaging property. Brenda tells her and Jim that Brandon keeps a picture of Emily in a drawer. The Walshes who aren’t Cindy think Emily has changed, but Cindy’s worried that she’ll break Brandon’s heart again.

The next day is Thanksgiving. Jackie and David make awkward small talk at the Walshes’ while Erin remains adorable. Kelly’s surprised and annoyed when Dylan shows up, since he was supposed to be in Baja. Steve and Sears are at the KEG house, and Sears has decided to make Steve’s pledge process horrible. Steve admits to being part of the stunt the night before, reminding Sears that Denise was 15. He doesn’t regret what he and the girls did.

Andrea meets Dan’s parents but is more interested in their catered affair’s bartender: Jesse. They even remember each other’s names from their brief first meeting. Andrea impresses Jesse with some Spanish but almost ruins the mood but admitting that she’s dating Dan. Jesse doesn’t seem to care. Neither does Andrea, who gives him her last name and address.

Kelly’s anger at Dylan makes dinner at the Walshes’ tense. He finally pulls her out of the room and they have a loud fight everyone else can hear. Kelly’s mad about Dylan ditching her for the Walshes, and he’s mad about her ditching him for Sears. They do agree that he should have told her he was spending the holiday with the Walshes.

Emily burned her, Brandon, and Rosie’s turkey, so the three of them decide to get pizza. Rosie urges Emily to tell Brandon she’s leaving, but Emily wants to wait another day. Then there’s more making out, and I feel bad for Rosie since she has to be in the same room with the two of them.

Thoughts: Ugggggg, Emily. What did I do to deserve this?

Denise is played by A.J. Langer, who’s probably best known as Rayanne from My So-Called Life. Did you know her husband is a lord and the future Earl of Devon? She’s a frigging countess!

The only reason this episode is called “Radar Love” is because they keep playing it through the episode. It’s annoying.

If nothing else, this episode made me want to go back to San Francisco.

“Did they have a forwarding address?” What, are you going to drive to Greece, Brandon? Actually, do it. I want to see you try.

Jesse’s a cutie. I don’t blame Andrea for having a crush on him. I do, however, blame her for staying with the annoying, condescending, boring Dan when she could be with someone much more interesting and fun.
If nothing else, this episode made me want to go back to San Francisco

August 19, 2012

BH90210 4.11, Take Back the Night: Steve May Be Bad, But He’s Not That Bad

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This is the only time you’ll see Steve surrounded by women and unhappy about it

Thoughts: David does his radio show from the student union, where CU students are being educated on animal mating rituals, which is somehow connected to the campus Take Back the Night program. Lucinda tells the students that they’ll be looking at the differences between men and women to get to the heart of the battle of the sexes. Brandon stands in the back with Professor Randall, who reminds him about dinner with him, Lucinda, and D’Shawn that night.

Sears gives Steve a bunch of phone messages from Laura, who Steve is still trying to avoid. She calls again while they’re talking about her, and Steve has to talk to her. Brenda worries about a poetry exam since she doesn’t know anything about romantic poetry. Dylan offers to help her study. Steve reluctantly meets Laura at the Peach Pit and tells her he has a girlfriend. Laura immediately gets the crazy eyes. She’s upset that he pressured her into having sex with him, then dumped her.

Dylan has dinner with the Walshes before he and Brenda get down to studying. Brandon passes through on his way to Randall’s, making it clear he doesn’t want to go. Brenda says that she heard Lucinda gave a great talk for Take Back the Night. Brandon remarks that courtship rituals are one of her specialties. (Heh.) Dylan grumbles that men weren’t allowed to take part in Take Back the Night activities until just last year. Brandon encourages him to go to the next one since there will be a lot of hot women there.

Celeste brings Steve a new jacket at the KEG house, then goes off with Kelly to talk about their men. Sears brags to Steve and some other brothers that he’s pretty sure Kelly’s going to have sex with him really soon. Steve asks if Kelly knows about Sears’ other bed buddies. Then he blasts his brothers for making him mess with Laura’s feelings. He warns that their relationships aren’t a game and people can get hurt.

At the Randalls’, Brandon and Lucinda manage to flirt without Randall catching on. D’Shawn remarks that as a tutor, “Brandon is hard.” Lucinda replies, “So I’ve noticed.” (Dirty!) She and Brandon clear the table and have a whispered conversation in the kitchen about how she totally wasn’t flirting with him. He offers to make things up to her, so she asks if he’s ever had sex on a kitchen table. (This woman needs help, fast.)

Speaking of doing it, Kelly and Sears are about to, or at least he thinks they are. She tells him she’s not ready and starts to leave. Sears blasts her for her “Snow White act,” then makes it clear that he’s only with her because of her reputation as a slut. Kelly can’t believe she was falling for him. She winds up going to Dylan’s and telling him what happened, though she doesn’t want him to do anything to Sears. She thinks she’s stronger than she was three years ago, possibly because Dylan was the first guy to ever take her seriously. She regrets that they’ve drifted apart.

On campus the next day, Dylan finds Sears speaking French to a girl and calls him out for the way he treated Kelly. Sears thinks Kelly will change her mind about him, since girls always do. Dylan warns him to leave her alone. Steve tries to tell Kelly that Sears is a “state reptile,” but she assures him she already knows. She’s pleased that Steve’s becoming a better person, or something.

The girls, plus Laura, head to a seminar on date rape (led by Leslie and Angela). Angela asks who’s been burglarized, who’s been held up at gunpoint, and who’s been date-raped. Kelly admits to the last one. Angela notes that date rape is different from the other crimes because the victim isn’t always sure that’s what happened. Elsewhere, Lucinda and Brandon flirt while he lifts weights. She still wants them to get together, but he’s worried about Randall finding out. D’Shawn spots them together and proves to be smarter than Randall.

The girls at the Take Back the Night workshop split into groups, and Donna tells hers about David pressuring her to have sex. Kelly tells her group about her near-rape on Halloween. Andrea thinks people are painting women as passive in the situation. If she gets drunk and runs someone down, it’s her fault, but if she gets drunk and has sex with a guy, then regrets it, it might be considered the guy’s fault. She and Dan argue about her position on the issue.

Laura asks Kelly some questions about Halloween, and Kelly starts to suspect that she needs to talk about her own experience. Meanwhile, Brenda and Dylan’s class discusses “To His Coy Mistress”; she thinks it could be construed as date rape but Dylan thinks it’s just indicative of women who date awesome guys, then dump them for frat guys. (Um, hypothetically speaking, of course.) Laura tells Kelly she was raped but doesn’t think anyone will believe her. Kelly urges her to name the rapist at a rally that night so she can warn everyone to stay away from him.

Brandon studies with D’Shawn, who mentions that he saw him with Lucinda at the gym. He thinks the two of them are “doing the sweet thing.” Brandon tries to deny that anything’s going on, telling D’Shawn to focus on his midterm. D’Shawn isn’t worried – Brandon will pass it for him. Kelly takes Laura to talk to Angela and Leslie, and they get her to admit that her rapist is from KEG house. He gave her some vodka, they made out, and he started undressing her, then pushed her onto the bed. The others want Laura to call him out at the rally.

Kelly and Laura leave the meeting, and Kelly says that she knows Laura was talking about Sears. Laura says she doesn’t even know Sears – Steve was the one who raped her. Kelly thinks she’s confused since there’s no way Steve would do something like that. Laura says she’s as bad as anyone else who wouldn’t believe Laura.

The next day, Kelly confronts Steve about Laura’s accusations. His story is different: Laura came on to him and provided the condom. He’s adamant that “she was into it.” Kelly warns that Laura’s going to name him at the rally, and people will believe her. Steve is relieved that Kelly believes his side of the story, but he knows it’s not enough. He’ll probably get kicked out of KEG, and Celeste is going to leave him.

David wants Donna to broadcast from the rally by herself since he’s sick of hearing about rape. He’s already dealing with enough real-life issues thanks to Jackie and Mel’s custody battle. Also, Donna won’t sleep with him, so he’s cranky enough as it is. Steve finds Laura on campus and confronts her for accusing him of rape because he dumped her. He points out that if their night together was so horrific, she wouldn’t have agreed to meet him at the Peach Pit.

Brenda and Dylan chat before their poetry midterm, and she admits that he was right about his interpretation of “To His Coy Mistress.” Brenda learns that Kelly and Sears are over; she tells Dylan to take a chance and go after her again. She admits that if he’d come back to her after he left her for Kelly, she would’ve taken him back. At the Peach Pit, Steve tells Celeste everything, including his fling with Laura. She says he’s always made her feel like she wasn’t who he wanted to be with. They’re done.

Steve goes to the Walshes’ to get some sympathy from Brandon, who says he did the right thing by coming clean to Celeste. He plans to go to the rally, then start looking for another college. Brandon goes to D’Shawn’s room to announce that he won’t be taking his midterm for him. D’Shawn says straight out that if he doesn’t, he’ll tell Randall about Brandon and Lucinda. Both guys refuse to budge, even after D’Shawn makes more threats.

Steve and Brandon join the rally, which David admits is surprisingly moving. Sears and some other KEG members are there, and Dylan says he still wants to hit the guy. Brenda tells him that by the end of the night, he might not be the only one. Andrea and Dan make up, bringing their total screen time in this episode to a full 60 seconds. Steve looks for Kelly, who he thought would stand with hi. Instead, she’s with Laura and Leslie.

Angela tries to bring Laura up to the stage. Instead, Kelly goes up and talks about her own experience. She says that she knows no matter what she did or what she was wearing, it wasn’t her fault. Steve thinks she’s siding with Laura. Kelly continues that there have also been times when she slept with a guy and regretted it later, but if she didn’t stop the guy, it wasn’t rape. She praises Steve for saving her on Halloween, saying that if more guys were like them, they wouldn’t have to have Take Back the Night rallies.

Laura gets upset and leaves before Angela can call her to the stage again. Steve follows Laura outside, thanking her for not naming him. He apologizes for leading Laura on and dropping her the day after they slept together. Laura says she didn’t have a choice about not naming him – she didn’t say yes, but she also didn’t say no. After the rally, everyone eats pie, and Brenda and Dylan watch as Sears bugs Kelly about a second chance. Dylan grabs a cream pie and decks Sears with it.

Brandon finds Lucinda in the gym the next day and tells her that D’Shawn knows about them. She tells him to take the test. Brandon says no, so she calls him naïve. He needs to stop being childish and “start playing [his] part.” Lucinda tries to offer some advice, but Brandon doesn’t want to hear it. Instead, he’s going to go camping (or at least that’s what he wants Brenda to tell their parents). But first, he’s going to find a picture of Emily Valentine in his drawer and moon over it. Oh, joy.

Thoughts: I don’t get why Steve slept with Laura in the first place. That whole plot made no sense. The brothers wanted him to go on a date with her; Steve chose to sleep with her. Then he was an idiot for trying to keep it from Celeste. So yeah, he’s not as bad as a rapist, but he’s not that great either.

Also, Steve, maybe the time to tell Kelly that Sears is a jerk was before you thought she might sleep with him, not after.

Hey, David, you do’t get to agree to date someone who wants to practice abstinence, then whine that you’re not getting any.

Andrea makes an important point, so of course they don’t let her elaborate on it or talk about it for more than a minute.

I appreciate Kelly crediting Steve with saving her from the cowboy rapist, but Dylan saved her, too. Just saying.

August 9, 2012

BH90210 4.8, Twenty Years Ago Today: Is That a Gun In Your Pocket or Are You Just Happy to See Brandon?

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He really liked that window

Summary: Let’s look at old pictures of Jim and Cindy! It’s their 20th wedding anniversary and their parents are in town to celebrate with them. Jim gives Cindy an emerald necklace since the 20th is the emerald anniversary. Downstairs, Brenda chats with Jim’s mother, who doesn’t seem to like Cindy that much. Cindy’s parents arrive, followed by Stuart, and the younger crowd quickly splits.

Mel brings Erin to the beach apartment and asks David to look after her so he can go to Mexico with his girlfriend. David reluctantly agrees. Brandon tries to get D’Shawn to submit to a tutoring session, but he has to work on this free throws first. Brandon passes the time in the weight room, where he makes eyes at a pretty lady. She’s a cultural anthropology grad student named Lucinda Nicholson, and though she won’t let him call her, she lets him know she’s there every morning at 7.

Cindy and Jim’s mothers bicker while setting up for the anniversary party. Meanwhile, Dylan hangs out in what’s clearly meant to be the hood, having a clandestine meeting with a guy named Gus who can get him a gun. Sears wants to take Kelly out, but she’s going to the Walshes’ party. He tries to invite himself along. She doesn’t want to make things awkward since Dylan will be there. Sears tells her he’s in love with her (no kidding!), but she still wants to move slowly.

Dylan takes his shiny new toy to the shooting range so he can practice busting a cap in a paper target. On campus, Brandon runs into Andrea, who tells him she’s bringing Dan to the party. She introduces the two of them and Dan asks where Brandon’s halo is. (Ha!) Brandon spots Lucinda and chats with her about the party. She makes a comment about people being “short on commitment.” She learns that Brandon’s only 18 and confesses that she’s 27, so they probably shouldn’t be flirting.

Brandon stashes his present for his parents (their wedding photo turned into a giant jigsaw puzzle) at Dylan’s house, where Dylan barely manages to keep him from seeing his gun. Mel summons David to his house to watch Erin since the babysitter’s late showing up. This will make him and Donna late to the party.

Brenda and Brandon get ready, wondering how their parents have stayed happily married for so long. She thinks Stuart might be the one, though Brandon notes that they’ve only been dating for two weeks. She thinks she’ll be lonely if she doesn’t find her Mr. Right soon. Brandon, however, thinks he’s far from settling down; his longest conversation was with Emily, after all. He remembers that the present’s still at Dylan’s and heads off to get it.

Jim’s mother gives him her present, her and Mr. Walsh’s wedding rings. She suggests that he pass them off to one of the twins when the time comes. Brandon hurries to Dylan’s house, but Dylan’s in the shower and doesn’t hear him knock. Brandon decides to break a window to get in, and that, Dylan hears. He grabs his gun and gets ready to shoot, yelling out a warning as Brandon comes in. Brandon tells him an alarm system might be a better idea. Dylan decides to get rid of the gun.

Stuart shows up early to the party, which is all elegant and stuff. Steve brings Celeste and the two of them meet Dan, who admits that he doesn’t believe in marriage. Dylan and Kelly meet up, and he assures her that he’s done with weaponry. She wonders where they’ll be in 20 years. David and Donna show up with Erin, to Jackie’s surprise. As they watch Brenda and Stuart dance, Dylan tells Brandon that he knows Stuart “from the scene,” hinting that he’s not the great guy he appears to be.

Stuart tells Brenda that his parents are only still together as a “business arrangement,” but he believes in love. He decides to make the first toast of the evening and wins everyone over. Jim’s mom thinks Brenda might settle down sooner rather than later. She’s right, since Stuart takes Brenda out to the front porch and proposes. She notes that it’s really fast, but that doesn’t keep her from saying yes.

Andrea confides in Kelly that she lost her virginity to Dan and was shocked by her own impulsivity. Kelly thinks it was good for her to follow her heart. Andrea’s worried that Dan’s even more cerebral than she is, and not at all romantic. Seeing the Walshes together made her think he’s the wrong guy for her. She hasn’t felt the earth move yet. Kelly tells her to give it some time, but Andrea thinks that a lack of sparks at the beginning of a relationship is a bad sign. Kelly points out that she and Dylan have plenty of sparks but can’t make things work.

Jackie realizes that Erin’s sick and demands to know where Mel is. David admits that he went to Mexico. She tells him to let Mel know he’ll hear from her lawyer. Stuart wants to announce the engagement immediately, and if there’s something else that could ruin Jim and Cindy’s night faster, I don’t know what it is. Jim refuses to let them tell anyone else at the party. Then Jim’s mother learns the news and shares it with the whole party.

Kelly, Donna, Andrea, and Celeste are excited about the engagement, but Brandon and Dylan share Cindy and Jim’s feelings. Stuart spots Dylan for the first time and assures him that he’s turned things around. Dylan makes the obligatory hurt-her-and-I’ll-hurt-you speech. (Guess he might not get rid of the gun after all.)

Andrea chats with a bartender named Jesse, who tells her his parents got engaged at his grandparents’ anniversary party. He thinks romanticism is in his genes because of that. Also, he thinks Andrea’s pretty. Brandon asks Brenda if she knows what she’s doing; she says no, but it feels good. He’s worried that she’ll do something she’ll regret.

After the party, Brenda tries to avoid a conversation with her parents. Brandon takes a piece out of the puzzle and the whole thing falls apart. (I hope that wasn’t a metaphor.) Jim wonders how serious things are between Brenda and Stuart. Cindy notes that the ring is pretty serious. However, if they do get married, she hopes they’re as happy as she and Jim are. They end the evening dancing together.

Thoughts: “You ready too many James Bond novels.” No, Gus. They have these things called movies now.

According to the half-plus-seven rule (AKA the Creep Equation), which states that you’re not supposed to date someone younger than half your age plus seven years, Lucinda can date Brandon. I’m not saying she should, but she can.

Brandon, breaking your friend’s window with a wrench to get a giant puzzle may be the dumbest thing you’ve ever done. And we all know that’s saying a lot.

Also, the best way to get rid of a gun is to throw it off a pier? Are you in the mob?

A 20-something-year-old who wants to marry an 18-year-old after two weeks together? THE GIANTEST RED FLAG. I’m sure someone suspects Brenda’s pregnant, but even if they’d had sex on their first date, it would still be too early for her to know she’s pregnant.

August 5, 2012

BH90210 4.7, Moving Targets: Happiness is a Warm Gun

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Hee hee hee

Summary: The girls are having what they’re calling a sorority meeting at the Peach Pit, but Brenda’s late because she was getting ready for a date with Stuart. The others can’t believe she’s dating a guy named Stuart, and that they met through a set-up arranged by her parents. Donna tells the girls how a regular sorority meeting works (apparently it ends with pins and discussing who lost her virginity). Andrea decides not to volunteer any information about that last part.

Kelly moves on to talk about Dylan’s carjacking, and Brenda says that it looks like the car was found. Indeed, Dylan and Brandon are at an impound lot, having gotten a call about the Porsche, though a cop there doesn’t know anything about it. There was a screw-up, which just makes Dylan madder. Brenda and Stuart go to a club again and she teases him about possible nicknames. He tells her about his father’s disapproval of his various career attempts. She’s surprised, since he was perfectly nice when she met him.

Dan wakes up Andrea in the middle of the night (they’re in his bed) since she thinks she’ll miss a class if she stays with him. She complains about not being able to tell her friends about her relationship. She’s looked at the guidelines about RAs and there’s no rule about them dating students. Dan still doesn’t want to go public since that sort of thing is frowned upon. He’d rather not find out the consequences.

Stuart takes Brenda home, asking him to invite her in. Of course, she won’t, since her parents are there. He wants to spend more time with her, but she doesn’t want to do anything to screw up what they’re getting started. Inside, Jim and Cindy are waiting up to tell Brenda that they don’t like how late she’s been staying out with Stuart. She replies that they should feel lucky that she came home at all.

The next day, Brandon bugs Brenda about Stuart; he seems to think she’s attracted to his money. She says that Stuart’s the first guy since Dylan who knows how to “woo.” After a class, Brandon invites Steve over to study, but he has access to old tests thanks to the KEG house, so he’s not worried about his grades. He teases Brandon about sucking up because he wants to talk to their professor. The two discuss Kelly and Dylan, and Steve says that everyone at the KEG house knows Kelly’s with Sears now.

Dylan meets with Jim about getting another new car. Dylan’s beating himself up for not getting away from the carjacker. He’s shaken by the fact that he just had a gun in his face. Jim suggests that he get counseling, but Dylan has another idea: visiting a shooting range. Jackie stops by the beach apartment to do David’s laundry (…seriously?) and order pizza for the kids. Erin has also come over to be adorable.

Brandon meets with his professor, Cory Randall, who likes sports metaphors. He assures Brandon that if he’s read the chapter, he’s fine. Dan and Andrea run into each other, but she’s upset that they can’t be a public couple. Brandon and Steve discuss their test, and it sounds like Steve’s non-studying has actually paid off. Kelly and Sears hang out, but she still doesn’t want to move their relationship past talking. He’s worried that she’s still interested in Dylan.

Speaking of Dylan, he’s nearby, and Kelly tells him she still wants to be part of his life. He doesn’t seem to care much about his life since he came so close to being killed. Brenda has another date with Stuart, which her parents aren’t too thrilled about. She points out that Jim and Cindy set them up, so they have no reason to object now. They just think things are moving too fast. Just then, Stuart’s father, Larry, calls to invite the Walshes to brunch with his family that weekend.

Steve got a B on Randall’s test, and Brandon got an A+ and a “see me.” Dan and Andrea try to plan a date at a movie theater where they won’t be spotted. Now Andrea wants more time to think about where they should make their public debut. They decide to stay in and play Scrabble instead. (That Andrea knows how to have a good time.) Kelly tells Jackie that Dylan has asked her to go to the gun range with him. She’s pretty sure he has PTSD.

Mel shows up to get Erin, but he’s not alone: He’s with a new girlfriend named Nina. Jackie and Kelly are both upset about that. David argues with Kelly that Jackie and Nina were going to have to meet sooner or later. She tells him he’s as bad as his father. He replies that she’s as neurotic as her mother. Neither will listen to Donna as she tries to make peace.

Kelly and Dylan wind up at the shooting range, but she’s not comfortable with firing a gun. He blasts her for not being prepared to fend off a criminal. Then he fires off a bunch of rounds at a target, because that’s healthy. Afterward, they fight and he tells her she needs to make sure she’s protected because the world isn’t safe for anyone.

The Walshes go to the Carsons’ house, which Jim accurately describes as “overwhelming.” Stuart’s swimming laps, and hello, wet David Gail. Jackie feels bad about her behavior with Mel, but Kelly assures her that everything will be okay. Brandon and Steve see Andrea at the Peach Pit and note that they haven’t seen her for a while. She tells them she’s seeing someone but they’re taking things slowly, like getting into a cold pool. They encourage her to cannonball in naked already.

Kelly tells the guys she’s worried about Dylan and thinks he might have bought of gun. Brandon doesn’t think it’s a big deal; lots of people in L.A. have bought guns since the riots. Kelly says it’s worse than that since Dylan’s troubled and thinks he’s a tough guy. She’s never seen him this angry. She asks Brandon and Steve to talk to him since he won’t listen to her. Brandon promises to do so after he meets with Randall.

Brunch goes well, though Stuart wants to leave when Larry tries to talk business with Jim. (He really just wants to go off and make out with Brenda.) Randall wanted to meet with Brandon to discuss a student named D’Shawn Hardell who needs tutoring. He thinks the two of them would get along well since D’Shawn’s a basketball player and Brandon was a sports editor. D’Shawn needs a C in the class to stay afloat. Brandon agrees to help him out.

Brenda and Stuart play pinball, and he tells her she’s made him feel better about being involved in his family business. Brandon meets D’Shawn in the gym, but D’Shawn will only agree to be tutored if Brandon plays two-on-two with him and some friends. Erin’s over at the beach apartment again, and Kelly’s mad that Mel left her there with David again. The former stepsiblings fight some more until Donna reminds them that the war is between their parents, not them. Kelly and David decide to make peace for their sister’s sake.

Andrea summons Dan to the student union for a date. She then cannonballs into the pool naked, in Brandon and Steve’s parlance, by kissing Dan in the middle of the room. The other students applaud. Jim and Cindy learn from the Carsons that Brenda and Stuart have another date planned for that night. The Carsons aren’t concerned about all the time they’re spending together. When Larry goes looking for Brenda, Stuart tells him that she’s showering. Larry asks him to be more discreet, since Brenda’s younger, and suggests that they cancel their date.

Steve and Brandon hang out with Dylan at his house, bringing up his recent shooting-range visits. Dylan thinks Kelly feels guilty because he was carjacked right after she broke up with him. Later, Dylan tries to buy a gun, but the seller won’t make a deal since Dylan isn’t 21. Unless Dylan wouldn’t mind coming back after hours…

Thoughts: D’Shawn is played by Cress Williams. I never understood why Television Without Pity’s ER recaps called him that. Now I do!

Brenda and Brandon keep saying “woo,” which reminds me of How I Met Your Mother. Then five seconds later, Randall talks about the Mendoza line, which ALSO reminds me of How I Met Your Mother. I was half expecting Neil Patrick Harris to show up next.

I just read The Art of Fielding, so all of Randall’s sports talk both annoyed me and felt fitting.

The Carsons have pinball machines. Now I want to date Stuart.

August 2, 2012

BH90210 4.6, Strangers in the Night: Up All Night

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This is just before Dan goes from interested to not interested in 3.5 seconds

Summary: Did you know there are lots of different kinds of cars in Beverly Hills? Let’s look at some of them! It’s just a lead-up to Dylan’s car breaking down and being taken to a garage, where the mechanic tells him he drives it too much. He should get another car and only drive the Porsche on weekends. Sears calls the beach apartment to invite Kelly to breakfast and be creepy some more. Donna’s annoyed with David for skipping class again and lazing around the apartment.

Brenda makes up for her previous inadequacies by being professional and helpful at Jim’s office. Dylan stops by for a quick meeting, wanting money for a car. Jim agrees, then bonds with him over memories of the green Triumph he used to drive. Kelly and Donna hang out in a lounge while Brandon and Steve play ping pong and engage in some truly horrible trash talk. (’90s music alert: REM’s “Man on the Moon.”) Then they all ditch Brandon, who can’t even get Andrea to hang out with him.

Donna and Kelly attend an Alpha Omega meeting, where Kelly’s enlisted to go with a KEG member to do something with clothes for a drive. If you can’t guess who that KEG member will be, congratulations on being born yesterday. Andrea and Dan hang out and attempt to flirt; he’s clearly not troubled by the idea of dating a student, since he’s technically a teaching assistant, not a professor. Andrea isn’t bothered by it either and invites him to her dorm room, where she almost loses her virginity to him. He balks when he learns she’s a virgin.

Brenda complains to her parents about how school and her job have put a halt to her social life. Jim and Cindy suggest that she date the 24-year-old son of one of Jim’s clients. She’s skeptical (and not a fan of his name, Stuart). Andrea has trouble sleeping that night and goes to Dan’s room. The two of them admit that they can’t stop thinking about each other. The next morning, Kelly meets her KEG clothes-drive helper, and would you believe it’s Sears? He’s sad that she didn’t call him the night before, and she says her life is complicated and she needs time to figure it out.

No-longer-virginal Andrea gets an early-morning visit from Brandon and asks if she looks any different. He hasn’t noticed anything. At the beach apartment, Donna bugs David, who’s letting his radio shift interfere with the rest of his life. Dylan, Brandon, Steve, and Kelly talk cars and act dorky. Donna complains to Brenda about David’s behavior and lack of cleanliness. Brenda doesn’t care since at least Donna has a boyfriend and doesn’t have to go on a blind date arranged by her parents.

Dylan, Kelly, Brandon, and Steve go to a car dealership to check out Brandon’s choice of vehicle, a Dodge Viper. For some reason Jason Priestley uses a southern accent through the scene. Andrea goes to class, and Dan is unable to keep from making eyes at her. Stuart goes to the Walshes’ for his date with Brenda, and she quickly reevaluates her feelings about the setup. She should also reevaluate her feelings about her family, because they’re all annoying.

Dylan shows up in his new car, another Porsche. Jim isn’t thrilled with the amount he paid for it. He’ll still give Dylan the money, but he wants to know why a flashy car is so important to Dylan. Brenda and Stuart have that awkward-first-date thing going on, so he goes for the booze, slipping the waiter some money not to check Brenda’s ID. At their apartment, Kelly and Donna try to enforce some rules, but David’s a bratty little child and won’t cooperate.

Andrea and Dan go at it again on his bed, though she’s not sure it’s a great idea for them to get involved. (Once you’re taking your clothes off in his bed, it’s a little too late, Andrea.) She thinks she needs to either switch classes or stop seeing him. Dan tells her to get a new English teacher. Stuart and Brenda are getting along well, even though she makes the cardinal sin of talking about her ex. After dinner they go to a club and we have to watch them dance.

Sears calls Kelly again and asks her out. She won’t go, so they just talk, at least until Dylan shows up to complain about Jim. Kelly ditches her call with Sears to go for a drive with Dylan. Back at the club, Brenda worries about how late it is, but Stuart convinces her to stick around for at least one slow dance. Brandon and Jim are also still up, the former studying and the latter waiting to hear how Brenda’s date went.

David uses his radio show as a confessional, admitting to being a slob and driving Donna and Kelly crazy. Donna’s happy to hear him apologize on the air. Seeing how much David’s struggling with sleep, class, and the radio, his program manager gives him some caffeine pills. (Ruh-roh!) Dylan brings Kelly home after their drive and tells her he’s trading the car in for a Bronco the next day – he doesn’t need a car that will help him pick up girls, since he already has one. She tells him they both want different things from their college experiences, and they should see other people.

Stuart brings Brenda home and they share a goodnight kiss that almost turns into a goodnight makeout session. Inside, Brenda tells Jim that even though she’s still living at home, she’s an adult and he needs to trust her to make her own decisions. He agrees and just asks her how the date went instead of lecturing her for being late. Elsewhere in Beverly Hills, Dylan is stopped at a red light when a guy with a gun reaches through his window and tells him to get out of the car.

Thoughts: Stuart is played by the same guy who played the bellhop in “A Fling in Palm Springs” (thanks to Sada for that trivia).

Paris has a line in Gilmore Girls where she says that she thought she would get into an Ivy League school and not have sex, but she wound up having sex and not getting into the Ivy League school. Looks like the same thing happened to Andrea.

A plotline about Dylan getting a new car? Is it my birthday already?

Jim had a green Triumph? Is he Lila Fowler??

I kind of appreciate Andrea asking Dan if he has protection. Not only is it (obviously) important to do, but it’s something she would do.

July 29, 2012

BH90210 4.5, Radio Daze: Inappropriate! Inappropriate!

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Would someone please get Kelly a copy of “The Gift of Fear”?

Summary: It’s the first day of classes at CU, and Donna is already as tired as a typical college student, thanks to her and David’s late-night shifts at the radio station. Kelly’s very excited for the first day and way too energetic for that time of day. David’s still in bed – well, what passes for a bed, since it’s just a mattress on the floor. Andrea and Donna have a class together and are surprised to recognize their instructor as Dan, Andrea’s RA.

Dylan sees Brenda looking through the classified section for a job. She wants to get a head start on real life despite only being a college freshman. Their poetry professor makes me glad I never have to take another college course. Steve complains about the amount of schoolwork he already has to do, since it’ll interfere with his social life. Brenda’s running out of ideas for a job but wants to check out the boutique where Celeste works. Steve confides in Brandon that he wants to break up with Celeste since college is a bad time to be “tied down.”

Brenda has an interview at the boutique but isn’t hopeful about getting the job since there’s a lot of competition. She mentions the freshman pool party on campus the next day, but Steve hasn’t asked Celeste to it. Donna tells David that the radio show is too much for her and she doesn’t think she can keep it up. David’s sure that once the program director sees how great they are, he’ll give them a daytime show. She doesn’t want to wait, telling David she’s going to quit. He takes it personally and gets cranky.

Sears shows up at the beach apartment with flowers, having followed Kelly home, which is totally not creepy at all, YOU CRAZY PERSON. He knows Kelly has a boyfriend but isn’t willing to give up on the possibility of them having a relationship. Instead of shoving him down a flight of stairs and running away, Kelly’s flattered. Steve and Celeste make out in his room, and the promise of sex keeps him from going through with the breakup.

Brenda mopes home to tell her parents she hasn’t been able to find a job. Brandon suggests that she resurrect Laverne. Brenda’s worried that once she’s done with school in four years, there still won’t be any jobs. Jim offers her a position at his office, but she wants to find one on her own. Andrea and Donna have been given the assignment of writing their life stories in ten sentences. Donna’s struggling to come up with something. She asks Andrea if she’s selfish for quitting the radio show. Andrea tells her that being successful takes commitment.

Dan pops in to offer to get sodas for the girls. After he leaves, Donna says he’s cute. Andrea notes that he’s a teacher, but Donna points out that that’s never stopped her before, since she almost hooked up with Chris. Sears runs into Kelly (or stalks her, whatever) and asks if she’s going to the pool party. Again, she doesn’t call him a stalker or leave. Dylan shows up and starts babbling about beat poets and the lecture he wants to go to instead of the party. Once again, Kelly will be attending a social function without her boyfriend.

Brandon asks Steve about his breakup, but Steve admits that he didn’t dump her and instead invited her to the pool party. Donna visits the program director, who’s in a bad mood and doesn’t listen to her. Instead, he puts her on the radio to fill in for his afternoon DJ. Donna gets off to a shaky start but uses the show to get out all of her frustrations. Brenda finally finds an interesting job on the job board, for a TV production assistant. It’s actually a job in a daycare on the set, which isn’t Brenda’s idea of a good time.

The program director is so impressed with Donna that he offers her a regular afternoon slot. But just her, not David. Out of options, Brenda goes to Jim to ask for a job. Her first assignment is to deliver some contracts to someone by 9 that night. Brenda promises to do so after she stops by the pool party. Speaking of the party, Celeste is there and doesn’t like that Steve’s hanging out with girls. Brandon tells her that jealousy isn’t going to make things better. She doesn’t listen. In other news, Sears is still creepy.

A couple of girls recognize Donna’s voice from the afternoon show, which is the first David has heard of it. She has to tell him that she’s basically been promoted without him. He accuses her of dumping him as a partner so she could move up. Dylan shows up, spots Kelly and Sears together, and acts like a jerk. Kelly manages to get him to calm down and be happy to be there with her. Andrea’s skipping the party to write her life story for Dan, at least until he forces her to go.

Steve basically ignores Celeste while Donna asks Brenda to help her solve her David problem. But first, a dance contest! Brenda kills any good will people have built up toward her by trying to get David to join it. After way too many shots of people dancing badly, Steve follows Celeste as she storms out, complaining that he hasn’t been paying any attention to her lately. Somehow, Brenda and David win the dance contest, and for some reason, the two of them and Donna wind up in the pool, followed by everyone else.

After the party, David apologizes to Donna, assuring her that he knows she would never do something to hurt him. She thinks they both deserve the afternoon show. He tells her that being on the radio in high school made him a celebrity, but he’s worried he can’t handle a show on his own. Donna reminds him that he taught her all she knows. He was great before they worked together, and he’ll be great afterward. Brenda realizes that she hasn’t delivered the contracts, so she rushes off to do the one single task she was given.

At the Walshes’, Brandon psychoanalyzes Steve, saying he doesn’t want to allow for the possibility of Celeste breaking up with him. Steve admits that he thinks he’s falling in love with her. Jim tells him to go to Celeste and admit that he’s an idiot. (Jim, that was awesome.) He adds that everyone’s allowed to make mistakes. Brenda arrives home and has to confess that she missed her 9 p.m. deadline. She asks for another chance, since everyone gets to make mistakes. Brandon and Steve cough pointedly.

The program director tells Donna that she can’t have the afternoon show after all. (The DJ was his girlfriend, and he took the show away when they broke up, but now they’re back together.) David tells her she can rejoin their show, but Donna’s done with the radio. The next day, Steve visits Celeste at the boutique to apologize for being an idiot. He’s just trying to adjust to college life. She accepts the apology but still isn’t happy with him. He apologizes some more until she takes him back.

Andrea’s life story is boring, and Dan tells her to write like herself, not the way she thinks writing should be. Donna’s is much better – she uses the theme of shoes to talk about different stages of her life. After class, Andrea, who was clearly hurt by Dan’s criticism, tells him she wrote about having to make the hard decision of not going to Yale. He tells her she hid behind her intelligence and didn’t express what makes her unique. She admits that she didn’t want to make a fool of herself. Dan says that until she takes that risk, she won’t grow. Then he asks her to dinner.

Sears goes to the beach apartment again to point out that Kelly never tells him to go away. (Do it now, Kelly! Do it now!) He kisses her, because he is a full-on skeezeball. “Please leave me alone,” she whispers, then kisses him again. Okay, so they’re both skeezeballs.

Thoughts: Donna has the exact brown boots I wanted in 1993.

Luke Perry’s forehead is approaching Van Der Beekian proportions.

Brenda mentions a TV show called Love on a Drawbridge. I’m intrigued.

Brenda, why couldn’t you just deliver the papers before the party? Why is this so difficult to grasp?

They seriously couldn’t hire one extra with dance talent for the pool party? I mean, there had to be one extra in L.A. who could keep rhythm.

Ew, Andrea is Joey Potter now.

July 26, 2012

BH90210 4.4, Greek to Me: What’s the Rush?

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Who wouldn’t want to be frat brothers with these guys?

Summary: It’s David and Donna’s third night on CU’s radio station, and they’re looking for calls from people they didn’t go to high school with. They’re out of luck. The next day, the girls all go to sorority row for Rush Week, while Brandon and Steve play football with the KEG brothers. After the game, Brandon heads off to meet someone at the student union, though Steve thinks it’s in his best interests to hang out with the brothers. The activity of the day is rating girls as they walk by.

One of the KEG brothers, John Sears, recognizes Kelly, who blows him off. Sears tells Steve that he asked Kelly out in high school and she turned him down. Brandon meets with Josh and someone named Angela; they’re considering him for a spot on the student senate. Brandon tells them he doesn’t want to coast through college. The girls go to Alpha Omega, where the sisters creep me out by wearing matching pink dresses and singing “Que Sera Sera.” Kelly’s worried because Alpha Omega’s frat is KEG, and she can’t stand Sears.

Andrea and Dan chat in her dorm, and he comments that he thought she would rush a Jewish sorority. Instead of telling him where to stick his bike, she wonders if this means there’s anti-Semitism in Alpha Omega. Dylan and Brenda run into each other and find out that they have a poetry class together. He can’t believe she’s considering rushing, but she’s not that enthusiastic about it. Josh and Angela tell Brandon they’re going to back him for student senate. They find out he’s friends with Steve, and Angela makes a veiled “nice choice in friends” comment.

The girls meet up at the Peach Pit to find out together that they all made the first cut for Alpha Omega. Meanwhile, Jim thinks Brandon joining student senate means he’ll be president someday. Brenda just hopes for a better parking spot on campus. Cindy asks what the progressive party stands for. Brenda says they’re the “politically correct crowd” and wonders how they’ll feel about Brandon being in KEG.

Donna and David do their show again, and she’s amusingly frustrated and tired. Steve calls Brandon from outside the Walshes’ house to summon him outside for a talk about rush. He doesn’t think the KEG brothers will be happy with Brandon’s desire to join the student senate. Sears told him that pledges aren’t even allowed to hang out with the progressives. Steve’s worried that he’s going to have to drop Brandon as a friend. (Dude, you could drop the KEG brothers. Just saying.) Brandon tells him to chill.

The girls go back to Alpha Omega, where Brenda doesn’t even bother to hide her boredom. The president, Leslie, tells Andrea that the sorority is a family and they’re looking for people who fit in. Andrea learns that they’re both only children and were editors of their high school papers. David dorks out at his apartment while Donna tries to sleep so she’ll be up for a ’70s party that night. He snarks that no one made her rush. Then he totally tries to get her into bed instead of just letting her nap.

Kelly asks Dylan to come to the party with her, but he’s no fun, so of course he won’t go. She has fun anyway, probably because Steve’s dancing will leave her with happy memories for the rest of her life. Kelly asks Steve if Sears and Leslie are tight; she’s worried that Sears will start telling people lies about her and ruin her reputation. Brenda tells Brandon that she would have liked to have something to share with the other girls, but she’s obviously not cut out for sorority life.

Leslie apparently wants to set Kelly and Sears up, to Kelly’s dismay. Sears promises Kelly that he’s not the same guy who used to be a jerk to her. He’s won her over enough to make her want to stay at the party after Donna leaves. Brandon plays pool with KEG’s president and they bond over being known as good guys. Brandon’s consideration for student senate is public knowledge, and the KEG brothers want him to choose between them and the senate.

Leslie tells Andrea that there aren’t a lot of Jewish guys in KEG, which Andrea notes is a strange thing to say. Brenda meets up with Dylan at the Peach Pit and complains again about not liking the sorority. Dylan tells her to do what’s right for her, not what makes her friends happy. Donna’s fed up with having a horrible radio time slot and turns it into a rant about waiting for guys to call. She moves on to complaining about David being all over her that afternoon. He’s not happy about her comparing guys to dogs.

Kelly and Sears listen to the bickering couple at the KEG house and flirt a little. Kelly breaks the news that she has a boyfriend, though Sears notes that he’s not there. He thinks that means Dylan isn’t that interested in his girlfriend. Kelly takes that as her cue to leave. She winds up at Dylan’s house and asks him why he can’t be more like everyone else. (Because he’s a loner, Kelly! A rebel! A maverick! Get with the program!) He points out that she wouldn’t want him to be like everyone else.

Steve talks KEG up to Brandon again the next day, telling him that they’re practically guaranteed spots. Brandon introduces Steve to Josh; neither guy is that happy to meet the other. Andrea rants to Dan about Leslie’s comment; he wonders if the sororities are competing to land the most Jewish rushes. He thinks Leslie might be wondering if Andrea’s willing to leave her religion at the door when she joins the sorority.

The girls head to a candlelight ceremony at Alpha Omega the night before they’ll get their bids. Leslie sees that Andrea’s wearing a Star of David necklace and gives her a hard look. Over at the student union, Brandon, Josh, Angela, and other students go over some proposals, one of which will take some funding from the Greek houses. Josh accuses them of being racist and elitist. Brandon defends his friends who are pledging, noting that the Greeks are more inclusive than some of the groups the senate wants to fund. He decides he can’t run on the progressives’ platform.

Leslie goes to Andrea’s room to blast her for wearing the Star of David to the ceremony. She announces that she’s also Jewish, everyone in the sorority knows, and no one cares, but only because she doesn’t “flaunt” it. Andrea wonders if Leslie tells her sisters she’s going shopping when she goes to temple on the high holy days. She decides Alpha Omega isn’t the right place for her after all.

Donna brings her aunt’s dog to the radio station to conduct some experiments. (Hilariously, the dog is also named Silver.) David’s upset with the stunt, but Donna uses it to spark a discussion and get some callers. Andrea laments to Brandon that she didn’t consider the fact that blue-eyed, blond-haired Leslie could be Jewish. Brandon wonders if he made the right decision dropping his senate plans, especially since it means Steve will bug him more about joining KEG.

Leslie approaches Andrea to tell her that the Alpha Omega sisters were sad to hear that she dropped her bid. They noticed Andrea’s Star of David and don’t care that she’s Jewish. Leslie admits that she still carries insecurities from her family changing their name from Shulman to Sumner. Brandon tells Steve, Sears, and the KEG president that the student senate is targeting them for budget cuts. Steve’s happy that Brandon’s willing to fight for them so they can keep drinking beers and rating the hotness of women. Brandon still doesn’t want to pledge, which makes Steve cranky.

Brenda’s happy to hear that Andrea doesn’t want to join Alpha Omega either. Kelly and Donna decide not to pledge either. They decide to form their own sorority, with the Peach Pit as their house and Nat as their philanthropy. Then they sing “Que Sera Sera” just to annoy me.

Thoughts: Sears is played by Paul Johansson, Dan on One Tree Hill, a show I’ve never watched. That’s the one where the dog ate the heart, right?

Tired, ticked-off Donna makes me happy.

Usually Andrea bugs, but I loved her wearing the Star of David. I’ll forget the part where Andrea has only ever mentioned being Jewish, like, twice.

Puppy! This show needs more puppies.

July 22, 2012

BH90210 4.3, The Little Fish: This Metaphor Stinks Like a Fish

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Be honest, who didn’t dress like this in the ’90s?

Summary: Remember how Brenda left Minnesota at the end of “The Girl from New York City”? Now she’s back in Beverly Hills, and apparently didn’t tell anyone she was coming. Even though she was only gone for a few days, Brandon has already turned her bedroom into a man cave. She wakes him up to ask where her things are, but he’s too confused about why she’s there to answer her. Jim and Cindy are surprised to see her as well, and even more surprised when she announces that she dropped out.

In the morning, it’s time for freshman orientation at California University. This consists of everyone standing in line for a long time, and Steve throwing something at Brandon’s head to alert his attention to a hot girl. Brandon tells Andrea that Brenda came back from Minnesota. She bugs him about trying to write for CU’s newspaper, the Condor, but he’s more concerned with trying to figure out where he’s going to live. (Apparently having just one bedroom isn’t going to cut it.)

David wants to go to the radio station with Donna to try to get on-air positions. Dylan gets fed up with waiting and leaves the line, telling Kelly he’s not even going to bother. Kelly calls Brenda to confirm that she’s really back in California, but Brenda doesn’t want to talk about it where Jim and Cindy can hear her. She’ll only tell her parents that she didn’t like anything about her college. Jim tells her that Brandon wants to move out now that Brenda’s going to attend CU. Brenda doesn’t think she’s meant for any college. Jim will see about that.

The freshmen take a math-placement test, which Steve tries to cheat on. Brandon points out that it’s not graded. Josh Richland, the managing editor of the Condor, tells Andrea and other aspiring journalists that the paper has a high level of professional ethics. (How long till that gets thrown out?) Andrea objects to her first writing assignment, saying it presents a conflict of interest, but Josh tells her it’s just so he can see what kind of writer she is.

Steve suggests that Brandon join a frat so he can find a place to live. Brandon isn’t interested in Kappa Epsilon Gamma, AKA the KEG house. David and Donna go to the radio station; he’s in full-on dork mode trying to talk to who he thinks is the program director. The guy is actually a Russian exchange student. (Womp womp.) Kelly and Brenda talk again, but Kelly has to leave to meet Dylan. Donna and David come home triumphant, having scored a chance to submit a tape. Donna tells Brenda that Kelly and Dylan got back together; Brenda says she’s fine with it.

Kelly bugs Dylan about not going to school, which he doesn’t think is a big deal. He wants to travel again and invites her alone. Kelly’s excited about the school year and her classes, so she doesn’t want to leave. At the Walshes’, Brenda apologizes to Brandon for screwing up his living arrangements. She tells him how homesick she was despite being back in the state she thought was her home. Brandon confides that he has insecurities at CU since he’s not that awesome stand-out he was in high school.

The next morning, Cindy questions Brenda’s plans for the day, making it clear that she doesn’t want her to waste her life. She doesn’t think Brenda gave college a fair chance. She should take a week to clear her head, then possibly go back to Minnesota. Brenda doesn’t think that’ll happen. She heads to the Peach Pit, where Nat is struggling to keep up with the breakfast crowd, which includes Dylan. Steve bugs Brandon about KEG again, and Brandon again says he’s not interested. Steve easily breaks him by reminding him that they’re supposed to be friends forever.

Donna has to take her and David’s air-check tape to the station by herself, a task David isn’t sure she can do alone. (Dude, she’s not THAT dumb.) Kelly’s mopey since Dylan hasn’t changed his mind about school. He’s still at the Peach Pit, listening to Brenda’s Minnesotan tale of woe. They commiserate over her parents and Kelly not accepting their decisions not to go to college. Since they’re doing nothing, Dylan suggests that they do it together. (No, not that “it.”)

Kelly and Donna visit Andrea in her dorm room (which has been partly furnished by the school), and they all meet Dan Rubin, the RA. It looks like Andrea might be smitten with him. She goes to the Peach Pit since, as it turns out, her writing assignment is a review of the place. Nat doesn’t get why she’s suddenly ordering such fancy dishes. Donna and David’s air-check tape gets melted on her dashboard, and of course they don’t have a copy, so they’re in some trouble.

Brenda and Dylan go to a fishing pier and talk about their respective European adventures. They admit to missing each other, and he tells her he called her in Minnesota to wish her luck. They decide to do some fishing. David and Donna meet with the program director, Howard, bickering with each other in front of him. Instead of throwing them out for being complete nutcases, he announces that he likes them.

Brandon reads Andrea’s Peach Pit review, which is less than flattering. She thinks Josh wants it that way. Brandon tells her he’s visiting KEG with Steve, adding that he doesn’t know what’s going on at school. She assures him that no one does. Brandon reminds Andrea to keep her own integrity in mind, not just the Condor‘s. At the KEG house, the guys learn that the frat is more suited to Brandon than Steve – the president likes hockey, and the brothers are charitable. But Steve is still interested since there’s the possibility that he’ll get to have sex with a girl on a pool table.

Brenda and Dylan bait a hook (not a euphemism) and almost kiss. They quickly agree that they can’t head back down that road. (Thank God.) Andrea tells Josh that she wrote her review but won’t be handing it in. She’s decided she can’t be a little fish, as he described the incoming writers. She doesn’t have the “killer instinct” he’s looking for, even though he’s heard good things about her. Josh tells her that there isn’t much point in being a journalism major if she’s not on the paper. Andrea’s thinking about pre-med anyway.

Steve meets with a counselor, thinking he’s in a ton of trouble, and learns that he’s being placed in an advanced math course. He’ll also get to skip a bunch of boring required courses, which will let him take more electives. The counselor appreciates Steve’s desire to take less academic courses, like history of film, than most prodigies would. Josh approaches Brandon with the idea of running for student senate, citing his success with the Donna Martin Graduates protest.

Brenda catches a fish that Dylan and a fisherman convince her to throw back in since it hasn’t had time to grow yet. (Do you get it? DO YOU?) David and Donna give Kelly the news that they were hired for a radio show because Howard liked their chemistry. Too bad their show is from 2 to 6 in the morning. That night Dylan shows up and tells Kelly how he spent his day. He’s going back to campus the next day to register. At the Walshes’, Jim tells Brenda that if she doesn’t want to go to school, she’ll need to get a job and pay rent. Brenda smiles because she’s going to CU.

Thoughts: I don’t get Brandon’s reasoning for not living at home. He doesn’t want to be there if Brenda’s there? Why? They’ve lived in the same house for 18 years; what’s changed?

I’m 99 percent sure that in one scene, Brenda eats peanut butter and jelly out of a bowl. EW.

Speaking of Brenda, she’s in full-on ’90s mode in the outfit above. I totally would have worn that flannel shirt, too.

During David’s rant over the melted CD, he says something sarcastic about blaming Bill Clinton, since everyone else is blaming him for things. This was 1993, so I’m not even sure what he’s talking about.